Prince Textreme Tour 100P Tennis Racket Review

Tennis is a great sport, however, tennis requires skill! Skill comes with persistence in training to master the craft. After learning the art, you need to have the correct racket to facilitate the accuracy, fluency, preciseness, and relishing of the game.

The Prince Textreme Tour tennis racket is one of the best rackets in the industry. It has been precisely made with the current generation’s best technology and guarantees excellent performance on the court. It is a certified racket that is used in both amateur and professional competitions in the sport.

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Prince Textreme Tour 100P Tennis Racket Overview

The racket is made with a considerable concentration on the provision of quality to the game. It is a top-notch piece of equipment that does not disappoint in the flooded racket market.

The Textreme Tour 100P is made with TextremeX technology, which has incorporated Twaron into its frame to increase its stiffness. This ensures a better response to the game and more control as it provides better spin power centered together in one magnificent racket.

This version is more improved and has a commendable handling experience as compared to the previous versions. People from different angles of engagement enjoy the game. The racket has incorporated both the new-age feel and the traditional feel for versatility in its vast market’s performance preference.

The manufacturer has also considered the worry of having to buy multiple rackets for your needs for playing in different types of courts. The racket’s versatility allows it to be used in all kinds of courts and ensures a great outcome in performance regardless. This is an accurate measure of preciseness in the products’ quality deliverance.

The racket has a length of 27 inches, a head size of 100 square inches, a weight of 326 grams, and is composed of graphite/extreme with 18 mains and 20 crosses.

Top features

Although all of its features are at their best rating yet, the products hold other features that stand out. These features include:


The racket is impressive in its groundstrokes; this is due to its current stability and excellent control. It also does not lay back on the power provision. It gives more than you exert for a better outcome—the racket woes you into the game. More so, the racket does not disappoint with its comfortability, allowing great shots in both your backhand and forehand experience.


Previous versions proved a little low on stability, thus affecting the volley shots. The current version of 100P, which has increased strength, delivers a superb volley while maintaining control.


This is one of the most critical aspects of the game. The serve is a priority as it sets the tone for the play. Due to the tighter strings and the new pattern, the serves have gone a notch higher to deliver more power and better delivery on the serve.


If you are not good at serving, you need an excellent affiliation to return the serve. The tighter strings and improved stability is a major plus on the returns. It does not demand you to use a lot of energy to return the ball, making a recovery a lot easier.


When playing the game, you need complete concentration. The player can achieve this if their racket does not give you straining issues such as wrist pain. This racket ensures that your comfortability is good and has been coupled with both modern and traditional feels.


The weaker your racket, the higher its susceptibility to breakage. The new 100P, which is made up of twaron and graphite, guarantees stiffness and better quality and response to the game.


The racket has so far the best controllability of all lines. In consideration of professional players who need the most, they can get from a suitable racket. The 100P racket has excellent control due to the materials and ingenuity put into the making of the racket.


The new string pattern, which is 18 by 20, is a well-calculated string pattern that offers more stability to the racket. It is an update that has gone a long way to ensure the forehand and backhand don’t slip away from your grip, thus providing a better performance rating than before.


It is built to suit a wide variety of users, specifically from amateurs to pros. The product ensures that the professionals get the best return on their investments.


It provides for a better and faster swing, which will, in turn, improve your backhand and forehand a great deal. Due to its string patterns, you get speedier sing speed coupled with excellent power output, which will, in turn, give you a more emphatic smash than usual.


The Prince Textreme Tour 100P rackets are very well-made pieces of equipment with one of the best deliveries in the industry’s service quality. For this reason, the price of the racket is considered to be reasonably affordable for such a fantastic product.


The Prince Textreme Tour 100P racket is a fantastic product that is one of the best on the market. It comes fully equipped with comfortability, stability, control, and power. Buying this racket will be a significant plus in your career or enjoyment of the game in general.

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