Top 10 Best Tennis Shoes for Women in 2022

Sure, bringing a good racquet with you to the court is super important when playing tennis, but one of the most critical pieces of tennis equipment that you can own is your pair of shoes, and that’s something that not many people realize. Your shoes not only protect your feet but give you a certain advantage depending on your playstyle and the type of shoe.

While there are plenty of tennis shoe options for men out there, finding a good pair of women’s tennis shoes can be a struggle and a half. So, we’ve put together this list of some of the best women’s tennis shoes to make your search a little easier. Read on for more. 

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1. Asics Solution Speed FF Women’s Tennis Shoe

Asics made one of their most popular and beloved shoe models even better with the launch of their Solution Speed FFs. The key aspect of these updated kicks is the inclusion of the popular FlyteFoam, which provides responsive cushioning without any additional weight, keeping your feet both comfortable and nimble. 

About the Asics Solution Speed FFs

The sleek design of these shoes offers an agile, low to the ground feeling, and you’ll be impressed by the support and stability that the Solution Speed FFs provide even when making your most aggressive movements. The fit has been updated with some additional space in the toe box, too, which gives you more breathing room and freedom of movement. 

The only real downside to these shoes is their thin shoelaces, but we’ll get to that during the full review. Overall, players of any skill level that are looking for high-performance shoes that offer all of the bells and whistles should definitely consider the Asics Solution Speed FFs. 



The Asics Solution Speed FFs score pretty high in the comfort department, thanks to the addition of the FlyteFoam cushioning, which adds a plush ride. The break-in period for these shoes is very short, and after just a few minutes, you’ll experience the full range of responsiveness that the shoes provide when moving around. 

The fit compliments both wide and narrow feet and the toe box will still feel slightly wider than the previous model no matter what type of feet you have, providing you with some much-needed wiggle room. The cushioning is like a pillow and makes every step feel super plush without adding any unwanted bulk. 

The Solution Speed FFs’ narrow fit stays intact throughout all of your movements, though the new mesh material found on the upper is more forgiving and more generous on its width, allowing the shoe to accommodate wider feet. 


With its low to the grow feel, the Asics Solution Speed FF provides a surprising level of stability of support, allowing you to move aggressively on the court. It’s no secret that lightweight shoes aren’t always the most stable on the market, but the Solution Speeds aim to break that stereotype and provide you with excellent stability while still being light. 


These shoes are geared toward efficient, quick movements, which means they aren’t the most long-lasting shoes, but their durability is commendable. They should last just as long as previous iterations of the Solution Speeds, but if you’re a more gentle player, you’ll get plenty of use out of them. 

Who Should Buy This Shoe?

The Asics Solution Speeds FFs are great all-around tennis shoes that provide their wearers with both comfort and agility, so they’re great for women that like to move around aggressively on the court. They’d be a fantastic starter shoe but wouldn’t be out of place in the kit of a more intermediate player.


  • Lightweight
  • Great cushioning
  • Good support
  • Stable
  • Accommodates all foot types


  • Thin shoelaces

2. Adidas SoleMatch Bounce Women’s Tennis Shoes

Next on the list, we have the SoleMatch Bounce shoes from Adidas, which are suitable for players at any level. They are comfortable all-round and are a great option for players that loved the Barricade shoes but always wanted a fit that was just a little wider.

About the Adidas SoleMatch Bounces

The Bounce material that Adidas included in the midsoles of these shoes offers you step-in comfort. At the same time, the uppers remain soft and breathable so that your feet don’t overheat. Though the wider fit might be a slight issue for players with narrow feet, if you’ve got wide feet, you’ll have no problem sliding into these shoes.

The outrigger on the lateral edges improves stability, but it can be slightly bulky, especially if you prefer quick movements. However, these shoes feel much more modern and light than the classic Barricades and don’t have a break-in period.



We expect that you’ll notice the wider fit first when you try on the Adidas SoleMatch Bounce shoes for the first time. If you’ve got wider feet, then you’ll enjoy plenty of room to wiggle your toes, and you’ll find that the shoes are exceptionally comfortable, which doesn’t often happen for women’s tennis shoes, which are usually made with narrow feet in mind.

