Top 5 Best Babolat Tennis Rackets in 2022

Just like with a lot of other sports, tennis can be a great outlet to relieve stress and spend a little time outdoors. But also like these other sports, there is specific gear that you have to invest in, and one of the most important is your racket. There are tons of different styles and brands available to you, so we completely understand why it might be overwhelming to find the right fit for you.

When looking at either investing in a new racket or your very first one, you can’t go wrong by choosing one of the oldest brands. This is why, when considering which racket you should look at, Babolat should be on your list of tennis racket brands to check out. 

Rackets by this brand have been used by some of the best players in the world, and that says something. Even amongst this world-class brand, though there are multiple different styles of rackets to choose from.

Below we have taken an in-depth look at the top five best Babolat tennis rackets on the market today in hopes that it will help you find the right fit for your needs. So let’s get started looking at a few of the amazing options from this iconic brand.

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Best Babolat Tennis Rackets Reviews

1. Babolat Pure Strike

The first Babolat tennis racket we will be taking a look at is the Pure Strike 16/19. It is crafted with a ton of great features that make it a great choice for just about any type of player, no matter their style or experience level. These features help develop a player’s skill as well as performance on the court.

Babolat Pure Strike (16x19) Tennis Racquet (4 3/8

This Babolat racket measures 27″ in length and gives a player a 98 square inch head size. Because of this design, the racket offers increased accuracy and responsiveness. The racket itself is fairly lightweight, weighing in at 11.3 oz. when strung. A player will be able to take advantage of a good swing weight as this racket offers 323 oz. when in full swing. This gives the racket enhanced power.

The racket is crafted with a 16X19 pattern and a 4 point HL balance which helps improve the ability of the player to find the right position and attack at a rapid pace. With the string pattern used in this racket’s design, it gives a nice balance between open and closed string patterns, which is why this racket has such a good spin and control rating.

Another great design feature of this racket is its beam width. The beam is just a little thicker than other options, which gives the racket increased speed in the hitting zone and allows for a perfect spin. With a thicker beam section in the throat of the racket, the player will also have better stability when it comes to the impact of the ball.

Who is this product for? 

The Pure Strike is a great tennis racket and well worth the investment. Though many people will benefit from adding this to their tennis gear, those that have an aggressive style will get more from it than others. This is also a great choice for those who like to charge the net or are looking for precision volleys. On top of this, the racket gives the aggressive player control over the ball and a good spin for more precision return shots. Because of this, it is probably more advisable for someone that is either an intermediate or an experienced player to opt for this to be their go-to racket on the court.


  • Carbon fiber frame
  • Multiple grip sizes (4 ½ – 4 5/8)
  • Head size: 98 sq. in.
  • Length: 27″
  • Strung weight: 11.3 oz.
  • Unstrung weight: 10.8 oz.
  • String pattern: 16×19

The Babolat Pure Strike is carefully designed with cutting add technology to ensure that it delivers a high-quality tennis experience. With enhanced control and responsive flexibility, this racket can easily improve your game. This fantastic design has a lot of features that will be beneficial for the player that opts to use this as their go-to racket. First and foremost is the sweet spot afforded by the design of the head.

The overall weight and design of this racket give an enhanced amount of pop which allows players to hit balls deeper than before. The frame is well balanced, which means that it is easy to maneuver to ensure that you can get into the right position and two combat any volleys from the opponent. This, of course, means that net plays are super simple, which will be able to change your style and give you better results.

Speaking of the balance and the mass of the racket, these are both easily felt when a player is in mid-serve, but that doesn’t take away from the comfortability of using this racquet. In fact, this makes serving quite easy and tends to give a better result because of the weight of the racket. With an improved serving motion, your game will be better in no time.

This racket uses a hybrid frame technology that not only gives the player improved power but control as well. The frame is designed with both square and elliptical sections, which help with stability at impact. It is also combined with FSI technology, and it is built into the upper crosses of the racket. This gives more space and therefore makes the power and spend more impactful.

Even with all that being said, there are still a few issues that we feel should be addressed before any final decision is made in regards to this Babolat racket. The biggest issue that we can see with this is that there is a lack of whip while striking the ball. For those that are aggressive players, this may not be a problem, but for others, this might affect the speed of their shot. 

