Asics Solution Speed FF Women’s Tennis Shoe Review

It’s no secret that wearing a good pair of tennis shoes onto the court can really make or break your games. Tennis shoes are specially designed to provide your feet with the comfort, support, and stability they need to make those rapid, hard movements when racing around the court. 

In this article, we’re going to review the Solution Speed FF women’s tennis shoes from Asics, which are a fantastic option for women who value lightweight, comfortable support. They’re a fantastic addition to any tennis player’s arsenal. Read on for the full review.

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Asics Solution Speed FF Women’s Tennis Shoe

Asics made one of their most popular and favorite shoe models even better when they launched the Solution Speed FF women’s shoes, which were highly anticipated. One of the key changes and improvements that we saw with this model was the introduction of the popular Asics FlyteFoam technology, which was first seen on the Gel Court FFs. 

This technology is specially designed to provide responsive cushioning while avoiding increasing the overall weight of the shoe, and it does this wonderfully. The shoe’s slim, sleek design offers a low to the ground, nimble feeling, and you’ll be impressed by the support and stability that the Solution Speed FFs provide, even on your most aggressive motions. 

The fit of this shoe has also received a small update, with some much-needed and much-appreciated additional toe box room. The real gripe we have with these kicks is their thin shoelaces, but overall, if you are after high-performance tennis shoes that give you everything you need and more, the Asics Solution Speed FFs are a fantastic choice. 

Who Are These Shoes For?

The Asics Speed FF women’s shoes are for ladies that enjoy being able to make quick, agile movements around the court, thanks to the great support and stability they provide. They are also extremely comfortable, so if you are someone that values being comfortable while moving around the court, then you’ll love these shoes. 

The Solution Speed FFs are also great for women who have wider, larger feet since they come equipped with additional room in the toe box to accommodate larger feet. With that being said, they are still snug enough to keep smaller feet sturdy and secure to avoid ankle rolling and joint pain. 

What’s more, these happen to be quite an attractive pair of sneakers to look at, with their vibrant salmon color, pink and white accents, and overall sleek design. They’ll keep you comfortable, stable, and fashionable all at once, both on and off of the court. 


  • FlyteFoam midsole technology
  • AHAR Outsole
  • Twistruss System
  • Rearfoot & forefoot GEL Technology Cushioning System
  • Removable sock liner
  • PGuard Toe Protector
  • Flexion Fit upper
  • Ortholite sock liner

Asics added their renowned FlyteFoam cushioning to these tennis shoes for a ride that is super plush and comfortable. Their break-in period is remarkably short, and while your feet might experience a little bit of numbness, that will very quickly subside, and you’ll be able to appreciate the full snug, comfortable fit that the shoes provide. 

The shoes are wonderfully responsive when moving around, and the fit complements both wide and narrow feet. However, no matter how large or small your feet may be, you will still be able to feel the benefits that the larger toe box provides, giving your feet a little wiggle room and breathability. 

The cushioning on the Solution Speed FFs feels like wearing pillows on your feet and makes every single step feel extremely plush without including any additional, unnecessary bulkiness to the shoe. The narrow fit stays true, but the updated mesh material found on the shoes’ upper is slightly more forgiving and far more generous when it comes to width. 

Sadly, while this updated shoe does add some depth, they are still quite shallow, which can be particularly frustrating for players that like to put their own insoles into their shoes. What’s more, the laces are frustrating, especially if you are someone that likes to cinch their laces up quite tightly to make the shoe as snug on the feet as possible. The laces are quite thin and may not be good for this. 

With their low to the ground feeling, the Asics Solution Speed FFs will surprise you by providing you with the support and stability that you need to make those aggressive, quick movements on the court. One of the most entertaining things to do on the tennis court is move about the court quickly and aggressively, and the Solution Speed FFs let you do just that. 

If you are an experienced tennis player who has worn a good number of shoes in your life, then you’ll know that lightweight shoes such as the Solution Speed FFs do not always provide the greatest stability or support, but that isn’t the case with these shoes. The Solution Speed FFs definitely deliver in the stability department – the uppers provide great support while not feeling overly rigid or messy. 

The shoes will really allow you to get into those more aggressive movements that make playing tennis memorable, and you can depend upon them to keep you stable, support your feet, and prevent you from rolling your ankles and injuring yourself. The seamless uppers will give you all of the support you need and more when playing. 

The uppers on the Asics Solution Speed FFs are able to hold your feet in place, and you should experience no sliding or slipping within the shoes, regardless of the direction you are moving. You can trust in the shoes to maintain the security of your feet and support them while on the court, and you’ll be impressed by the ankle stability the shoes provide, especially considering how light the shoes are. 

The great thing about this pair of tennis shoes is that the cuffs are tall enough to support your ankles while still being low enough to avoid causing any discomfort and rubbing. For how light the Solution Speed FFs are, the stability and support that they provide is well above average. These shoes might not be as protective as the Gel Resolution 7s from Asics or as rigid and sturdy as, say, the Adidas Barricades, but for nimble shoes, they will still make you feel supported and secure. 

The low to the ground feeling and narrow fit will add to your confidence on the court, and the shoes also feature a very streamlined design, which not only looks really cool but actually also adds to their overall stability. You will not find any excess, unnecessary material at the edges, and you will not have to worry about losing your footing or catching the edge of the shoes during quick transitions and movements. 

When it comes to durability, the Asics Solution Speed FFs hold up quite well. The shoes are designed to accommodate efficient, speedy movements, which means that they are not going to be the longest-lasting kicks on the market, but their durability is still something to be admired. After a couple of months, if you are an aggressive mover, the shoes are definitely going to show wear and tear, and the outsoles will likely have started to become smooth. 

The traction of these tennis shoes is a little slicker than average. They do provide a fantastic mixture of give and grip, but the Solution Speed FFs do tend to be squeaky, which, while not a total deal-breaker, can still be pretty annoying. You won’t notice any excessive sliding, and you won’t feel as though you are stuck to the court either. 

The traction levels, overall, are very satisfactory – you won’t have to think about it on the court. Like we mentioned earlier, though, the shoes can be pretty noisy, especially when playing on hard courts. Squeaking can be distracting and can pull you out of your flow, which is often very frustrating. 

The most prevalent feature of the Asics Solution Speed FFs is their super lightweight feeling. We love the responsive, quick movements that these tennis shoes accommodate, and we think that they are lighter than any other version of the Solution Speed that Asics has ever released. They are noticeably light, making them feel nimble and quick on the tennis court. 

If you enjoy being able to move around super quickly when playing while having all of the support you need to accommodate those nimble motions, then you’re going to love the Asics Solution Speed FFs. 


  • Fantastic cushioning
  • Very lightweight
  • Good durability
  • Good traction
  • Offers support & stability


  • Thin shoelaces
  • Shoes can be squeaky, especially on hard courts

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a very lightweight pair of tennis shoes that don’t feel weak or fragile and that provide you with all of the stability and support you need to make quick movements on the court, we suggest that you get your hands on – and your feet in – the Asics Solution Speed FFs. They’re a great option for tennis players of any level, and they look pretty stylish as well!