Top 5 Best Men’s Sunglasses for Tennis in 2022

We all know that our tennis racquet and tennis shoes are two of the most important things you can bring with you to the court, but many players neglect a good pair of tennis sunglasses. Tennis shades are quite essential, especially on those days when the sun is out in full force. 

It can be pretty difficult to find a good pair of tennis sunglasses, let alone a pair that works for you. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best tennis sunglasses in 2022 so that you don’t have to look as hard. Read on for the reviews. 

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In a Hurry? Here’s Our Top Picks…

1. Oakley Men’s Half Jacket 2.0 XL Iridium Sport Sunglasses

Try saying that five times fast. The 2.0 XL Iridium sunglasses from Oakley is one of the best pairs of sunglasses on the market right now and offers you fantastic value for your money. They have quite an attractive appearance on the court and come in a sleek all-black design.

About the 2.0 XL Iridium Sport Sunglasses

It really doesn’t get simpler than the Oakley Men’s Half Jacket glasses, with their semi-frameless, sleek and classy design. Their lenses are some of the best on the market, and they also happen to be one of the most comfortable pairs of glasses we’ve ever tried. 

The great thing about these Iridium sport sunglasses is that their lenses can easily be replaced, which is something that can’t be said about many other tennis sunglasses on the market. While these Oakley specs are not as stylish off the court as they are on it and might be an expensive initial investment, we feel they’re well worth their price. 


First impressions

Right out of the box, it’s clear to see that the Oakley Men’s Half Jacket tennis sunglasses were made to be both pleasing to the eye and functional. They feel very sturdy on the hands and have quite a durable construction. The lenses are non-polarized, which makes the colors of the tennis court look even more vivid and distinct than they do to the naked eye. 

The frame of these glasses is extremely well-built, stable, and exceptionally lightweight. If you are a more clumsy player that tends to drop their glasses regularly, you won’t have to worry about breaking these Oakleys, as they are highly durable. 


Like we mentioned earlier, these are some very comfortable sunglasses. Their half-frame design not only makes them lighter and more comfortable when they sit on your face, but it also means that any moisture or water that forms on the lenses will drop away instead of pooling at the bottom of the lenses. 

This adds to the overall comfort factor and also makes playing easier on those humid days where you can’t seem to stop sweating. The glasses come with a classic Oakley pouch that also serves as a lens cleaner, though if you plan on storing your shades in a tennis bag, we recommend getting yourself a hard case.


The frames on these glasses are made from simple plastic, which makes them quite durable against most abuse. You can drop them, throw them, or even have them knocked off of your face, and still, your frames will remain intact.

The same can be said for the lenses, which are also made from plastic and are coated with UV Protection coating. 

Who Should Buy These Glasses?

These simple tennis sunglasses are perfect for any player that values durability, comfort, and simplicity. They would make a perfect pair of starter glasses but wouldn’t look out of place on the heads of more advanced players. 


  • Very sleek
  • Classy appearance
  • Great lenses
  • Highly comfortable
  • Lenses are easy to replace


  • Expensive initial investment

2. Oakley Men’s Flak 2.0 XL OO9188 Sunglasses

Another pair of shades from Oakley, these sunglasses are also some of the best on the market. They feature a more interesting design than the previous glasses on this list and have the added bonus of effectively blocking sun rays to ensure that your vision is also unobstructed.

About the 2.0 XL OO9188 Sunglasses

One of the best features of the Oakley Men’s Flak 2.0 XL sunglasses is that they offer you fantastic clarity of vision when they are on your face. Their lenses are highly effective when it comes to blocking out sun rays, so even if you are directly facing the sun while playing, your vision will never become obstructed.

These glasses also fit the face very well, and the frames are flexible enough to accommodate many different head shapes and sizes. Like the Iridium sport sunglasses from Oakley, these shades are very durable and lightweight, capable of withstanding a lot of wear and tear. 


First impressions

The first thing that you’ll notice about these Oakley sunglasses is their lenses. The lenses are non-polarized, which again means that the colors of the tennis court will be more vivid and bright than they would to the naked eye. The great thing about these lenses is that they are available in many different colors and hues, allowing you to find one that suits your personal taste personally. 

The XL OO9188 glasses are well recognized for their performance, quality, and efficiency, and they are a pair that brings area expertise and excellence to an entirely new level. They combine style and efficiency in a way that we’ve never seen before. 


These sunglasses have a standard frame size, which features a significant enhancement to the size of their lens coverage. It feels like Oakley really wanted to optimize every millimeter of space on the lens surface to allow you to enjoy the best possible visual experience. 