Other than that, though we love the lightweight design of this, it could also be a hindrance for some players. Those players that are larger may find that the racket is too light and affects their ability to control spin and trajectory.


  • Racket is designed with a larger sweet spot than other rackets
  • It offers a fast swing speed due to its lightweight construction
  • Carbon fiber frame gives the rackets a sturdy build
  • The unit allows for quick adjustability for a more consistent strike 


  • For larger players, the weight may be too light
  • There is a lack of whip while striking the ball

2. Babolat Drive Max 110

This racket is one of the bestselling options from Babolat for many reasons. Due to its unique design, the racket allows the player to not only have an excellent level of spin but also power too. This is, of course, why we have included it on a list of the best rackets from this well-respected and illustrious brand.

BABOLAT Drive Max 110 Tennis Racquet

There are a lot of design features that make the Drive Max 110 very unique. The most prominent of these being the longer length which helps increase the weight as well as adds power to the player’s swing. This, of course, also gives the player more leverage which allows for a wider range of shot choices that are easily achieved in the moment.

When it comes to this racket’s weight, it comes in at 9.2 oz. It has a 2 point HL. This gives the player a 311 oz. swing. The racket is also crafted with this 71 flex and a beam of 27mm that has a 27.5″ length. This means that it offers a more comfortable swing and better spin capability.

The Drive Max 110 is designed with a tighter string pattern that gives the racket and a player shot a more solid feel. This design also enhances the sweet spot and changes the location making it a bit higher on the head than other rackets.

Who is this product for? 

The Drive Max 110 is well designed but will most likely benefit those that have some experience with the sport. Because of the high-quality technology used, this racket is better for intermediate or advanced players who want more power in their racket. It could also benefit due to the elliptical geometric design of older individuals who enjoy the game. This is because they will not have to use so much power to swing the racket to get the right amount of force to improve their shots.


  • Graphite frame
  • Elliptic geometry frame
  • Cortex Comfort technology
  • Length: 27.5″
  • Head size: 110 sq. in.
  • Unstrung weight: 9.2 oz.
  • String pattern: 16×20

Everything starting from the materials used in the construction to the actual design is intended to elevate a player’s game. Using high-quality materials, not only is this racket amazing on the court, but it will also stand the test of time. After taking our look at the premium grade graphite frame, you will quickly see that there is a wide range of features and benefits that come not only from the material but also from the technology and design used in the creation of this racket.

One of the major hurdles when it comes to playing tennis is control and consistent precision of your shots. This is because often, the vibration caused by the actual shot changes the position of the racket and can affect the player’s grip. 

With this Babolat racket, you won’t have to worry about that due to the inclusion of the cortex system technology and the specific geometry used in the construction of this racket. The cortex system is located above the grip and helps reduce the vibrations to improve the player’s overall shot.

The cortex technology doesn’t only help reduce vibrations but helps with the stability of your shots. That coupled with the elliptical geometry helps keep any twisting from occurring and also helps enhance the player’s overall power. Going back to the materials used in the construction, not only do they give the racket durability, but they also help with giving an ergonomic feel in the grip. The grip itself is designed with extra padding to not only help with power and control but also for the feel and accuracy.

When it comes to serving, the material used in the construction of this racket gives it a lightweight feel which improves a player’s serve. This lightweight material helps smooth out the swing and also gives the player the ability to maneuver quickly, ensuring they can return the shot with ease. The design of the stringed bed also helps reduce the chance of bad spin and improved control that, coupled with the extended length, helps give the player better leverage and power, especially when swinging volleys across the court.

That extra length that gives the air more leverage also helps give the racket a bit more of a weight to it. This, along with the wide beam and large head, helps improve a player’s power. This also gives the racquet a larger sweet spot which helps ensure flat but powerful hits.

Though this racket has a lot of great features, there are a few drawbacks when it comes to choosing this racket. First off, there are limited grip sizes. This means that it will be harder to choose a racket that is customized to your hand, and therefore some may find this an option that just won’t work for them.

Also, the extended length and weight of the racket are impressive, but there have been some that have experienced severe wrist fatigue after a long game on the court. So for anybody that intends to play longer games or has mobility issues when it comes to their wrists, this may not be a good choice for them.


