Under Armour Igniter Sunglasses Review

If you are in the market for a new pair of sunglasses but are not sure what to get, then this detailed review is just what you need. This review will seek to give a comprehensive and detailed examination of Under Armour’s Igniter sunglasses, an acclaimed and hot selling item from an equally acclaimed and respected brand. Take some time and read on to see why the Igniters are as popular and raved about as they are. Who knows, that might just become your go-to model from here on out.

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Under Armour Igniter Sunglasses

When it comes to sportswear and active apparel, Under Armour is the go-to for many households due to the level of quality and style that is associated with the brand. Under Armour’s Igniters sunglasses promise that same level of quality with this model. Sporting its trademark Ultra-light ArmourFusion® technology for its frame, it promises to deliver high levels of durability and toughness. 

This quality assurance is not just limited to the frame with the actual lens featuring Multiflection™ coating guards to protect the lens from smudges, dents, and scratches. Both of these features should hopefully give you some peace of mind that the glasses won’t just break from a minor fall while doing outdoor activities. 

An event that is even less likely to happen, thanks to Under Armour’s UA AUTOGRIP Temples, a design technology that allows the arms of the glasses to adjust to your head shape, creating a secure fit that is still comfortable and won’t squeeze. It’s not just the arms that are adjustable but also the nose rest, allowing you to adjust them to your preference. 

Lastly, the lens of the Igniters also promises to block 100% of UVA, UVB, and UVC rays, keeping your eyes shielded and protected from harm and glare. (The three mentioned rays refer to the three most common forms of ultraviolet radiation that we come into contact with from the sun. UVA has the longest wavelengths, while UVB and UVC have respectably short lengths. Thankfully most UVB and UVC rays do not reach us thanks to the ozone layer.)

Who Is This Product For?

The Igniters, true again to Under Armour’s image and ethos, are great for just about any situation you find yourself in (just not formal functions). Under Armour’s products are aimed towards gym and exercise, outdoor activities, and sports in general. Likewise, their sunglasses are designed to function perfectly within any of these activities as well as those not mentioned, such as casual wear. 

The Igniters are a perfect choice for those who live an active lifestyle or those who just want a secure and trusted pair of sunglasses that will shield and protect their eyes from harmful rays as they go about their day. That said, the Igniters are far from the most budget-friendly option available, a fact that might dissuade some. However, counter to that, one should really view purchasing such a pair as an investment, as the fact remains that these are still a quality pair of durable and resilient sunglasses that should hopefully last you many years.


  • Durable and strong Grilamid® and titanium frame body built with Ultra-light ArmourFusion®.
  • Feature performance lens that promises to block 100% of harmful sun rays.
  • Scratch and smudge-resistant glass lens with Multiflection™ coating. 
  • Adjustable arms around the temples of the head and over the bridge of the nose.
  • Lens – 66mm.
  • Temple – 123mm.
  • Nose bride – 19mm.
  • One size fits all for medium to large heads.
  • Allows for interchangeable lenses.
  • Prescription ready.

The quality of the Under Armour Igniters and the reputation of the brand make this model a great option for close to every facet of sports or general life. They used Ultra-light ArmourFusion® titanium and Grilamid® for the frames and body of the glasses, which makes them extremely durable and flexible, enabling them to withstand a decent amount of pressure or damage. 

The Grilamid used refers to a thermoplastic and polyamide compound that offers a low density and low moisture absorbent material that is also quite bendable. Making adjustments to the nose bridge and the arms around the temples is easy due to their UA AUTOGRIP design. 

It also provides some extra room for flexibility, making them less likely to snap under pressure. The lens’ themselves are also not without protection, with the special Multiflection™ coating used on the guards of the lens making them more resistant to hits, smudges, and scratches. This enables you to have flawless glasses and unhindered vision for longer, not to mention having said vision 100% shield from harmful UVC, UVA, and UVB rays thanks to their high-performance lens. 

What’s more, the Igniters are also prescription-ready and allow for interchangeable lenses, a great feature if you feel like trying out a different colored lens. The dimensions of the glasses also accommodate most of those with medium to large-sized heads, which should cover most adults. They can be a bit on the pricy side of things, but at least the hit is lessened thanks to the overall quality of the glasses, making the Igniters more of an investment option than cheaper glasses going for a third of the price.

While the Igniters might be a great pair for sports and other active activities, they may not be perfect for everyone. The first issue to address is the actual look and visual design of the glasses. It certainly is not bad, but they are definitely a sporty looking pair of glasses. Those who prefer more understated glasses might consider giving them a miss, but they are still more understated than other sports glasses on the market. 

The next issue is a slight concern regarding the plastic compound that makes up the guard for the bridge of the nose. While it looks to be of good quality, a lot of similar plastic components featured on glasses have been known to melt ever so slightly when exposed to extreme heat. This is something to keep in mind. 

This model may allow for interchangeable glasses, but it does not afford the same luxury to the actual frames, ultimately limiting your design choice to the standard grey-black set. More colors and designs do exist, but they are much harder to find, even on Under Armour’s actual website. 

Lastly, the Igniters are often listed as a “one size fit all,” where they should more accurately specify themselves as for medium to large heads. This would be beneficial for those with smaller heads from accidentally purchasing a pair that does not fit them.

All of that said, this overview will next go over a summarized breakdown of the pros and cons linked to the Under Armour Igniters. Just do keep in mind that the matter of drawing up a pros and cons list is not without issue. The reason being that these lists are, in essence, informed by our own subjective perception and experience of anything or product we seek to assign a value to. Some people will find cons as pros and pros as cons.


  • Scratch resistant glass
  • The frame is flexible, durable, and tough
  • High-performance lens that promises to block 100% of harmful rays
  • Secure and tight fit around temples and snug fit around the nose without being uncomfortable
  • Interchangeable lens
  • Prescription ready
  • Investment item (preference and budget)


  • Limited option or choice regarding frame color
  • Potentially weak heat-resistant plastic components
  • Pricy investment item (preference and budget)
  • Sporty and non-understated design
  • Misleading “one size fits all” labeling

Final Thoughts

While it can be tricky at times to find that pair of glasses that is just right for you, hopefully, the Under Armour Igniters were able to pique your interest. Under Armour was able to deliver a pair of glasses that are just about perfect for close to every physical activity imaginable (minus the aquatic orientated ones). 

You will also be able to fully commit yourself to whatever you are doing with the assurance that the glasses won’t simply break from the slightest fall or hit. Overall, the Igniters are a fine pair of glasses that are well suited for a wide variety of activities, although they certainly are not the easiest on the budget. It might be wise to wait for a sale before grabbing a pair for yourself. Hopefully, this review was able to be of assistance to you.