Top 5 Best Head Tennis Rackets in 2022

If you’ve done any kind of research on tennis rackets recently, you’ll know that there are plenty of brands on the market these days. With that being said, Head seems like it’s always amongst the top manufacturers in the tennis industry. 

The tennis racket scene is a very competitive market, but Head’s ability to sign top-ranked players together with its quality rackets makes them stand out from the rest. In this article, we’re going to take an in-depth look at some of the best Head tennis rackets available.  

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1. Head Radical MP 2021 Tennis Racket

This year brought a nice refresh to Head’s Radical line, and with it, the Graphene 360+ was introduced to the Radical series. Head also updated their Radical MP with a slightly higher static weight and swingweight for increased stability. Additionally, it has a slightly lower RA stiffness rating to provide an experience that is much gentler on the arms. 

HEAD Graphene 360+ Radical MP Tennis Racquet, 27 Inch Performance Adult Racket - 4 1/2 Grip, Unstrung

It was difficult for us to find any faults with this update because it truly excels in all areas on the court. The subtle updates to the Radical MP include improved stability and feel, which provides you with the tools you need for consistency and for varying your shot selection. The spin-friendly response of the stringbed allows for optimal and easy targeting. 

When you add that to the easily accessed power, the Head Radical MP 2021 edition truly becomes a force to be reckoned with. This is a well-rounded racket that is well-suited to net chargers and baseline grinders alike. 

Who Is This Racket For?

The Head Radical MP is a great tennis racket for intermediate and advanced tennis players. While it does have some power built into it, you’re going to need to put some of your own strength behind your hits, which is why we wouldn’t recommend the Radical MP to players who have just started in the world of tennis. 

It has an impressive feel and great stability, so if you value those qualities in your tennis racket, you’re going to love the 2021 edition of the Radical MP. It’s also fantastic for putting some spin on your shots, which is another reason why we think it’s far better suited to more experienced players. It takes a lot of practice to learn how to spin shots effectively, and beginners typically only use spin by mistakes. 


  • 98” head size
  • 11.2-ounce string weight
  • 326 swingweight
  • Graphite construction
  • Low-medium power level
  • Available in orange & silver colors
  • 48-57 pounds of string tension

Whether you play more defensively or offensively, or whether you use topspin or prefer to slice, you’ll find that the Radical MP 2021 excels from the back of the court. There is a lot to like about this updated iteration when it comes to groundstrokes. You’ll notice the overall improved feeling of the racket quite immediately. The feel is not muted, you’ll be able to tell where you are hitting on the stringbed. 

We feel that this is quite a user-friendly racket with fantastic access to depth and spin, and the additional weight makes this a much more solid and stable version than the previous iteration of the Radical MP. Getting spin on the ball is as easy as ever, with an effortless feeling off of the stringbed. 

When you are counterpunching or defending, you’ll be impressed not only by how well the racket can handle pace but how natural it feels to get spin on the ball. This makes your defensive shots more effective while also helping you drive slices through the court. 

The response of the Radical MP 2021 off the baseline is also very impressive. It makes you feel like you have complete and utter control over your precision, which is something we’re always looking for in a racket. You’ll be able to hit your marks consistently when you hit drive shots, float a slice, or lob the ball. Topspin shots come with lots of spin, and slices have great bite. 

The lower flex rating and slight increase in weight of the Radical MP provides it with optimal touch at the net and improved stability. The racket feels solid up at the net, and whether you’re trying to block a rocket on a reaction volley or put the ball away with power, there’s enough stability and mass to do both. The more responsive feel is a great addition since it helps you put some added touch on your volleys. 

You’ll feel connected to your shots, and you’ll be able to place your volleys quite well. Keeping nimble on the court when the pace picks up is not a problem with the Head Radical MP, and the ample stability means that the racket never feels like it is getting pushed around. The overall comfort is quite good, as well. Getting into position is never a problem, and neither is blocking volleys from your opponent. 

We were quite impressed with how easy the Radical MP made it to get the ball over the net when on the run. When it comes to slower balls, you’ll have to make sure that your aim is on point and that you guide the ball through the court. If you are too relaxed with your movement, the ball can have quite a high trajectory off of the stringbed, easily launching off target. 

The Radical MP 2021 provides enough power on your serves that you won’t feel like you need to work too hard, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t going to have to put some effort into your swings. Serving with this racket is a pleasant experience. It has some good power and solid placement to boot. You have easy access to spin, and it’s also easy to hit nice kick serves. 


  • Great stability
  • Improved feel
  • Easy to use spin
  • Available in two colors
  • Good power off the stringbed


  • Could do with a lower swingweight

The Bottom Line

If you’ve got some decent experience with playing tennis, the Head Radical MP 2021 would make a great update to your tennis racket arsenal. It has a nice professional feel while still being accessible, and we like how easy it makes it to use spin. 

2. Head Graphene Touch Radical MP Tennis Racket

Head’s Radical line has quite a rich history that dates back to the early 1990s when Andre Agassi began endorsing it. Through countless cosmetic and technological updates, Head’s Radical line has kept up with the evolving demands of the world’s most serious and professional players, and now there’s basically nothing that Head’s Radical rackets can’t do. 