  • Racket is crafted with vibration reduction technology
  • High-quality materials give this racket a durable build
  • A larger head design gives better control and spin
  • The handle is designed with good grip and comfortability


  • Weight of rackets may cause wrist fatigue with extended play
  • Limited grip size, which makes it less versatile

3. Babolat Pure Aero Lite

For those that are diehard tennis fans, the fact that this is the same tennis racket series used by Rafael Nadal could be the only thing they need to know. But there is so much more than this big name’s love of this series that makes this racket a great option to invest in.

Babolat 2019 Pure Aero Lite Tennis Racquet (4 1/2" Grip)

The Pure Aero Lite is available in five different grip sizes and measures in at 27″. Designed with a 100 square inch head and weighing in at 9.6 oz., this racket is designed to improve performance and play. The weight design translates to a 313 oz. swing weight and a high level of flexibility. 

Crafted in high-quality graphite, the racquet is not only designed for performance but also for mobility. The racket is designed with a 16×19 string pattern that gives it a diverse opening for improved control over the ball upon impact. When it comes to the frame, you are dealing with a high-quality graphite frame that is crafted with an evenly balanced design. 

Who is this product for? 

The Babolat Pure Aero Lite is a very versatile racquet. When it comes to experience levels that would benefit from utilizing this racket, we automatically go to beginners and intermediate players. This is because of the overall design and the ease of use which will allow them time to build up their skills.

Another player that will get a lot of use from this racket is the one that likes to play off the baseline and use powerful groundstrokes in their game. Players that like to hug the baseline often need a racket that gives them good control over spin, and this racquet does that in spades. Lastly, for beginners such as kids that are looking to really perfect spinning the ball, this racket is a fine choice for them as well. So, all in all, this is one racket that can really be used by a wide variety of players because of its unique and carefully crafted design.


  • Graphite frame
  • Available in multiple grip sizes
  • Head size: 100 square inches
  • Weight: 9.6 oz.
  • Length: 27″
  • String pattern: 16×19

There is so much that can be said about this fantastic Babolat racket. Starting with the technology used in its construction which gives it a modular frame that is perfect for power and spin. The string pattern itself improves the performance, and that coupled with the FSI spin technology elevates that performance even further. This technology gives consistency to the gaps in the crosses, which helps improve the spin impact. 

The racket uses Cortex technology which helps reduce vibration and shock by absorbing them through the handle. This allows for the player to hit the ball harder without feeling the ramifications in their arms, thereby decreasing wrist and arm fatigue. The CDS technology is also important for precision. Often when dealing with intense force, any type of vibration can cause a misalignment in the maneuverability of the handle, reducing the chance of mishitting the ball.

Along with all this technology, the materials used in the construction of the racket create a lightweight feel that helps improve maneuverability and swing capability. But that’s not the only enhanced technology used in the construction of this racket. The racket itself also includes an integrated woofer system which helps enhance the racket’s responsiveness as well as stability. The grommets for this system are set so that they allow for a more comfortable feel as well.

Last but not least, one of the best features of this racket is the carbon ply stabilizer that can be found in the throat of the racket. The inclusion of this technology will help the racket to not twist or lose power during a powerful impact. This design feature also means that it will take less power to hit more dense balls. Including this system also gives the racket a heightened level of durability, meaning that it can stand up to some pretty aggressive matches.

Even though there is plenty to rave about this racket, there are still a few things in the design that we feel could be elevated or reworked to give the racket an even better performance. For those that like to serve their balls and add a little side spin, otherwise known as slicing the ball, this racket is not well suited for that. It’s perfect for those looking for a flat serve, though.

The designers of this racket have tried hard to mitigate some of the negative aspects of having a stiff racket by including shock-absorbing technology. However, there may be some players who, despite this fact, still feel that the racket isn’t comfortable for long turn play because of this stiffness. After all, though most of the vibration is mitigated, not all of it is, which could lead to some arm discomfort.


  • Designed with FSI spin technology for improved top spin’s
  • Enhanced design technologies for shock absorption
  • Racket is designed with an enhanced ability for high energy return shots
  • Crafted to be lightweight for better mobility


  • Racket is not designed for players who like to slice the ball
  • It can be uncomfortable at times to use due to the stiffness

4. Babolat Boost Strike

The Boost Strike is a simplified version of the standard Strike racket offered by Babolat. By removing some of the more advanced features, the company has pared down this professional level racket to accommodate the needs of a beginner or intermediate player.

