Top 10 Best Tennis Strings in 2022

A tennis racket is always considered to be the most important piece of the game. And it is! But the racket is nothing without a great string. In fact, many manufacturers nowadays have made different types of strings to specifically go with the racket they manufactured. This is because finding a match made in heaven between the racket and string can be particularly hard for players. 

The racket performs its best with the tennis string works with it and not against it. While some players may not notice what type of string they play with, others are particular. And for a good reason. Some strings focus on spin, while others are about soft feel and injury prevention. 

Sometimes a player will go with the same manufacturer as the racket, and others will look towards companies that primarily focus on their string-like Solinco. 

There is a general consensus among tennis players for the best strings on the market. This is while we will go down our list of the top 10 best tennis strings for 2022. But before doing so, we just explore some of the important information about tennis strings that one should know. 

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Elements of Tennis String

When you start to compare different types of string, you will likely feel the difference. Some may feel like they create tons of spn while others will do just the opposite creating a very flat shot. Some will fray quickly, while others won’t fray at all. The string can be thin or thick and soft or hard. There are many different materials that are used to make string. This produces a world of different results. 

How you get your racket strung is different than what elements the string produces. We can get into that later as it does play a very important factor in how the ball feels off the string. The elements are more of what makes the string different from another. 

We can classify the string into four groups, and from there, companies will offer a wide range of products that can usually be put into one of these categories. 


The four types that classify tennis string are synthetic gut, multi-filament, natural gut, and polyester. Each of these offers something very different and is made from different materials that produce different results. 

Synthetic Gut

A very common string because of its all-around playability as well as its affordable news. It’s a great string for beginners or those who are not playing consistently. As you develop as a player, you may develop particular preferences, but synthetic gut is a great starting point. It is made out of Nylon in most cases. It can come in a lot of different colors and textures as it is one of the most widely sold strings. It can be wrapped once or two times, and the more times it is wrapped, the least amount of tension you will use. It also holds tension well because it has a solid core. The angle in which nylon is wrapped and the material that it is wrapped with will allow different companies to tweak the performance based on these two things. That’s why there are so many different options to choose from. Regardless of which one you choose, all players report that synthetic gut has a crisp feel to the ball. 


Multi-filament is considered to be the backup to natural gut. Because natural gut feels so good but also can break the bank, multi-filament is your second best option with a lower price. The strings don’t have that solid core base like Synthetic gut but instead of hundreds to thousands of micro-filaments tied together. Because of its elasticity, it offers really great power because of the bounce back. It also is softer on the arm and joints as it gives more feel rather than that crisp hard hit you get from synthetic. However, if you are a string breaker, these kinds of strings don’t always hold up for long periods of time. 

Because of the great absorption and shock-resistant qualities, you will get fraying and quick loss of tensions which is why some people talk about it being hard to control with its already powerful tendencies. 

Natural Gut

This is a key string for a lot of people that love, feel, and comfort. This is particularly recommended for those who have tennis elbow because of its soft on the joints qualities. Having said that, it will cost you a pretty penny to keep replacing if you are a string breaker. This is the most expensive string type on the market because it derives from cow intestines. However, natural gut holds the best tension out of all the strings and has the best playability ratings in the game. 

Despite offering a great feel, the elasticity in this string compares to no other. This produces an amazing spin-friendly and powerful shot that keeps opponents back. Paired with its ability to keep the tension, it’s no wonder why it is such a popular option for tennis players. 


The last option is polyester strings. This could not get any more opposite to natural gut. This is for the player who has too much power and needs control and the ability to hit spin. It is also great for the player who is always breaking strings because polyester offers maximum durability. Polyester is often referred to as a monofilament. This string allows the players to take big full swings at the ball to not have to worry about managing their own pace since the ball will not have a lack of control once hit. This is also why it is not a great job for beginners because they usually don’t have enough of their own power, and none comes from the strings. 

This string, in general, is also not encouraged for anyone who has joint and arm pain. It can be considered to be much too harsh and cause issues. You are training durability in return for comfort. 