The cushioning, though remarkably soft, does not provide a considerable amount of responsiveness. They have an outrigger on the lateral side, which feels quite soft and doesn’t require much breaking in to get used to.

The lacing system can be a bit of a struggle bus. Successfully tying the shoes securely can be tricky, and because of this, you might experience some toe jamming as your struggle to cinch the shoes down properly. Other than that, the shoes have some nice ventilation and arch support.


The SoleMatch Bounce was built to provide plenty of stability and thus features an outrigger on its lateral edge to make sure that you feel comfortable planting your feet on the court. However, due to their wider fit, the shoes might not feel as supportive as you’d want if you have narrow feet.

You might find that your feet slide around a bit inside, but their stability is still good. The noticeable outrigger will help you feel confident and stay upright, allowing you to stop on a dime and be stable when making directional changes.


The outsoles of the SoleMatch Bounces, which are made from a tough Adiwear rubber compound, stand up quite well to any abuse that you might throw at them. Even if you’re a hard and fast player who puts your shoes through hell, the SoleMatch Bounce shoes will have life in them for many months.

Who Should Buy This Shoe?

If you’re a woman with some wider feet, you’ll love the Adidas SoleMatch Bounce shoes, which are able to accommodate wide feet while still keeping you stable and secure. They offer great comfortability and are also breathable, and would suit players of all skill levels.


  • Plush cushioning
  • Step-in comfort
  • Short break-in period
  • Fits wider feet
  • Good stability


  • May not suit narrow feet

3. Asics Gel Challenger 12 Women’s Shoe Review

Both on and off of the court, style is important, and this is a concept that Asics understands well. While the Gel Challenger 12s feature eye-catching looks, these shoes are more than just eye candy – they also provide lots of support, comfort, and durability.

About the Asics Gel Challenger 12s

If you’ve ever worn a pair of Asics tennis shoes before, then you might find that the Gel Challenger 12s do not meet the standards you are used to. While they might not match the performance of the brand’s premier shoes, they still do not disappoint.

One of the strong points of these shoes is their overall durability and their overall performance. We think this would be a great pair for the beginner player as well as a nice addition to the intermediate player’s kit.



No matter what type of foot you have, you’ll feel comfortable in the Asics Gel Challenger 12s. Wider feet might have issues with the shoes’ fit, but you’ll still have a great experience both on and off of the court. Asics shoes often feel too narrow, and you might know that they need a bit of a break-in to feel comfortable.

While that is the case for the Gel Challenger 12s, the break-in period is quite short, and once you have gotten comfortable with them, they’ll feel soft as a pillow around your feet. They don’t feel constrictive, and the cushioning underfoot prevents your feet from becoming sore when making hard and fast movements on the court.

Because the shoes are shallower, they fit nicely around narrow feet while still not being constrictive. The uppers are nice and flexible and provide additional comfort, while the mesh fabric offers plenty of breathability.


Even if you’re extremely hard on your tennis shoes, the Asics Gel Challenger 12s will be able to handle any abuse you can throw and them while still keeping things stylish. When it comes to support, you won’t have any movements within the shoes, and if you do, lacing the shoe up to the last eyelet will mitigate this problem and keep your feet secure.

Your ankles should feel supported when moving aggressively, and you’re going to have to try pretty hard to roll your ankle or cause yourself some pain.


The outsole on the Challenger 12s looks pretty identical to those on the Resolution, and they are just as durable. The AHAR rubber outsoles also hold up quite nicely, and it will take a good few months before you start to see any serious wear and tear.

Who Should Buy This Shoe?

This tennis shoe would be an excellent option for women who want to be as comfortable as possible on the court while also being stylish at the same time. It’s great that Asics was able to create a shoe that has many practical features while also being attractive to look at.


  • Good performance all-round
  • Affordable
  • Stylish appearance
  • Good breathability
  • Supportive


  • May not suit wide feet

4. Nike Air Zoom Zero Women’s Tennis Shoe

Breaking from the norm of typical tennis shoes, the innovative Nike Court Air Zoom Zeros rewards tennis players with great speed and performance. Built with a one-piece upper, these shoes from Nike are responsive underfoot and supportive through the upper.

