Top 10 Best Tennis Shoes for Kids in 2022

No one can deny that tennis is a well-loved, popular sport. People of all ages enjoy it. Tennis is also played by kids all over the world who love the thrill of the game. However, getting your child set up for the next competition takes more than just a good tennis racket. A pair of good tennis shoes will go a long way to make children feel like they are well on their way to a grand slam. These days, we have many options when it comes to tennis shoes for adults and kids alike. Finally, there is a pair of shoes that is suitable for everyone! 

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In a Hurry? Here’s Our Top Picks…

1. Nike Court Vapor X

Nike takes first place in our rankings with their upgraded version of a previously released tennis shoe. These shoes surprised players and buyers with how fantastically designed they are. It was initially only an adult shoe, and it is worn often on the pro circuit. Young players who follow their favorite international players see them wearing these shoes, and they want them, too. 

There is also a reason why the pro circuit is wearing the shoes, of course, they are incredible sports shoes. The great news is that the perfect design of the adult shoe has been perfectly adjusted into the children’s shoe, making it one of the best shoes on the market for kids today. 

Does the Nike Court Vapor X truly deliver in design and comfort? 

Ratings show that they most definitely live up to the fuss. These shoes are the real deal featuring a dynamic fit system and a TPU foot frame to help ensure the protection of young feet while they play. 

They are also more durable if you compare them to the previous version, which is excellent news for the young fans of Vapor and the parents paying for them. Parents have criticized the previous version saying that kids go through them much too quickly considering their high costs, but that seems to be a concern of the past. 

Has the Nike Court Vapor X received good reviews from buyers? 

The overall consensus is that this pair of shoes is much better than any other tennis shoe currently on the market. Although it is pricey, buyers are happy that the shoe can fit a wide range of age groups, starting at six years old and up to adult sizes. In addition, the fact that the shoe comes in various colors makes it appealing for boys, girls, and parents. 

The shoe receives impressively high ratings, averaging a 9/10 with buyers. Now it is clear that the Nike Court Vapor X has aced it! People also seem to like the outsole design. They say it is stylish since it features the iconic Nike swoosh boldly.

Who should buy this shoe? 

The NikeCourt Jr. Vapor X is one of the premium kid’s tennis shoes available today, but they come at a high price. Nevertheless, parents who care about their child’s performance on the tennis court should consider this shoe. They are functional, comfortable, and most importantly, they help keep those little feet from injury while on the court. 

One thing to keep in mind before purchasing these shoes is that they don’t last as well as other brands. If your child plays tennis 2-3 times a week, the shoes are estimated to last 6-8 months. However, this estimation is more accurate among kids ten and older as they tend to pivot on their toes more frequently. 


  • Offers fantastic court-grip and traction
  • A proper fit and fewer blisters because of the shoe structure
  • Molds to a players foot after use
  • Very breathable
  • A large variety of colors and sizes


  • More suitable for kids with narrow feet
  • Costly for a child’s shoe
  • Not as durable as other brands 

2. Nike Kids Court Jr Lite 2

Nike also takes second place in our list with the Nike Kids Court Jr Lite 2. Younger players who might not need as much performance in their shoes can opt for the more affordable shoe that is Nike Kids Court Jr Lite 2. 

It is a bit of a takedown version compared to the Nike Court Vapor X, but it still offers junior players plenty of support, breathability, and lightness. It is simple, and you get a shoe that is nearly as good as the Nike Court Vapor X at a more affordable price. 

Does the Nike Kids Court Jr Lite 2 deliver enough in design and comfort? 

An upper made of breathable mesh helps feet stay cool. Supportive leather overlays hug the foot as the game might require fast cuts and quick sprints. The Nike Kids Court Jr Lite 2 Tennis shoe is a good option that keeps them on the court until the end of the match.

Since it is available in just a few standard colors, it will not be the flashiest shoe on the court. However, it is perfect for those who are just starting with tennis. In addition, the fact that they are inexpensive leads to parents feeling a little less guilty if their child grows out of them quickly.

Has the Nike Kids Court Jr Lite 2 received good reviews from buyers?

