HEAD Geo Speed Tennis Racket Review

There is so much devotion to the tennis game both for players and fans. This has resulted in tennis gear manufacturers providing or coming up with a variety of these gears, one of which includes a racket. Some of these rackets are good to go and of high quality. I introduce to you HEAD Geo Speed Tennis Racket.

This racket is well modified and suited to adapt to your game style and deliver the best of the result. It is a good racket for beginners as they develop their skills and master the game.

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HEAD Geo Speed Tennis Racket Overview

There is excellent technology used by its manufacturer. The core purpose is to provide the player with both comfort and stability while playing the game. HEAD Geo Speed has a balance of both weight and general performance.

The racket focuses on offering optimal features than just majoring on a single one. It is designed with beginners in mind. It is featuring a wide spot of a large hitting base of at most 105 square inches. Length is also another important aspect of every racket. Well, HEAD Geo features 27.5 inches of length, making it quite friendly for use.

If a racket is too heavy, it might strain your wrist when playing, which might be discouraging more so if you’re starting up. If it is too light at the same time, it might act up when serving or so. This one weighs 10.4 ounces, an incredible weight to deal with, more so when swinging.

The entire product is fitted with tight strung to absorb all the impact caused by the ball. This means that the force will not be transmitted to your arm, which gives you more freedom to swing around the court.

Apart from all other metrics used in creating this racket, the manufacturer uses Geo Power Technology, a shaft geometric optimization, mainly to enhance extra control and add more power when striking. This is not something obvious that you will find in other moderate rackets.

The racket being headlight is worth mentioning. It helps the entire racket reduce any vibration caused during the impact aiding the general stability whenever you’re hitting the ball. That extreme shaking is removed from the equation.

HEAD Geo Speed racket is ideal gear if you mainly play with moderate swings. Its lightweight nature makes it a suitable one for players with weak wrists or elbows. It is a convenient one for a wide range of players, making it worth investing in.

One more thing, its contour cushion grip makes handling easy. What we mean is that there is comfort in it. More so, the contour shape helps you maintain the right grip every time you’re playing.

Top Features of the HEAD Geo Speed Tennis Racket

Apart from this racket’s general features, other exceptional specs make this racket stand out and be one of the best there is out there. Some of these features include:

  • Lightweight design: Since it is mainly for beginners, it is designed to give morale. What does this mean? It is made of aluminum, weighing less of which you can handle effectively. This means that you obtain the absolute power to explore your potential when interacting with your fellows in the game.
  • Geo power technology: This is a feature you’re likely to find only on this racket. The technology optimizes the geometry of the racket by the use of computerized calculations. This, together with the lightweight nature, aerodynamics, and stiffness, helps to apply with ease the needed energy towards hitting the ball.
  • Oversized head: Probably, a beginner might find it hard to maintain his accuracy. The oversized head gives you enough spot to make your shots. It provides room to work on those errors and grow your skills.
  • Counter cushion grip: Comfort is essential when playing. If you keep fighting with your racket, then you’re likely to make more errors. Counter cushion grip provides the comfort you need.
  • Pre-strung: This is another feature that makes the racket exceptional. Being pre-strung, you get excellent touch and power in a stable and light package.
  • Headlight balance: Vibrations can be a nuisance, more so to beginners. This feature helps to do away with such aspects; however, if you feel that your hand is more sensitive, feel free to add a dampener.

Potential Drawbacks

Nothing is 100% perfect, same case to HEAD Geo Speed racket. There is a thing or two that draws it back. One major con is that the racket does not come with a damper. Those with sensitive hands and need to do away with the extra vibration will need to purchase the dampener separately. This is a clear indication that the vibrations are not extremely eliminated by the technology used.


With all the incredible features and an excellent product it is, this racket is cost-friendly. However, it might cost you a little more Dollars than its counterpart rackets in the market; however, it is quite exceptional in terms of durability, power, and comfort. Considering its all-rounded package, a price of around $60 isn’t that much after all.


You can easily identify a good product by just reading its description and its constituents. HEAD Geo Speed racket has all you need as a beginner to get going. It is an adult unisex adult racket that is more likely going to deliver the best result. Over the years, HEAD has worked hard to bring athletic equipment into the modern era. This is by far working so well since their tennis equipment is well rated in terms of performance, durability, stability, and optimal power. HEAD Geo Speed racket is no exemption.

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