Top 10 Best Tennis Shoes for Men in 2022

Societal and technological advancements and innovations are always welcome companions of time as he marches ever onward toward an unending journey. This list will explore 5 of the best tennis shoes that men can buy. 

Each review will provide an overview of the technologies used in the construction of these new models and whether they are improvements of their previous generations. This list will also serve as a good research point to start with for those who either want to get into tennis or are still new at the game and want to find some better shoes to play in.

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In a Hurry? Here’s Our Top Picks…

1. New Balance 696 v4

First on our list is the New Balance 696 v4s, a very breathable and lightweight shoe that offers a reliable grip. This makes them an ideal choice that will allow you to act quickly while still giving you the support needed to perform some powerful swings.


The New Balance 696 v4s shoes feature a Herringbone pattern on the outsoles for better grip and stability. The outsoles are made out of New Balance’s trademark, Ndurance®, a rubber compound that offers high durability. 

This design allows the shoe to perform well on the courts as well as off them, offering you lots of cushioning and support for daily use. In addition, keeping to New Balance’s mission ethos, the 696 v4’s are offered in a variety of widths providing a great shoe for both those with narrower and wider feet.


The New Balance 696 v4s enjoy a generally very positive reception, with many citing the great stability traction the shoes offer as well as how surprisingly light they are to wear. While this model does remain faithful to New Balance’s hallmark of providing shoes for people with wider feet, it has not saved it from another issue, this being inconsistency. 

Many have cited how inconsistent the sizes have been with this model compared to older ones and other series models offered by New Balance. Sizing issues aside, the 696 v4’s still offers an affordable tennis shoe with a level of stability and comfort that one would be hard-pressed to find in other shoes at the same price point.

Who Should Buy This Shoe

The New Balance 696 v4s is an ideal tennis shoe for beginners or for those with a limited budget offering an affordable and reasonable price that does not sacrifice quality. The flexibility of the shoe’s design allows it to be well suited for both those with a more aggressive or defensive playstyle while still providing a shoe that offers a lot of stability that is still light enough for quick dashes and bursts. 

The 696 v4’s also come in wider sizes, making them available for players with larger or wider feet. Overall, this makes the New Balance 696 v4’s a great all-rounder.

Doing their part for the environment

New Balance is committed to doing its part for the environment, with many of its products made from non-animal byproducts. The company is setting the goal of only using 100% preferred leather and 50% recycled polyester for its products by 2025. 

Preferred leather or eco-leather refers to leather that is produced from an environmentally friendly process in which no chemicals are used or waste products generated during the production process. In addition, New Balance also aims to cut CO2 emissions by 30% by 2030 and eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals by 2025.


  • Manufactured with various widths for a wide range of foot types
  • The 696 v4’s are high quality and quite affordable
  • Great value for money


  • Reports of inconsistency with sizes, being smaller or narrower than expected
  • No color variety; only sold in white for adults

2. Asics Gel-Resolution 8

The Asics Gel-Resolution has been a beloved and popular mode for years, with the Gel-Resolution 8’s continuing the legacy and sentiment. The Gel-Resolution 8 features many of Asics’ best designs and technologies, creating a shoe that will not only last but will also keep your ankle and joints secure.


The main focus of the Gel-Resolution 8 is support, incorporating Asics trademark FLEXION FIT®, DYNAWALL®, GEL®, PGUARD®, and AHAR® technologies and compounds creating a form-fitting and supportive shoe with heel and midfoot cushioning and stability for lateral movements and to reduce the shock caused by sudden movements. 

Additional benefits of the technologies allow for greater traction, which reduces the overall wear and tear, and torque control for stability during quick dashes and transitions. Due to all this, the Gel-Resolution 8s have the respected reputation that they have, providing superb quality and craft designed to keep you playing for longer.


The Asics Gel-Resolution 8 enjoys a near overwhelming positive review, with many praising the level of stability, grip, and comfort that the shoes offer and how the model has only improved upon the previous Gel-Resolution 7s. 

However, there does exist a much smaller camp, who feel that the Gel 8s were a step down from the 7s, mentioning that the 8s were uncomfortable due to feeling too constricting, tight, and heavy (at close to half a kilogram) for their liking. 