The overall feeling is that the shoe has been a good buy. Buyers’ biggest concern is the fact that the shoe runs very small, but then again, that is something associated with all of Nike’s shoes. Buyers enjoy the appearance of the shoes, but they warn prospective buyers to consult the Nike shoe conversion chart before purchase to avoid buying shoes that are too small. 

Who should buy this shoe? 

Many parents don’t want to spend a large sum of money on tennis shoes that their child might outgrow quickly. For those parents, this shoe could be a perfect solution. In addition, it is an ideal match for kids going through growth spurts and still needs to have a good-quality shoe to play with that won’t drop the ball.


  • Overall a good shoe that provides solid cushioning 
  • More affordable than many other tennis shoes
  • Breathable 
  • Rubber outsole lasts well 
  • The synthetic and leather materials are pretty durable
  • Great foam midsole cushioning 
  • Padded collar and tongue the ankles for extra comfort


  • Less advanced than the more expensive tennis shoes 
  • Color choices are limited 

3. Adidas Phenom Kids

Adidas takes third on the ranking with their shoe, Adidas Phenom Kids. Adidas fans who enjoyed witnessing the Stycon from Adidas become one of the most popular shoes on tour will notice the look of the Adidas Phenom Kids. 

These shoes have a similar look and feel to the Stycon, although they don’t have laces. These shoes are said to be one of the best options out there for kids playing tennis today. 

Does the Adidas Phenom deliver in design and comfort? 

The truly fantastic thing about this shoe is the fact that it is a perfect all-around shoe making it suitable for both hard court and clay court. The design is excellent, and it offers great support and stability. Support and stability in a shoe are crucial for juniors because they are still growing and developing. Parents don’t need the extra worry of their child slipping around while playing. 

Also, the Adidas Phenom Kids is a very nice-looking shoe with a striking design. The upper part of the shoe is made of lightweight air mesh, which offers comfort, support, and much-needed ventilation. The climacool technology in the upper part of the shoe provides 360 degrees of cooling. 

Reinforcements protect the nose of the shoe against wear and tear. The shoe’s insole has a shock-absorbing technology, and the outsole of the shoe offers a long-lasting grip, minimizing injury risks. 

Has the Adidas Phenom Kids received good reviews from buyers?

Buyers really liked this shoe, and the shoes stand on an average approval rate of 8/10. Buyers commented on the striking look of the shoes, as well as their comfortability. It is also said to be quite durable. Hardcore fans of Adidas rave about the design, comfort, and support that the shoes provide. 

Who should buy this shoe? 

Parents who are concerned about their child’s safety on the court can benefit from considering this shoe because of the extra grip it provides. In addition, children who are prone to foot fungi will also enjoy this shoe as it offers extra ventilation that can help prevent those ailments. Lastly, kids who don’t enjoy tying laces will love these shoes, as they don’t have any laces. 


  • Looks like a professional shoe 
  • Fantastic stability and support for developing feet
  • Suitable for both clay and hard courts


  • Comfort lacks slightly 
  • Getting the shoe on can be challenging 

4. Adidas Adizero Club K

Adidas takes the fourth spot in the rankings with their Shoe, Adidas Adizero Club K. This Shoe seems to be very popular primarily due to its flexibility. The shoe is one that many people use to wear to school and on the courts. 

Although this idea might be a bit unconventional for some, juniors are never crazy about switching shoes all the time. The smooth transition makes it pretty easy to get back into the swing of things and focus on tennis.

Does the Adidas Adizero Club K deliver in design and comfort? 

The overall feeling towards the Adidas Adizero Club K is that it is another perfect all-around shoe for younger players who are trying to step up their game. The upper part of the shoe is only mainly mesh-covered, keeping it lightweight and breathable. 

That being said, what makes the shoe stand out is the incredible stability at the base. Players will have the freedom to move around quickly and efficiently without losing their comfort. What more could you ask for when playing the game?

Has the Adidas Adizero Club K received good reviews from buyers?

It is instantly clear that people love this shoe leading to an impressive 9/10 overall rating amongst previous buyers. In addition, people who bought the shoes enjoyed the fact that their kids can wear one pair of shoes for most of the day, especially since they are well-designed shoes that won’t be uncomfortable. 

