Nike Trainer Sunglasses Review

If you are thinking of buying a good pair of sports sunglasses, then just do it. See what we just did there? Nike is famous not just for its sports shoes but also for its sports sunglasses line. 

So, if you are looking for a functional pair, then the Nike Trainers are a pretty solid option and definitely worth considering. They are especially great for people who go running regularly due to their comfortable, no-nonsense design and good-quality lenses.

So, if you want to know the full details, then let’s take a closer look at all the pros and cons of getting yourself a pair of Nike Trainers this year.

Nike Trainer Sunglasses

Nike is one of the biggest names when it comes to sportswear, and they have a global presence because of the quality and design of their products. Seriously, is there anyone on this planet who hasn’t heard about Nike?

Nike Golf Trainer Sunglasses, Black/Volt Frame, Grey with Silver Flash Lens

Like their legendary sports shoe line, they have a pretty solid sports sunglasses line that offers various sunglasses with different types of lenses. The sunglasses look smart and functional, and we would expect no less from a brand like Nike.

Who Is This Product For?

The Nike Trainers are a go-to product for people who run regularly or play different sports like baseball, for example. So, athletes would really benefit from owning a pair of these. The best thing is that the Nike Trainer line produces sunglasses for both men and women, so anyone who likes sports can get these sunglasses for themselves.

And we have to say they would be making a good decision because these are one cool-looking pair of sunglasses. They have a sleek, contoured wrap-around design that makes you look like a boss while protecting your eyes from the elements at the same time.


  • Nylon frames with a wrap-around design
  • Cam-action hinges
  • MAX Optics lenses that provide clear vision
  • Lenses available in multiple tints
  • Interchangeable lens system
  • Adjustable nose bridge
  • Lens width: 67 mm
  • Lens Height: 43 mm
  • Bridge Measurement: 13 mm
  • Frame Length: 135 mm

The Nike Trainer sunglasses are meant to be worn during sports practices. They can be used for a variety of activities like running, cycling, hiking, and various other sports. The frames on these sunglasses are incredibly lightweight, and you won’t even feel them on your face at all when you wear them. The whole frame is also designed to maintain good ventilation so that you can wear these sunglasses even if it is a blazingly hot day.

The light frames also rest easy on the ears for maximum comfort, and the frame also has an adjustable nose bridge so that the frame fits the face properly. Aside from that, the frame has well-designed cam-action hinges that provide just the right tension so that the frame’s arms sit right on the ears.

Plus, these frames have a wrap-around design that fully shields your eyes from all angles and protects them from the sun and any dust in the air. The lenses, too, provide complete protection from UVA and UVB rays so that your eyes stay safe even if you have to spend all day outside.

And these lenses come with a MAX Optics technology that ensures that these sunglasses provide clear vision at all times. Even better, the Nike Trainers line makes sunglasses that come with different tinted lenses like orange or blue tints, and you can pick the tint that best suits you.

But the most unique thing about the Nike Trainers is that they have an unmatched interchangeable lens system which means a single frame can be fitted with multiple lenses. 

So let’s say you want both blue tinted as well as black tinted lenses. Well, don’t worry because you won’t have to buy two separate sunglasses. Just buy the two lenses, and you can wear them interchangeably using the same frame.

Lastly, the Nike Trainers are also available on prescription if needed. You just have to pay a little extra, and you can get any of the Nike Trainers with prescription lenses, both online and in-store. 

And the Trainers are also delivered in their own special case that comes with a cleaning cloth made just for lenses. This is a soft cloth that does not leave scratches on the lenses, and it is highly recommended that you wipe your Trainers with their own cloth only.

Finally, we have to add that the Nike Trainers are comparatively budget-friendly and won’t burn a hole into your pocket so getting a pair of these for everyday use is absolutely worth it.

Even though these Nike Trainers are a relatively inexpensive and functional option, there are a few drawbacks and areas of improvement. Firstly, adding an anti-fog coating and a decentered polycarbonate material into the lenses would make them so much more resilient to damage. Adding hydrophilic nose pads would also make these sunglasses more effective in withstanding heat and sweat.


  • Lightweight nylon frames with durable hinges that fit the face properly
  • A wrap-around design that protects the eyes from all sides
  • Adjustable nose bridge so that the frame fits the face comfortably
  • Lenses with Max Optics technology that provides clarity of vision
  • Multiple lenses available with different tints
  • Lenses can be worn interchangeably using the same frame
  • Prescription lenses available
  • These sunglasses come with their own case and cleaning cloth.


  • No anti-fog coating
  • No polycarbonate material in the lenses that would make them more impact resistant
  • No hydrophilic nose pads

Final Thoughts

If you exercise a lot and have regular sports practice, then getting yourself a good pair of sports sunglasses is a must. We recommend the Nike Trainers because of their sleek design and functionality. They really are a good pocket-friendly option so having a pair of these for regular use is a good idea. We hope that this in-depth review will help you make a more informed decision when you decide to go shopping for some sports sunglasses.