The plastic frames sit lightly on the face and are quite unobtrusive – you’ll forget that you’re wearing glasses once you put them on. Once again, Oakley has opted for the semi-frameless design so that any moisture or water on the lenses will slide off rather than pooling at the bottom. 


The high definition optics on the OO9188 sunglasses are not just ideal when it comes to visual quality, but it is also a very durable option. What makes it so compelling is the fact that, despite all of the features that these glasses offer, they are still extremely lightweight and guarantee 100% user satisfaction. 

Who Should Buy These Glasses?

The Oakley Men’s Flak OO9188 sunglasses would make a fantastic option for both beginner and intermediate players and for anyone that values customizing the appearance of their shades. 


  • Excellent clarity of vision
  • Fits the face well
  • Very lightweight
  • Highly durable
  • Effectively blocks sun rays


  • Not stylish off the court
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3. Under Armor Igniter 2.0 Sunglasses

The Under Armor Igniter sunglasses are sporty and protective engineered for speed and motion activities, which makes them perfect for tennis. They come with Armor Sight lens technology to shield the eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. 

About the Igniter 2.0 Sunglasses

The Igniter 2.0 sunglasses were specially engineered by Under Armor to fit perfectly, last longer, and be ready for impact resistance. This means that they provide some fantastic durability that players of all skill levels will appreciate. 

They fit very comfortably on the face, and thanks to their nose pad, they will not scratch your nose or cause it to become sore. The mirrored lenses are a nice touch and aren’t something that you see on tennis sunglasses often, so we appreciate the fact that Under Armor decided to add this feature. 


First Impressions

Our first impressions of the Under Armor Igniter 2.0 sunglasses are that Under Armor really wanted to keep things simple with this pair. There are no fancy lenses, no fancy frames, and everything about these glasses just screams simple and sleek. 

They come in an all-black design which allows them to look stylish both on and off of the court, which is something that can’t be said for many other sporting glasses on the market right now. The plastic frames do feel a little cheap, but other than that, these are a great pair of glasses. 


The plastic frames on the Igniter 2.0 sunglasses make them very comfortable when they sit on the head, and you’ll barely feel like they’re on your face. They provide you with total protection from UVA, UVB, and UVC rays and also come with UA AutoGrip temples that provide a more comfortable fit. 

The arms are also quite flexible, allowing them to hug any head size and shape, and when adjusting the frames, the metal insert that attaches to the rubber pad bends as well. The lenses are coated to prevent scratches and smudges and, in turn, maintains the optimization of the lenses’ reflective capabilities. 


While the Igniter sunglasses are relatively durable, the plastic frames that hold their lenses can feel quite cheap and flimsy, and if you are not careful with them, they could break easily. For this reason, we recommend that you store these glasses in your favorite hard case when keeping the glasses in your tennis bag so that they do not move around and risk being broken. 

The glasses also have ArmorSight technology built into the lenses, which is designed to make the lenses more durable.

Who Should Buy These Glasses?

We’d recommend the Under Armor Igniter 2.0 sunglasses to any tennis player that is looking for a simple pair of shades with all of the features needed to provide clear, accurate vision. If you value strong and durable lenses, you’ll like these glasses as well.


  • Relatively durable
  • Accommodates many head types
  • Unique lenses
  • Comfortable
  • Mirrored lenses


  • Plastic frames feel cheap

4. Bolle Bolt Sunglasses

If you appreciate top-quality, premium sporting sunglasses, then we have no doubt that you have come across the Bolle Bolt sunglasses at some point. They are some of the most attractive tennis sunglasses out there and have many features that make you feel like a pro player.

About the Bolle Bolt Sunglasses

The simple name really tells you all you need to know about these glasses from Bolle. They are the epitome of simple efficiency, and while they come with all of the bells and whistles you need from a pair of shades, they are not overly flashy or convoluted. 

bollé BS004004 Bolt 2.0 S Sunglasses, Black Crystal Matte - Phantom Clear Green

Their plastic frames are lightweight, which makes them very comfortable on the face. They come with comfortable nose pads that can be adjusted, as well as a non-slip nose piece.


First impressions

Right out of the box, it’s clear to see that Bolle knows exactly what they’re doing when it comes to making tennis sunglasses. The design is sleek, simple, and pleasing to the eye, and once again, you’ll find the popular half-frameless design on these glasses. 

Apart from being extremely comfortable and lightweight, the Bolt sunglasses offer incredible visual clarity. What’s more, one of the first things that you’ll notice about these sunglasses is how clear their lenses are – this clarity helps your eyes relax, minimizes dust and debris from entering the sides, and also prevents glare. 


