Bolle Python Sunglasses Review

When out all day in the hot sun, it is extremely important to have good quality sunglasses that protect you against all kinds of sun damage. As an athlete, choosing sunglasses that not only protect against the sun but increase vision and clarity is doubly important.

That’s where the Bolle Python Sunglasses come into the picture. These shades are specifically designed for athletic purposes and come with special features and a sleek design that is perfect for any sporting individual.

So, if you want more information about these special sunglasses, then keep on reading this detailed review to find out all the details regarding this product so that you can make intelligent choices when purchasing sports sunglasses.

Bolle Python Sunglasses 

Bolle is a sportswear brand that is trusted to provide the best sports helmets, sunglasses, snow goggles, and a range of other products. Their Bolle Python sunglasses line is especially well-known and endorsed by some of the top athletes like David Wise, Benjamin Perry, Christine Wolf, and so many others.

bollé Python Sunglasses Matte Black Medium Unisex

Bolle sunglasses are such a trusted name in the sports industry because they are designed to maximize comfort and clarity, which is a huge advantage for any athlete during an intense game or racing event.

Who Is This Product For?

This product is designed specifically for athletes, and the Bolle Python sunglasses come in different versions depending on use. Hence, Bolle will provide specially crafted sunglasses for biking and cycling and different types of sunglasses for water sports or winter sports.

So, the Bolle Python line has a huge and diverse range of sunglasses that are perfect for any athlete, no matter what sport they are involved in. The lens also comes in various tints and other specifications that increase clarity, so these sunglasses should be a top purchasing priority for all athletes.


  • Strong and sturdy wrap-around frames
  • Polycarbonate Polarized lenses
  • Anti-fog coating on lenses
  • Shatter-proof lenses
  • Lenses available in different tints
  • Thermo-grip nose pads and temple points
  • Adjustable nose piece
  • Lens width: 67 millimeters
  • Lens height: 36 millimeters
  • Bridge: 15 millimeters
  • Arm: 130 millimeters
  • Size: Small-Medium

The Bolle Python sunglasses come with well-designed and durable nylon frames. They will wrap around the eyes and provide protection from the sun and the elements. So, they are a great option for a sunny or even a wet and windy day because the wrap-around design prevents dust or water from getting into the eyes.

The lenses themselves are made from a polycarbonate material which makes the lenses extremely shatter-proof yet lightweight at the same time. So, you can wear these glasses all day long and be unaware of them on your face. Even better, the lenses are coated with an anti-fog coating, so they don’t fog up easily and are also quite resistant to wear and tear from scratches and chemicals.

The lenses are also polarized, meaning they have vision-enhancing properties and provide extra clear vision in all conditions. They also provide 100% protection from harmful UV rays. But the best thing about the Bolle Python line is that these sunglasses are also available on prescription, which is usually not the case with sports sunglasses.

Aside from that, these sunglasses are available in multiple tints and colors. The blue tint ones are the best for water sports as well as winter sports because they visibly reduce the glare coming off water or snow. 

The blue tints also enhance contrast on the water, which is excellent if you are sailing or engaging in other water sports. Also, the great thing about blue tints compared to any other tinted lenses is that they work well in both sunny and overcast conditions so getting an extra pair with just blue tints is also an excellent idea.

Another great thing about the Bolle Pythons is their thermo-grip features. The temple points of the frames and the nose pads are designed with special hydrophilic materials that grip the face despite heat or sweat, which means they stay in place and do not slip off even if your face becomes wet or sweaty.

Although the Bolle Python line provides extremely well-made sports sunglasses at very affordable rates, there are a few tiny issues that should be resolved. For example, it would be so much better if the Pythons came in larger sizes as well to cater to people with larger heads or broader faces. If the frames are too tight on the face, then that compromises comfort, so it really would be amazing if Bolle started making the Pythons in larger frame sizes.


  • Premium sunglasses with many useful features that are available at extremely affordable rates
  • Sturdy and durable frames that wrap around the face to provide maximum protection from glare and dust, and dirt.
  • Lenses are made with a polycarbonate material to make them shatter-proof and immune to sudden impacts.
  • Polarized lenses that increase clarity and protect against damaging UV rays
  • These sunglasses are also available on prescription
  • The lenses also come in multiple tints, including the versatile blue tints that are good for all types of conditions and especially useful for water and winter sports activities.
  • Lenses with anti-fog and anti-scratch coating 
  • Temple points and nose pads with strong thermo-grip features make them ideal for use in hot, sweaty conditions.


  • Sizing issue as the frames may be too tight even for medium faces
  • The Pythons do not come in larger frame sizes, so they are unsuitable for people with wider faces.

Final Thoughts

If you are an athlete, then get your hands on the Bolle Python sunglasses now. Trust us because we can say with 100% confidence that you won’t find such well-made sports sunglasses anywhere else, especially with all the perks and special features that Bolle provides at such affordable prices. 

We hope that this in-depth review has helped you get all the information you need to decide why the Bolle Python sports sunglasses are worth your money.