How to Find a Tennis Partner 

No one can deny that tennis has become one of the world’s most popular sports. However, even though the sport offers incredible health benefits and an enjoyable experience, it comes with one enormous challenge: finding a reliable tennis partner. 

Most tennis players have experienced the disappointment of hearing that their tennis partner isn’t available after they have become excited to play a game of tennis. This makes us wonder how we find pleasant, reliable tennis partners. 

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How Do You Find a Tennis Partner in Your Area?

Some of us have had a hard time finding someone in our area to play tennis with. It leads to frustration if you spend most of your time playing against a concrete wall on the court. Therefore, you must become part of the tennis community to be exposed to other players who are also looking for a tennis partner. 

By embracing the tennis community, you might find someone who matches your skill level, schedule, and fitness requirements. That would be a true Grand Slam for both parties! Fortunately, we can connect with people more easily than in previous years. We have the internet, several apps, and tennis-related clubs and groups at our disposal. By knowing where to look, you might find an ideal tennis partner today. 

Here are a few ways to become involved in the tennis community and get a tennis partner in your area: 

Join Play Your Court 

This unique platform makes it possible for tennis players to connect with other tennis players. By downloading the app and signing up, you get the opportunity to not only meet other tennis players but access training videos and get notifications of tennis events in your area too. 

The app matches people in your local area with similar skills and desires to see who is available and who best suits your demands. The app will match your profile to people with similar skills and locations to make a meetup easy and convenient. 

In addition, the app makes it possible for members to purchase tennis equipment and apparel at incredibly affordable prices. 

Your Local Recreational Center

If you are fortunate enough to be a member of the recreational center in your area, you might find that the person you are looking for is also a member. Most rec centers have bulletin boards where members can post notices and flyers. 

Have a browse and look to see whether someone else is also looking for a partner. If not, consider putting up a flyer. By being proactive, you can attract people who want to play tennis, too. Be sure to include the following in your flyer: 

  • Your skill level 
  • Where you prefer to play 
  • Your preferred times for playing tennis 
  • How frequently you want to play 

Be sure to check with the center whether you are allowed to post flyers before you put anything up. Once you have put up your flyer, be patient. It might take some time. 

However, nothing prevents you from going ahead and trying other ways to find a partner while the flyer is on the bulletin board in your local rec center. By trying different methods, you might have the best of luck in finding a partner that is as committed as you are. 

Join Facebook Groups That Are Committed to Tennis 

Facebook allows us to connect with others. As a result, you can expand your tennis community by joining Facebook groups that are focused on the game of tennis. If you find a tennis group on Facebook for your area, even better. 

First, have a look at the group whether there have been any posts by members looking to find partners. Alternatively, post on the group and ask whether anyone is interested in becoming your tennis partner. You might be surprised by the amount of interest you receive from one single post on the right group. 

Facebook has such a vast reach that it should be easy to find someone in your area in no time. Another benefit of joining tennis-related Facebook groups is that you will be kept in the loop if there are any special events in your area. By attending tennis events in your local area, you also increase your chances of meeting someone keen to partner up. 

Use Social Apps Like 

There is no shortage of social apps that make meeting others with similar interests easier. For example, if you are keen to find a tennis partner, try However, it would be best to be careful when using social apps because not everyone on the app might be there for the same reason you are. 

Always keep your personal information to yourself when you start communicating with someone. Look at their profile carefully to see whether they really are interested in tennis. Unfortunately, there are scammers on these sites from time to time. If you are unsure if someone might be scamming you, keep these things in mind: 

  • Someone should have an accurate profile picture; if their profile picture is one of them playing tennis, even better. 
  • They shouldn’t be asking you about things that aren’t related to tennis. For example, if someone asks you for your banking details, that person isn’t interested in becoming your tennis partner.

Enquire at Your Local Tennis Club 

If you are a tennis club member, try asking the club management whether they know of any tennis players who are keen to find a tennis partner. In addition, ask whether they have any events coming up. By joining club matches, you might find a tennis partner that can match your skill level and your schedule.

Use Let’s Play Tennis 

This incredible platform is a convenient and user-friendly way to find someone who wants to play tennis. offers members access to a vast database of tennis players who hope to find tennis partners. 

By completing your profile, you will be able to browse through the members who want to find tennis partners in your area. The platform gives tennis players great variety and versatility while keeping it safe and secure. Tennis players never have to worry about sharing their banking details or personal information with other players. 

