Asics Court FF 2 Tennis Shoe Review

A few years ago, Asics launched their first tennis shoe that featured a momo sock construction and Flytefoam technology. This was the original Court FF shoe, and it was greatly received among players of all levels, from beginners to professionals. 

The shoe quickly became the talk of the town because tennis superstar Novak Djokovic became involved in the shoe’s development. Tennis players loved the fact that one of their role models worked hard on producing a shoe that they could trust. With the recent release of the Asics Court FF 2, the question remains, however, whether Novak and Asics delivered. 

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Asics Court FF 2 Tennis Shoe Review

When they released the Asics Court FF 2, the company proudly claimed that this shoe was their best since it offered full support in all playing styles and on all surfaces. That is a very bold claim because it means essentially that this shoe would be ideal for every single tennis player on every single court. Novak Djokovic shared the same opinion as he has been saying that Asics have superior shoe technology and made the best tennis shoes in the world.  

Now, what makes the Asics Court FF 2 so much better than its competitor shoes? 

Asics has several tennis shoes on the market, all with great success. However, it is the Mono-Sock that makes the difference when it comes to the Asics Court FF 2. The Mono-Sock is a sock that has been built into the shoe to offer more comfort by keeping the player’s foot firmly in place. 

It is unique in tennis shoes, and it explains Novak’s trust in the brand. The Mono-Sock provides comfort and helps minimize injury since your foot isn’t moving around as much. Instead, the Mono-Sock gently but firmly hugs the foot from the first step onto the court until you are ready to hit the showers. 

The shoes also feature incredible Flytefoam technology. This technology uses material that makes the lightest midsoles that offer the most outstanding cushioning from the first serve to match. In addition, Flytefoam has such exceptional high rebound properties that the player gets more speed while being comfortable on the court. As a result, players can confidently speed around on the court, knowing that their shoes won’t let them down. 

Finally, the shoes also feature the Twistruss System, which offers more flexibility and a more extensive range of movement, which is incredibly beneficial to all tennis players. 

The shoes come with a removable Ortholite sock liner that offers the utmost comfort and support while still being light. The sock liner is easily removable and allows players the versatility of using their own sock liners if they want to. 

These shoes have an exciting look that has been described as futuristic, and they feature the Novak Djokovic logo on them. In addition, the colors are very bright and eye-catching, precisely what fans would expect from Novak. 

Who Are These Shoes For?

The Asics Court FF 2 is very lightweight because of the built-in sock design. It is an incredible choice for any player who enjoys a lightweight shoe. The built-in sock also makes it comfortable for people with wider or larger feet because the sock is more forgiving than the traditional shoe designs. Therefore, for people with very wide or large feet who struggle to get shoes that fit comfortably, these shoes are the answer, although they might feel very tight initially. Asics shoes are known for having a brief break-in period, and the Asics Court FF 2 is no exception. 

In addition, the shoes offer more room around the toes than their own Gel Resolution 8 shoes, making them even more comfortable and flexible around the front of the foot. People who enjoy a bit of space around their toes will love the fit of these shoes. 

Although they offer more room around the toes, they fit snugly around the ankle, offering full support and comfort. These shoes are a great option for people who play aggressively since they help prevent injury, especially around the ankle. In addition, players who require a bit of room in their shoes don’t have to lose any of the protection and support because of it, all thanks to the fantastic design of these shoes. 

Since the shoes come with removable sock liners, they are perfect for people who require medical orthotics. The sock liner is Ortholite, making it fully supportive while being extremely light. 

The shoes have been made with Asics trademarked AHAR outsoles, resulting in shoes that can take whatever punches are thrown their way. Players who wear their shoes out quickly will be delighted by the durability of these shoes. 

The shoes have a unique look, and they are perfect for players who prefer a non-traditional-looking pair of shoes. In addition, they come in 6 different colors, making it easy to find a color and design you like. Of course, fans of Novak will love the fact that the shoes have his design logo on them, too. 


  • Trusstic System technology 
  • Mono-sock construction 
  • Flytefoam midsole technology 
  • Rearfoot and forefoot gel technology 
  • AHAR outsole 
  • Removable Ortholite sock liner 

All of these specifications make the Asics Court FF 2 a leader in tennis footwear. In addition, Asics have delivered above and beyond with Trusstic System Technology. This technology is available in all their shoes meant for intense sports that require a lot of running. This technology aims to make the shoe lighter while keeping the comfort and durability that fans expect from the brand. 

It also ensures that the shoes are strong enough to take any pressure thrown their way on the court. It improves the overall stability of the shoe while offering top-notch comfort. 

The Mono-Sock Technology Fit System is unique to the Court FF model, and it creates a sock-like sleeve that has been inserted into the shoe. This mono-Sock acts as the tongue of the shoe, replacing the traditional designs. This feature provides better comfort, support, and increased stability. In addition, the sock-like fit ensures that the shoes don’t slide around your foot, offering maximum balance at all times. While the Mono-Sock provides a firm grip around the foot, it allows for enough room around the toes. Players can get the best foot flexibility while having the utmost support. 

The shoe is called FF because of the best feature of the shoe, the Flytefoam Midsole Technology. Asics has used specially formulated material to make an excellent design in the midsole. This offers incredible bounce and improved response no matter regardless of distance. Players can bounce to get to the ball without sacrificing any comfort. 

The Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel Technology are situated in the front and back of the shoes, where players need it most. It offers total shock absorption and an improved impact on landing because of the phenomenal cushioning. As a result, players can freely move around on the court, knowing that their toes and feet will be safe during all transitions of feet. This is also a great advantage in minimizing injury, as players won’t get hurt because of unexpected shock on the court. 

Asics delivers a perfect outsole that is made of Asics High Abrasion Rubber, also known as AHAR. It offers unbelievable durability and improved grip making the shoes suitable for any court regardless of the surface. Furthermore, since the outsoles are made with AHAR, the wear and tear on the usual areas of the shoes are not as frequent. This makes for a shoe that not only keeps players from getting injured, but that lasts much longer than those that came before it. 

The Asics Court FF 2 comes with the Ortholite Sock liner that is removable. As a result, it offers better bounce and excellent moisture control. As a result, players can enjoy the game while their feet remain cool and feel fresh. Adding to the sock liner’s moisture control is the shoe’s upper materials since it has been made with top-range synthetic mesh material. This allows for incredible breathability from the moment you put your shoes on until you take them off. The shoes’ breathability also makes them very quick and easy to wash, allowing you to have a clean, fresh pair of shoes in no time. 


  • The Mono-sock and Twistruss offer great support, traction, and durability. 
  • The shoes are lightweight and offer the best in comfort 
  • Greater toe durability 
  • Greater control on the court and suitable for any surface 


  • The shoes are more expensive than their competitor’s shoes. 
  • Thin laces 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the best shoes for the tennis court, Asics Court FF 2 offers the complete package. Players who are willing to invest a bit more in their tennis shoes will see it is practically impossible to find a pair of shoes that can compare to the comfort, durability, and support the shoes provide. Asics Court FF 2 is the answer to your tennis shoes queries, so now the ball is in your court.