These sentiments do, however, appear as a minority. The Asics Gel-Resolution 8s, while on the pricey side, still offer an excellent and pro-level pair of sports shoes that would make them a worthwhile investment for many. A definite flagship shoe of the company.

Who Should Buy This Shoe

The Gel-Resolution 8s are a great pair of shoes for those who want to start playing tennis more seriously, either at a more competitive level or more frequently. The various technologies incorporated into its design offer a shoe with a lot of stability, support, and cushioning great for any style of play. 

However, the shoe’s traction and torque control technologies do favor a more offensive style of play. Due to the higher price tag, the Gel-Resolution 8s are more of an investment item and should only be considered if you plan to play tennis more often.

Doing their part for the environment

Asics achieved a number of impressive accomplishments during 2020-2021, reducing their CO2 emissions by 25% in their direct operations and 30% in their supply chains, 23.5% of the electricity used in main facilities was renewable energy, and over 95% of all new running shoes from 2021 will contain recycled materials. 

The company has also revealed in their sustainability report that they plan to replace all polyester used in their shoes and sportswear with 100% recycled polyester by 2030. The company will be 100% reliant on renewable energy for business facilities by the same year. 


  • Respected reputation due to superb quality, comfort, and excellent stability and support
  • Offered in several different color schemes
  • Comes with a 6-month warranty for the outsoles of the shoes


  • High price and not so budget-friendly
  • Not the most breathable shoe and can feel too tight or heavy for some

3. NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor X

The NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor X is undoubtedly one of the sleekest and most stylish sports and tennis shoes out at the moment, giving you a design that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, responsive, and supportive. What more could one want?


The NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor Xs seek to provide you with one of the most comfortable pairs of hardcourt shoes you are ever to own. They achieve this with Nike’s Dynamic Fit® and Zoom Air® technologies that ensure that the shoe has plenty of cushioning and heel support and creates the sensation that they were made to mold around your feet. These shoes are also incredibly lightweight due to the phylon midsole used in its design. This, combined with its generative traction design of the outsoles, allows you to make quick and explosive movements on the court.


The Nike Air Zoom Vapors are well received for their stylish aesthetics and form-fitting design, providing an incredibly comfortable shoe. The shoe’s lightweight design also allows one to easily dash and bounce around the court without feeling like they are lugging around strapped on weights. However, the shoes are also not the most durable, especially when compared to some of the other shoes on this list. They are still durable enough to withstand some punishment on the courts, but they will not last as long as other shoes at the same price range or even below it. It is also important to keep in mind that Nike tends to favor a narrow and slim design and shape when it comes to their shoes. A consequence of this is that people with wider feet will find it harder to find a pair of Nike shoes that can accommodate their foot type.

Who Should Buy This Shoe

The Zoom Vapor X is well equipped for quick movements and dashes due to its cushioning and lightweight; however, they are not very durable. This one is a tougher call that is not made any easier due to its price. The Vapor X is designed with narrower feet and cushioning in mind, making it not a good choice for players with wider feet or for those who want more durability. The Vapor X is better suited for players who don’t frequently play tennis each week or for more casual players who just play for exercise or fun.

Doing their part for the environment

Nike has announced their intention to combat climate change and reduce emissions, as shown on their websites and an 8-minute collaborative discussion video with climate expert Dr. Ayana Elizabeth and singer Billie Eilish. 

The company also states shoes labeled with “sustainable materials” tag are made with at least 20% recycled materials and similarly labeled apparel items with at least 55% recycled materials. As part of Nike’s Move to Zero initiative, the company’s collaboration with WeForest aims to plant over 1 million trees in an attempt to offset CO2 emissions.


  • The Zoom Vapor X is extremely comfortable and snug-fitting with lots of cushioning
  • Very lightweight, great for quick and effortless dashes and jumps
  • Narrow and slim design for smaller foot types


  • Less durable than a lot of other tennis shoes
  • Not great for wider or flat feet

4. K-Swiss Hypercourt Express 2

The K-Swiss Hypercourt Express 2 is a hefty beast of a shoe that is designed for ultimate stability and for playing on any type of tennis court. The Express 2s are a shining example of how to build and improve on previous models.


The Express 2 is composed of multiple types of materials with a textile lining and synthetic leather upper and also incorporates the Durawrap Flex® and Surgelite® technologies in its design. 

