Adidas SoleMatch Bounce Women’s Tennis Shoes Review

There is perhaps nothing more important when you are on the tennis court than having a good, comfortable, stable pair of tennis shoes on your feet. Sure, having a great racquet is essential, but tennis shoes can really decide the fate of your matches.

Adidas is a giant in the sports equipment industry, and their tennis shoes are some of the best on the market. Their SoleMatch Bounce shoes offer unparalleled comfort while being lightweight and stable. In this article, we’re going to review these stylish and efficient shoes. Read on for more. 

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Adidas SoleMatch Bounce Women’s Tennis Shoes

The supremely comfortable Adidas SoleMatch Bounce women’s tennis shoes are suitable for players of all skill levels and are the perfect answer for those who loved the Barricades but were yearning for a wider fit. The Bounce material found in the insoles offers you comfort as soon as you step into the shoe, and the uppers are both breathable and soft to boost comfort. 

While ladies with narrower, thinner feet might have an issue with the wider fit of the SoleMatch Bounce tennis shoes, wide-footed players will appreciate the fit. The lateral edges have an outrigger that improves the shoes’ overall stability, though they add some extra bulk that can make it challenging for some players to move quickly. 

However, the SoleMatch Bounces from Adidas feel lighter and far more modern than the Barricade of the past that many of us know and love, and they provide instant comfort. What’s more, they have no break-in period.

Who Are These Shoes For?

If you value being extremely comfortable when you are out on the tennis court, we think you’ll love the Adidas SoleMatch Bounce shoes. They have excellent padding that makes you feel as though you’re walking on clouds when you step into the shoes, and the uppers are both soft and breathable to keep your feet cool and comfortable when things get heated. 

Their stability is not the best on the market, so if you are someone that absolutely needs as much stability as possible, especially if you favor making aggressive movements on the court, then you should look elsewhere for a pair of tennis shoes. The traction on the shoes is great, though they can feel a little heavy, which once again hinders your ability to be highly nimble. 

As for arch support, the Adidas SoleMatch Bounces are some of the best shoes on the market in this regard. They provide a fantastic level of arch support that will keep your feet secure and help you avoid rolling your ankles. The soles are also highly durable, and it’s going to take a few months of continuous hard use for the Bounces to show signs of wear and tear. 


  • Rubber sole
  • Lace closure
  • Padded insoles
  • Wide fit
  • Textile upper
  • TPU chassis
  • Adituff toe box

One of the first things that you’ll notice when you slip on a pair of the Adidas SoleMatch Bounce tennis shoes is their wider fit, which is perfect for ladies that have larger, wider feet. There is plenty of room inside the shoe for you to move your toes, and while the cushioning is very soft and supremely comfortable, it is not as responsive as some of Adidas’ other shoes that have Boost in them. 

The SoleMatch Bounce shoes have an outrigger on the lateral side, which feels softer and does not require a very long break-in period before you feel fully comfortable. The only real comfort struggle that these shoes present has to do with the lacing system – the shoes can be quite difficult to tie in a secure way and also make it difficult to cinch the shoes down snugly. 

Other than the minor toe jamming that this can cause, the shoes have some pretty decent ventilation to keep you cool on the court, and they also have just enough arch support to accommodate flatter feet. The uppers are also very comfortable, though the overall fit can feel a little sloppy for women that have smaller, narrower feet. 

The Adidas SoleMatch Bounce shoes are built to provide as much stability as possible and, as we mentioned earlier, have an outrigger on its lateral edge to make sure that you can feel confident when you plant your feet on the court. With that being said, even without this added lateral outrigger, the stability and support would still have been perfect. 

The adjustment period is a speedy one, and you’ll feel confident in those aggressive motions you make during point play. However, for some people, the extra outrigger can almost feel like it doesn’t belong on the shoe, which can throw off the entire experience. What’s more, due to the wider fit, the shoes might not feel as supportive as you want them to. 

You might find that your feet do a bit of sliding around inside of the shoes, but when it comes to stability, the noticeable outrigger can help boost your confidence on the court and keep you standing upright. You can make abrupt stops and feel stable when making sudden directional changes. 

The SoleMatch Bounces do, however, wrap snugly and securely around the ankles and will keep them where they need to be when you are in play. The outsoles on these shoes, which are made using the super-tough Adiwear rubber compound, stand up fairly well to wear and tear, and it’s going to take a few months of constant abuse for the SoleMatch Bounces to show signs of wear. 

If you have been wearing shoes from Adidas for some time, you might find that the traction on the SoleMatch Bounce shoes feels quite familiar. The traction levels are similar to that of the SoleCourt Boost, and the outsoles will never feel too sticky or slippery. You can feel confident when you take those quick steps, and it’s going to take a lot for you to lose your footing. 

The durability of these shoes is something to behold, and the traction levels remain consistent throughout your games. The soles give you a wonderful mixture of grip and give that can make aggressive play extremely satisfying while also making it easier to perform sudden directional changes. 

The traction on the SoleMatch Bounce shoes also reminds us of the Stella Barricades. When it comes to weight, it’s important to know that the SoleMatch Bounces are not going to be the lightest shoes that Adidas has ever released. Even though they aren’t called Barricades, these shoes definitely feel like the heavier Barricades of the past. 

The Bounces do tend to feel a little bit clunky and heavy, which is, in part, a result of the wider fit that they have. If your feet are not wide and do not use up all of the available space in the shoe, you might feel as though you are being weighed down and that you are not moving as much as you want. 

With that being said, these shoes are certainly not too heavy. They are not as chunky as the Barricades but are also not as lightweight and nimble as the Ubersonics. The heavy feeling that the SoleMatch Bounce shoes have is also in part due to the lateral outrigger that we’ve mentioned. Try not to trip yourself up mentally on this feature. 

When it comes to appearance, the SoleMatch Bounce shoes really are some of the most stylish tennis shoes out there. They have a super simple and sleek design, which lends itself nicely to looking good both on and off of the court. While Adidas is famous for creating premium-quality equipment with outstanding performance, they also know how to make products that look great. 

There are a couple of colors for you to choose from, but our favorite is definitely the mint green option. It is super light and vibrant and is just enough to catch the eye and hold it without being tacky and overly flamboyant. The outsoles feature a nice tread pattern that provides decent grip, and the outrigger on the sides is not only functional but adds a chunky style element as well. 

The one major gripe that we have with these shoes is that they tend to feel far too wide for narrow feet, so if you are a woman with a smaller, narrower foot size, we recommend looking elsewhere for a pair of tennis shoes. But, for the ladies with wider feet, the Adidas SoleMatch Bounces are a fantastic option. 


  • Plush cushioning
  • Step-in comfort
  • Great for wider feet
  • Stylish 
  • Good durability


  • Can be challenging to lace-up

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Adidas SoleMatch Bounces are a wonderful choice for women that have wider feet who are looking to be nimble and comfortable on the court. They are also super stylish, so if you want to look good both on and off of the court, they’re a great pair as well.