About the Nike Air Zoom Zeros

The Nike Air Zoom Zeros have an impressively stable response and fast feel that is provided by the full Zoom Air unit. They provide all of the stability and speed that you would expect from a shoe giant like Nike, and we’re sure that your expectations will be exceeded.

Nike Womens Tennis Air Zoom Zero HC

If you value style and unique looks, then you’ll appreciate these shoes as well, as they’ve got an interesting design that will catch the eyes of anyone you walk past. The insole is a bright color that stands out amongst the flat white of the rest of the shoe.



Nike built their Air Zoom Zeros with a half-bootie construction to offer a feel that’s like a second skin on your feet. They are both supportive and comfortable, but the narrow midfoot might make you feel a little uncomfortable if you have wider feet. The construction doesn’t really open up, so if you do have wide feet, we recommend sizing up one to make sure you’ll be able to get into them.

Other than that, you’ll feel comfortable in the Zoom Zeros as you move around the foot. Zoom Air unit underfoot provides supportive cushioning and great responsiveness, while the uppers are supportive and soft. The seamless half bootie offers step-in comfort for those who don’t have narrow feet.

The shoes feel more streamlined, supportive, and responsive rather than plush, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you enjoy being nimble on the court.


While the shoes are a bit higher off the ground, Nike really hit the nail on the head when it comes to stability and support. The Air Zoom Zeros are light but still feel substantial, and they’ll give you all of the confidence you need to move aggressively in any direction.

You’ll be able to move side to side and feel confident that the shoes are going to keep you standing upright. The materials don’t stretch much, which is great for support.


Even though these shoes are more on the lighter side of life, they are still more than durable enough to withstand quite a lot of abuse. The outsoles are super thick and sturdy and will be able to withstand months of rough play without showing signs of any major wear and tear.

Who Should Buy This Shoe?

If you are looking for a shoe that will make you feel light on your feet while also providing you with ample cushioning, then we recommend the Nike Air Zoom Zero shoes. They are super stable while still giving you the freedom of movement you need to be agile on the court.


  • Fast feeling
  • Stable
  • Great cushioning
  • Unique appearance
  • Decent durability


  • May be uncomfortable for wide feet

5. KSwiss Ultrashot 3 Women’s Tennis Shoes

KSwiss kick-started 2021 with their Ultrashot 3 tennis shoes. These shoes are more durable and stable than their previous release, and while the updates are pretty small, they really make all the difference. They have a true medium fit that will suit many different foot types.

About the KSwiss Ultrashot 3s

Regardless of whether you have narrow feet or wide feet, you’ll find that slipping on a pair of the Ultrashot 3s is easier than ever. They have quite a short break-in period, and the updated fit not only accommodates medium-width feet better but also provides a sleeker and faster feel overall.

The with this new light feeling, the Ultrashot 3s don’t sacrifice any of their durability or stability, and you’ll find a great blend of performance features for players that are looking for a bit of everything – comfort, stability, style, and durability.



KSwiss is famous for making tennis shoes that are extremely comfortable to wear, and the Ultrashot 3s do not disappoint. They have a generous fit that works well with both narrow and wide feet, though they do feel more true to medium than the Hypercourt Express 2s.

The fit is not very constricting, and if you feel that they are too tight, wearing them around the court for a few hours will get them to open up nicely. The uppers form to the feet nicely, and the cushioning is definitely present but offers a lower ride than what you might be used to from KSwiss.

The Ultrashot 3s keep you feeling very connected to the court, but you’ll still feel a nice amount of rebound and cushioning under your feet. The upper is nice and flexible, and the heel counter also provides an excellent level of comfort.


with a healthy midfoot shank, the Ultrashot 3s are built to be the most stable shoes in the KSwiss lineup. The uppers on them provide a good amount of support, and you’ll feel more locked in compared to previous versions.

