Asics Gel Resolution 8 Men’s Tennis Shoe Review

Tennis is a popular sport that has been around for more than 900 years. Therefore, it is no surprise that tennis players can pick and choose their perfect tennis shoes with the countless variations available due to the sport’s popularity. 

A few pairs of men’s tennis shoes stand out among the rest, offering fantastic support, durability, and versatility; these shoes lay it straight down the line every time. Asics Gel Resolution has been the talk of the town for many years with their previous models, but now they have gone a step further, releasing their best work yet. 

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Asics Gel Resolution 8 Men’s Tennis Shoe Review

Asics makes a good shoe even more outstanding with their new tennis shoe, Asics Gel Resolution. The shoes were made drawing inspiration from Gael Monfils, who is known as an aggressive and active player. Therefore the shoes have been specifically designed to give the player outstanding support, fantastic comfort, and improved stability, making it quite a step up from previous iterations. In addition, the shoes provide even greater flex because of a greatly designed new upper made with P.U. mesh materials. These materials offer flex without discomfort, making them a successful addition. 

The feet feel secure but still, have a full range of movement thanks to the introduction of Dynawrap and Dynawall. The shoes also offer a better fit, improved grip, and unparalleled durability because of updates made on the lower outer heel counter of the new version. These shoes really are the new and improved versions of what Asics offered men before; however, they still feel familiar to avid fans. 

The shoes have been praised for having a brief break-in period which allowed for excellent comfort and the perfect fit within a few times of wearing them. Fans are delighted by the improvements and managed to keep the feel of previous models that fans have come to adore. 

The shoes have been made with the newest in tennis shoe technology, featuring AHAR, Asics High Abrasion Rubber, which makes the shoes much more durable, shock-absorbing, and traction offering than any of the shoes that came before it. This AHAR technology also lessens injuries on the courts, as the player has a more solidly structured shoe. When it comes to serious players about their tennis, safety and minimizing injuries truly matter in a pair of tennis shoes, something that Asics fully understands. 

Asics also boasts with its incredible Trusstic System technology, making it possible for the shoes to bend and flex as you would need on the court, without allowing the shoes to turn in an unnatural way. This would greatly minimize injury when it comes to slipping on the court. The shoes keep your feet intact in the shapes that nature intended. 

These game-changing shoes also offer the best in midsole cushioning because of E.V.A. and SpEVA midsoles. In addition, the comfort of the shoes is enhanced further by the addition of Rearfoot and Forefoot G.E.L. Technology, making it possible for the shoes to curve around your foot, offering the best in a properly fitting shoe. 

The shoes cradle your foot allowing a secure and comfortable fit. In addition, they offer improved toe and overall foot durability, making it possible to wear them for several seasons to come because of their incredible PGuard elements. The addition of PGuard doesn’t just improve toe and overall foot durability but also adds to safety around the toes and the foot. 

The shoes also come with removable sock liners, which is a feature that is often overlooked in shoes. However, it makes them much more versatile, especially for players who have different requirements for their sock liners. In addition, the shoes are available in all men’s sizes and in 8 designs that are pleasing to the eye. With a wide variety available, Asics ensures that there is something for every player who wants to tackle the tennis court. 

Who Are These Shoes For?

Tennis players who want to invest in one of the best pairs of tennis shoes that money can buy will feel these shoes are a slam dunk. Asics Gel Resolution shoes have been praised as a step above the rest, and model 8 is on par with that statement. The shoes are not lightweight, so players who don’t mind a shoe with a solid weight will feel comfortable with them. After all, you can’t really expect a shoe that offers solid stability, durability, and comfort to be lightweight. 

The shoes also don’t come cheap, but then good quality top brand shoes never do. They have been designed for male players who value ultimate stability, impressive durability, maximum traction, and true comfort above the price tag. The shoes also come in 8 fabulous designs offering something for everyone, from the more traditional player who prefers a white pair of shoes to the trendy player who likes to rock the court in bright red shoes. 

Since the shoes are made with High Abrasion Rubber(AHAR), they are perfect for players who tend to put their shoes through a lot of wear and tear. With this improved technology, even the most aggressive player has met his match in durable shoes. 

The shoes also boast an excellent design for foot width, making it an ideal option for every foot width, unlike many of its competitors offering great comfort for either a wider or a narrow foot. The shoes offer the ability to remove sock liners and replace them with other sock liners or medical orthotics. This makes it possible for players who are recovering from foot injuries to wear the shoes with the comfort of knowing that they get the necessary support from their medical orthotics. Players with really low or really high arches will also be able to replace their sock liners with sock liners that fit their arches better. 


  • New, improved uppers made with Flexion Fit technology
  • Improved outsole featuring AHAR Plus 
  • Incredibly durable outsole make with rubber fit to endure high abrasion 
  • Trusstic System technology
  • The integrity of the shoe remains while the weight has been reduced 
  • Unique and fantastic cushioning features thanks to Rearfoot and Forefoot G.E.L. Technology
  • Excellent shock absorbing abilities 
  • Collar Lining that offers P.H.D., Personal Heel Fit
  • Double layered memory foam for an extremely personalized fit. 
  • Complete toe protection because of PGuard and improved durability around the toes
  • Unique material around the midsole called Solyte
  • E.V.A. and SpEVA midsoles that offer impressively light midsoles with better cushioning and greater durability
  • Improved technology such as Dynawrap and Dynawall 
  • Better foot centering and stability 
  • New, improved outsole made with AHAR, ASICS High Abrasion Rubber.
  • Offers sock liners that are removable and replaceable 

The Gel Resolution 8 shoes feature incredible Flexion Fit uppers that have been specifically designed to fit perfectly around your foot, creating a flexible, secure, and supportive fit that is hard to beat. These uppers are breathable, allowing sufficient airflow for the feet. 

The Asics Hard Abrasive Rubber outsoles are not only durable, but they offer incredible shock absorption, increased control, and superb comfort. On top of that, they help minimize injury. 

The middle section of the shoes has been made with TRUSSTIC, which provides even more excellent stability by preventing twisting while you are moving. These structures ensure that the shoes remain in shapes that the sport requires, also offering comfort in knowing that the shoes have been made to lessen the chances of injury on the court. 

Rearfoot and Forefoot G.E.L. Technology offers extreme cushioning and comfort that is enhanced by E.V.A. and SpEVA midsoles. 

Then we get to Dynawrap and Dynawall, the most innovative features of the Gel Resolution 8 shoes. Dynawall technology offers players a more stable and flexible shoe than ever before. Dynawrap adds to this feature by providing a group of support panels that perfectly cradle the foot to minimize injury risk. 

With the powerful combination of Dynawall and Dynawrap, the shoes have an impressive result, offering players a braking force of 7,2% higher than previous models. These two elements not only make it possible to break faster than ever before but players are enabled to recover much faster, too. 

The added feature of removable sock liners should not be overlooked. Players who have previous injuries or problems with their feet will significantly benefit from the ability to remove their sock liners and replace them with specially designed medical orthotics.  


  • Improved support and flexibility 
  • Incredible comfort
  • Amazing toe durability 
  • Improved control and traction while playing 
  • Phenomenal fit 


  • Expensive compared to competitor shoes 
  • The laces are thin and can feel unsupportive 

Final Thoughts

When you are ready to bring your A-game, nothing helps you quite as much as the right pair of shoes. The investment might seem high, but the payback is worth every penny. These shoes have no tiebreakers when it comes to offering the best to the player that has the delight of wearing them.