Babolat Nadal junior Tennis Racket Review

Choosing the best racket when it comes to tennis is one of the difficult decisions you’re going to make. This is due to the combination of perfection and quality you want to achieve from your racket of choice. Therefore you will need not only a strong one for your junior kid but also a compatible one with power, speed, and user comfort.

I introduce the Babolat Nadal junior tennis racket to you, one with a fantastic quality of its own. It is the newest in the market and is suitable for kids between 9 and 12 years.

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Babolat Nadal junior Tennis Racket Overview

Tennis is a worldwide game, and it is more prevalent in western countries like the U.S. This doesn’t mean that it is a simple to go game. Like other games, you need the right equipment and the professionalism to excel in it. One of the significant equipment pieces is a racket, well, a good racket, if we may say.

Babolat Nadal junior racket offers both leisure play as well as the adaptability of this game. It makes a lightweight design a good choice, more so when your child has to play for extended periods. It is more of a beginner racket, but your child will get to adapt to it slowly as they perfect their game.

It is suited with an aluminum frame, which gives it its lightweight nature and makes it highly durable. The head size is more spacious to provide enough room for error correction, which is a common trait in newbies. The racket is pre-strung with a dark synthetic gut, which makes maneuverability easy and straightforward for the child who is trying to venture into this sport.

The tight string pattern makes it strong and can hold the ball force without causing strain to your child. This will give a child whose morale is up and developing a better interest in tennis.

Being a junior racket, it is precisely for kids not below nine years or above 12 years. If your child is much younger or older than the specified ages, then you need to find a different kid’s tennis racket. There are various sizes of these junior rackets. This is mainly to make it compatible with all children’s ages.

The racket features a paint job that looks similar to Rafa’s racquet. If your main concern is finding a recreation use racket, this one will be an excellent choice for your kid. It has fewer of those exceptional features that make some rackets bulky. Having less to do frills, it comes to you at an affordable price.

It is one great choice to help your junior kid gain the necessary experience in the tennis game.

Top Features of Babolat Nadal Junior Tennis Racket

Babolat Nadal junior Tennis Racket entails some features that make it stand out against the kinds in the market. Compared to the top-rated rackets and their predecessors, let’s look at the commonly enjoyed features of this product.

Aluminum Make

Why this material? This is because it is lightweight yet highly durable. Your child will, however, have no problem enjoying the game for long.

It weighs more or less 215 grams, which is lighter than the usual 300g of the typical rackets.

Well-sized for smaller hands.

Being a junior racket, it is designed to work well for most kids. It is fitted with smaller frames to complement its lightweight design. Your kid will therefore have no strains when serving or swinging all through the game. It holds a head size of 105 square inches and a 4 inches grip size.


Children get tired easily. If you give them an adult racket, just two to three serves are enough to make them exhausted. This version offers excellent comfort from its strong structure together with its rubberized handle.

Serves, Spin, and volley

This is another area of excellence with Babolat Nadal’s junior tennis racket. It offers increased stability when volleying and easy to serve for the newbies. This makes it more friendly and unique. Its design provides your kid the spinning control in cases where he wants to explore more playing skills.


There is less stiffness compared to other models. Considering that it has a pre-strung design, this feature makes handling easier; hence, the player can train more efficiently.

Potential Drawbacks

Well, this might be a good choice for juniors but might not be the best for those who want to make a profession or career in tennis. This is because it was created mainly for recreation. Another problematic trait of this racket is that despite being lightweight, it doesn’t have a shock absorption system.


The product is a great deal, and it majors in helping all the junior kids make good use of their leisure. Cost is one of the significant aspects we consider before we conclude on which product to go for. The Babolat Nadal junior tennis racket will cost you around $30, a reasonable price for such a fantastic product.


To sum it up, this racket is one of a kind. It comes with additional features that you’re likely to miss from other recreational rackets in the market. From its lightweight design, 4-inch size grip, lesser stiff play, and extreme comfort, your child can get to enjoy and love playing the game as much. Babolat Nadal junior tennis racket is a better way to get your kid started.

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