Babolat Drive Max 110 Tennis Racket Review

Tennis is one major game in the international sporting world. It is a game desired by many and admired by millions and thus has a considerable backup fan base. Either as a beginner or a professional, you understand the importance of having the right equipment for the game.

Therefore, among other things, you need the best racket you can find to fit your desired needs and propel your game to the next level. Babolat Drive Max 110 tennis racket is precisely what you need to elevate your gaming experience.

You’re probably looking for something steady, cost-effective, and constitute features that are tournament-friendly. This is it, the right racket for you. Herein you’ll find all the information you need to know about this fantastic product, the best-suited individuals, its benefits and much more. Don’t stop! Let’s go.

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Babolat Drive Max 110 Tennis Racket

This mainstream top-tier and ultra-sleek design racket has come a long way. It was launched in 2013 due to noted deficiencies in the Drive Max 105. However, the Babolat 110 is an improvement and a step forward to cover all the drawbacks of its previous generation rackets.

It is a new and refined update to its predecessor, and it is firm, steady, and durable. The racket comes with improvements such as an oversized head and an increased length, which improve stability and control. It is also comfortable as compared to the most similar products.

The advancements in the features of this racket aim at improving your game performance. The increased size and strength in a general offer to provide more powerful hits without damage to your comfort. All this serves to ensure you’re in total control of the racket, and these are the core ingredients of the game.

The Max 110 racket is a highly sophisticated piece of equipment. It is built to last and to deliver the best of all of its categories. All the top advancements in the racket industry have been considered and implemented into one complete and affordable masterpiece.

Typically, there is so much that comes with this package. The graphite construction material used ensures there is a step-up of power and spin to the player. The model keeps evolving in that the current generation incorporates such technologies as elliptic geometry, which ensures the racket maintains its firmness and delivers ball power as needed.

Who Is This Product For?

Tennis is a well-known game all around the world. However, different people are overly interested in the game for a profession, passion, love for the game, and more.

For this specific type of racket, the specifications are well advanced and require a more than beginner level of prowess. The racket has features that are well suited for an amateur, intermediate to an advanced player. That is someone who has extensive knowledge and skills in the game itself.

Moreover, this racket is perfectly designed to cater to the essential needs of an intermediate or a professional player. Balanced weight, durable, stylish design, high-level comfort are some of the features you expect from this racket.

To be comfortable in the workaround of the racket, you need to have a proper connection, skill, and clear understanding of the game. Generally, this racket fits pros or any serious tennis player looking for stability, durability, and outstanding performance.

Top Features

You can determine the performance of a product by keenly looking into the overall constituent. The racket’s elegant and yet durable design and compatibility are one to behold. The focus is to deliver customer satisfaction to its users. Quality is the goal, but other features make the product magical. Have a look!

Size and Weight

It stretches to 7cm (27.5inces) with 110sq. Inches of head size. This confirms that the length of this racket is slightly longer than that of the others in the same category. It weighs about 260g which makes it lighter than its predecessor, the Drive Max 105.

By holding the two rackets, you would even feel the weight difference. This makes it advantageous in terms of power and topspin. It also has a swing weight of 311 and a 27mm beam measure, thus combining a flex of 71. This explains the increased comfort in use and the intricate design compatibility of the racket in general.

Both size and weight are some of the things you ought to consider when choosing the right racket for you.

Grip and String Pattern

The type of grip used on the racket is coined from a soft syntax. The material is deeply symbolic since it is Babolat’s Pride trademark, Cortex Comfort. Its grip provision is in three different sizes; 41/1, 41/2, and 43/8. These provisions fit all hand sizes and offer the same comfort and stability across all sizes.

Concerning the string pattern, it features one of the best and most effective patterns. The pattern is a dense string pattern measuring 1 by 20 inches. This provides the player with an excellent sweet spot and enough energy transfer.

The pattern is a critical factor in improving smash power, shot consistency, and generally serve accuracy. The racket is intricately orchestrated to handle its size and weight better. For this reason, the racket does well for intermediate and expert players.


This racket has a well-distributed weight and perfect sizing for the flawless delivery of both power and comfort. The intricate handle and string design pattern are in such a way that allows the player to have correct flow, movement, and handling.  

Babolat Drive Max 110 is a tool for players to elevate their game to the next level. The increased string spacing ensures better control and improved topspin volleys. Also, the lengthy design ensures you can quickly return smashes and volleys with better precision.

To add to that, the extra-large head, increased length and a wider beam all serve a purpose to boost its performance. The increased weight in the right areas is beneficial as it allows more power to flow towards the ball, producing more potent shots. Additionally, the improved sweet spot serves to your advantage generating better maneuverability to shots and plays.


The use of graphite as the primary material clearly tells you how robust and durable this racket is. The racket is capable of top-tier intricate design structures. What is more, graphite material ensures a solid spot for the racket to be well known for its strength and durability.

The best and the latest elliptic geometry technology also used on the racket is fantastic. This ensures that twisting the racket between plays and switches to backhand and forehand is seamless.

The racket also incorporates cortex comfort technology which reduces vibration to ensure you don’t strain your wrist when playing for an extended period. This is uncommon compared to most similar products in the market. The better the feel of the racket, the much you’ll get to enjoy the game.


  • Head size: 110sq. Inches/709.68 sq. cm.
  • Length:27.5inches/69.85cm
  • Strung Weight: 9.7oz/ 274.99g
  • Balance: 2pts HH
  • Swing weight: 302
  • Stiffness: 69
  • Beamwidth: 27mm/ 27mm/ 28mm
  • Composition: Graphite
  • Power level: High
  • Stroke Style: Compact-Medium
  • Stroke Speed: Slow-Moderate
  • Racquet Colors: Black, Blue, White
  • Grip type: Syntec Soft
  • String Pattern: 16 Mains/ 20 Crosses
  • Mains skip: 8T, 8H
  • One Piece, No shared holes
  • String Tension: 50-55 pounds


  • Babolat Drive Max 110 build materials offer excellent handling and grip. In addition, the comfort is enhanced to ensure you achieve your utmost potential.
  • The increased wider beam with an extra-large head provides the perfect seamless energy transfer from the player to the ball.
  • The racket is cost-effective as compared to similar products in the market. Considering its features, the price is worthwhile.
  • It features increased power and performance that helps you smash and shoot with ease due to its weight balance.
  • It has a unique extra spaced 16 by 20 string pattern, which delivers a higher topspin.
  • The graphite material used as the primary material ensures the racket is strong and durable and also provides increased power to the player’s backhand, shots, and volleys.
  • The 302 swing weight coupled with the enormous sweet spot racket offers excellent control and comfort in the court.


  • The racket may be stiff and a little challenging to handle for beginners
  • It only provides three tension options for the player.


To cement the quality, delivery, spinning, and overall skills, you need sufficient training and the right and effective equipment to propagate you to a higher level.

The Babolat Drive Max 110 is geared towards the delivery of quality and affordability all in one package. It is a racket built for the game with the end player’s result in mind. It is set to deliver speed, power, performance, comfort, and at the same time, it’s durable.

The return on investment on the racket is worthwhile. It shows an advancement to its forerunners in design and assimilation. If you find yourself buying a new racket after every tournament or training, you need to revise your choices. Max 110 is the pinnacle of perfection in the series of rackets from its tenure. Feel free to check it out and buy the racket for a guaranteed boost in your overall performance on the game.

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