Asics Gel-Resolution 8 Kid’s Tennis Shoe Review

As parents, we want to give our kids all they need to hit the ball out of the park. We want them to succeed while being comfortable and safe. But, when it comes to our little ones running around on the tennis court, we want peace of mind knowing that we have given them shoes that will provide them with a pleasurable tennis experience while supporting them fully. 

Asics is committed to developing and improving tennis shoes, not only for adults but also for kids. Their Gel-Resolution models have been incredibly successful amongst adult players, but how do the kids’ versions of the shoes compare? 

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Asics Gel-Resolution 8 Kid’s Tennis Shoe

Asics has set themselves apart once again with their Gel-Resolution 8 kid’s tennis shoes. These unisex shoes have a very modern look that kids enjoy. They come in seven designs and colors, some of which are very bright and eye-catching, especially the bright pink and aqua blue pairs. However, there are three options, white, black, and navy, for children who prefer shoes that aren’t quite as bold. 

In addition, they are solid shoes that offer outstanding durability, something that Asics has improved upon quite a bit over the last few years. Kids can be very hard on their shoes, and so shoes that aren’t durable just won’t last. Fortunately, Asics has improved their designs leading to children’s shoes that can withstand the challenge. This is very comforting for parents since children’s tennis shoes are expensive. With Asics, you get what you pay for with incredible design and technology. 

The main goal of the Asics Gel-Resolution 8 Kid’s tennis shoes is to promote responsive movement that has a feel closer to the court than ever before. Young players can sprint around on the court while feeling secure and confident. The shoes feature all the technologies we have come to love in Asics tennis shoes. The Flexion Fit of the shoes provides solid support that is fitting to the form of the feet. 

Dynawall technology provides stability to the midfoot as the child moves laterally from side to side on the court. This is done with the help of a control feature found at the heel counter. These shoes have been specifically designed to keep juvenile athletes secure and firmly locked in while they are moving around. Young athletes won’t feel the impact of shock because of the excellent Gel technology featured in the midsole and heel cushioning. The shoes offer the best shock absorption while supporting the feet fully. 

The shoes also include the incredible AHAR feature that makes Asics tennis shoes stand out from the rest. Although these outsoles have been criticized as being too bulky, they offer tremendous support and safety. The shoes also provide excellent toe protection with the PGuard. It not only keeps young toes safe, but it enhances the durability of the shoes. It assists in ensuring that young feet bend only in ways that nature intended, and if an unnatural bend occurs, the shoes will help prevent injury. 

The shoes have been made with light and breathable materials, and they are suitable for hand washing or a gentle cycle setting in a washing machine. The light materials make it possible for the shoes to dry quickly and entirely between visits to the court. 

Who Is This Product For?

Asics Gel-Resolution 8 Tennis shoes are fantastic sports shoes for boys and girls who take their tennis seriously. The shoes are unisex, which is a nice feature since it allows boys and girls a great variety of shoes without constricting their selection. The shoes come in seven different colors and designs, so there is bound to be a pair that every small player will like. 

The Asics logo is boldly stitched over the shoes, making them look trendy. These shoes have a bulky look that might not be a little girl’s first choice. However, what they lack in finesse, they make up for in quality. 

The shoes are more expensive than several of their competitors, so they are for parents who don’t mind spending more on their child’s footwear. The shoes have been perfectly designed to help keep children safe and secure as they speed after the ball on the court. These shoes are perfect for parents who care about this more than the price tag. 

The shoes come with a removable sock liner which is great for kids who need to use specialized sock liners in their tennis shoes. The shoes have been so fantastically designed that they are suitable for all court surfaces. Therefore parents can buy these shoes without concerns about court surfaces. 


  • A SpEVA removable sock liner
  • An AHAR outsole
  • Flexion Fit uppers 
  • Gel technology 
  • Shock-absorbing cushioning 
  • Breathable material 
  • PGuard Toe Protector 
  • A Rearfoot and forefoot GEL cushioning system

These shoes offer the best comfort for little feet because of the Rearfoot and forefoot Gel cushioning system. The system provides gel cushioning for the entire foot, keeping the feet comfortable and safe. Kids can bend their feet as they sprint and jump for the ball while keeping their feet firmly in place. 

The cushioning system not only offers comfort but also helps prevent feet from sliding around inside of them. The cushioning system offers constant support while giving the feet enough air to avoid them becoming sweaty. In addition, the SpEVA removable sock liner provides an excellent fit for children that also assists in keeping the feet firmly placed in the shoes. 

The sock liners have been perfectly molded to the shape of a child’s foot. The fact that the sock liner is removable greatly benefits children who might need specialized sock liners like orthotics. These sock liners are easily removed and replaced. By eliminating the sock liners, you leave enough room for specialized orthotics. Alternatively, if you like your child to have a fresh pair of sock liners on occasion, you can buy the Asics sock liners separately and replace them without difficulty. 

Asics has made great impressions with their AHAR outsoles, and the kids’ shoes are no different. These outsoles have been made with Asics High Abrasion Rubber that provides the young ones with a fully supportive outsole that prevents slipping and helps with shock absorption. 

The outsoles make these shoes great for all court surfaces because they help prevent high-speed slips or unnatural foot bending. These outsoles also improve the durability of the shoes by a great deal. The outsoles can take punches on the court without giving up any of the support and comfort that they have been designed to provide. These outsoles appear bulky, but they do offer a great foot feel. 

Younger players might need some time to adjust to the outsoles as they might add a bit more weight than what they are used to. However, similar to all Asics shoes, these shoes are known for having a brief adjusting period. Children are bound to feel completely comfortable in their shoes after spending one afternoon on the court. 

It is recommended that your child wears proper fitting sports socks to help ease the possible discomfort of the new shoe feel. Younger players might struggle with the shoes’ laces, but they can be replaced if a wider lace is preferred. The lace loops are flexible enough for a wider-lace replacement. 

The Flexion Fit uppers of the shoes provide a snug fit that allows the player movement without the shoes slipping and sliding on their feet. Children easily get injured if their shoes don’t fit well, but this is not the case here. This shoe has been designed to hold the foot safely in place. 

The Flexion Fit uppers are made with breathable materials that dry quickly and easily if you want to wash the shoes between games. They feature Asics’ fantastic Gel technology, making the shoe ultra-comfortable and offer a feeling of a secure fit that provides both stability and support. 

The PGuard Toe Protector keeps young toes safe from injury by providing the guard level that you would expect from Asics. The toe protectors also help prevent damage to the shoes so that young players can enjoy their shoes for much longer. 


  • The shoes come in several colors and designs 
  • They offer the best in comfort and support 
  • AHAR outsoles help prevent injuries on the court 
  • PGuard keeps the child’s toes safe while improving the durability of the shoes 
  • The shoes are made with breathable materials that wash well and dry quickly 


  • The shoes are more costly than competitor shoes 
  • They are pretty bulky, especially when worn by younger players 
  • Thin laces can be challenging for children to tie 

Final Thoughts

An ill-fitting pair of shoes can lead to injury. As parents, we always want to avoid our children getting hurt. These shoes offer the best in a safe and comfortable children’s tennis shoe. Asics Gel-Resolution 8 is the ultimate tennis shoe if you want to send your offspring to the court with confidence.