Who should buy this shoe? 

Kids who have weak joints and ankles can significantly benefit from wearing the Adidas Adizero Club K shoes. The shoes have been specifically designed with stability and support in mind. 

Parents concerned about their child’s stability while slamming balls should consider these fantastic shoes. Kids who enjoy wearing a single pair of shoes will love these shoes, and parents will love them, too. Less complaining means more time on the court. 


  • Lightweight and great with response
  • Incredible ventilation 
  • Solid support for all players


  • Shoes might be a little less durable than other top brand shoes 
  • Popularity might lead to colors being out of stock 

5. ASICS Gel-Resolution 8

ASICS takes our fifth and final place with their children’s shoe, ASICS Gel-Resolution 8. The Gel-Resolution series has always been top-rated for adult players. Coming in a junior size with the same comfort and stability is one of the best options for smaller players.

ASICS Gel-Resolution 8 Tennis (Little Kid/Big Kid) White/Green Gecko 3 Little Kid M

ASICS made a few upgrades with the Gel-Resolution 8. These upgrades include a newly designed upper that offers a bit more support and flexibility, allowing kids to learn footwork the right way while feeling comfortable every time they make the serve.

Does the ASICS Gel-Resolution 8 deliver in design and comfort?

Offering the comfort of superior quality, the gel cushion system is always a plus with any ASICS shoes. ASICS seems very dedicated to providing junior players the same comfort that adults will get with this type of shoe. The strategy is that if a junior player loves their shoes, they have a customer for life. That makes total sense and indeed shows why the company has had such great success. 

Since it is available in many different colors, this shoe is solid competition for Nike and Adidas.  

Has the ASICS Gel-Resolution 8 received good reviews from buyers?

These shoes have left most buyers with a big smile on their faces, resulting in an overall rating of 9.5/10. Now that is incredible. Buyers felt that the shoes offered great comfort and quality even though they were expensive. Most customers felt that you really get what you pay for in this case and were happy to pay. 

Who should buy this shoe? 

Kids who have had difficulty with other brands should try the ASICS Gel-Resolution 8. Parents whose primary concern is the comfort of their little stars while on the court should seriously consider purchasing these shoes as they offer great comfort every time on the court. 


  • Extremely well-designed gel cushioning system
  • Impressive stability
  • Newly designed upper that is more supportive and flexible


  • A heavier shoe that takes some getting used to  
  • Break-in time is longer than most shoes

6. Head Revolt Pro 3.5

These shoes from Head are well designed to resist and deal with constant movement while running around on the court. The flexible non-slip outer sole provides much better traction for a more secure footing on the tennis court. Your child will not feel any discomfort while they are on the court or for any other outdoor use, for that matter.

Does the Head Revolt Pro 3.5 truly deliver in design and comfort?

The Revolt Pro 3.5 fits comfortably on the feet with a soft cushioned insole to prevent the feet from getting tired quickly. The midsole insert will provide comfort for the feed with support for the heel and the toe.

Has the Head Revolt Pro 3.5 received good reviews from buyers? 

This tennis shoe was applauded by buyers for the durability and strength of the material it was made from. The lightweight construction for these robust-looking shoes was also refreshing for the children when they wore them.

Who should buy this shoe?

These tennis shoes will be an excellent addition for kids who are interested in playing serious tennis and for recreational use. It comes in sizes for kids from 8 to 12 years to cater to a wide range of foot sizes for boys and girls.


  • Anti-slip rubber sole for grip
  • Made with a lightweight construction
  • Can be used by both boys and girls
  • Many different colors to choose from


  • It is a bit pricey
  • No large sizes available

7. Babolat Junior Jet Mach 3

Babolat is a well-known brand when it comes to children’s shoes, and the quality can be seen in the design of these shoes. These shoes have been made with durable materials to provide maximum comfort and durability for continuous use on the tennis court.

Does the Junior Jet Mach 3 truly deliver in design and comfort?

When it comes to comfort and design, these tennis shoes for kids from Babolat will hold their own among the best out there. The Michelin rubber soles installed on these shoes provide excellent traction and sure footing while running around on the tennis court.

