Prince TwistPower x100 Tennis Racket Review

Once the bigger names in the market, Prince has slowly become less popular among the tour level. This racket, in particular, though, deserves more credit and is a hidden gem. Quick-hitting is the overall theme here as this racket is a lightweight and easily maneuverable racket for quick racket head speed. 

It has some of the typical specs you would see on some of the other top women’s rackets on the market, like a 100 square inch head frame. However, possibly unexpected, it’s an unbelievably stiff frame at a level of 66. This can explain the easy access to power despite being so light. 

Here are the specs and dimensions of the Prince TwistPower x100. 

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Head Size: 100 square Inches

Length: 27 inches

Unstrung Weight: 306 grams

Balance: 4 points headlight 

Swingweight:  314

String Pattern: 16 Mains/18 Crosses

General Background

This racket offers some of the best of everything. With a decent size head frame and a string bed that offers some spacing between the strings, you’ll find yourself a decent size sweet spot in the racket. This will help with the number of mishits or the impact of vibration from the relatively stiff racket. 

Despite having a normal weight compared to some of the others on the market, it has a great lightweight feel at 314 because of its 4-point headlight structure. This is great for volleying, quick baseline swings, snap on the serve, and getting the racket back for returning big serves.

Something to note about this racket, in particular, is that It has a unique throat. It has twisted beams that help with the vibration impact of the racket and creates a closer feel upon contact for better feedback with each hit. 

Everything sounds great, right? What’s not to love. Let’s talk more about each section of tennis. 


Some of the best features of this racket are the easy access to power and the ability to hit with topspin. The 16×18 string bed setup allows for more friction and rotation of the ball because of slightly more spacing between the strings. This can be combined with its headlight balance for easy wrist-whipping tendencies. This means putting heavy topspin on the ball will be no issue at all. Or hitting winners on the run (everyone’s favorite shot) should be no issue. 

Some players may be concerned about its ability to generate any kind of power because of how light it is. Prince thought to make the racket stiff to have easy access to power through the baseline, which is why it is a great choice for dominant shots from the back. If you are worried about the boing effect because of the stiffness, don’t! This is why the string bed offers easy access to spin, so you can bring that shot back in. 

Something that baseliners will want to look out for is the vibration effect. With a stiff frame and lightweight head, you may find some instability at the top of the racket is not hit right in the sweet spot. This is why the sweet spot was made with a decent size in mind to minimize the number of mishits.

Net Game

The Prince TwistPower x100 performs relatively well at the net. This is definitely because you can get the racket into position quickly and efficiently with its lightweight structure. You’ll have to remain in a firm grip because the instability at the top can sometimes be bullied by the bigger hit balls from the baseline upon contact. 

Something you may lack in other headlight rackets is touch on the volleys. But the unique composition of this racket provides that feel and then dampen the vibrations upon contact. This makes for good touch volleys and drop shots along with slices from any area of the court. 


One of the highlights of this racket is the ability to serve in almost any way you want. Power comes easily because of the stiffness and the lightness factor. You can snap at the top with ease and get the racket into the right position at the right time when serving. But big power serves aren’t the only serve that performs well with this racket. 

The string bed allows for awesome opportunities for kick and slice. Simply as said, it has more spacing between the strings and allows for more friction upon contact. This is great for someone who may struggle to put more on the ball for their second serve. The racket’s control part also comes from the ability to move your wrist and move the racket. 

Final Thoughts

It’s a shame this racket isn’t more recognized on the tour level because it really is designed for intermediate to advanced players. However, this racket is so user-friendly it wouldn’t be surprising if everyone had a good time playing with it. It seems to do a lot of the work for you, like providing easy access to power and spin without taking a toll on your elbows and joints. 

This could be considered an all-court type of racket, except it, doesn’t really lack anything from the baseline, serves, or even volleys. If there was anything to complain about, it might be a little lacking in mass to really give that power the next step. Or the instability that may come with slightly off-center hits. 

Serving may take the cake for the best outcome as it offers such a great variety of options and ease of swing through. First serves with power are no issue, but second serves can really be moved with loads of kick and spin because of the string spacing. Ultimately, this racket is a winner for anyone. 

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