You won’t slide around very much, which helps you keep your stability on the wide pulls and recovers. The low to the ground feel makes you feel better connected to your movement and to the court.


The Ultrashot 3s promise top-quality durability with a six-month guarantee. The outsole tread is quite deep and definitely holds up better than the Hypercourt shoe series. The toes also hold up quite nicely, and it will take you quite some time to wear the shoes out.

Who Should Buy This Shoe?

The KSwiss Ultrashot 3s are a fantastic option for anyone that wants to be very stable on the court, so if you’re an aggressive player who makes lots of sharp directional changes, you’ll love them. They’re also extremely comfortable, which makes them great for anyone that’s had problems with comfort from other tennis shoes in the past.


  • Durable
  • Stable
  • Highly comfortable
  • Suitable for many foot types
  • Improved fit


  • Less than ideal traction

6. Wilson Rush Pro 3.5

Wilson is a reliable brand when it comes to tennis shoes for women, and this model will not disappoint you at all. It is made with the best features to make your tennis court life much easier and more fun.

About the Wilson Rush Pro 3.5

These tennis shoes’ well proportioned and smooth design makes them look good when you wear them on the tennis court. But that is not the only great feature; they are made with comfort and safety in mind, with the safety features included with these shoes.



With the Endofit system included with these shoes will adjust the shoes to your feet to ensure maximum comfort at all times.


With a midfoot shank added to the shoe it improves overall stability and lateral support for the foot all the time you have it on. The improved stability of these shoes from Wilson will help to improve overall gameplay while using them on the court.


The tennis shoes from Wilson also come with a Duralast outsole included with it to make these shoes super durable and last longer.

Who Should Buy This Shoe?

Professional players of all tennis court surfaces will benefit greatly from these tennis shoes provided by Wilson with the excellent features included.


  • Used by professional players
  • Comes with a strong outsole
  • Great support and stability
  • Well designed and constructed


  • Few colors to choose from
  • Not meant for beginners

7. New Balance Women’s FuelCell 996 V4

The outstanding features included with New Balance tennis shoes make it a much sought-after shoe for tennis players of all levels. It is designed to fit comfortably on your feet with extra additions to ensure better footing while moving around on the court.

About the New Balance Women’s 996 V4

These shoes are made with long hours of playing in mind with the light-weight but durable materials used in the construction. They will last even in harsh conditions to keep you comfortable while you are on your feet for long periods of time.



The FuelCell midsole included with this shoe makes it quite comfortable to wear when you are moving around at a fast pace. 


The Ndurance rubber outsole has a flexible construction and a grooved pattern for stronger traction and better stability on the ground. These shoes are great for using on a clay court or rubber turf.


The light-weight but very durable construction of these tennis shoes will make them last for a very long time for many hours of play.

Who Should Buy This Shoe?

These tennis shoes are made for professional women players in mind with a nice, comfortable and snug fit on the feet.


  • It has a light-weight construction
  • There are a lot of colors to choose from
  • A flexible structure for comfort
  • Light-weight materials used for construction


  • Not that much support for the feet
  • It is meant for narrow feet

8. Prince  Women’s T22

These are high-quality tennis shoes that are used on many tennis courts around the world for great comfort and style. The sleek design of these shoes will help to improve overall aesthetics and show excellent fashion sense for the wearer.

About the Prince Women’s T22

Along with the great features included with these shoes makes it a total package of style and comfort for women tennis players. The comfortable upper mesh of these shoes makes it easy to get rid of moisture forming inside the shoes on hot days.



The breathable upper mesh of these shoes will provide you with great comfort even on very hot days on the court. It will remove the moisture from the shoes to keep your feet dry all the time you wear them.


The soft and light-weight midsole helps the feet to be stable while moving around in it even after many hours on the court. This will increase the overall comfort for your feet while you are playing your best game.


The strong outsole will help to prevent easy injury during long gameplay to keep your feet safe and sound all the time.

Who Should Buy This Shoe?

These shoes from Prince are ideal for professional women tennis players who are on their feet for long periods of time.