The Surgelite® midsole is a durable cushioning technology that provides ultimate comfort and energy return while keeping the shoe durable and flexible. The Durawrap Flex® provides the shoe with a support structure that is designed for durability and support, in particular, to mitigate the damage caused by toe dragging. 


The K-Swiss Hypercourt Express 2 is a very popular shoe due to its affordability, durability, and sturdiness, a combination of traits that have made it one of the company’s best-selling shoes. 

The Express 2 is also quite a hefty shoe being made for people with wider feet in mind. The added volume also serves to provide more stability. While this is a plus, it is also a negative, with the shoe being too large and heavy for some, making the Express 2 less suited as a general size fits all.

Who Should Buy This Shoe

The K-Swiss Hyoercourt Express 2 is a highly stable and durable shoe sold at a relatively high but reasonable price. This makes them a good choice for frequent players who want a shoe that will last and provide them with lots of support. 

It is also an ideal choice for players with wider feet, but not so much for narrower and smaller feet as it could feel too bulky or compromise stability. The Express 2 is a great shoe for more experienced and frequent players who prefer a more defensive or static playstyle. 

Doing their part for the environment

K-Swiss is committed to sourcing their materials from environmentally and sustainable sources, such as old sourcing leather from gold-rated tanneries that know where the leather has come from, refusing to use leather from ranches involved with rainforest logging. 

K-Swiss also uses recycled ocean plastics for their laces and textile linings, as well as FSC-approved materials for packaging. K-Swiss has also worked with Heal the Bay, a non-profit organization dedicated to beach cleanups and the protection of coastlines around LA.


  • K-Swiss caters to people with larger and wider feet
  • The Express 2 provides lots of width and volume
  • Reasonable price providing a quality pair of shoes that is more budget-friendly


  • The Express 2 is quite hefty, making it too heavy for some.
  • Can be too bulky and wide for those with smaller or narrower feet.

5. Babolat SFX3 All Court

You would be hard-pressed to find a more durable sole than the Babolat SFX3 All Courts, a shoe that is able to take a lot of punishment on the court, day in and day out, while still providing lots of comfort and support to keep you on your feet.


The SFX3, like many of Babolat’s other shoes, uses a Michelin grade and approved rubber for the soles of the shoes, a rubber that promises a lot of durability that won’t be easy to crack. 

The SFX3s are also made with Babolat’s Kompressor TPR, which offers great shock absorption around the heels, and with Active Flexion, a design used to segment pressure points into 9 key areas for phenomenal responsiveness. The SFX3 is a solid and sturdy tennis shoe that can be played on any court type.


The Babolat SFX3 All Courts is an extremely durable shoe when it comes to the quality of the soles and their ability to withstand hours of play and only show a minuscule amount of wear. The design of the shoe is also made to protect the foot as much as possible utilizing shock absorption technologies incorporated into the structure, limiting the risk of harm when performing sudden movements. 

The only issue with regards to this model is the inconsistency of sizes and perception of its size due to many customers complaining that the shoe can be much larger than shown or expected. All in all, the Babolat SFX3 is a fantastic shoe, perfect for those who want to purchase a product that will last for a very long time.

Who Should Buy This Shoe

The Babolat SFX3 is another shoe more geared towards offensive or aggressive playstyles. The shock absorption and support that it offers ensures that your feet and joints will not take too much punishment, in addition to the support limiting the risk of an ankle injury. 

This, in combination with the Michelin grade rubber outsoles, allows the player to dash and move around quickly without having to worry about wearing out the outsoles too fast. The SFX3 is thus a wise investment choice for aggressive players, offering support and durability.

Doing their part for the environment

Babolat is not as transparent about its contribution to combating climate change or seeking more sustainable materials, as are the other brands mentioned on this list. A possible reason being that Babolat is smaller than the other brands in terms of the production of items besides rackets.


  • The SFX3 has an extremely durable outsole.
  • The design structure offers great support and shock absorption capabilities.
  • Designed with more forefoot space for players with wider feet.


  • Sizing can be inconsistent; shoes can be larger than imagined.
  • Might be too wide for people with narrower feet

6. Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 4

These tennis shoes from Adidas must be mentioned in every review about these types of shoes for their excellent design. Also included are many significant features that will help the player in their overall gameplay and skill to secure a better performance.


