Top 10 Best Tennis Bags For Kids in 2022

Having a tennis bag for your kiddo is just as important as having a tennis bag for an adult. While you may not want to spend the same amount of money on an expensive bag for junior rackets, it actually may make more sense to make the investment. 

This list will provide you with a few different styles and options because everyone’s needs are different. Not to mention kids care about style and colors!

That’s why our top 10 kid’s tennis bag list is perfect for you. But first, let’s talk about what your child may need. 

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What Makes Sense For Kids

While most kid’s bags will offer relatively similar things, there are options out there that will offer something different from the next. That’s why it may make sense to think about not only what your kid wants but what they need. 

The size will be one of the things to consider. Kids’ height and size vary quite a bit, so if you buy them a backpack much too small, it is going to be uncomfortable. The same can be said for how many rackets it can hold. If it doesn’t fit those needs, then you’re out of luck. 

While most junior bags come in backpacks, there are actually options of real tennis bags as well and even little tote bags. However, because they all function differently, one may be a better choice over the other. 

Let’s get into the qualities of the bags themselves.


To break the characteristics of the bags will simply be a combo of your preferences as a parent and your children. The realistic necessities will be what the parent wants, while the kid will have more of an emphasis on color and style. 

From bag to bag, there is a lot of variation. Sometimes a bag will be offered in several styles or just differ in color. 

Here are some of the qualities you should look for. 

Mesh Pockets

Mesh pockets are a great way for kids to divide up the little things like their dampeners, grips, and more. The mesh pockets are also a great option for backpacks on the side to store water bottles and possibly a can of balls. 

Some bags will have mesh pocked both on the inside and outside of the bag to separate the smaller, hard-to-find things. 

Cooling Technology

Kids need the same cooling technology that adults will have because they need to keep their snacks, Gatorade, and water to stay cold. Most likely, these bags are smaller versions of regular tennis bags. 

This also great to keep the heat and humidity from getting to the rackets! 

Shoe Compartments

Some kid’s bags even have a shoe compartment for them too! Some parents may feel like this is unnecessary because their kids won’t be changing their shoes as some adults may. However, kids play on the clay, too, and this can be particularly helpful in creating more mess. 

The Right Size

As mentioned, kids are constantly growing, which means different sizes for different kids. Making sure that the bag is not too small or too big is important. A bag too big can be uncomfortable for the child to carry around, and too tight straps will hurt their shoulders.  

Padding Everywhere

Padding is something that shouldn’t be skipped out on for the kiddos. Padding is just as important here as it is in adult bags. Kids’ backs and shoulders need to be well-protected, and with good quality materials and padding, they can do this. 

Tough Materials

Kids like to whip around bags and aren’t always the best at taking care of things. That’s why having a bag that holds up for you and your kid is important. Chances are, at some point, it will be forgotten in the rain, dragged around, and more. That’s why tough materials will last, and you won’t find yourself buying a brand new racket bag for your kid every few months.  

The Top 10 Best Kids Tennis Bags 2022

So there you have it! Those are some of the best qualities to look out for when choosing a bag for your kid. Now with that information, here is our list of top pics for kids’ tennis bags. 

These bags are cool, practical, and made of some of the best quality. 

Here are the top 5 kid’s bags!

1. Wilson Clash Junior Backpack

It’s no surprise that Wilson makes a great backpack for kids because they also make a great bag for adults! Their Wilson Clash Junior backpack is everything you’d expect from the adult backpack. Its super sporty black and orange look matches their racket perfectly. 

It can carry two rackets when the handles are pointed towards the side, and it has a padded back panel to keep those rackets from budging the child’s back when carrying it around. 

It has a main compartment on the inside that is separate from the racket space and can hold some clothes and a pair of shoes. They also have a side pocket that can either hold the can of balls or a water bottle. 

The straps are also padded and adjustable, so even if your kid grows a little, the backpack can grow with you too!

