5 Most Expensive Tennis Rackets

Did you know that only two years ago, there were approximately 18 million people playing tennis in the US? And this number’s only been bound to go up today in 2020.

This is because tennis is a far more sophisticated outdoor game than any other. You dawn your best sportswear, find a spacious court, and carry the best equipment you can find. And if there’s one thing that makes a fundamental difference to your player experience, it’s the grip of a high-grade tennis racket in your palms. 

A high-quality racket comes at a price. Sure enough, you can get your hands on a reasonably sturdy racket for as little as twenty bucks if that’s what you’re looking for. 

However, as an aspiring newbie or professional, mediocrity will hardly get you anywhere. While a significant part of playing top-class tennis is accredited to your skillset, that doesn’t play down the importance of a good racket. 

When we say the most expensive tennis rackets, we’re talking about approximately $700. This benchmark comprises of the latest technological integrations, player experience, durability, and versatility. In plain words, owning and knowing how to use an expensive tennis racket can be a game-changer for your tennis career.

Before we probe into the reason behind the high price range, let’s take a look at the top five most expensive tennis rackets. 

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1. The Proximus Diamond Game Prize

On our list, the top one has a price that goes right through the roof: 1.3 million dollars. You might wonder what makes it so absurdly expensive. 

Anything that expensive certainly must be one of a kind. This tennis racket, too, is pretty impressive. It’s made of pure gold, with a tennis ball attached to the strings. The racket is studded with 1,700 real diamonds that alone worth around fifty grand. This entire piece weighs four kilograms and is a game prize for the Diamond Games. 

A player has to win three Diamond Games Racket tournaments within five years to secure the prize. This one’s far from your typical tennis racket, but it is every bit worth the price!

2. The Chanel Racket

This Chanel racket is one expensive piece of property you could ever own. The racket has a CC logo printed on the center of the string mesh. It also comes with a Chanel sports bag with straps. The entire set is a part of Chanel’s recent line of sports equipment. 

However, Chanel is a luxury brand and hardly prices anything below a grand. This racket, without any customizations or integrations, is going to cost you $1,800. If you intend on acquiring additional integrations, you can estimate a much pricier tag. 

3. Bosworth Tour 96 Rackets

After describing the first two extraordinary rackets, let’s tone it down a bit. If you’re generous enough to spend around $400 on a racket, the Bosworth Tour 96 is an irresistible idea. These rackets are a unique ten head design and are handmade by a family-owned Bosworth company. They take in the advice of the game’s champion, too, to build as lethal a racket as there can be. From design to grip to sturdiness to material quality, each racket goes through a detailed analysis before it’s sold.

However, Bosworth rackets aren’t just a simple collection of pre-made rackets. Each item is custom made on demand and is tailored to match the player’s exact needs and expectations. These rackets weigh 345 grams, but the figure may alter if you decide to go for any add-ons.

4. Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Racket

A trademark of the 20-time Grand Slam champ Roger Federer, the Pro Staff RF97 racket is made by Wilson. This racket design has been used by Federer for nearly six years now. It is made to sustain string tension of 60 pounds and delivers surgical precision in even the most challenging environments. 

The graphite-aramid frame and leather handle make the racket both lightweight and durable. It has specs similar to Roger’s original RF97A tennis racket and weighs a total of 360 grams. The highest price you can find this one for is $400. However, variants with the less expensive build are available for lower prices, too.

5. Yonex Astrel 105 Racket

A more feasible racket for both beginners and professionals, the Yonex Astrel 105 is one of the best rackets available on the market right now. It’s like a friend that accompanies you on your very first day at the court and beams at you as you clutch your first ever trophy. 

YONEX 2020 Astrel 105-4 1/8'' Grip Size

The Yonex Astrel 105 can easily bear a strain of up to 55 pounds. This way, it enables the players to establish and work on their grip as they master the shots. The isometrically woven 16 by 18 hybrid strings span across 105 sq. inches, deliver, and reinforce the full strength of your arm.

Lightweight HM graphite makes the racket easy to carry, and the Ergo grip gives you a strong and firm hold on the handle. Its rubber grip is reinforced with Quake shut gel plus that sustains and mutes vibrations to keep your hand stable during a power play. This one can currently be purchased for approximately $250.

What Makes a Racket Expensive?

  • Material. A racket par excellence will make use of materials such as aluminum or metallic alloys to get that perfect strength.
  • Technology. Shock proofing, carbon stabilizing, synthetic leather grip, AirLite alloy, etc., are some remarkable innovations that make a racket’s price skyrocket.
  • Build Quality. Strongly woven tensile fabric, reinforced material, and an ability to make the racket feel comfortable in a first-time player are all a gift of expert craftsmanship. The better the build quality, the more durable your racket is, and the more expensive it will tend to be.

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