While these tennis shoes are made to be functional, you can not help to see the nice design that improves the fashion factor. The speed and efficiency of the Ubersonic 4 are great for both the beginner and the expert tennis player.


The lightweight construction and durable materials used help the player to feel more comfortable while moving around on the court. An external heel counter installed in the shoe will provide you with stability and protection to keep your feet in the proper position.

Who Should Buy This Shoe

Professional tennis players and entry-level players will benefit from these tennis shoes from Adidas, especially on hard courts. Seamless engineered zones in the shoe will also help to improve overall performance and an added comfortable fit on the feet.

Doing Their Part For the Environment

With so many things going on to protect the environment, Adidas also brings their side by using just environment-friendly materials.


  • You have up to 4 colors to choose from
  • Light in weight but durable in construction
  • It has been designed well to offer excellent comfort
  • Will help to improve overall performance


  • Will need some break in to fit comfortably
  • The narrow sock makes it difficult to fit for wider feet

7. Mizuno Wave Exceed 4

The overall design of the Mizuno Wave Exceed 4 makes it a comfortable and functional shoe while they also display very well. For those with a fashion sense, these shoes are the ones to wear on the tennis court to look and feel great.


They are equipped with strong rubber soles to improve the overall footing with a secure grip on the different tennis court surfaces. The Wave plate will also provide a stable platform for your feet by dispersing the impact to a broader area.


The lightweight midsole of these tennis shoes from Mizuno provides you with comfort while tough to withstand the harsh treatment. It will also easily absorb the shock to provide you with a fast and smooth transition for great explosiveness for overall performance improvement.

Who Should Buy This Shoe

Tennis players who love to play on both hard courts as well as the softer clay courts will find these tennis shoes usable and comfortable. The breathable upper of the shoe provides excellent air circulation to keep those sweaty feet dry and comfortable.

Doing Their Part For the Environment

Mizuno designs their shoes with the preservation of the environment in mind with eco-friendly materials used in the manufacturing of their shoes.


  • Can be used on different court surfaces 
  • Durable materials used for construction
  • The light weight design will prevent early fatigue
  • Excellent support for heels and underfoot


  • It is not 100 percent true to size
  • Some heel slippage in extreme situations

8. Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion 3

These are the flagship shoes from the Yonex stall with great stability while it is functional and good-looking at the same time. The protective cage of the upper provides the correct posture for your feet and makes these shoes safe to use in even harsh conditions.


The Power Cushion  Eclipsion 4 tennis shoes from Yonex come equipped with a power graphite drive plate to improve overall stability. This provides excellent support for your feet while making the shoe rigid with a snug fit and increased comfort and coziness.


The traction on the Eclipsion 3 is excellent due to the multi-directional herringbone pattern included with these shoes. The overall durability of these shoes will make them a great addition to your tennis shoe collection with a long life expectancy.

Who Should Buy This Shoe

Professional and entry-level tennis players will benefit from the great features included with these well-designed tennis shoes. They are designed for stability and durability to provide the aggressive player with the needed support on the tennis court.

Doing Their Part For the Environment

The aim of the Yonex company is to reduce CO2 emission into the environment with efficient operations and minimum waste while using highly efficient equipment.


  • Excellent traction for secure footing
  • Comes with great aesthetic design
  • A strong, durable upper provides great stability
  • Maximum support for overall safety


  • Only available in the one color
  • They are a bit pricey

9. Wilson KAOS Composite Tennis Shoe

Strong and durable tennis shoes are what you will get for Wilson, and they deliver every time to keep your feet safe. These shoes will provide you with that low-on-the-ground feel with improved stability to provide you with excellent balance.


You have the advantage of speed and flexibility with these tennis shoes with the very light Pro Torque Chassis technology used. The High density and durable rubber sole provide excellent traction on all types of surfaces, and on top of that, you have abrasion resistance.


These tennis shoes are flexible and lightweight to provide you with spring but enough traction for lateral moves in intense play. The cushioned insole and breathable lining will further enhance the overall comfort of these shoes while providing safety for your feet.