The Breakdown:

  • This super quality backpack with zip-stops can hold up to two rackets. 
  • Padded back panels and shoulder straps help with the comfort of the backpack for the kid. 
  • Organized compartments on the inside make for easy storing of smaller items. 
  • Can fit shoes or clothes inside the main compartment along with the rackets. 

2. Babolat Backpack Junior Club Purple

Babolat is also in the business of making great bags. That’s why the Babolat Backpack Junior Club Purple is a cute and great option for the little ones. This smaller-sized backpack is perfect for those who don’t want their kid to get weighed down. 

The littlest ones only need a backpack that will carry one to two rackets because that’s all they will really need when playing. The club backpack will hold 1-2 junior-sized rackets. Plus they also have a main compartment that can also hold any of their other things like shoes and a change of clothes. 

Where this bag wins is the extra storage. There is a small zip component in the front that can hold some of the smaller things like sunscreen, snacks, etc. Kids don’t need too many pockets, as this will weigh them down. 

It offers great support with padded straps that are adjustable. This backpack provides all that and makes it easy for the kids or parents to adjust when needed. 

The Breakdown:

  • If you are looking for a deal, this backpack is very affordable. 
  • Your child won’t get uncomfortable shoulders or injuries because it is lightweight and padded in all the right spots. 
  • Purple looks great, but if you have a kid that isn’t so fond of the color, there are other options for you to choose from. 
  • Different compartment sizes mean there are different places for all the things they would need. This is more for the parents since they are the ones who pack the bags. 

3. Wilson Junior 3-Racket Bag

If you want something to really resemble a tennis bag, then look no further than the Wilson Junior 3-Racket tennis bag. While it technically can fit four, the bag is meant to hold 3 rackets that are under 26.5 inches.  

It comes in a simple style that is great for boys and girls and has an exterior zip pocket that holds other small things. This is a great spot for your granola bars, grips, and dampeners. 

The main compartment can hold your shoes, apparel, or any other things that need to be stored for your little one. This is easy for parents to slip in those extra pair of socks or forgotten sweatshirt. 

The adjustable straps are a must, as well as the padded aspect to keep the shoulders from hurting. 

The Breakdown:

  • Able to hold 3 rackets along with a main compartment. 
  • Simple design that is perfect for boys and girls and will match nearly all rackets. 
  • Easy grab and go handles song with padded adjustable straps for maximum comfort. 
  • Side zip compartment for the little things makes it easy to organize. 

4. Ame and Lulu Juniors Big Love Backpack

If you are looking for style, then stop right here! Ame and Lulu Big Love Junior Backpack that comes in Camo style, as well as other prints. The bag provides a sweet look and the functionality of a tennis backpack for a junior. 

Even though the backpack can hold up to two junior rackets, it is lightweight to carry due to its nylon material. What makes this racket bag a little different than others is that the exterior pocket on the front is for the rackets. 

The main pocket can hold a lot more items like shoes, clothes, snacks, and more. Combine that with the two slip pockets on the side, your child can hold a Gatorade and water or a drink on one side and a can of balls on the other side. 

This bag offers all that and more but comes at a price that is a little more than some of the others on the list.

The Breakdown:

  • This bag may be too expensive for some, but all the features certainly make it worthwhile. 
  • Great quality and lightweight will be comfortable for your kiddo on the go. 
  • The carrying handles and padded straps, and back also make the bag comfortable for your child. 
  • Several compartments are fit for different items such as shoes, rackets, Gatorade, and more. 

5. Alien Pros Lightweight Tennis Sling Backpack

If what you are looking for is an attractive tennis bag that is suitable for young tennis players then you are in the right place. This Alien pro comes with an elegant style which makes it an excellent choice for somewhat older children who are just beginning out. It doesn’t hold a lot, therefore it’s not ideal for players who bring a lot on the court. It is, nonetheless, one of the lightest and most handy tennis backpacks for youngsters.