Top Brands

While our list is going to have many different brands, here are some of the top brands in strings. While we know Babolat and Wilson from our rackets, other brands like Solinco and Luxilon or more known for their strings than any other product they sell. 


If you are familiar with the tennis world, then there is a good chance that you have heard about Solinco products. You may not recognize the name, but a lot of players play with their bright green string. Solinco is one of the new brands when compared to Wilson or Babolat, but they have proven to be a big player in the string market for quite some time now. Most of their strings focus on monofilament to keep durability while also specializing in power based on their chemical makeup. 


Luxilon is a beautiful premium string company that proudly serves more than 60 percent of the WTA and ATP tours. Luxilon started its process in Belgium in 1959 with sewing machines. They have been around the game as long as some of the racket companies and have also proven to be a big success. While they do offer polyester, it is their natural gut that is their claim to fame. Players love the feel and feedback they get from these strings, so it is no surprise that Luxilon does so well. 


Babolat also offers some of the most popular strings on the tour, which is no surprise because they are a leading racket manufacturer. Because many players love to play with what their racket manufacturer recommends, it’s quite common to see many of the Babolat players also playing with Babolat strings, such as RPM Blast. Most of Babolat’s strings offer major spin components, given the fact that their rackets are complete powerhouses. This sets off a good balance between the two making it very complimentary.  


The same that is said for Babolat can be said for Wilson. Wilson offers a few different strings that players like to go specifically with their rackets. The difference between the two is that Wilson will have a few different strings on their market to complement their rackets because the rackets vary a lot from one to another. Some are more spin-friendly, while others are powerhouses. Wilson has been in the game as long as some of the others, like Babolat and Luxilon, make a high-quality string that many players love. 

Top 10 Tennis Strings for 2022

Now that we understand are many categories for strings and we are familiar with some of the top brands who make them. We can talk about what the top 10 tennis strings are for 2022. This list offers a variety of different strings because of different strokes for different folks. Also, one of the top factors in rating these strings is quality. 

Does the string hold up well in comparison to its performance? 

How does the string feel and what kind of feedback do you get?

These are the two many questions that are asked when looking at the string. While, of course, some will break faster than others, you still want them to hold up well in comparison to other strings in their respective categories. This means that a natural gut is likely to break before a polyester but compared to the other natural guts how does it do?

1. Solinco Hyper-G

This string really should have been called the hulk instead. That’s because this string offers some serious bite and power to it. Remember the bright green string we referenced? Yeah, this is it. The polyester has four edges which means it’s a square shape string that allows the players to get crazy access to spin. While it is not too powerful that you can’t get control, it also is not dulling like some of the other polyester strings out there.

Some relate this string most closely to the RPM Blast since they come from the same family of string type. This string allows players to take big swings because the square edges assist in spin to bring the ball back in instead of flying out. Now, as we mentioned, most polys won’t feel good on the arm, but Hyper-G is one of the softer ones on the market, allowing for good pocketing of the ball and less stress to the arm. 

2. Wilson NXT

This string is a multi-filament by Wilson that many players have come to love. It rates high in every category except for durability. For those who break strings, this could be a heart breaker because it just feels so good to hit the ball with this string. Power, spin, comfort to the arm, and many more benefits come to mind when using this string. Because of the elasticity of the string one thing, you surely can count on is the ball flying to the other side of the court. 

The downside is for those who struggle to control things may feel like this string is actually a bit too overpowering for them. This string has a learning curve when it comes to managing the energy because it is quite a lot. Once you do get used to the feel of the strings, most report amazing ability to have touch volleys, drop shots, slice, and ability to create friction and spin. 

3. RPM Blast

A co-poly string that isn’t hard to spot on tour for its midnight black color. Its octagonal shape has enough edges to create so much friction that this is a super spin-friendly and accessible string. The RPM Blast goes perfectly with its rackets because it helps bring the ball in without having to give up power. Our most perfect example is Rafa. He hits with both extreme power and spin so players can take big confident swings with their rackets. 

