Adidas Adizero Club K Kid’s Tennis Shoe Review

Acing a tennis match requires more than just a suitable racket. A proper pair of tennis shoes help to achieve game, set, and match. This also applies to kids and giving your child a good pair of tennis shoes can make a massive difference, not just in your child’s performance but also in keeping your child comfortable and safe while on the court. 

There are several brands offering tennis shoes for kids today, but with the great selection comes the responsibility of choosing a pair that not only looks good on your child but, more importantly, offers the best in maximum safety. 

Adidas is well-known for making great tennis shoes for adults and children, and the new Adidas Adizero Club K Kid’s tennis shoes have been well-received. However, the question is whether these offer the full package of what your little superstar needs on the court. 

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Adidas Adizero Club K Kid’s Tennis Shoe

Adidas offers kids a great pair of tennis shoes that are comfortable and light. These shoes are so versatile that they are ideal for all levels. The shoes feature a mesh upper that offers excellent breathability while offering extra support and stability. The outsole provides decent durability and makes the shoes suitable for all court surfaces. 

These shoes are a perfect option for young players who want a good pair of shoes that are stylish, too. The shoes are very attractive with a fit that grabs the eye of every young player. These great shoes offer a comfortable fit that provides enough space around the toes while still being well guarded. In addition, the shoe provides all-around protection with a solid outsole and well-designed uppers. 

Who Is This Product For?

Adidas fans stand by this brand because of the quality and durability that the brand provides time and time again. Young fans will love these shoes because they have the classic Adidas look, yet, they are modern-looking and trendy. Adidas has been criticized frequently for having narrow fits, and these shoes most definitely fit this pattern. 

Young players who have narrow feet will feel comfortable in these shoes, and they will require almost no time to get used to the shoes. However, these shoes can feel very restrictive for players who have wider feet, and they may take longer to adjust to the narrow fit that the shoes provide. 

But the good news is that as soon as your child has gotten used to the snug fit, the shoes will be very comfortable while offering great support and stability. Therefore, these shoes are an excellent option for young players with skinny and narrow feet and a good choice for children with wide feet who are patient. 

In addition, these shoes have been designed to be highly durable. Parents who are tired of tennis shoes that become broken or damaged after only a few games will love these shoes. They will offer the best in comfort, support, and stability until your child outgrows them. 

These shoes are pretty pricey compared to other brands, so they are for parents who don’t mind spending more on their child’s tennis footwear. However, people who swear by Adidas are happy to pay more for the shoes because they never disappoint. These shoes are lace-up style shoes, suitable for young players who have mastered the art of tying their shoelaces. 


  • Lace closure that offers a regular fit 
  • Textile upper for enhanced durability
  • Lightweight cushioning because of Injection-molded EVA midsoles
  • Ultimate in high-wear durability thanks to Adiwear outsoles
  • supportive and comfortable hugging of the foot because of sock-like construction

The shoes are lace-up style shoes. The laces that come with the shoes are soft and durable and won’t stretch out. Young players will enjoy the feel of the lace closures because they have been specifically designed to provide a regular fit that is snug around the foot without being restrictive. These lace closures allow for enough foot flexibility to allow your child freedom to sprint, jump, and slide around on the court without feeling uncomfortable. 

The lace closures are flexible enough to accommodate other laces if your child enjoys a particular pair of laces. They are easy to tie, and most importantly, they stay well secured until your child unties them. There is no concern about your child tripping over loose laces if they have been properly tied.

The uppers have been made with carefully selected textiles to provide the best in durability and breathability. It is crucial for young feet to feel fresh while playing, and these shoes offer the best in a fresh foot feel. The fantastic cushioning systems that the shoes provide also add a breathable feel that is hard to beat. 

The fact that these shoes are durable is an excellent feature since parents don’t like the idea of having to buy a pair of shoes that don’t last. When it comes to Adidas Adizero Club K Kid’s tennis shoes, parents can spend with ease of mind knowing that these shoes have what it takes to last until they have been outgrown. It is a great benefit that your child can wear a single pair of shoes for a more extended period because your child will be completely comfortable with the shoe feel without going through a new adjustment every couple of months. 

The shoes offer what we have come to love about Adidas regarding ultra-lightweight cushioning. Injection-molded EVA midsoles provide this exceptional cushioning that provides the best cushioning without making the shoes feel heavy. The shoes delight young players and parents with the ultimate high-wear durability. Adidas has successfully designed outsoles that can take all punches on the tennis court, thanks to Adiwear outsoles. 

These outsoles not only help provide outstanding durability but also helps keep your child firmly and safely grounded while moving on the court. Adiwear outsoles are suitable for all court surfaces, so your child can wear them to any tennis activity or match without concerns of whether they are appropriate. 

Another fantastic feature that Adidas Adizero Club K Kid’s Tennis shoes provide is incredible sock-like construction. This exceptionally well-designed construction offers terrific support and comfort to young players on and off the court. The sock-like construction is said to be most suitable for players with narrow and skinny feet as they offer a snug fit, but players with wider feet can enjoy these shoes after an adjustment period, too. The shoes have been made with fantastic-looking colors, materials, and designs, making them actual eye candy when it comes to good-looking tennis shoes. 

The three stripes that Adidas is known for are boldly and proudly stitched to the sides of the shoes, making it easy for everyone to see that these shoes are Adidas tennis shoes. They have been made with breathable materials that are easy to wash and dry, so parents can keep these shoes clean and fresh without having to worry about whether they will be ready for the next tennis-filled adventure. 

In fact, these shoes offer overall ease of mind to parents when it comes to safety, comfort, and durability. They are exceptional shoes for young players who will feel a difference when they take that first step. The shoes feature more expansive toe space than several competitor shoes, allowing for fast movements without discomfort. The more expansive toe space is also great for breathability, allowing the toes to move freely without feeling too warm or sweaty. 

The toe box, along with the outsole, provides solid support for your child. Any player can move around the court without fear of unnecessary injury. The shoes also help prevent unnatural bending in the ankle or foot because of the fantastic solid sock-like construction and snug fit. 

A snug fit might feel like a downside to some people, but your child’s shoes must fit well because loose-fitting tennis shoes can easily lead to injury on the court. Your child will be able to make those brutal hits without worrying that the shoes might slip off. That leads to your child feeling comfortable and confident, which is what we, as parents, want in our children’s tennis shoes. 

Another fantastic feature that we love about Adidas is the sizing. If you buy a pair of Adidas shoes, you can rest assured knowing that the shoes will be the size you selected. Contrary to several other brands that often provide shoes that are smaller or larger than size, Adidas offers accurate sizing in both adult and children’s shoes. 


  • Ideal for narrow feet
  • Offers extreme comfort and support 
  • Proper sizing 
  • Adizole outsole provides excellent durability


  • Challenging to find smaller sizes 
  • The narrow fit might take some getting used to

Final Thoughts

Adidas Adizero Club K Kid’s tennis shoes provide young sports stars with fantastic comfort. Their designs are eye-catching and trendy. In addition, the Adizole outsole makes the shoes ideal for all court surfaces, making these shoes the ultimate all-rounder shoe that will make your young player feel confident and comfortable.