Has the Junior Jet Mach 3 received good reviews from buyers? 

The tennis shoes for kids from Babolat have been well accepted by buyers with a lot of satisfaction for the great comfort. Even though they are comfortable and provide a secure grip, the Junior Jet Mach 3 tennis shoes are meant for hard courts.

Who should buy this shoe?

These shoes come in a variety of sizes that will fit kids from 4 to 12 years to fit toddlers and larger kids. Those kids who play on hard courts will benefit greatly from these shoes with the durable design to withstand the harshness. The lightness of these shoes will give an advantage to those who are light on their feet.


  • Lightweight materials used
  • Meshed upper is breathable
  • Great for hard courts
  • EVA molded midsole included


  • Only meant for wide feet
  • Not for larger feet

8. Wilson Rush Pro Junior

With an affordable price tag attached to these tennis shoes from Wilson, it comes with surprisingly good quality and durability. This does not mean it is cheap shoes; on the contrary, these shoes are made with the highest quality and craftsmanship to provide longevity.

Does the Wilson Rush Pro Junior truly deliver in design and comfort?

With proper stability provided by the durable material and strong construction, these are comfortable for running around on the court. The thick midsole inserted in these shoes will provide great comfort and support to the arch, keeping it in the correct posture.

Has the Wilson Rush Pro Junior received good reviews from buyers? 

The safe midfoot shank between the outsoles will prevent twisting and provide protection to the feet, making the buyers very happy. It is also complimented for its comfortable design and construction to keep the feet safe and relaxed all the time.

Who should buy this shoe?

This is an excellent pair of tennis shoes that can be used on different surfaces, making them suitable for those playing hard courts and softer ones. Boys and girls can use the tennis shoes provided by Wilson, thanks to the unisex configuration it is designed with. With a breathable upper to provide fresh air, these shoes are great for those with sweaty feet.


  • Easy Full lace-up enclosure
  • Durable and strong upper
  • Can be used on different courts
  • Nice and comfortable design


  • Thin and flimsy laces
  • Some size issues were experienced

9. New Balance 696 V4

The tennis shoes from New Balance come in many sizes to fit many different foot sizes for all the kids. These shoes will live up to expectations in many different categories, especially in the range of high value for your money and durability. Many people love this brand of shoes and even more the tennis version.

Does the New Balance 696 V4 truly deliver in design and comfort?

When it comes to a comfortable fit, these shoes will fit snugly on the feet with the padded tongue included with them. The EVA midsole will further improve the overall comfort and design by giving your kid much better thrust while moving around on the court.

Has the 696 V4 received good reviews from buyers? 

Buyers are delighted with the overall comfort it provides for the feet and the trust it instills with a solid construction and look. Many people are also impressed with the durability and sure footing provided with the robust outsole installed on these shoes.

Who should buy this shoe?

Parents should buy these shoes for those kids whose shoes never last long enough and wear them out quickly, as these will last long. The soles are also non-marking, making them perfect for those who skid into every move while they are busy on the court.


  • Nice colors to choose from
  • Durable synthetic materials used
  • Large selection of sizes to choose from
  • Very tough and construction


  • Only sizes 4 to 8 years
  • Too wide for narrow feet

10. K-Swiss Junior Bigshot Light 4

The K-Swiss brand of shoes comes with great features included in their shoes to make it quite a versatile tennis shoe. It is also made with durability in mind to last for a long time out on the tennis court. These shoes are also designed with the safety of your feet in mind with the great safety features included.

Does the K-Swiss Junior Bigshot 4 truly deliver in design and comfort?

The Junior Bigshot, 4 tennis shoes from K-Swiss, are designed to fit comfortably on your feet even in the heat of the game. The breathable upper of the shoe will add to the shoe’s overall comfort to prevent overheating of the feet.

Has the Junior Bigshot 4 received good reviews from buyers? 

Buyers are very satisfied with the responsiveness of these shoes to make it easy to move around in them on the court. They are also happy with the durable outsole of these tennis shoes to improve traction on the soft and hard courts.

Who should buy this shoe?