The string itself isn’t overwhelming in power which is why players can take such good cuts at the ball. It is much more of a control string which is also why you may find touch to be lacking in drop shots and other areas. Unlike other polys, as time goes on, you get minimal trampoline effect because it retains tension decently and overall is a durable string. 

4. Head Hawk Rough

As the name implies, this string has a rough and gritty feel to it because it allows the big hitters to control how much spin the ball needs. Great for big hitters, this string offers players the chance to go after the ball without feeling like they lose control. Compared to some of the other Polys, this is a low-power string, so it should be paired with a high-power racket or a player that produces its own power. 

Consistent with its category, you won’t find touch to come very naturally with these strings. You will, however, feel like the strings last a good time. They hold tension particularly well as one of their best qualities, and if you are a big hitter like Zverev, you don’t have to worry about breaking strings time after time. You will experience more shock and less comfortable hitting as there is not a lot of pocketing with the ball. 

5. Luxilon Natural Gut

The first thing you will notice is the price. Indeed it is expensive, but if you can afford it, it is worth mentioning its performance. Packing a serious power punch, this beautiful elastic feel will keep your ball deep and is easy on the arm and joints. Ball pocketing is one of the best qualities you will get with Luxilon Natural Gut while still offering somewhat of a crisp contact. While you will forgo some control, players who adjust to the power level have nothing but rave reviews for this string. 

Despite natural gut in general not being able to hold up well for big string breakers, the smooth coating has created less friction between the strings helping reduce the fraying at a quick speed. This string holds tension fairly well compared to some of the others that may experience the trampoline effect. Some of the other strings, as you have noticed, may lack in touch, but if you are someone who relies on touch and finesse for your game, there is no better string for you in the market. This is the ultimate feel string that makes drop shots, slice, and volleying so easy. 

6. Tecnifibre X-One BIphase

Tecnifibre X-One Biphase is a multifilament string that comes in its natural color of yellow-beige. Tecnifibre worked to create a string that holds up and a reasonable price while also offering the same qualities players love from natural gut. Power is the name of the game with this string as it retains a great bounce back from the ball while also offering its second-best quality. Comfort. It’s easy on the arm, which means you will feel nothing but pleasure with every ball strike. 

You may find since the string has a smooth exterior surface, that spin may come with a little more work than you like. The ball doesn’t necessarily grip as well as some of the strings that have edges or rougher surfaces. But because of this, the string also has great durability and holds up well. Notching in the string comes a lot later than most because there’s no rough surface to grind against. This unusual for soft strings to be able to hold up well, but Tecnifiber does a great job. 

7. Babolat VS Touch

One of the most expensive string sets in the game is the Babolat VS Touch. Didn’t think you could go much higher than Luxilon, but you can, and it’s worth a look. This natural gut from Babolat is the ultimate string for players looking for comfort. If you suffer from tennis elbow, then look no further than this string. It offers a premium feel while being one of the softest strings on tour. And considering the price and the type of string it is, it maintains tension very well. This could be due to the fact that they added an extra layer to the string to make it last longer. 

This is probably the number one rated string when it comes to touch, so if you are a player that likes to come in or play an all-court game, this is a serious string for you. However, the actual durability of the string breaking is not as great as its tension maintaining, which can add up quickly. Those who hit with spin may find that it breaks too often, leaving them with bigger bills than they would like. 

8. Wilson Champion’s Choice

This string from Wilson is unique as it is a hybrid string. It’s a blend between the Wilson Natural Gut and the Luxilon Alu Power 125 rough. You may be thinking that this is sort of unusual, but this string actually makes up the perfect combination from two of the very best strings on the market to find that middle magic you have been missing. The Alu Power offers some texture for great access to spin that provides that control you feel is missing from an elasticity string like natural gut. 