The dedicated compartment can easily contain a tennis racquet, while the main compartment has ample room for a change of clothing and towels. Because the bag is composed of robust waterproof canvas fibers, it is easy to clean. It’s simple to open and close thanks to the smooth, locking zippers. It is available in a few attractive colors including Blue, Black, and Pink. Discussing the size it is set at 15.72 inches in length, 11 inches in width, and 4.72 inches in thickness. What it means is that it can be a single tennis racquet as well as a variety of other essentials such as a mobile phone, keys, and a few tennis balls. Furthermore, it has a maximum capacity of two tennis racquets if you exclude the mentioned accessories.

The Breakdown:

  • Highlighted by a stylish design
  • Set at 15.72 inches in length, 11 inches in width, and 4.72 inches in thickness 
  • Fits a single tennis racquet with accessories/two racquets on their own
  • Available in a few attractive colors
  • Durable canvas material

6. Head Kids Novak Djokovic Racquet Backpack

Coming as one of the coolest backpacks on the market it comes in blue/green and is one of the most attractive bags for kids. This bag is ideal for a young tennis player just getting started. The bright hues are appealing and will make the tennis game even more interesting for your little one. It is set at 6.3×11.81×14.17 inches and comes with a capacity of 15 liters. While it doesn’t feature a separate water bottle compartment, it is just ideal for carrying a single racquet along with a few extras. 

The main compartment supports racquets that are up to 25 inches in length. Not only that but there is a standalone pocket for dirty clothes and shoes. Last but certainly not least is the small compartment which is necessary for putting away accessories such as keys, mobile phone, and cash. Furthermore, it can be used for carrying a few tennis balls. 

Discussing the cool design details, it comes with two carry options. The first one is the front handle which is padded and is ideal if your kid doesn’t like to carry a bag on their back. The second option is the EVA foam-supported shoulder straps which are adjustable and ensure an even weight distribution. 

The Breakdown:

  • Ideal for a single racquet with accessories
  • Supports tennis racquets that are up to 25 inches in length
  • Available in an attractive blue/green 
  • Comes with a standalone accessory pocket
  • Features a spacious main compartment
  • Offers a top handle and cushioned shoulder straps

7. Hello Kitty GO! Tennis Backpack

What makes this bag stand apart from its competitors is the fact that it comes with a spacious main compartment inside and outside.  It is safe to say that this product is one of the most impressive models if you have a daughter who is just starting to play tennis. Set at 5x18x11 inches, the Hello Kitty GO! is ideal for someone who carries a single tennis racquet, a couple of balls, and accessories. Glitter screen images in a vibrant pink and blue color scheme are guaranteed to catch your developing player’s eye.

The highlight feature of this product is the inside compartment which offers enough room for dirty clothes, and a pair of shoes. It is great to know that this pocket is highly breathable which reduces/minimizes the chance of moisture damage. In addition to it, this bag comes with a large external pocket that you can store away your keys, wallet, mobile phone, and other smaller accessories. It is important to highlight that the mesh side pockets are perfect for storing water or a Gatorade bottle. Overall an affordable and fancy tennis backpack that you should consider investing in if you are parenting a daughter.

The Breakdown:

  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Features fancy glitter screen images in multiple colors
  • Offers a spacious internal and external compartment
  • Spacious side mesh pockets for water/Gatorade bottle

8. Marvel 1601 Spider-Man Tennis Backpack

If the Hello Kitty GO! was an ideal choice for all of you who have a daughter then anyone with a son will love this Spider-Man inspired tennis bag. It is set at 18x11x2 inches and is seen as one of the most spacious kid-friendly backpacks on the market. Firstly, it comes with a large racquet compartment. In our experience, it can hold up to two 25-inch tennis racquets as well as a few tennis balls. In addition to that, it comes with a large internal compartment for essentials such as clothes, a pair of shoes, and a towel.