Kids who want to improve their overall footing skills will benefit significantly from these tennis shoes by K-Swiss. These shoes support many different foot sizes, from the smallest to larger foot sizes. Beginner players will benefit from these shoes with safe footing.


  • Strong and durable construction
  • Great support for feet
  • Helps to improve overall footwork
  • It is made with a nice looking design


  • Only meant for boys
  • Not many colors available

A Parent’s Guide to Buying Tennis Shoes for Kids 

When choosing your child’s next pair of tennis shoes, you want to select a pair that will ace all your child’s needs. Here are a few things that may be good to keep in mind while choosing. 


Children who wear shoes that don’t fit properly are more prone to develop discomfort in their feet. The increased pressure that they are experiencing might even lead to problems like blisters, corns, calluses, or ingrown toenails over time. Therefore the pair of shoes you choose for your child must fit perfectly. 

It is advised to take your child with you when you buy tennis shoes to better ensure a proper fit. Make sure your child wears socks when trying on the shoes. Ask store assistants to help if needed. 

The Shape of the Shoe

Since we don’t all have the same feet, the shape of our shoe matters, a perfectly designed pair of shoes might not fit one child well and another wonderfully because their feet differ. The shape of the shoe makes a huge difference in it being comfortable when being worn. 

This is another reason why it is best to take your child with you when you buy the shoes. Your child will be able to share thoughts on which pair has a comfortable shape and, thus, a better fit. 

The Feel of the Shoe

The hardness, cushioning, the upper and outer layout of a shoe all impact the shoe’s feel. It is essential that the pair you choose feels correct and comfortable. Even though most shoes require some time to be properly worn in, if your child is in severe discomfort while wearing the shoes, it isn’t the right pair, and that is fine. There are so many options available now. If one pair just doesn’t feel right, put it back on the shelf and continue looking for the pair that seals the deal. 

Company Return Policy 

The company return policy matters greatly when you are purchasing shoes because, let’s face it, these shoes are not cheap. In addition, a good return policy offers peace of mind to any buyer. Be extra sure to inquire about the return policy if you buy the shoes without your child’s presence to try them on. 

If you are not sure about the store’s return policy, ask a shop assistant and decide based on the answer. Don’t take a chance on buying kids’ tennis shoes that might not fit right and that can’t be returned. 

The Life of the Shoe

No parent wants to buy a new pair of shoes every couple of months. Therefore, durability matters. Some brands are known for better durability than others. People agree that the ASICS GEL-Resolution 8 offers the highest durability and is bound to outlast most, if not all, other tennis shoes. Of course, for some parents, the shoe’s life is a minor factor, in which case they should focus on comfort and quality instead. 


The surface the child will be playing on matters when you are purchasing tennis shoes. It is because the needs your child will have on each surface aren’t the same. Therefore, like tennis balls, some shoes are designed specifically for each court surface: hard, clay, and grass. If you know the court that your child will be using most of the time, you can choose a pair of shoes suitable for that surface, or alternatively, ones that are fine for all court surfaces. 

Hard Courts

Hard courts can be hard on shoes, and shoes can be hard on the court as well! Hard-court tennis shoes are mostly non-marking so that they don’t scuff the surface of the court. The more rigid surface will require more shock absorption and cushioning. 

Clay Courts

Clay courts are much softer than hard courts, and thus a different kind of shoe is better. More often than not, clay-court tennis shoes are made of synthetic uppers and a herringbone tread pattern to prevent clay clogging. They also offer extra grip that still allows for sliding. In addition, they are often lighter to allow for speed and better maneuverability.

Grass Courts

All Courts

Today, we find many shoes that offer enough versatility to be suitable for all court surfaces. The brands leading the market in these all-courts shoes are Nike, Adidas, Asics, and Babolat. These all-court tennis shoes have been specially designed to handle the potential challenges of all three court types. These multi-purpose shoes are an excellent option for parents who aren’t looking for a particular kind of surface shoe. 

Playing Style

Does your child tend to stick to the baseline? Or is your child more of an old-school serve-and-return player? Your child’s style of play is an essential factor in deciding the best tennis shoes to buy. Children who tend to be baseline players require a durable sole, incredible cushioning, and solid lateral support for continuous side-to-side movements. 

