Head Ti.S6 Titanium Tennis Racket Review

You may notice that rackets aren’t designed from the same material. Just like any other tool or equipment, there are rackets designed from different types of elements.

Rackets undergo further developments and improvements over the years, and there are several kinds that you can find on the market today.

In this article, we’ll look at the most popular titanium tennis racket on the market, the Head Ti.S6. We will see why it’s so popular and whether this racket is a good fit for you.

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Overview Of the Head TI.S6 Titanium Racket

Titanium is famous for being lightweight than most materials. This material gives players better control and makes it easier to swing the racket during a match. It might not deliver outstanding power, but users will see an increased amount of control and spin.

In terms of strength, titanium is stiff and helps the whole racket frame absorb a more significant impact. Therefore, it’s ideal for players who tend to power serve.

The Head Ti.S6 Titanium racket is the perfect racket for beginners to intermediate level players with short strokes who desire a head start during their match and seek to boost their natural playing skills by taking it to the next level. Worthy ambassadors of this brand include famous tennis players like Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray.

This impressive racket features an oversize head (155 sq. in), making it a beginner-friendly option. The extra head size helps in generating lots of power. It uses a SofTac grip that offers exceptional comfort and grip. Also, it uses ShockStop technology that helps in absorbing the shock and reducing the vibration when the racket comes in contact with the ball.

The racket makes use of Ti technology that weaves titanium into a graphite construction, resulting in a lighter racket with no compromise of its stiffness or power delivered.

Head is famous for bringing something new and great for the players, and the Ti.S6 racket is no different. Continue reading to learn more about its features.

Top Features Of the Head TI.S6 Titanium Racket

The Head Ti S6 is a uniquely designed titanium racket with several features, which makes it perfect for beginner and even intermediate players. Some of the most important features include:

Size and weight

The Ti S6 comes with a very large size frame (length and head size), but it’s very lightweight. Its length makes it easier for players to reach the ball, while the large head size and great sweet spot make it harder to miss.

Because it’s lightweight, players will not have a hard time swinging it. The lightweight nature of the racket means it will take less of a toll on your arm, elbow, and shoulder.

Explosive Power

Although it’s lightweight, it’s extremely powerful. The coupling up of these two features makes the racket ideal for players with short but compact strokes. Intermediate and advanced players might also enjoy using this racket. The lightweight titanium frame minimizes air resistance, allowing you to create lots of speed in your swings.


It comes pre-strung with Head’s synthetic gut, which is among the best strings out there. This string allows players to put some topspin on the ball. 

The string is durable – it will shoot the ball like a bullet towards your opponents. The combination of durability and other racket components allows players to use the racket for a long time before having to restring it.

What Are the drawbacks?

When purchasing a racket, most people tend to look at only the benefits they will receive. Overlooking the drawbacks of a racket can have some devastating results. Therefore, it’s crucial to research both the pros and cons of a racket before deciding.

That said, here are some drawbacks associated with the Head Ti S6 Titanium tennis racket:

  • Slight vibrations: Though it features a titanium and graphite construction, which dampens vibration, still the lightweight nature and extra power results in minor or slight vibrations you can feel in your hand, elbow, and shoulder.
  • Not ideal for advanced players: If you’re an advanced tennis player, you might want to look for other racket options on the market. Although the Ti S6 delivers impressive performance, its features are more suited to beginners and intermediate level tennis players.

Who Should Use the Head TI S6 Titanium Racket?

Looking at its incredible features, the Head Ti S6 tennis racket will appeal to many players. Its blend of a large sweet spot, lightweight, and power makes it one of the best rackets on the market. We recommend this racket to anyone who’s getting into tennis or plays tennis casually. Advanced players may want to take a pass on this racket due to the lack of control the large head provides.

Are you on a budget? Then you should consider the Ti S6 racket. It not only delivers excellent performance, but it’s also well priced compared to other similar rackets on the market.


Having extensively explored the various details of Head Ti S6, it’s wise to say that this is a powerful racket with exceptional control. It features lightweight construction, it’s durable, and it feels great to play with.

If you’re a beginner or intermediate player who desires to get onto the court and start hitting some ball, this well-priced piece of equipment will help you experience an unforgettable game. Buying it will surely help you win serves, shots, and smashes throughout the match.

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