  • Rugged and durable construction
  • Light-weight synthetic upper mesh
  • Very stylish look and feel
  • A comfortable design


  • A slightly lower arch
  • It is only available in white

9. Adidas Women’s Stycon

Adidas is a household name among all walks of life and even more so in the tennis circles where good shoes are a must. And good comfortable shoes are what you get with this model from this world-famous shoe brand.

About the Adidas Women’s Stycon

These tennis shoes come with an easy and quick-fitting laceless design for those who are always in a hurry to get the shoes on.  This design will provide your foot with improved stability and lateral movement support for better foot posture all the time.



The super-soft breathable top of these shoes provides comfort for your feet to stay dry and comfortable inside the shoe all the time.


For heel support in intense gameplay situations, you have shock-absorbing EVA included in the shoe for better stability while on the court.


The special Adiwear 6 rubber outsole will provide you with strong durability without fail all the time you are playing. This feature provides extra longevity to the shoes.

Who Should Buy This Shoe?

Professional female players will benefit from the great features included with these tennis shoes provided by Adidas for long hard games. The overall design of these shoes will provide comfort and stability for the professional player to deliver their best game every time.


  • Quick and easy fitting with laceless closure
  • Good sturdy design
  • A heel cage included for protection
  • Strong rubber outsoles


  • They are a bit heavy
  • Not for entry-level players

10. Nike Women’s Court Lite 2

At an affordable price, you get great tennis shoes for women who play at levels of the game from this reliable brand. Everyone knows that you get only the best from this company and you will not be disappointed with this model from them either.

Nike Women's Court Lite 2 Tennis Shoe, White/Metallic Silver-White, 8 Regular US

About the Nike Women’s Court Lite 2

The Court Lite 2 for women from Nike brings you comfort and reliability in a single package to help improve your overall game. Unfortunately, these shoes will only be available in white, and that takes away some of the versatility of these shoes.



Do not let the lack of choice in color keep you away from these super comfortable tennis shoes for women. The many pores in the upper will help to make these shoes highly breathable to keep your feet dry and comfortable all the time.


Stability is also one of the great features of these shoes, with the Pylon injected midsole to make the shoes as stable as possible.


A mixture of leather and synthetic makes these shoes light-weight and very strong to improve overall durability while providing extra comfort.

Who Should Buy This Shoe?

The court Lite 2 tennis shoe is designed by Nike to be used by women from all levels of the game.


  • Strong and sturdy construction
  • Durable outsole for better traction
  • Breathable upper for increase comfort
  • Light-weight materials used


  • The toe box is a bit narrow
  • Not available in many colors

Buyer’s Guide

Of course, it’s no use knowing what the best tennis shoes of the year are when you aren’t sure of what to look for in a tennis shoe in the first place. If you are new to the world of tennis, then you might not know what makes a good shoe and what criteria you should be basing your shoe-purchasing decision on.

This buyer’s guide will teach you what it is you should be looking for in a good tennis shoe, as well as what kind of shoes will suit your playstyle. If you want to become an expert in picking out new kicks, then keep on reading.

Choosing a tennis shoe

Tennis is a physical, active game in which your feet bear the brunt of the abuse. Whether you are just stepping onto the court for the first time, or you are a seasoned professional that has been in the game for years, choosing a tennis shoe is an essential part of the game that can make or break your experience.

There are a number of court surfaces and playing surfaces in tennis, and thus plenty of variety in the tennis shoe industry. From popular Adidas and Nike tennis shoes to the reliable high-performance shoes from Asics, the best tennis shoe for your particular needs is out there, but you have to know what you’re looking for.

Tennis shoes vs. other athletic shoes

We recommend that you give it a second thought before you throw on any old pair of running shoes before you hit the court. Running shoes are generally more lightweight and flexible and are designed to accommodate the forward motion that comes with, well, running.

On the other hand, tennis shoes are all about providing you as much support as possible for the rigorous, challenging lateral movements that playing tennis involves. You will also want to ensure that the pair of shoes you are wearing have a sturdy yet lightweight design that will keep you moving quickly and freely while still supporting your feet.