The Natural string from Wilson has a weather-resistant coating giving it more life and durability than some of the other guts on the market. If you could guess who uses this string, it would be none other than the great Roger Federer. It is great for those looking for comfort but don’t want to go with a full natural gut because of its lack of control. It still maintains the easy-on-the-arm qualities that those who have injuries will favor. 

9. Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power 125 Rough

One of the more popular polyester strings around this product from Luxilon has a textured surface so that big baseliners can access spin and control the ball without issue. Unlike its name, it’s actually a low-power string designed for those who are the big bangers. It’s meant to allow players to take big full swings who like to baseline and feel like they don’t need to worry about the control aspect. 

Offering a crisp feel, you won’t feel surprised that there is not a whole lot of touch element to this. In particular, this version is considered to be the rough version that allows for a better spin in all aspects. Serve. Grounds. Volleys. This string can be famed for its durability. Despite possible grinding away with the textured surface, the strings retain tension and hold up well for those who are always breaking. This is why it remains a popular string for high-level players. If you are a beginner, it may not be a great option because of its lack of power addition. 

10. Wilson Synthetic Gut Power

Ending with an affordable and reliable option is none other than the Wilson Synthetic Gut Power. This is a classic string that won’t break the bank but also offers a wonderful amount of benefits to all players. Power comes naturally with these strings, which means you don’t have to get tire arms from constantly swinging your hardest and fastest. It’s a natural feel with enough elasticity behind the ball to keep your opponent back. While it doesn’t rate the best in control, it doesn’t rate the worst. Given how much power you can get from this racket, its control levels aren’t off the charts. It may take some adjustment on your own end to bring the ball back. 

Feel, however, rates just as well as power. The ball sticks to the strings as it pockets nicely and really enhances the feel of the ball. This is also why it’s a great string for those who deal with discomfort, as it is a soft string and doesn’t have a lot of shock and resistance to it. For this price, it’s a great option for those who suffer from injuries. Touch is something you will also see comes quite naturally, so if you are an all-court player, you will definitely enjoy playing with this string. 

Things You Need To Know

Now that we understand are many categories for strings and we are familiar with some of the top brands who make them. We can talk about what the top 10 tennis strings are for 2021. This list offers a variety of different strings because of different strokes for different folks, right? Also, one of the top factors in rating these strings is quality. 

String Tension 

Knowing your recommended string tension range is important when feeling out a racket. This is important because not only can you break the racket if you go outside of your recommended string tension, but you can also hurt yourself or feel like you have no feeling of the ball. 

A lower number string tension will also create a looser string bed and add more pop to the ball. The opposite can be said in regards to tightening the string. This will offer more control for players who swing big. 

This is important to consider when thinking about the type of racket and string you have as you want to offset some things with the string tension. 

Racket Type

To select the right type of strings for you, it is always important to understand what type of racket you are playing with. This is because usually, strings are meant to be a match with their racket so they can offset some of the weaknesses and amplify the strengths. 

There are really four different types of rackets that you should be familiar with. This will allow you to decide on whether you feel like the string is not a good fit for you or if, in fact, it’s the racket that is holding you back. 

While these are the types of rackets that you should be familiar with, also consider that different specs of rackets are going to offer different things. If you have more weight to a racket or more length, this is going to control how much access you have to power and spin. Ultatiemly combined with your stirring, these types of things can make major impacts on the game. 

Four Types of Rackets

The four types of rackets a player can choose from really have different impacts on the style of play. Each of them is meant for a specific type of player. Some of the categories may have bonding characteristics, while others really couldn’t be different from one another. 

The four types of players are traditional, modern, tweener, and power players. Each of these categories is different from the other and can offer a player with that style a complimentary racket. 

As mentioned, each racket can be customized in specs to change some of the features, but the overall theme remains. 

Power Rackets: 

This is an increasingly popular racket on tour because short compact swings are the theme. This may be thanks to Serena bombing seres and women needing to shorten the swing in order for anyone to return it. In general, men and women have been increasing their power which means less time for bigger racket swings. The power has to be supplied from somewhere else. 