Thanks to their flexibility, you could easily bend the frames on the Bolts to suit the shape and size of your face while not compromising any comfort. What’s more, because of the overall lightweight profile that these glasses have, you can enjoy increased comfort and athletic style, all thanks to the full-coverage frame design.

One of the great things about these Bolle glasses is their anti-fog coating which, as the name suggests, prevents the glasses from fogging up when you wear them on, particularly humid days. Additionally, you’ll find adjustable nose pads on the frame which keep your nose comfortable, and they are also non-slip, preventing them from sliding down your face. 


Unfortunately, Bolle had to sacrifice quite a bit of durability in order to make the Bolt glasses as light and flexible as they are. Because of this, you will want to be extra careful when wearing and handling these shades, as one wrong move or bend could pop out a lens or snap the frame. Be sure to store them in a hard case. 

Who Should Buy These Glasses?

Anyone that likes to feel like they aren’t wearing sunglasses when they have sunglasses on will love this pair of specs. They also have plenty of comfort features which make them a joy to wear on the court. 


  • Lightweight plastic
  • Anti-fog coating
  • Flash mirror
  • Adjustable nose pads
  • Non-slip nose piece


  • Not very durable

5. Under Armor Igniter Polarized Multiflection Sunglasses

The Under Armour Igniter Polarized Multiflection Sunglasses are a trendy pair of glasses that are great for an active lifestyle since they are superior to some of their predecessors. Don’t forget that this is a fantastic product that is widely considered as one of the best tennis sunglasses available today.

Maximum Impact Resistance

It boasts an ArmourFusion frame, which is made of a mix of grilamid and titanium for optimal impact protection. There are three-point nose pads on the frame that can be simply adjusted and provide a pleasant and secure fit. They also have cushion hinges that alleviate shock.

It’s worth noting that this is a feature available just from Under Armour, and it’s considered a must-have. The ArmourSight lenses, which allow for 10x stronger and more durable polycarbonate lenses as well as 20% more undistorted peripheral vision, are another important component.

Impressive Visual Contrast

It features a Multiflection function that gives you different object lighting and optimal visual contrast, making it excellent for a variety of sports that aren’t as healthy as tennis. The lenses also come with a storage bag and provide impressive UBA and UV protection.

Minimizes Glares

The ArmourSight lenses are another important component, as they allow for 10x stronger and more durable polycarbonate lenses, as well as 20% more undistorted peripheral vision. There are two UA emblems on the side of the sunglasses, which add to their already artistically beautiful appearance.

Who Is This Product for?

It is ideal for any tennis player who is looking to invest in a budget-friendly pair of sunglasses that come with superb visual contrast and offer 100% UV protection.


  • Impressive polycarbonate design
  • Offers 100% UV and UVB protection
  • Undistorted peripheral vision


  • Not scratch-resistant

Buyer’s Guide

Knowing what the best tennis sunglasses are doesn’t help if you don’t know what to look for in a good pair. It also doesn’t help if you don’t know what type of glasses suit you best. Take a look at this buyer’s guide to help you pick out the best glasses for you. 

Frame Technology

Frame technology is all about supporting the lens through three main features: coverage, fit and grip. When the lens has the proper support, you will be able to focus on the match and the ball rather than your glasses. 


Base wrap and lens size affect the coverage of a pair of tennis sunglasses. Base wrap refers to the curvature of the frame as it sits on your face – the higher the base wrap, the greater the curve. You’ll want a pair with a higher base wrap since it provides the greatest coverage of your entire FOV. 

Lens size refers to the height and width of the lens. Wider and longer lenses will provide you with more coverage, which gives you more UV protection overall. 


The fit plays a very important role in how the sunglasses sit on your face and how compatible they will be with your other equipment. Choosing a pair with straight temples can ensure that you have a full FOV.


As you volley the tennis ball, you don’t want to think about whether your glasses are going to stay in place. The grip helps solve this problem, and you will want to choose a pair of glasses that have a good grip. 

Lens Technology

Lens technology involves providing you with the best UV protection while also enhancing your vision. Having a clear view of the court can improve your reaction time, which helps keep you at the top of your game. 

Contrast enhancement

Contrast enhancement highlights texture differences and brings depth to color. It helps to choose a pair of glasses from brands that have specific lens technology, like Oakley, which has prebuilt lenses that suit specific light conditions. 