Who Should Buy This Shoe

Intense tennis players who are going for the maximum will benefit from the high-quality design and craftsmanship of these tennis shoes. Players who play on all types of surfaces will find these shoes durable no matter what harsh treatment you may throw at them.

Doing Their Part For the Environment

With environmental preservation in mind, the Wilson shoes are made with a well-organized system to lower overall damage.


  • Soft-cushioned insole provides better comfort
  • Easy fit with complete inner sock construction
  • Very stable and flexible design
  • They can be used on all court surfaces


  • Not many colors to choose from
  • The laces are a bit thin and flimsy

10. Prince T22 For Men

Players who want to enter the game but do not want to break the bank, these shoes are ideal while you do not sacrifice quality. They will also not wear out too quickly to add to frustration while improving your overall game performance and making learning more fun.


The many features included with the T22 tennis shoes for men will help those who are at the entry-level of the game. They are also designed with comfort and durability to make strain on the court and practice sessions much easier on the feet.


Equipped with a comfortable TPU midfoot bridge, these shoes come with enhanced comfort and stability while on your feet for long hours. Optimal ventilation is provided with these tennis shoes with the breathable upper to keep your feet dry with improved air circulation.

Who Should Buy This Shoe

Beginner tennis players will benefit from the technology for better comfort and stable footing included with these shoes from Prince. If you need these shoes not just for tennis but also for all-day wear, you will be very comfortable in them.

Doing Their Part For the Environment

The materials used in the manufacturing of these tennis shoes will not be harmful to the environment and are made in an eco-friendly production system.


  • Strong upper design for comfort
  • Great for beginner players
  • Only quality materials used in construction
  • An affordable price tag attached to it


  • Laces may come loose easily
  • These shoes are a bit heavy

Buyer’s Guide – Who Should Buy What

Tennis can appear simple and straightforward at first glance, but after playing a game or two, you will realize that there is more to it than you thought. But don’t let that dissuade you; this buyer’s guide is here to dispel any perceived complexities or confusion when it comes to picking out the right pair of shoes for you.

What to look out for when buying a pair of tennis shoes

Not all tennis shoes are homogenous, with some makes or brands favoring stability, overweight, or speed and others favoring the reverse. Stability is always advisable, in which case the heavier and more durable-looking shoes will provide a lot of stability. But if you prefer agility and speed, then the smaller lightweight ones will be better suited for that; however, they will not be as durable.

The difference between tennis shoes and other athletic shoes

Tennis shoes are made specifically in such a way so as to protect the player as much as possible and where it matters. Tennis focuses on making quick and powerful or explosive bursts, dashes, and sprints around the courts, moving in various directions as you do. 

As such, tennis shoes are designed to focus on creating shoes that will securely support the ankle and upper parts of the foot that are most at risk of injury from such quick and erratic movements. 

Shoes for other sports are thus similarly designed in ways that make the most sense for their respective sports and what is demanded of the player. A rule to keep in mind is that you should never wear and play in an athletic shoe that was not designed for that sport. Doing so places you at a higher risk of getting injured.

Different types of court surfaces

Tennis has four main types of playing courts, all of which require something different in order to perform at your best while playing on them. The four main types are grass courts, artificial grass courts, hard courts, and clay courts.

Grass courts

Grass courts are both the traditional court types of tennis and an increasing rarity due to the maintenance and upkeep required to keep them in condition. Because grass provides a degree of cushioning, the tennis balls will not bounce as high or low as they would on harder courts and surfaces. 

Because of this, players often move quicker than they would on harder courts in order to intercept the ball. Grass court shoes are made so as not to damage the court with specific nub-shaped patterns on the soles for increased traction.

Artificial courts

Artificial courts are made to appear similar to grass and actually do play similarly to actual grass courts. Launched tennis balls will still keep and bounce lower than on harder courts but will travel quicker and keep an even bounce and level of spin. Due to being harder and firmer than actual grass courts, all court shoes and clay court shoes are usually the best to wear.

Hard courts

Hard courts are leveled fields made from rigid materials and finished with an acrylic layer for the surface. This type of court is arguably the most popular and numerous around the world due to the ease of maintenance and the court giving a good all-round experience when playing as well as offering more consistency on what to expect. 