These rackets tend to store the weight in the head of the racket rather than the handle. They need to be lighter overall, so the maneuverability doesn’t become too difficult to whip around. 

Modern Racket:

Let’s think Rafa. These rackets are also very popular because it encourages Spanish-style playing which means lots of power and lots of spin. Rotation. Rotation. Rotation is the name of the game. This creates more margin and for the ball to come back into play while taking big swings. 

This spin-friendly racket tends to be lighter overall, just like the power racket. It offers a brilliant mix of a tweener racket and a power racket. 


These can be difficult rackets to play with, which is why they are usually reserved for the best professionals in the world. The racket frame tends to be smaller, which makes timing and precision a priority. 

Traditional rackets are mostly found on professional tours and are meant to offer control instead of power, which is why they are more found in the men’s game. 


Your all-court player is going to love the tweener racket because they are meant to offer you the best of everything. It has high playability and doesn’t really stand out in one particular area but does well in many of them. 

These rackets can come in either headlight or head heavy, depending on the manufacturer and what racket you choose. This is because the specs often have a range that may change depending on other categories.

The swing weight is usually up to the player’s choice but offers a different range when it comes to this racket. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you understand some of the most important aspects of the racket and string tension, it will be much easier to determine what strings are right for you and how you can go about the process of choosing them. But that alone brings up the question of the process and how I choose the right strings? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that many tennis players ask at all levels.

Does it matter which strings I string my racket with?

This is still a common question because even with the info above, players might feel like they could play with just about anything. Most racket companies will give you their recommendations which is often their own string. Having said that, string matters a great deal and can really change the feel of the racket. 

Depending on your game style will depend on the type of string you choose to go for, and from there, you can pick the brand and the specific string. 

As mentioned, you will need to consider how much power you have and how much control you would like. Arm injuries are another thing that needs to be discussed as well as the price point you are willing to pay for. 

How do I find the right string for me?

It’s great to go to a demo shop and ask a pro there what strings they would recommend if you feel like you can’t find the right direction yourself. Often if you are considering buying from them, they may let you try one out for free. However, you can also buy different single packets out and sample them yourself. 

This is always the best way to determine what string you like best by personally testing it out for yourself. Many people will string multiple rackets and play with them side by side to really get the full experience in comparison. 

Do I have to buy single packs all the time?

No! Not at all. In fact, if you like a particular string, it may be much more affordable if you buy a reel instead. Reels come in a number of different sizes and can offer you a certain amount of estimated strings. You may have 20 or 40, depending on how big the reel is. Usually, this saves you some money as they knock the price down from the single packet price.

Another option you have is that if you are a good junior, collegiate, or professional player, you may be able to contact the company directly and work out a deal with them. This is common as they have their own logos stenciled on the rackets of many players. Even teaching pros get deals with these companies all the time because they are selling the rackets to club members for them. 

How do I know which tension to string my racket at?

Different players require different tensions. This is important for a player to try out different tensions and figure out what seems controllable and beneficial. A player who opts for a racket that doesn’t give them a lot of power may lower their tension in general. 

Some players don’t know that they may need to change their tension from time to time, especially the better you get at tennis. Playing indoor tennis versus outdoor tennis will change the tension of a racket. Also, as an athlete develops strength, this will change the tension of a racket. 

Racket companies, in general, will have a recommended range to string the racket at for their customers. Different strings may work better with different tensions, which is why it is important for someone to test it out for themselves. 


That may seem like a lot just for learning about strings. We get it. But it is so important to have this information to be able to fine-tune your game. One thing can always be the missing piece that you feel like you don’t have, and it can come from the strings. 

String type, tension, and quality are important things to take into account when looking for your perfect match. You definitely want to choose your racket first before choosing your strings because they will be a direct play off of each other. 

Now that you know all, you need to choose your string! Take your time and have a blast sampling all these top 10 strings for 2021. You are sure to find the one you love! 

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