Babolat Pure Strike v3 Review

A previous Babolat Pure Strike was said to be unforgiving and too stiff to provide any real control or feel for the ball. But this third generation has made some adaptions by adding new technology to offer all the things you loved before and improve the things you weren’t crazy about. 

As the supposed middle ground between the Pure Drive and the Pure Aero, the Pure Strike will offer you a well-rounded, best-of-everything kind of deal in power, spin, playability, control, and more. 

Let’s talk about some of the specs first. 

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First, know your specs before we get into the nitty-gritty of the powerhouse.

Head Size: 98 square Inches

Length: 27 inches

Unstrung Weight: 305 grams

Strung Weight: 320 grams

Balance: 4 points headlight 

Swingweight:  323 

String Pattern: 16 Mains/19 Crosses

General Background

We weren’t kidding when we said this racket would offer the best of everything. This is thanks to the FS1 Technology and Hybrid Frame Construction that will allow any player to play with not only power but also the option to have easy access to topspin as needed.  

This awesome feel make come from its slightly heavier weight at 320 grams paired with a slightly heavier swing weight at 323. This is what gives you that exact feel that players are looking for when they pick up a racket. You get what it is. But this heavier weight is paired with an awesome head light balance making maneuverability a priority. 

Some may fret about the instability this may provide but will be pleasantly surprised in the performance. 

How does it do from the back?


If you are someone who is looking for easier access to spin, then this racket will do a great job of giving you that. The string bed is more open, meaning that the spacing will allow more spin, and with the ability to move the head of the racket, you can whip your wrist to increase that revolution. 

This may concern a player who feels like the ball won’t trace if there is such an emphasis on spin. This is no issue because the weight behind the racket transfer right into the weight behind your powerhouse baseline shots. This is why it can really be the best blend of power, spin, and control because of the technology and setup of the frame. 

If you are looking for a heavy-hitting pretty ball, the Babolat Pure Strike is going to give that to you. 

Net Game

Usually, something that performs so well from the baseline will struggle from the net. Not with this racket, though! Because of the stability and its headlight weight, it is easy to get the racket into position for quick reflexes without giving up the stability upon contact. 

This can be a great addition for those who love to use their baseline game to make their way to the net. While the string bed, in theory, wouldn’t be great for touch volleying as well, the racket performs surpassingly well. It’s not out of this world, but it’s pretty good considering how strong it performs from the baseline. 

This can be said as well for slicing at any point of the court. Whether you are hitting drop shots from the middle or slice approaching, you will find that the Pure Strike holds up well in most circumstances. 


At this point, you may be thinking ok, this has to be the downfall to that racket. Wrong again, the serve performs outstandingly well. This is because the open string bed provides extra pop and more spin to keep the ball in. 

The stability from the racket allows for feel, which can be particularly important for players who are serving big from the start. Another positive is the racket head maneuverability that allows the racket to easily get into position and snap your wrist at the top to get a good crack on the ball. 

This can be particularly important for those who are looking to take their second serve to a whole new level. This racket adds that extra MPH’s while keeping the ball in and offering a serious amount of kick all at the same time. 

Closing Thoughts

Sounds too good to be true? The racket scores remarkably high and does a great job in all areas. This means it’s a great racket for all-court players who rely on a variety of different aspects of their game to win. Having said that, because it rates so well in everything, it may lack some extra emphasis in one category over another, which may be important to a player. 

In other words, the Pure Strike itself may enhance your overall game than really strengthen one of your major weaknesses. But it will be reliable and can be a great option for any player really at any level. You don’t have to worry about whether you are a beginner and if the racket will be too much for you because it will boost your power while offering spin and control.  

If there was going to be any downside for any player, it might be slightly difficult to flatten the ball out. Typically, this is less of a problem because, in today’s generation of players, the modern racket caters to spin-friendly as it is more of a reliable shot than a flat one. 

If you are a flat baseliner, you may be pleasantly surprised, or you may find you more of a Sharapova, and this racket just doesn’t do it for you. 

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