Hard courts are less forgiving to your shoes, with most hard court tennis shoes focusing on more cushioning and shock absorption in order to keep your feet better protected.

Clay courts

Clay courts are generally made from crushed brick or similar substances, which tends to cause the ball to bounce much higher and slower than on other court types. Counter to what one might expect, clay courts are much softer, with many clay court shoes featuring a herringbone sole pattern for better gripping and allowing one to slide. Clay shoes are generally lighter for more maneuverability.


Tennis is an extremely popular sport, so it should be no surprise that the sport has attracted and created many reputable brands. Brands such as Asics, New Balance, Babolat, and K-Swiss, to name a few that specialize in creating some truly quality products. 

Each brand has its own field of expertise, offering a patented technology or design that helps to make them stand out from the crowd. The best place to find out more about these distinctions would be to visit the brands’ respective websites and online public tennis forums.

Foot types and ways of walking

When we think of features that make one person different from another, we normally think of facial shapes, eye colors, etc. The thought of their being different foot types would not be our first thought. While less visibly different than other features, people have different types of feet, or to phrase it more accurately, we have different ways of distributing our weight when walking. 

The manner in which steps, weight, and force are distributed is referred to as pronation, which can be further divided into subcategories, namely underpronation, neutral, and overpronation. These categories/terms can at times be referred under different names depending on the source and their preferred terminology. It is advisable to seek out a podiatrist at some point in your life if you intend to get serious with sports or running, especially if you frequently suffer foot pain from such activities.


So, with many other things, your unique style of moving, playing, how you step and act, etc., all culminates into your style of play. It is important to keep in mind that certain shoe brands and even different modes within the same brand are better suited for certain playstyles. 

Some players favor speed, while others prefer stability and added support. Both the former and latter symbolize a more aggressive and passive/defensive style of play respectfully.

Shoe size conversion

There is no clear or flawless measurement metric when it comes to measuring shoe sizes, we have an accurate enough measurement metric, but it is not perfect. Matters are only further confused when trying to compare the metrics of two different countries. 

The same is true for tennis shoe manufacturers who created their shoes out of specially designed molds and casts, meaning that sizes may well vary between shoe brands. 

A word of advice would be to make sure that when you try on tennis shoes that you always try them on with the socks or stockings that you would wear while playing tennis. Most tennis and sports shops generally have clued-up staff members who can assist you with size charts and such.


What is pronation, and what brand should I buy for it?

Pronation refers to how much an individual rolls their foot when they hit the ground and the structure of the arch, and how well it offers support. Pronation can be subdivided into three rough groups: underpronation, natural, and overpronation, with each group having its own characteristics and issues. 

Individuals with under or overpronation can seriously harm themselves while doing exercises or running if wearing the wrong type of shoes that do not support or rectify their pronation. Overpronation can be seen in individuals with low arches or flat feet. A good brand for such individuals would be New Balance or Asics. Both brands also specifically cater to customers with wide and flat feet.

Would the options shown here also be available for women?

While this is a list of the 5 best tennis shoes for men, yes, the options listed here are available for women tennis players as well. Tennis shoes, and by extension sneakers as a whole, are predominantly unisex. As such, any male tennis shoes will almost certainly have a female version available. A great way to allow anyone to purchase the pair of runners they really want.

Are certain brands better suited for specific types of feet?

Yes, as was briefly touched on in parts of the article, certain shoe manufacturers do tend to specialize towards specific feet types, but not always. Nike, for instance, is known for creating rather slim and narrow appearing shoes and for catering towards the narrower footed market. 

New Balance, in contrast, is known for creating wider designed shoes in general and even wider variants for those with noticeably wider than average feet and those with flat feet or overpronation. While other shoe companies cater for a general medium type, many of them are catching onto the importance of offering particular fashioned shoes for those who have a demand for them.

What is the most important thing to look for in a tennis shoe?

Stability. Tennis requires players to make a lot of sudden and explosive dashes, pivots, and sprints and, as such, are at greater risk of misstepping or suffering an ankle injury. Linked to that, a good grip is also extremely important both for ensuring the player can assume a solid stance and mitigate the risk of taking a misstep and potentially slipping. While comfort is essential for long hours of play, support and a firm structure should never be sacrificed for it.

Which brand is the most breathable or better for perspiration issues?

