Tifosi Tyrant Polarized 2.0 Sunglasses Review

Are you a cyclist, runner, or sports enthusiast needing quality sunglasses to give you a competitive advantage in your races? If yes, then Tifosi Tyrant Polarized 2.0 sunglasses might be your solution. 

Many sports personalities spend time and money to get quality products to help them nurture their passions and improve on them. You will notice many athletes using Tifosi Tyrant polarized sunglasses because they help them achieve that. 

These glasses have a polycarbonate material that grips the nose’s bridge to help them stay in place. They are also ventilated and offer 100% UVA/UVB protection. To learn more about this product, consider the following. 

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About Tifosi Optics 

Tifosi Optics started in 2003. It is an eyewear brand that blends quality, style, function, and value to provide customers with the best products. The company produces cycling, running, outdoor and golf products. 

It is the number one selling brand of eyewear in specialty cycling stores. Also, it is among the reputable golf and running producing companies. 

The company values customer feedback, and this way, it found a way of engaging with the community. Through these interactions, they always ensure that they provide solutions to the ever-changing customer needs. 

Its mission is to design and distribute technologically advanced and value-oriented sunglasses for sports enthusiasts. This is evident in the name “Tifosi,” an Italian word meaning sports enthusiast. 

Tifosi Optics produces a variety of products that come with various lens technology and frame styles. The Tifosi Tyrant Polarized 2.0 sunglasses, for example, feature Tifosi’s most advanced lenses. These lenses come in different variations to meet the varying customer needs. 

Who is This Product for?

Just as the name suggests, Tifosi Optics specifically designed this for sports enthusiasts. The glasses offer a small competitive advantage to those who use them. The glasses consist of a light frame, polycarbonate that enhances vision, UV protection coating to block extreme sunlight and many more features. 

Tifosi Men's Tyrant 2.0 Wrap Sunglasses, Matte Black, 68 mm

These features work together for better performance. They also help the eyes adapt to the environment. 

Tifosi Tyrant Polarized 2.0 sunglasses are also suitable for hiking. They are impact-resistant, and they adjust to the environment. If it becomes too bright, the tint darkens, and if it is dark, the lens balances the contrast. 

We all have different face sizes. The Tifosi Tyrant Polarized 2.0 sunglasses are ideal for those with small to medium faces. 


  • Grilamid TR-90 Nylon frame 
  • Polycarbonate lens 
  • UV protection coating 
  • Light frame design 
  • Interchangeable lenses 
  • Color options 
  • Technology advanced lenses 

Tifosi Tyrant Polarized 2.0 sunglasses feature a Grilamid TR-90 nylon frame that is light. The nylon frame also resists chemical and UV damage making it durable. Other advantages of having the nylon frame are it easily beats the heat, and it is comfortable. 

The Grilamid TR-90 nylon frame has an optimized fit that sits perfectly on small to medium faces. It is also impact resistant making it the perfect hiking companion. 

Tifosi Optics used polycarbonate lenses when making this product. Polycarbonate material is known for eliminating image distortion and removing unwanted magnification. This gives you a perfect vision at all times. 

The polarized lens reduces 99% of visible glare from the air, water, and even sand. This increases visual acuity and reduces eye strain. 

There is a U protection coating to protect the eyes from extreme sunlight. Tifosi Tyrant Polarized 2.0 sunglasses have a lightweight frame with a sleek and stylish design. The frame is 20% more effective than glass and weighs less. It weighs less than 1 oz. 

One of the features that differentiate Tifosi sunglasses from the rest is the interchangeable lenses. You can easily remove old lenses and insert a new one once they get worn out or when trying other designs. 

There are different color variations for this product. It comes in matte white, matte black (these two colors are also available in gloss), white, black, iron, and gunmetal.

The lenses used are technologically advanced. They are smoke polarized, which means they utilize a grey tint to balance and adapt to surroundings. This tint blocks glare in the process. 

Tifosi Tyrant Polarized 2.0 sunglasses specs are: Lens width 68mm, lens height 40mm bridge 12mm, and arm 128mm. 


  • Interchangeable lenses 
  • Vented lenses
  • They are lightweight 
  • Durable 
  • Comfortable 


  • They are ideal for small to medium faces and might not be the best option for bigger face sizes. 

Are Tifosi Tyrant Polarized 2.0 Sunglasses Worth it? 

Yes! You might consider trying these glasses because interchanging the lens is very simple. To do this, you hold the lens at a point close to the nose piece and then pull it down. The lens then easily snaps out. You then insert your new lens, and it automatically sets in firmly and securely. 

The sunglasses feature adjustable nose pieces made from hydrophilic rubber. You can easily move them to get the perfect fit. This hydrophilic rubber also increases grip the more you sweat. It is in a design that does not interfere with vision during these adjustments. 

It also features adjustable earpieces made from hydrophilic rubber. The rubber helps limit slippage. 

Tifosi sunglasses have vented lenses to increase the airflow and prevent fogging. This helps to keep your eyes cool. 

The product comes equipped with a user guide. Use the instructions to operate and store the glasses for them to serve you even longer. 

You also get a zippered shell case and a cleaning cloth. Avoid using wet materials when cleaning and only use the specified one. The zippered case makes the glasses portable. 

Final Thoughts 

The main advantage of having the Tifosi Tyrant Polarized 2.0 sunglasses is that they can balance the light in your surroundings. This makes it a powerful tool to use when you have sensitive eyes.

Another feature that many customers pointed out is the ventilated lenses. Tifosi Optics designed this product in a way that the ventilation holes do not let in much light. 

Getting yourself Tifosi Tyrant Polarized 2.0 sunglasses is crucial if you want to preserve and enhance your visual abilities. It is also something that you can gift your family and friends on special occasions.