You’ll notice that we highlighted the support of all of the tennis shoes mentioned on the list above. If a tennis shoe is not supporting your feet enough, you’re going to run the risk of rolling and potentially injuring your ankle, which could prevent you from playing for months.

Court surfaces

When choosing the best tennis shoe for you, the tennis court that you play on is going to be quite a significant determining factor. Just like tennis balls, there are various tennis shoes that are designed to be worn on each different court surface – clay, hard, and grass. Let’s take a closer look at the differences between these courts.

Clay courts

Clay courts are one of the softer court times, which means they require a special kind of tennis shoe. Clay-court shoes are generally made using a herringbone tread pattern that provides grip while allowing sliding and doesn’t clog with clay and synthetic uppers. They are typically lighter so that they can allow for speed and maneuverability.

Hard courts

Hard courts can dish out some real punishment on your shoes, and vice versa. Hard-court tennis shoes are generally non-marking to prevent surface scuffing, and their construction prioritizes cushioning and shock absorption to keep you supported and comfortable on the hard surface.

Grass courts

Like clay courts, grass-court shoes are made in such a way that they do not damage the court and also have a nub-patterned sole to improve your traction on potentially slippery grass. You’ll find that their uppers are usually made from mesh and synthetic combinations.

Your playstyle

Are you a player that prefers to keep to the baseline? Or are you more prone to an old-school serve-and-volley style of playing? Your playstyle plays an essential role in determining what kind of tennis shoe is the best for you.

If you are the former, then you will want a tennis shoe that offers you superior cushioning, a durable sole, and strong lateral support for those constant side-to-side movements. If you are the latter, then you will instead want a shoe that has improved flexibility for the balls of your feet, as well as a durable toecap.  

Foot Type

The more you learn and know about what type of feet you have, the better you will be able to find shoes with the features that you need to avoid injury on the court and perform your best. There are foot types and a number of ways to determine which one is yours. They are:


If your shoes get worn down on the outside of the forefoot and heel, you are likely to have supinated feet. If this is the case, then you will want to pick out tennis shoes that provide good shock absorption and flexibility, as well as additional room for your heels.


If you notice excessive shoe wear on the inside area near the balls of your feet, chances are you have pronated feet. If you step in water with your bare feet and leave a mark on the ground, you’ll see that the entire impression appears with almost no empty space. Pronated-feet players will want shoes that have excellent lateral support to prevent knee and ankle injury.


If you have balanced wear in your shoes, then pretty much any tennis shoe will work.


So, now that you have figured out what type of tennis shoe you need to buy, you might be wondering which brand of tennis shoe is the best. There are plenty of great brands for you to choose from, including Asics, Adidas, Nike, Diadora, Babolat, Head, and many more.

All offer many features and variety, as well as advanced technology that is engineered from the latest athletic research. A quick Google search will provide you with more information on any brand and what they specialize in, which can give you an idea of whether or not their shoes would suit your needs.

Shoe Size Conversion

Because your feet are three-dimensional, any two-dimensional measuring tool, like a ruler, will only be able to provide you with an approximate shoe size value. It would be best if you also kept in mind that different manufacturers use different casts to create their shoes, and thus their sizing may vary accordingly.

When you’re trying on a new pair of shoes, be sure to wear the socks or stocking that you will wear when you have the shoes on at the court. There are plenty of shoe size charts that can help you convert your measurements as necessary when buying a new pair of tennis shoes.


If you are new to the world of tennis, then there are likely dozens of questions swimming around in your head about the game, and if you’re reading this article, then specifically about the shoes that you should be wearing on the court. Don’t worry; you’re not alone.

Millions of people have asked those very same questions, and we’ve compiled all of the most frequently asked ones here so that you don’t have to ask them yourself. Let’s take a look at them now.

How do I choose a tennis shoe?

The most important factor to consider when choosing a tennis shoe is its outsole. Tennis footwear can be placed into categories based on the type of surface that the shoe is meant to be worn on, as we discussed in the previous section.

Another vital thing to keep in mind is the trade-off between stability, weight, and speed. Shoes that provide you with fantastic durability and stability are generally heavier, while shoes that are lighter allow you to be more agile on the court at the cost of overall durability.