The overall design of this racket allows a player to not only have power but it is also forgiving, which is why it is such a great beginner or intermediate choice. Its head is crafted to be larger than other options coming in at 102 square inches, and the overall racket measures 27″. Available in a wide range of grip sizes, this means that it can be perfectly chosen to fit your hand so that it enhances your overall grip and therefore improves your performance.

When looking at the head, you also immediately notice the string bed, which carries the patented Spiraltek 16×19 string design. This gives the racket a 53-pound tension and a nice variation when it comes to holes in the strings. On top of that, the overall construction of the racket is crafted in high-quality graphite, which not only gives it durability but also makes it lightweight. Not only does its lightweight nature give it more power in the swing, but it also makes it more portable so that it is easy to get from home to the gym without much effort.

Who is this product for? 

Babolat Boost Strike is a fine racket for just about anybody. Much like all the other options we have been looking at, it does serve one specific type of player better than the others. This is a great option for those just starting out in tennis or who haven’t been playing. Because the racket head’s design is so large, the racket offers a nice level of control and power. The specialized construction of the overall racket itself also gives you good maneuverability and control of your power and spin. These are all things that will assist new players in developing their skills quickly.


  • Graphite frame
  • It comes in multiple grip sizes
  • Unstrung weight: 9.8 oz.
  • Strung weight: 10.5 oz.
  • Length: 27″
  • Head size: 102 square inches
  • String pattern: 16×19

Before we dive too far into our look at the specifications, the first thing that many people notice about this Babolat racket is the price. For such a high-quality racket that comes from a renowned company, you get a lot of value for a very budget-friendly price. This is another reason why the racket is such a good choice for beginners and intermediates; they are not looking to spend a lot of money on their equipment until they have honed their skills. But that is just one of the many benefits a player can take advantage of by investing in this racket.

When it comes to the categories of power, precision, and spin, the Babolat Boost Strike has a lot of great features to help enhance its performance. Starting with the fact the racket weighs more than 10 oz., which gives it a good level of power and swing. On top of this, the head is crafted with a 16×19 pattern which elevates the performance of the racket in this spin and power fields even more. The racket also includes a patented Babolat Woofer grommet technology which helps the rackets power game as well.

You also can’t ignore the beam build and frame construction when you look at this racket. Both of these are designed to help with speed and, once again, power. If there’s one place where this racket differs from its big brother, the Babolat Boost, it is in the frame design. To give this racket a different feel, the weight of the original design has been significantly decreased. Though some might think that would lead to reduced performance, it only has increased this racket’s power and spin capability.

This change in the design has also impacted the stiffness of the predecessor, which means there is a reduced chance of muscle strain and other injuries from consistent playing. It also impacted the weight and balance of the racket itself, which is a direct correlation of why this racquet has better maneuverability. All of that, plus a wide range of grip sizes, helps make this racket more versatile and user-friendly for any beginner or intermediate player.

But just because there are so many features that one can benefit from taking advantage of, does it mean that this racket is perfect by any stretch of the imagination? It is true that this racket is ideal for beginners and intermediate players but for those that are a little more advanced that want to take advantage of this budget-friendly option, they may find it lacking in the performance area. This is especially true when it comes to the topspin capability, which some people find necessary to their game.

Along with this, though, the power of the racket itself is perfect for those just starting out in the sport; it’s just not as perfect for those that have some tenure under their belt. In fact, many people feel that this racket lacks in the power area. If you’re someone who is super experienced and has a specific aggressive playing style, this option may not be a good choice for you.


  • Lightweight materials and construction elevate maneuverability
  • Premium quality string bed endurable frame increases performance
  • Price versus value surpasses even other Babolat racquets
  • It comes in a wide range of grip sizes for more versatility


  • Lack of topspin capability makes it a poor choice for advanced players
  • Some find the power of racket lower than the competition

5. Babolat Aero G (2019 Edition)

The last Babolat racket we will be looking at is the Aero G which is a model in the Pure Aero series. This is the series that is made popular by the use of by high profile tennis players the world over. Because of its unique design, it gives players an enhanced performance in a multitude of aspects of the game. 

Babolat Aero G Tennis Racquet (4 1/2

The Babolat Aero G racket is crafted with a high-quality design like the rest of the offerings from this illustrious company. Starting with the head design, which offers a 98 square inch size and a 16×19 string pattern, this racket is built for performance. With a standard length of 27″ and an overall weight of 11.3 ounces, this model will help a player improve their power and precision easily.