Try Your the Tennis Governing Body of Your Area 

There is bound to be a governing body in your area. By inquiring whether they know of anyone who is looking for a tennis partner, you can also find out more about contests, meet-and-greets, and tennis-related activities in the area. 

If you can, join as many social events that are related to tennis. You might meet a great tennis partner and some friends, too. In addition, you can get involved with organizing these events if that is something that interests you. 

Consider Contacting the USTA

The USTA (United States Tennis Association) is committed to giving tennis players the best opportunities to play the game they love so much. Therefore, by reaching out to the USTA, you might find that there is someone in your area who hopes to find a tennis partner, too. 

In addition to this, the USTA offers information on tournaments, trips, clinics, tennis camps, and lessons in your area. 

A Professional Coach 

If you are in contact with someone who is a tennis instructor by profession, that person is the ideal person to ask. Someone dedicated to improving people’s tennis skills tends to know a lot of people who play tennis frequently. Therefore, it is a good idea to ask.

Try Tennis Buddy 

This nifty app has been designed to make it possible for tennis players to connect. Therefore, when you set up an account, you will be able to specify your level, area, and preferred play times and days. The app will then connect you to matches. 

This app makes it possible to meet other people with a common interest in improving their tennis skills without the risk of fake profiles or scammers. It is a clean and safe platform dedicated to getting people in touch with their ideal tennis matches. 

Book a Holiday at Total Tennis 

If you feel like taking a break in New York and enjoying the game of tennis, Total Tennis is the perfect holiday destination for you. Not only will you love the atmosphere and tennis activities that Total Tennis has to offer, but you might meet someone from your area who is eager to meet up after the holiday is over. 

Even if you don’t meet someone from your area, people tend to know other people with shared interests. That means you might be playing with someone at Total Tennis who might not live in your area but knows someone who does. Asking politely might result in that player reaching out and setting you up with a great tennis partner. 

What Should You Look For in a Tennis Partner? 

When it comes to finding a good tennis partner, you will need to reach out to others. This can be an overwhelming idea for some people, but it will be worth it to meet someone who shares your dedication and enjoyment of the game. 

Although it might be tempting to meet up with anyone willing, it is best to keep a few things in mind when considering a tennis partner. By thinking things through before committing, you can avoid a potentially uncomfortable situation if the two of you aren’t suitable as tennis players. Therefore, before committing to a tennis partnership, think about these factors: 

Your Skill Levels

It is best if you and your tennis partner have similar skill levels. Although this doesn’t mean you should have the same gameplay standard, it is best if a beginner isn’t matching an experienced player who hopes to become a pro player. Of course, the players’ personalities also come into play, but it can usually be very frustrating if a strong player is playing with weaker players. 

Not only will the stronger player feel frustrated by the lack of challenging gameplay, but the weaker player might also end up feeling overwhelmed and embarrassed. 

Therefore, it is simply best, to be honest about your skill level and look for someone with similar skills.


Imagine your frustration if you have finally found the perfect tennis partner, but the player is never available to play when you are. It is best to avoid this by clarifying your schedules before committing to a tennis partnership. 

If you are working unusual hours, it is best to be clear about the hours you will be available from the get-go. In addition to discussing your available time, it is best to talk about how regularly you would like to play. If you hope to find a tennis partner that can commit to more than once a week, mention it. 

Your Preferred Court 

If you have a specific area in mind for tennis games, you should be clear about that when you meet potential tennis partners, even more so if it requires special membership fees. Not everyone might be keen to join a particular club or pay fees for playing a game of tennis. 

Therefore, it is best to discuss the location of games when you are talking about a tennis partnership. This is especially important if you hope to travel to different places to practice playing on various court surfaces.

Future Commitments 

If you have significant changes coming up in your life, like moving in six months, for example, it is best to be upfront about it. It might not mean that someone wouldn’t want to become your tennis partner, but at least the person would have an idea about what your plans are.


Tennis can be a gamechanger in the life of anyone. Finding a sport that you not only enjoy, but get several health benefits from, is a wonderfully fulfilling experience. It also opens a gateway to meeting like-minded people interested in improving their game and making friends with people who have similar interests.

By finding a tennis partner, you will be able to enhance your gameplay and challenge yourself. Be proactive and start searching for the perfect match today.