Asics Solution Speed FF 2 Tennis Shoe Review

The Asics Solution Speed FF 2 tennis shoes are the newest installment in Asics’ line of lightweight tennis shoes and are used by professional players like Jennifer Brady, David Goffin, and Alex De Minaur. Compared to their predecessor, these shoes feature an improved midsole with Flytefoam and Flytefoam Propel in combination to provide the lightest and softest cushioning that the Speed line has ever seen. 

In this article, we’re going to take an in-depth look at all of the main features of this fantastic pair of shoes. Read on for the full review. 

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Asics Solution Speed FF 2 Tennis Shoes

The Solution Speed is the flagship speed shoe from Asics that is specifically made for players that are looking for a lightweight pair of tennis shoes that won’t weigh them down or leave them with a sluggish feeling when they are trying to move across the baseline. Alex De Minaur and David Goffin are two notable pro players that have been seen wearing the Solution Speed FF 2s, and if they can work for their quick playstyles, these shoes will work for you. 

These shoes feature Dynawrap technology, which is Asics’ patented lacing system. This technology introduces supportive panels that run from the base of the laces over to the forefoot in order to keep the feet centered and improve overall support. Flytefoam padding is included to give the shoes a soft and responsive feel, improving overall comfort. 

Twisstruss, which has been seen on a number of other shoes from Asics, is included to improve breaking and quick transitions on the court. Twisstruss works by preventing the shoe from twisting during movements and does this using shapes that are designed to suit the motions commonly made when playing tennis. 

The back and front outsoles have been separated to improve the shoes’ overall flexibility while also decreasing their total weight to allow for faster movement from the baseline. Finally, the traction on these shoes has been improved, thanks to the redesigned rubber outsole pattern that allows for quick forward motion.

Who Are These Tennis Shoes For?

If you are a player that values being able to make fast, aggressive movements on the court while having the support you need to ensure you don’t slide around and trip while doing so, then we think you will love the Asics Solution Speed FF 2 tennis shoes. They are extremely lightweight, boast some pretty good support, and accommodate nimble gameplay superbly. 

They are better suited to more advanced tennis players than to beginners, especially considering the fact that they are not the most affordable tennis shoes on the market. If you are just starting out in tennis or are working on a tight budget, you might want to consider picking out a different, more budget-friendly pair. 

What’s more, the Asics Solution Speed FF 2s look stylish both on and off of the court, so if that’s important to you, we’re sure you’ll love them. They come in a few cool, solid colors that are bright without being blinding and that are still subtle enough so as not to look out of place when you’re doing your weekly grocery run. 


  • Dynawrap lacing system
  • Flytefoam cushioning technology
  • Twisstruss
  • Split outsole
  • Improved traction
  • Available in several colors

In comparison to the Court FF 2s from Asics, which feature a mono sock design, the Solution Speed FF 2s have a different process for getting them on your feet since they feel pretty low around the ankles and have quite a thick, large tongue. However, once you have them on, they feel beautifully comfortable, and the best part is that they fit true to size. They might not be the best fit for players with wide feet, however, and if you have wider feet, you might feel some pain near your cuneiform bones due to the rigid outer. 

This will be a short-lived pain, thankfully, and once you have broken the shoes in, you’ll get back to that supremely comfortable feeling that Asics is known for. The Solution Speed FF 2s feel almost more like running shoes with some added bulk than they do tennis shoes. To elaborate, when you’re jogging around the court in, say, the Gel Resolution 8s, you might feel slightly heavier in the feet, but the Solution Speed FF 2s are far lighter and more comparable to a running shoe. 

In terms of a different type of comfort, one of the common complaints that customers had regarding the first iteration of the Solution Speed FFs was that they heard a popping or clicking noise when they moved. Apparently, Asics found a solution to this problem, and this iteration of the shoe does not make any noise at all when moving around. 

As you likely already know, when a shoe is designed to provide you with a speedy, nimble feeling, they usually do so at the cost of stability, and the Solution Speed FF 2s are no different. While stability is not a major issue that these shoes suffer from, if you are a player that plays at the baseline and wants lots of stability from their shoe, then we suggest you look elsewhere, and perhaps at the Gel Resolution 8s. 

On the Solution Speed FF 2s, the shoes feel super stable at the forefoot and midfoot, but not as much around the ankle and hindfoot. The shoes feel pretty wide around these areas, so when you push off at speed, you might feel a bit of lift-off from the heel. This becomes far less of a problem when you opt to wear a thicker pair of socks, however. Speaking of, the thickness of these shoes is quite good, and you’ll be able to get a good firm grip on the lace to cinch them up. 

For a shoe in its weight class, the durability of the Asics Solution Speed FF 2 is quite above average. If you play on artificial grass courts, the soles of these shoes are going to last you quite a long time, unless you tend to wear out shoes in odd places or drag your feet on the serve. While the Solution Speed FF 2s certainly won’t outperform the Gel Resolution 8s, you will still be able to get good wear out of them, and once you consider the difference in weight, it’s going to be a good tradeoff if you value lightness. 

As for traction, one of the most prominent changes that were made to these shoes in comparison to their predecessors is to the outsole, which now has a new split grip pattern and an entirely different kind of rubber. Even if you are playing on wet grass, the Solution Speed FF 2s are impressive in their ability to provide traction and keep you from sliding around. 

The soles on these shoes are meant for all types of courts – though hardcourts specifically – but you’ll still be able to slide around on purpose if that’s what you prefer. Overall, the Solution Speed FF 2s have some of the best traction out there, especially if you need to make quick push-offs or stop abruptly. They also provide some great stability to complement this, especially for how lightweight they are. 

If you are a player who plays more lateral-based tennis and prefers to slide around, even on hard courts, you might find that these shoes are just a little too grippy to accommodate this. In terms of weight, like we’ve mentioned a few times already, the Asics Solution Speed FF 2s are a fantastically lightweight pair of tennis shoes. Like we’ve already said, they feel very similar to a pair of running shoes, though just with a little more bulk. 

If you like looking fashionable, then you’ll appreciate the appearance of these shoes. Asics is very good at making tennis shoes that are both functional and pleasing to look at, and they certainly did not miss the mark with this edition. They come in a variety of different colors, with our favorite being the bright orange, which stands out super nice, especially against grass courts. 

The design is super simple and elegant and is flashy enough to catch the eye and hold it without making you look like you’re wearing a pair of modern clown shoes. The outsoles are nice and thick, and the laces match the color of the rest of the shoe nicely. 


  • Very light
  • Feels similar to running shoes
  • Fantastic traction
  • Good comfort
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Can feel too tight for wider feet before break-in

Wrapping Up

If you are a tennis player that wishes they could play in a pair of running shoes without them falling apart after one set, then we highly recommend the Asics Solution Speed FF 2s. They are extremely lightweight and functional while also being a great pair of shoes to look at.