On the other hand, if your child is frequently charging the net after a serve, you’ll want to look at a shoe that has a durable toe cap and improved flexibility for comfort and protection of the balls of your child’s feet. Children’s playing styles might change as they develop, gain confidence, and improve at the game, so it is crucial to keep this in mind with every new pair you buy. 


When it comes to finding a pair of shoes that can offer great support, you should look at the arch configuration of your child’s feet. If you have a normal arch, your child needs very little support. Therefore, you can consider shoes that will provide excellent stability and traction on the courts. However, if your child has low arches and suffers from overpronation, it means your child’s feet roll inwards, which could easily lead to injuries.

It would help if you considered getting shoes that will provide proper alignment for your child’s legs and feet. Tennis shoes with great padding for shock absorption and durable soles will be the best shoes if your child has high arches. These shoes will help reduce and prevent pain and discomfort. If your child experiences massive distress after being on the court, it is a good idea to consult a podiatrist. He will be able to recommend the best options available for future play. 

Foot Type

The more you learn about your child’s foot type, the better prepared you’ll be to find shoes with features your child needs to perform on the court. There are three-foot types.

Pronated: If your child has pronated feet, you will notice excessive shoe wear on the inside area near the balls of the feet. Children with pronated feet benefit by wearing shoes with superior lateral support to prevent injury to their knees or ankles.

Supinated: Children who have supinated feet usually wear shoes to the point where they are worn down on the outside of the heel and forefoot. Parents of these little players will want to invest in shoes that provide better flexibility and shock absorption, and extra space for the heel.

Ideal: Children with even shoe wear and a balanced foot mark when putting a wet footprint down have a perfect foot type suitable for most tennis shoes. Most children don’t have severe issues with their feet and will be able to wear most tennis shoes. However, if your child complains about foot pain after every session on the courts, it is a good idea to consult a podiatrist. 


These days we are spoiled for choice. Large brands offer fantastic shoes at competitive prices. In addition, they all provide many variations and features as well as advanced, first-class technology engineered from the latest athletic research. Most people have their favorite brands, and they tend to stick to them. However, with so many fantastic options available, it is wise to look at all brands and decide. 


How do I find the best fitting shoe for my child?

Start by having your child’s feet measured. It is better to have them measured in a shoe store instead of at home. The reason for that is that staff know how to measure feet correctly and have the right tools. Be careful not to buy too big in an effort to make them last longer. This can cause significant discomfort for your child on the court and can lead to possible injury. 

Always be sure to check the toes. When you are struggling to decide between two or more pairs, go for functionality instead of style. If the shoe doesn’t fit properly, try a different pair. It helps to have your child present when purchasing, so try to find a suitable time for both of you to go to the shoe store. 

How much bigger should you buy children’s shoes?

While your child is trying on the shoe, watch out for toe crunching. Your child’s toes should rest naturally, and the feet should be fully extended. You should choose the size that offers a bit of space between the edge of the toe of the shoe and the edge of your child’s toes. 

That space should be about half an inch and not more. Parents of children experiencing growth spurts might be tempted to buy shoes that are a full size or two bigger, but that is not advised. 

How do you break in kids’ shoes?

It is natural for a child to feel like a new pair of shoes isn’t entirely comfortable. That’s because they need to be worn in first. Wearing in shoes is a process that can be frustrating for children as they don’t like to be patient. However, it will pass. 

The child should always wear socks when breaking in shoes. It is good to wear good quality sports socks that will offer some support and comfort while the shoes are being worn in. As your child plays on the court with the shoes, they will break in naturally. Most tennis shoes take about 2 weeks to be worn in if the child plays a few times a week. 

How do I know if my child needs wide shoes?

While your child is standing straight, place a measuring tape or ruler below the heels. Now you should measure both feet up to the tip of the longest toe. It is also a good idea to ask for assistance in this at a shoe store. 

You must measure both feet since there is always one bigger foot than the other. If you only measure one of the feet, there is a chance that the shoe will be too snug for the bigger foot, and it will lead to discomfort. 

How quickly do children’s feet grow?