Transition lenses

Transition lenses are a great option when the light conditions vary. As UV rays hit the lens, they will darken, and more UV will result in a darker lens. The reverse is also true. Transition lenses can have either a grey, brown, or copper base tint. 

Polarized lenses

If you play in an area that is sunny the majority of the time, then getting a pair of sunglasses with polarized lenses would help counteract the glare from the court. However, if you play mostly at night or in low light conditions, you will not need to get a pair of glasses that have polarized lenses. 

Polarized lenses work by filtering out reflected horizontal wavelengths. Light waves generally move in every direction, but when they hit a flat surface, they are reflected and start to travel in the same direction. This is what causes the intense glare, which can be problematic when we are required to make quick decisions. 

UV Protection

The UV rays emitted by the sun can cause skin cancer around the eyes, cataracts, and even cancer of the eyelids. It can also cause ‘snow blindness,’ which is a temporary but highly painful sunburn on the cornea. Hats, even wide-brimmed ones, are only able to block around half of the UV radiation that reaches your eyes, so the best UV protection is to wear sunglasses. 

Protection from Blue Light

Long-term exposure to the blue and violet portion of the solar spectrum will reach deeper into the eye and could increase your risk of age-related macular degeneration. 

Comfortable vision

The glaring light of the sun affects regular vision by causing you to squint and your eyes to water more than usual. Squinting for extended periods can lead to headaches, as well as unnecessary wrinkles around the eyes. 

Dark adaptation

Even just a few hours spent out in the sunlight can limit your eyes’ ability to adapt rapidly to nighttime or regular indoor light conditions. This can have some serious ramifications, especially when it comes to driving. 


A lot of people, especially those who are new to the game of tennis, have quite a few questions about the sport and the equipment that one should wear on the court. In this section, we’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions regarding tennis sunglasses and the sport of tennis as a whole, so you don’t have to ask them yourself. 

What should I look for in a pair of tennis sunglasses?

A good pair of sunglasses for tennis will ideally have an ergonomic design that wraps around the sides of your face to provide maximum coverage from the sun to prevent sunlight from distorting your vision or causing you to squint. Apart from offering increased coverage, glasses like this will give a more snug fit that is not as likely to slip down the bridge of your nose or fall off when making sudden movements. 

Why don’t pro tennis players wear sunglasses?

At the professional level, the ball is moving at incredible speeds. At these speeds, changes in your depth of field perceptions, interpretation of return velocity or ball speed, or changes in visual clarity can have a detrimental effect on your performance. 

Professional tennis players have to be at their best at all times, and for that, they must remove any obstacles that could prevent this. The frame on the glasses can prevent a small section of their FOV. Varying light conditions from moving clouds, changing sides, or waning light during the afternoon could throw their perception off. 

Do you need polarized lenses for tennis?

One thing to keep in mind is that the majority of tennis courts do not have that much glare. There are not many reflective surfaces that could harm your eyes, so even on bright days, you likely won’t need to wear a pair of sunglasses with polarized lenses to get rid of annoying glare. 

Something else to remember is that polarized lenses can affect your depth perception and alter the way that you track the ball. They can also cause eye strain while you are in constant movement, and it is because of these factors that most people prefer to opt for non-polarized lenses. 

How do polarized lenses work?

Before you decide whether or not you are going to get a pair of tennis sunglasses with polarized lenses, you will want to understand how they work. In layman’s terms, polarized lenses help mitigate glare. 

As we have already discussed, light creates a vertical wavelength when it comes down from the sun, and when it bounces off of a shiny object, vertical and horizontal wavelengths vibrate together. This creates a harmful glare that can cause strain and damage to your eyes. Polarized lenses filter this horizontal wavelength, which cuts the glare. 

What lens color is best for tennis?

Through a blue-green lens, a yellow ball will appear green and is thus less visible against the green of the court, which will seem bright through the lens. What’s more, blue light, in general, is less effective physiologically when it comes to functions like contrast detection, acuity, and motion perception. 

A neutral amber or gray sunglass that blocks almost all UVA and UVB light will offer increased protection and can even help to make the ball more visible, depending on the color of the court. 

Do I need prescription sunglasses?

Many sunglass brands provide prescription sunglasses for athletes and are easily able to customize lenses for you if you provide them with your lens prescription. It goes without saying that non-prescription lenses are more affordable and easier to purchase, which makes them excellent for players that do not need visual correction or who wear contact lenses. 


If you don’t have a pair of tennis sunglasses already, we highly recommend getting yourself one of the pairs mentioned above. They are fantastic choices for a lot of reasons, and there’s one there for every kind of player. We hope that you found this article useful. Happy hitting!