Adidas Phenom Kid’s Tennis Shoe Review

If you came across this article, one could safely assume that you are in the market for a new pair of tennis for your kid. The only problem is, most likely, that you are not sure what brand or model to go with. Don’t worry; whether this is for your child’s first or seventh pair of tennis shoes, this review will seek to provide you with a solid review of one of the hottest children’s tennis shoes currently on the market, the Adidas Phenom.

Adidas Phenom Kid’s Tennis Shoe

The Adidas Phenom is the successor of the popular Stycon model, which was one of Adidas’ most supportive and secure shoes on the market. However, unlike the laceless design of the Stycon, the Phenom features a lace closure design that is tightened on the underside of the tongue. Adidas’ Phenom consists of a heavy-duty canvas upper that ensures the top portion of the shoe is very durable. 

That’s not to say that the shoe is bulky or heavy. No, they are the opposite of that, offering a shoe that is still breathable and lightweight. As for the lower portion of the shoe, the outsole is made out of Adidas proven rubber, while the midsole is made out of their trademark adiWEAR®, a hardy and highly durable rubber compound that is designed to provide great abrasion resistance and flexibility. 

While the Phenom might seem a bit pricey, they are a worthwhile investment that will promise to keep your child’s feet nice and cushioned but, more importantly, secured and supported. Most retailers offer the shoes in 3 different funky color schemes, with navy blue and royal red being the most popular choice.

Who Is This Product For?

The Adidas Phenom is designed to be your child’s perfect first tennis shoe. Because of this, these shoes prioritize security, stability, comfort, and support above all else. Tennis, like any sport, is filled with the potential danger of harm, more so for new players who do not know the finer points of proper technique and form. This point is especially true for children, most of whom are just unruly at the best of times. 

At least with these shoes, you will have to worry about a shoe coming loose or them misstepping and spraining an ankle. While the shoe offers great support and durability, it is also very lightweight and breathable, making these shoes ideal for aggressive and defensive play styles. It is all of these factors that make the Phenom model a great choice for your child’s first pair of tennis shoes.


  • The upper portion is made out of heavy-duty canvas.
  • Design still allows for breathability and reduced weight.
  • The step-in bootie design ensures a tight and secure fit.
  • Normal rubber outsole with adiWEAR® rubber for the midsole allowing for flexibility and cushioning.
  • Suitable for all court types.

The overall design of the Adidas Phenom provides a great all-around beginner tennis shoe for kids. The heavy-duty canvas used for the construction of the upper portion of the shoe means it takes a fair amount of punishment. A quality you would want as your kid is likely to make a fair number of mistakes during training, and let’s face it, kids aren’t always the most responsible when it comes to taking care of things. Furthermore, the slide-in design will keep your kid’s foot securely in place for the duration of training and play. It might be a bit tricky to slip on at first, but at least it will be a tight and secure fit. 

Adding onto that, the adiWEAR® rubber compound used for the construction of the midsole will ensure that the foot is kept comfortable and cushioned, with the rubber itself designed to be resistant and absorbent. While there is nothing particularly noteworthy regarding the outsole, the rubber will still hold up quite well for many hours and hours of play and will still provide a decent amount of grip while on the courts. 

While tennis shoes with higher levels of durability are often listed as or perceived to be on the heavier or bulky side, Adidas was able to find the perfect balance with their Phenoms. This allowed them to still be very breathable and lightweight while not compromising on hardiness or toughness. Building from that, the Phenoms weren’t designed with any particular court type in mind, making them adequately suited for whichever court type your kids will play on and at their level. That last point about the level is important to keep in mind. 

While yes, different shoes for particular court types will perform better on the type they were designed for, the difference can be minuscule to casual players, especially at children’s levels. The balance between support and durability, flexibility, and lightweight enables the Phenoms to perform well for either aggressive or defensive play styles. 

The Phenom is, however, not without some fault or room for improvement. The most crucial issue to address was the decision to construct the midsole out of adiWEAR® and not the outsole. AdiWEAR® may have been designed for absorption and cushioning, but it was also designed for high resistance, scuff proof, and durability. It is these qualities that make the adiWEAR® rubber equally suited or even better suited for the outsole of the shoe. 

The outsole of the shoe is one of the first areas of the shoe that will arguably take the most abuse and wear and tear while playing. Meaning shoes with less durable outsoles will have a shorter lifespan versus those with stronger outsoles. The Phenom would thus be markedly improved if they made the outsole out of adiWEAR® instead of the midsole or even better to make them both out of it. 

A second lesser issue is that the slip-on design for the shoe can be a bit tricky and too tight for some kids to get on, but it is a lesser issue if this same inconvenience ensures that their feet don’t slip out during play. Particularly useful when kids are still getting the hang of lace tying. A third issue would be the price; while it is reasonable for the quality of shoe you end up getting, it is still a bit steep for a children’s shoe. A point that is worsened when you factor in how quickly kids grow, meaning one pair of shoes won’t last more than a year.

Next, this shoe review will provide and go over a short and summarised account of all the pros and cons associated with the Adidas Phenom. It would be prudent to keep in mind that most pros and cons regarding any product are informed by our own subjective perception and evaluation of just about anything. It ultimately comes down to preference, what you may deem to be a con or a negative, others could see them as a pro or a positive.


  • The Phenoms are constructed out of durable materials
  • Reasonably affordable when considering the quality
  • Lightweight (preference)
  • Can perform adequately on all court types
  • Strong and flexible material used for the midsole
  • Comes in more than one color scheme.
  • Suitable for offensive or defensive play (preference)


  • Lesser quality rubber outsole, less durable than the midsole
  • Tightness of the slip-on design
  • Expensive when considering the growth rate of children
  • Lightweight (preference)

Final Thoughts

Choosing or picking out a new pair of shoes can always be a bit trickier, more so if you need them for a particular activity like sports, and complicated even further when the shoe isn’t even for you! The Adidas Phenom offers a good all-around children’s and beginner’s tennis shoe that will withstand a fair amount of punishment and wear while allowing them to bounce and dash around the court, keeping their feet cushioned and supported as they do so. 

The shoe is also not the worst when it comes to its price, using its overall quality to at least lessen the blow and give you some peace of mind. Hopefully, this review and examination of the Phenoms was able to provide you with an informative overview of this model and help you with deciding on what shoe to get.