This is a fundamental question because a young child doesn’t understand that the shoes have become too small. Therefore a young child might not tell you that the shoes have become too small. Shoes that are too small become very problematic because the foot begins to grow accordingly to fit the shoe, and this may lead to feet being formed wrongly and may cause many problems later in life. Every parent would want to avoid that from happening, of course. 

A simple principle is, the smaller the child, the quicker the growth rate. Of course, not all children are the same, and there are always exceptions to the rule. However, for most school-aged children, their feet grow about one size per year. It is a good idea to check your child’s feet while wearing the shoes every couple of months. Feel where the toes are. Ask your child how they feel. 

Which is better – lace or velcro?

These days with so many exceptionally designed tennis shoes, shoes that lace up and velcro shoes are equally as good. Children may prefer velcro shoes because they are easier to put on and take off, while tying up the laces is more complicated. Nonetheless, parents who decide to buy velcro tennis shoes should always check to ensure they are properly closed. 

Otherwise, the shoe won’t fit as intended by the designer. Shoes that are not closed well might slip on and off as a child runs on the court, and they can cause blisters. So, when it comes to wearing comfort, velcro and lace-up are both good options, with the only downside of velcro being fewer options available on the market. 

Can you pass on shoes to my younger child?

It is understandable for a parent to think that a younger sibling can now wear a pair of expensive tennis shoes that the older child has worn. However, a foot doesn’t fit the shoe. Instead, a good shoe fits the foot. Therefore the shoe will form according to the foot, allowing the foot to have enough space to grow freely while still providing enough support. 

The materials, wear and stress that the shoe experiences will influence how long it takes the shoe to fit itself. The child’s foot also plays a role in forming the shoe. For this reason, it is not recommended to pass on shoes. Shoes that have barely been worn should be fine to pass on, but if the shoe has been properly worn and has been broken in, it’s best to buy a new pair for the younger child. 

Should I be buying shoes without children?

All parents know that life gets busy, and it isn’t always possible to take your child with you to the shop when you go shopping for shoes. This can be tricky since a tennis shoe needs to fit perfectly, and it is not ideal. However, a good option for parents who need to go shopping without their children is to make a stencil of the child’s feet. You can make a stencil quickly and easily by drawing the outline of your child’s foot. 

Then you can take the stencil with you to the shoe store and ask for assistance. Be sure to buy shoes with a return policy so that you can return the shoes if they don’t fit perfectly. If you purchased a pair of shoes without your child being present, have your child try the pair on as soon as possible. Ask your child how they feel. Use your fingers to feel the toes. 

What is unique about tennis shoes?

Tennis shoes are shoes that professionals have specifically designed for use on the tennis court. While other sports shoes like running shoes are mostly focused on cushioning, tennis shoes concentrate on support and stability. This means that tennis shoes usually have less cushioning than running shoes.

Does my kid need tennis shoes for the first tennis practice?

The answer is simple. No. Most kids like to try a lot of different sports. Unfortunately, kids don’t always enjoy everything they try. It would cost an arm and a leg to buy special shoes for every sport your child wanted to try. Instead, use any sports shoes that your kid already has. These will be fine since kids always start with less intense practice sessions before playing serious tennis.

By the way, you can ask to borrow a tennis racket and ball from most tennis clubs, so you have zero costs at the start. Therefore, it does not make sense to buy special tennis shoes at the beginning.

How do I choose the best kids’ tennis shoes for different surfaces?

The essential factor in choosing the best kids’ tennis shoes is the surface since every surface requires different shoes.

You can ask your local club what court surface they have. Fortunately, kids are usually playing all season long at the same courts. Therefore, tournaments are mostly organized at the prevailing surfaces in the region.

Why should I buy my child’s tennis shoes at a specialized retailer?

As a customer, you will experience much more expertise at a specialized retailer than anywhere else. The staff is very knowledgeable, and they can assist in measuring feet and selecting appropriate shoes. Children’s tennis shoes need to be tried on and advised about. That is not possible online.


The tennis world is an exciting one, and the shoes that kids can wear while on the court make for even more excitement. Although the idea of shopping for kids’ tennis shoes might be a daunting one, there are phenomenal choices these days. Shoes that are guaranteed to help your child achieve game, set, and match.