That is tricky to answer. It ultimately comes down to the individual and their own body’s means of temperature regulation and management. However, certain shoes have earned a reputation of sorts, gained from public forums, of being more breathable or feeling less suffocating. 

Nike, for example, is more known for their lightweight shoes with more breathable materials incorporated in their designs, which at times sacrifices good durability or a sense of fixed support. In contrast, the Asics Gel-Resolution 8s have been said to feel too constricting and less breathable for some. 

Ultimately it comes down to finding the right pair of shoes that fit your feet the best. The better they fit, not necessarily how tightly they fit, the more likely it will not feel too constricting, which will hopefully reduce the amount of perspiration.

Are certain shoes better for different types of tennis courts?

The answer to this can be a bit of a mixed bag. Yes, certain hardcourt shoes do not do so well on clay courts due to the sole pattern and design used for them, which might cause you to slip when playing on a clay court. This is because the clay will move around as you strike and push off from the ground. 

For this reason, shoes with a good tread using a herringbone design will allow the clay to not repel the shoe as much while you play. That being said, most modern tennis shoes tend to get referred to or labeled as all-court shoes, meaning most shoes will perform well on any court type if you like to casually play on different court types. 

This only changes if you really want to play on different court types for serious games, in which case it could not hurt to find a pair of shoes that are the best for that court type.

How do you know when it’s time to replace your tennis shoes with new ones?

Tennis is a taxing game that will gradually take its toll on your favorite pair of shoes. The first and most important place to look is the outsole of the shoes, the part which is the most exposed and subject to damage from the court. Look at how much the rubber has thinned as an indicator of wear and tear. 

Another area to look at is the insole and actual structure of the shoe. As the insole breaks down, the shoe will gradually lose some of its shape due to degrading stability. It’s time to replace your shoes if you start to notice a lot of blisters or pains in your feet.

Is it bad to run in tennis shoes?

While technically, yes, you could run in tennis shoes, it is not advisable. There is a reason why there are so many types of shoes made for different kinds of sports. The main reason being that each sport or activity requires specific traits or designs that are the best suited for the physical act of performing the activity. 

Running, for instance, is a lateral sport, meaning running shoes, for example, are designed for linear movements with a strong focus on cushioning for the pads of your feet. Tennis, in contrast, is more of an explosive sport where players are constantly moving in various directions in short and quick bursts. 

This kind of activity carries a greater risk of damaging the ankle. Consequently, tennis shoes tend to focus more on providing sufficient ankle support, where running shoes favor foot support. This means tennis shoes can be stiffer or heavier than running shoes. So ideally, no, one should not run in tennis shoes.

How tight should tennis shoes be?

The most important thing is that your feet securely fit into your shoes and take proper advantage of the shoe’s design, such as its cushioning and stabilizers. However, your foot should not feel like it is being constricted, as making your shoes too tight could also harm your foot, cause blood clots, or make them feel too stuffy due to a lack of airflow. 

Do you need special “tennis” shoes to play in, or can you wear other kinds of sneakers?

This links back to the question of whether you can run in your tennis shoes and has a similar answer. Yes, you can technically play tennis in running shoes; however, it is not advisable due to how differently the shoes are designed where it matters. 

Running shoes place importance on full foot support and cushion to protect your feet while running over long periods and distances, favoring light and breathable materials and builds. Tennis shoes, in contrast, need a design that focuses more on ankle support and stability due to the explosive nature of tennis. 

Playing tennis in running shoes, therefore, carries with it a higher risk of twisting or hurting your ankle due to the distinctions in design. So no, you should wear proper tennis shoes if you plan on regularly playing tennis.


These are the picked 10 best tennis shoes for men in 2022. Tennis is an exhilarating and extremely enjoyable game; however, like with most things in life, it is not without risk. Tennis can be quite an aggressive sport that can really cause some wear and tear to your ankles due to having to perform so many quick movements and dashes in various directions for hours at a time. 

For this reason, investing in a proper pair of tennis shoes is vital if you plan on playing more regularly. As seen in each of the shoe reviews, you should have noticed how much importance is placed on creating a shoe that is comfortable but supportive and durable to keep the wearer protected. Hopefully, this list has provided some answers on what to look for when buying a pair of tennis shoes.