Tourna Cube Precision Stringing Machine Review

These days we all have better things to do than to string a racket manually for hours. Instead of this, there are phenomenal machines that take the hard work out of stringing a racket. One of the best stringing machines on the market today is the Tourna Cube Tennis Racquet Machine. 

Designed with innovation and visual appeal, this machine makes racquet stringing exciting and breezy. It is possible to string your rackets quickly and safely while adding a touch of class to your home with this perfectly designed piece of equipment. 

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Tourna Cube Precision Stringing Machine Review

The Tourna Cube Precision Stringing Machine has an incredible level of functionality that is suitable for everyone in the family who loves racket sports. The machine offers an extendable bar for extra comfort while stringing and height adjustment for convenience.

If you are running low on battery power on your phone or tablet, no problem. The Tourna Cube Precision Stringing Machine is so smartly designed that it has a USB port so that you can charge electronics while stringing your racket with ease. 

If your racket has a unique design that you are concerned won’t work well in a stringing machine, have no fears. The digital control panel is easy to use, so you don’t have to be great at tech to find your way around the machine. The Diablo linear-pull tensioner makes it possible to string any racket with any string that you prefer. 

So if you have always wanted to try a very delicate string on your racket, now is the time. The Tourna Cube Precision Stringing Machine has a contact system of 6 points that can hold any racket frame solidly in place while you are stringing. Not only is your racket held firmly in place, but it is safe from stress. There is no risk of damage to your racket or to the people in the room. The design of this machine makes it completely safe. 

In addition, the machine has the capability to store your settings while offering six options of tension and pull levels. Therefore, if you find a setting that works for you, the machine provides eight memory settings so that you can restring your racket the exact same way every time. This way, you can walk onto the court with a racket that has a familiar feel. 

Who is this product for? 

Since the Tourna Cube Precision Stringing Machine has been designed to offer utmost comfort and convenience, it is best suitable for racket sport players who enjoy a freshly strung racket. People who are very sensitive to the tension settings on their rackets will benefit from the memory settings that the machine provides. This way, the player can enjoy the exact same stringing settings with every racket stringing. 

It is perfect for people who care enough about their racket’s stringing that they don’t mind paying for a top-notch machine at a high-end price. In addition, it is a visually appealing machine, so for people who want to have the luxury of having a stringing machine that won’t affect a room’s aesthetics, this is the ideal machine for them. 

Furthermore, the look of this machine is a boost for any shop or business, so shop or business owners can proudly display their Tourna Cube Precision Stringing Machine that will boost efficiency and productivity. 


  • Includes an auto-start gripper 
  • Has a diablo linear-pull tensioner
  • Strong, stainless steel frame 
  • Digital control panel that is user friendly 
  • Base clamp release system that is gravity-based 
  • Incredibly smooth base and clamp locks
  • A 6 point mount for a secure hold 
  • Quick mounting system 
  • Display options of kg or lbs 
  • Eight memory settings 
  • Several pre-stretch levels 
  • Many pull speeds 
  • Includes USB port for charging purposes 
  • Phenomenal stand that is fully adjustable 
  • Side tool holders are included 

The machine includes an auto-start string gripper, so it is quick and easy to get the stringing process started. The diablo linear-pull tension feature means that the string on the rackets features perfect tension. This machine is so sensitive to tension that even the most delicate strings can be used. 

The device has a solid and sturdy stainless steel frame that has been built to last. Its digital control settings are so straightforward to use that it won’t take much time to get started. The gravity-based release system is effective as it releases the clamps as soon as the time is right. This saves time and effort of manually having to loosen clamps. 

Smooth and gentle base and clamp locks mean that even the most precious racket is safe while stringing continues. There is no stress on the racket. The six-point hold system means that a racket is firmly held in place to ensure that there isn’t any unleveled stress on any part of the racket. The quick-mounting system means you spend less time stringing and more time on the court enjoying your racket. 

Display options are more user-friendly since they give users the option of choosing their preferred weight setting. The machine has an incredible eight memory settings meaning that you can select the option of having your racket’s setting saved and repeated every time you string your racket. 

This machine offers several features for added convenience, including extra storage space in the sidebars and a USB port for charging electronics. The machine has several pull speeds, meaning you can adjust your preference and find your perfect setting. The fully adjustable stand makes it easy for everyone to use the machine, regardless of size. 


  • Several advanced features and a phenomenal design 
  • Sturdy and durable 
  • Features an auto-start string gripper 
  • Fully adjustable stand 
  • User-friendly control panels 
  • Visually appealing 


  • A full keyboard isn’t included in the control panel 

Final Thoughts 

Considering the remarkable features and fantastic design of the Tourna Cube, it is no surprise that it is one of the world’s favorite stringing machines. The convenience and high-speed precision that the machine offers means that your racket will be ready for the game before you know it, with no strings attached.

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