It is good to know that although this product is highlighted by a low-profile design it includes everything that your little one is going to need. Thus, there is a single side mesh pocket for a water bottle. Not only that but also an external compartment for putting away smaller accessories. As per convenience, it comes with a single top handle as well as adjustable shoulder straps. The latter is cushioned with EVA foam and adds to the comfort. Lastly, it is made of a rugged poly-nylon blend which ensures great durability.

The Breakdown:

  • Made of premium materials for enhanced durability
  • Comes with padded shoulder straps and a top handle
  • Spacious main compartment, external accessory pocket
  • Holds up to two tennis racquets
  • Attractive Spider Man-inspired design

9. Klau Tennis Bag

Set at 13.78×8.86×1.97 inches in size, this Klau Tennis Bag is an ideal choice for recreational players and youngsters. It is available in five different colors including purple, pink, blue, dark blue, and orange, which allows it to stand out from most of its compartments. As of the capacity, this Klau Tennis Bag comes with a spacious main compartment in which you can fit two racquets that are up to 25 inches in length. In addition to that, a couple of smaller accessories such as a replacement grip and several tennis balls.

Apart from the main compartment, there is an external accessory pocket at the front in which you can fit any of the smaller essentials. Also, a single side compartment is ideal for storing drinks such as water or Gatorade. The fact that it is made of 800 sport nylon ensures great durability and resistance to everyday wear and tear. As for the carry options, it comes with a top handle and detachable shoulder straps for added comfort. The coolest part? It can be carried as a single or a dual shoulder bag. 

The Breakdown:

  • Coming at 13.78 by 8.86 by 1.97 inches
  • Available in a few colors including Purple, Pink, Dark Blue, Blue, and Orange
  • It can fit up to two racquets that are 25 inches long and a few tennis balls
  • Features an external accessory pocket for small essentials such as keys, cash, and phone
  • Made of 800 sport nylon for enhanced durability, water-resistance
  • Top handle, single/dual shoulder adjustable straps

10. LISH Game Point Tennis Backpack

When it comes to tennis bags for older kids you will want to look into functionality. Fortunately, this LISH backpack is impressive in that field with a few spacious compartments as well as impressive durability. Firstly, the racquet compartment closely resembles that for professional players and will accommodate up to two full-sized rackets. Furthermore, this backpack comes with a spacious main compartment in which you can put away all of the larger essentials such as clothes, towels, and a few snacks. Not only that but the LISH product features a standalone shoe compartment that is spacious and breathable.

Enhancing its capacity is a front external accessory pocket that is ideal for any smaller essentials. Also, it comes with a side mesh pocket for water bottles. Discussing its durability, this backpack is made of 600D polyester which is among the best solutions when it comes to water-resistant tennis backpacks. Apart from being weather-proof, it is suitable for carrying on a daily basis and will last you for years of proper use. Most importantly, it comes with padded shoulder straps and a top handle allowing different carry options. Lastly, it is available in blue and grey and comes with a sleek design that boys will love.

The Breakdown:

  • A spacious compartment that can accommodate up to two tennis racquets
  • Comes with a large main compartment for clothes, snacks, and towels
  • Standalone pocket for shoes 
  • Features an external accessory pocket as well as a side mesh pocket for water bottles
  • Made of 600D polyester for enhanced durability
  • Comes with a top handle and padded shoulder straps

Kids Gotta Play!

A kids backpack or full-size junior bag is just as important to buy as an adult’s bag.

While they may not appreciate all the practicality, having extra storage spaces for the necessary things like shoes, extra clothes will go a long way. 

If the bag has cooling technology just like some of the adult bags, then a kid can also store their snacks and drinks comfortably without worrying about them getting too hot.

Most importantly, look for the bags to have padding straps and back panels because it will hurt them if not. Kids won’t stand for that, but they will be super excited about a backpack that screams fun styles and colors. Finding a balance can be hard.

Now that you have our top list, JUST DO IT! Get the bag that works for you and your kid. 

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