Babolat Pure Strike Tennis Racket Review

The new Babolat Pure Strike has quite a few changes from swing weight to string pattern. With this amount of change, many people wonder whether the racket will have the same feel and benefactors that it did before.

The design changes were meant to offer the perfect balance of control and power.

But does it live up to that?

Here is the breakdown and review below.

The General Facts:

  • Head Size: 98in²/630cm²
  • Length: 27in / 68,5cm
  • Weight: 11.3oz / 320g
  • Unstrung Weight: 10.8oz / 305g
  • Balance: 33,02cm / 4 pts HL
  • Unstrung Balance: 32cm / 7 pts HL
  • Swingweight: 323
  • String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses

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The added swing weight is what gives players that extra boost behind the ball that they need. It also provides additional stability, getting rid of the vibration feedback that some rackets give off when not hit directly on the sweet spot.


The 16×19 string pattern offers more spin for players given them a slightly better feel. This offsets the added power by providing a player the ability to swing freely and put the ball in at the same time.

This is perfect for the aggressive player that may be missing long more often than they would like.


This racket rates high in reviews for serving because of its ability to provide variety. Power flat serves? No problem. Kick with spin? No problem.

The string bed offers the best of both worlds, with the dampened feel allowing the ball to stay on strings a little longer than the previous version.

Maneuverability And Returning

It’s essential to be able to quickly move the racket into position on return, and that’s why this racket rates so well in returning. Despite its increased swing weight, this racket, the Pure Strike, still gets to where it needs to be with ease.

With an increased sweet spot even with the fastest of serves, the power distribution enables you to hit slightly off-center and have a forgiving feel with a great result.


If there were a downside to the racket, volleys may be where someone complains. But it really depends on the type of volleyer. For instance, someone who loves to move at the net will love this feel as it absorbs the pace and power well.

But for those who look for a much more crisp-feel, the open strings can dampen the feel of someone who relies on touch volleys and chip and charge. It’s not the worst in its category. There’s just some room for improvement, and it comes down to preference.


The same can be said for slice and drop shots. While it can get the job done, this racket is geared more for someone who has an aggressive play style. This can be applied to all groundstrokes and serves as the dampen feel may be too damp for the slice.


Most people will not offer up a whole lot of complaints about the Babolat Pure Strike. This is because it offers a stable racket with a lightweight feel. It provides the confidence an aggressive player needs to ensure the ball is going to come back in. This is because of the string patter adding both power and spin.

The racket is excellent for every shot while keeping in mind that touch volley and slice may need a little extra help.

Overall, this racket rates as one of the highest rackets in the Babolat family.

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