Do you need special shoes for tennis?

In short, yes. Alongside your racquet and strings, your tennis shoes are the most important piece of equipment you bring to the court. The construction of the shoe not only provides you with the proper outsole but also gives you all of the important durability, stability, and comfort that you need to play the game without the risk of being injured.

At the very least, we suggest that you get your hands on an entry-level tennis shoe, though more advanced pairs will include the latest performance technologies that provide competitive players with a greater advantage on the court. Playing with general running shoes would be like trying to play tennis with stilts on. It just doesn’t work.

What is the difference between trainers and tennis shoes?

Tennis shoes have a number of advantages over regular running shoes. The main difference is that tennis shoes are specially made to support and cope with the player during the sudden and dynamic movements they make when they are on the court. Other kinds of shoes are made with a focus on forward motion, which means that they aren’t suitable for tennis.

Tennis shoes are also made with the way that a tennis player’s foot moves in mind so that they are able to include the proper comfort and support exactly where it is needed. Other differences are more noticeable at first glance, like the toe cap that protects the shoe from toe drag.

You should remember that some of the best makers of tennis shoes also produce casual footwear and shoes for other sports, but you should be choosing from their tennis range if you want to be on a court.

How tight should tennis shoes be?

Your tennis shoes will need to fit snugly and securely on your feet for you to be able to take full advantage of their features, like comfort and stability. But, it will ultimately come down to a matter of how tight you prefer your shoes to be.

Many professional players prefer a ‘locked-in’ feel, which makes the shoe seem like more of an extension of the player rather than something that is on the feet. Other players prefer their shoes to have some breathing room so that their feet don’t overheat.

Only you can decide which works best for you.

What are the most comfortable tennis shoes?

The most important thing to remember when determining the comfort of a tennis shoe is the quality of its midsole as its role is to be able to absorb shock, cushion your landings, and enhance support. Shoes that do not have proper midsoles can cause discomfort not only in the feet but in the knees and other parts of your body.

Most tennis shoe midsoles will have some sort of cushioning technology. Some of the best and most popular of these particular technologies include Air Zoom by Nike, Gel by Asics, and Adidas’ Boost.

Each brand’s flagship model will include their specific cushioning technologies, and some might also come with additional cushioning in specific areas like the heel to improve comfort overall.

How do I make my tennis shoes more comfortable?

You can make your tennis shoes more comfortable by adding a shock-absorbing insole, which reduces the stress that the challenging movements you make on the court have on your joints, muscles, and tendons. You should also carefully choose a pair of cushioned tennis socks, which will not only offer you additional cushioning but can also include features like improved breathability, moisture-wicking, and better grip.

All of these things lead to a more comfortable playing experience when you’re on the court, which can ultimately improve your playing overall. If you have been using the same pair of shoes for quite some time, the midsole may no longer be suitable to provide you with the amount of support and comfort that you need to play tennis.

If this is the case, you will want to pick up an entirely new pair of shoes, and we recommend choosing from the list above, as they are some of the most comfortable on the market right now.

When should I replace my tennis shoes?

All good things come to an end, as they say, and your tennis shoes will eventually begin to wear out. The first sign that your tennis shoes are due for a replacement is also the sign that we tend to ignore the most.

The bottom of the shoe is the part that is in contact with the court the most and thus suffers the most. You’ll notice the damage very late because most modern shoes look like they have very good grip right up until the point that they don’t.

Once your insole starts to wear out, you may notice some damage to the inside of the shoe as well as to your feet. It is common for blisters to occur after the insole has worn out, and once you’ve got blisters, you’ll be unable to play for a few days.

Wrapping Up

Tennis shoes are one of the most essential pieces of equipment you can bring with you to the court and can really make or break your playing experience. That’s why it is so vital for you to choose a pair that not only works well but suits your playstyle and court type as well.

If you’re on the hunt for a new pair of tennis shoes, we highly recommend taking a look at some of the pairs mentioned on this list. They are the best of the best and have the potential to improve your playing drastically. Happy hitting!