Constructed with a wide range of technologies, including a dampening system that improves vibration, this racket gives the player increased movement and a good amount of spin. An updated version of its predecessor, it also offers a softer but higher quality build that is perfect for a wide range of players, including those that like to aggressively play the baseline.

Who is this product for? 

The overall design of this racket gives it a lot of use for many different types of players. It is crafted with a wide sweet spot and a great string pattern that allows for enhanced spin capability. This means for those players that have a more modern playing style, this racket could really elevate their game to new heights. 

On the flip side, those players with a more traditional playing style that prefer flatter shots may find this racket hard to control, especially when it comes to the power and the angle of the shot. For that reason, they probably should choose another option. It is also not a great choice for those that suffer from arm injuries and issues because of the stiffness of the racket.


  • Graphite frame construction
  • Strung weight: 11.3 oz.
  • Unstrung weight: 10.8 oz.
  • Head size: 98 square inches
  • Length: 27″
  • String pattern: 16×19

When it comes down to it, this racket has a ton of features that really are included to optimize playability as well as comfort. Starting with the string bed, which will land the player more ability to create spin and increase the power of their shots as well as their returns. Though there have been a lot of adjustments made to this model from its predecessor, it is still quite stiff and may require some breaking in to get the full benefit of choosing it as your racket. 

The racket itself is created with an aerodynamic shape and outfitted with wider and rounder beams than other models from this same company. Because of this unique shape, the racket swings smoother because of a reduced drag which also means that it offers a heightened level of speed. The racket also is designed with several pieces of patented Babolat technology like the cortex dampening system and the FSI spin technology. Though the cortex system, which uses a woofer shock vibration technology, is a nice addition, the racket is still a little stiff, requiring a bit of breaking in.

Because of the inclusion of FSI spend technology which stands for frame string interaction, the racket gives the player a vast capability of producing amazing spin. In order to make this happen, the design includes grommets located on the throat as well as an elongated shape at the tip of the racket. Because of the placement of grommets, the main strings have more mobility making the bed itself have more grip. This, of course, means the ball remains longer on the head, which in turn elevates the level of spin the ball has upon its return.

Overall, you will find that this racket performs well, especially for those who like to add spin on their serve and those who play an intense groundstroke game. It is also great for those that are looking to elevate their backhand slice game. Because of the open string pattern and the FSI system, no matter which way you hit the ball, you will be able to increase the backspin, which will always improve your game. All of these features are crafted into a racket that is built with premium-grade materials that give it more life because of the durability of said material.

This racquet is outfitted with a lot of great features that can improve countless players’ ability on the court. But along with these amazing benefits, there are also a few disadvantages that players considering opting for this racket should know about. One of these has to do with the vibration dampening system. Though the racket is outfitted with high-quality anti-vibration technology, it doesn’t dampen all the vibrations, and therefore, if you already suffer from tennis elbow or other similar injuries, this racquet is not necessarily a great choice.

On top of that, though the racket is well designed and offers excellent performance for a wide range of players, there is one type of player that should not make this their go-to racket. This, of course, is the beginner. For those that have little to no experience, this racket may be pretty difficult to control. However, once these novice tennis players have honed their skills, we definitely think they should revisit this and consider upgrading their racket.


  • Overall construction and design of racquet lends a lot of strength to its shots
  • Designed with premium grade material that is light and durable
  • Head design and string bed give racquet increased spin and shot strength
  • Designed with woofer shock vibration technology


  • Beginners may find this racket difficult to control
  • Racket has major vibration issues, which makes it a poor choice for those with tennis elbow or other injuries of the kind

Final Thoughts

The trick to improving your overall game is to ensure that you have all the right equipment that meets your experience level and your playing style. Though there are many pieces of equipment you can invest in, spending the bulk of your budget on a good quality racquet is by far the best choice. You want to ensure that your racket not only enhances your swing but gives you stability and control over the shot once you have hit the ball.

This means finding a racket from a brand that is reliable and has shown that they craft their products to be exactly what their customers need. No matter what style of player you are or the level of experience you have, we are sure that one of the five rackets above will do the trick. One thing is for sure when you choose to go with Babolat, you definitely have found that reputable company that cares about the product and the player.

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