Babolat Rival Pro 100 Tennis Racket Review

Most of the time, the skill of a player is what leads to victory or loss. However, the type of racquet you use for your game will majorly determine the outcome in tennis. There are many rackets in the market with unique and great qualities, but the Babolat Rival Pro 100 tennis racket is worth considering. 

Some of these traditional rackets lack good qualities, yet they are overpriced, while others do not get enough credit. This article, therefore, focuses on the features that make Babolat Pro 100 racket the most preferred racket. Read through to learn more. 

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Babolat Rival Pro 100 Tennis Racket

In the 1990s, Babolat joined the racket industry. Although it was never a prominent player, it has continuously advanced the quality of its rackets over the years. Babolat rackets have been used in national sports by several professional players, which shows that they are of high quality. 

The company has continuously proven to provide quality and comfortable products to make tennis more fulfilling and enjoyable. In addition, many customers have left positive feedback on the rackets on the Babolat website, which means that they were delighted with their purchase. 

Who Is This Product For

These unique tennis rackets are easy to handle, making them ideal for beginners. They are made with durable materials, which guarantees that the trainees’ racket will last for a while. 

The product gives the player more power to swing back since it is heavy-headed. However, the rackets are also great for intermediate players because of their comfortable and high-level design, which gives the racket a very balanced control. 

Any tennis player can still use this racket regardless of their skill level because it is efficient. The rackets are both affordable and highly convenient to use.


  • Head size: 100sq. Inches 
  • Length: 27 inches 
  • Strung weight: 9.9oz
  • Balance : 345mm 
  • Stiffness: 68 
  • Beam width: 23mm/ 26mm/ 23mm 
  • Composition: graphite 
  • Racket color: Yellow, Blue 
  • Grip type: Syntec soft 
  • String pattern: 16 mains /19 crosses 
  • String tension: 50-59 pounds 

For an affordable cost, you can get the Babolat Rival Pro 100, which features all that customers adore about Babolat and what they deliver. With a surface area of 100 square inches, this is the tiniest of all the headframes we provide. 

Small head frames offer excellent power and control over the racket giving the player golden opportunities to strike however they find fit. At 9.9 oz., it is both light and quick. Additionally, the small weight of the racket makes it easier for the player to swing faster. 

The rackets are composed of a graphite combination, making them solid and long-lasting despite their small sizes. Graphite gives a racket a flexible feel, which boosts the strength of hits, especially for beginners or advanced players looking for power in rackets. In addition, Pro 100 is easy to string, so players can rest their rackets when it starts wearing and tearing. 

It also provides a size two hold, and therefore its weight is in the head of the racket, signifying that it will have more strength. However, this makes it more difficult for the player to turn around. On the other hand, it is only two points, so it does not make much difference. Babolat Rival Pro 100 has a conventional string pattern of 16 x 19 strings, which means that the strings have an open pattern. 

When a racket has wider spacing, it is most likely going to give the ball more spin giving an advantage to the player. Most tennis rackets are available in different lengths from 27-29 inches. Babolat rackets come in all these sizes. The longer the length of a racket, the more the advantage a player has. Long rackets are known to provide extra length to reach for ground-level balls that the player could have missed. 

The frame is slightly stiff, ensuring that the player is comfortable when handling it and does not draw a lot of power from the ball on impact. The racket is also made with a very light handle that enables the player to have swift movements.

This racket stands out because of the following features:

Design Specifications 

Babolat concentrated on “tweener” rackets, which integrated most of the best features within each frame type and appealed to professional and collegiate players. They incorporated certain enhanced technical aspects to practical weights and proportions to attract the comparatively low players making the rackets more straightforward to wield without sacrificing the traits that tournament pros want. 

The technical aspects mostly give the Rival pro 100 stream appeal, but they also ensure that the rackets used by its endorsers are easier to operate for the ordinary leisure players than most other companies’ pro designs. There is a high possibility that both holiday players and team champions are utilizing the same design at any given venue, giving it the impression of widespread use. It must be excellent because everybody uses it.

Fit for Present Gaming 

Like any other sport, tennis evolves with time, and the ideal rules that the players are trained and instructed to adhere to keep changing. The tennis stroke mechanics have evolved due to the growing size of star players and the features of the increasingly used poly strands. Babolat Rival Pro 100 are lighter, bigger, and stiffer than older player designs. They are excellent for the new swing technique.

Time and again, the acceptable standard size of the rackets has been changed to ensure fairness during tournaments and games. Babolat has, however, been in the lead in ensuring that their customers get the right size of these rackets. Of course, everyone wants to stand out on a tennis court, but skills and practice alone are not enough; the right racket is considerable gear to have.

Simple To Use And Enjoyable To Utilize

Babolat’s fairly light and rigid structure makes the frames easier to pick and swing for a beginning or advanced player, and they generate a lot of force. Therefore, regardless of whether players can genuinely play well, the rackets help them unleash their utmost potential. 

As a result, even though you do not win more rounds, the Babolat Rival 100 is highly satisfying. Many players prefer Babolat’s Rival Pro 100 rackets because of their uniqueness in how comfortable the racket is produced to feel. 

Price Stability

Babolat stated that they would not sell Babolat Rival Pro 100 at a discounted price. Babolat’s price management of their frames has rendered them incredibly famous amongst merchants. They are similar to the price controls witnessed in prominent firms like Apple. 

As a result, they gain trust from their retailers who buy these rackets in bulk. When a product is constantly sold out, it proves that it is highly liked and found to be worth the price by tennis players. 


Players are familiar with the Rival Pro 100 emblems, as numerous have previously used the string. The top stars offer great inspiration for new professional players or beginners who do not know which racket to buy. 

It Is Simple To String Them

Due to Babolat’s history as a string manufacturing firm, its frames were engineered to be relatively fast and straightforward to thread, making them easier to handle than other strings. The easy threading of the strings gives an added advantage to this item over other types of rackets. 

Smart Style

Babolat has done an excellent job of producing designs that are distinct from their competition and attractive since its arrival in the racket industry. Their brand is outstanding; everything is stylish and consistent. 

They have also done a great job with all of the fundamentals of promotion, which should go without saying. Many companies overlook the packaging of their products, completely forgetting that people sometimes go for the exterior aesthetics.


  • Excellent for all skill levels. It’s perfect for both beginners, intermediates, and professionals. 
  • Fantastic strength and command balance which gives you excellent control power and performance. 
  • For those developing topspin, this racket has an excellent spin.
  • It has a nice feel to it and a significant tipping point. This reduces wrist strains and makes it comfortable to use when training for extended periods. 
  • Affordable as compared to similar kinds in the market. 


  • Control is better, but it is not the best choice.

Final Thoughts 

Most rackets that offer good service are unbelievably expensive. However, Babolat Rival Pro 100 tennis racket provides both quality and affordability. Moreover, the rackets will last you for a while because of their robust design, and you get to save up some coins.

Many string manufacturing companies use the same materials and techniques to make the rackets, so it is easier to come across counterfeit ones in the market. It is wise to do thorough research before buying a racket to establish the features you want in yours. After all, your racket affects your gameplay in ways such as channeling your strike power from your arm and directly into the ball. 

The level of your skills can also be a significant determinant of the racket you buy. We hope that this in-depth review has helped you make the right decision on which racket to invest in.

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