One of the newer iterations, the Graphene Touch Radical MP, is the first of its kind that includes Head’s Graphene Touch material. This material is responsible for dampening the racket to something that has a much more comfortable and muted feel. You’ll be impressed with how much stability you are able to receive from a racket that has a string weight of 11 ounces. 

The Head Graphene Touch Radical MP also has good spin potential on its serves and groundstrokes, though you might find yourself struggling with the feel since it can make you feel like you are disconnected from your shots. Overall, the Touch Radical MP is a user-friendly racket for players who are looking for a mix of spin, power, and stability with a muted feel. 

Who Is This Racket For?

Like the previous racket on this list, the Graphene Touch Radical is best suited for intermediate to advanced players who have quite a bit of experience playing tennis. It has an extra-dampened feel that delivers impressive stability for its weight, and it also has a user-friendly blend of spin and power.

While the racket does make it quite easy to hit spin shots, you have to know how to hit spins first, which is something that not many beginners are able to do. This is another reason why we say that it’s more of an intermediate racket. If you’re looking for an upgrade, you should definitely consider the Head Graphene Touch Radical MP. 


  • 98” head size
  • 11-ounce string weight
  • 323 swingweight
  • Graphene Touch construction
  • Low-medium power level
  • Available in orange & blue colors
  • 48-57 pounds of string tension

The great thing about the Head Graphene Touch Radical MP is that it offers easy depth and fantastic access to spin, though the feel left us wanting. The racket certainly feels more stable than its 11-ounce weight, and the heavier swingweight probably has something to do with that. The Radical puts some nice mass behind the ball while still allowing you to be incredibly nimble with your swings and movements. 

It is easy to come by depth when using the Graphene Touch Radical MP, and you’ll feel quite confident when you hit those groundstrokes. Unfortunately, the feel can be quite disconnected, though this is the only performance drawback that the racket suffers from. If you have been a fan of Head’s Radical series over the years, you might find that the changes made in this iteration are quite jarring, but we’re sure you’ll like them overall. 

The Graphene Touch strikes a nice balance between power and control, as well as maneuverability and stability. You’ll enjoy taking the ball early and redirecting it according to the pace of your opponents, and if you’re a more experienced player, we’re sure that you’ll love how effective your slices can be with this racket. 

Another great thing about this racket is that it provides some great access to spin, and you’ll enjoy hitting sharper angles to pull your opponents around the court. The feel is quite muted, which makes every shot feel the same. This can make it difficult for you to gauge the depth of your shots and adjust your swings according to any errors you make. 

When it comes to stability, we were surprised at just how stable the Graphene Touch Radical MP was, considering that it only weighs 11 ounces. The racket is especially stable at the net, even when your shots are off-center. You might find yourself having to stretch to reach hard passing shots, which can feel unstable at contact. While the Graphene Touch Radical MP might not be as maneuverable as other rackets in its weight class, it does provide some nice pop off of the stringbed during volleys. 

The sweet spots on this racket are quite generous, so even if you are still pushing yourself into the advanced class, you’ll enjoy pocketing the ball on your volleys. The Graphene Touch Radical MP doesn’t make you feel sluggish in your reactions and allows you to get the racket into position to hit clean volleys. However, when you don’t land those clean volleys, the lack of weight in the hoop becomes glaringly obvious. 

Tapping into the power potential of this racket is like a walk in the park, and it allows you to hit controlled consistent serves. Serving with this racket is great, and you’ll be able to get most of your serves in, taking advantage of the muted feel since you’ll likely try to control the direction of your serves rather than their depth. The open string pattern also helps put some nice spin on your serves. 

Your directional control will also be quite easy when serving with the Graphene Touch MP, and you’ll have a perfect blend of control and power at your disposal. The racket even provides enough weight behind the ball to get your serves moving at lightspeed. 


  • Good spin potential
  • Good power
  • Very stable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy depth


  • Muted response

The Bottom Line

The Head Graphene Touch Radical MP has quite a dampened feel, but it provides impressive stability considering how lightweight it is. It also offers a user-friendly blend of spin and power, and it is a great addition to any intermediate player’s kit. 

3. Head Graphene Touch Prestige Midplus Tennis Racket

Other than being a total tongue twister, the popular and iconic Head Prestige Mid plus lives on with the addition of Head’s iconic Graphene Touch technology. The Graphene Touch material in the frame creates a feeling that is more muted and dampened, and the racket comes packed with control coming from its thin 21mm straight beam frame and tight string pattern. 

HEAD Graphene Touch Prestige Mid Tennis Racquet (4_3/8)

While the official head size of this tennis racket is listed as 95 square inches, it is actually the same size as the previous iteration in the Prestige line since Head now measures the inner hoop of the Prestige rackets rather than the outside hoop. From the baseline, this racket is packed with control and provides a low-powered response for players. 

At the net, you’ll be able to enjoy a solid and precise feel that allows you to end points with ease. The combination of control and low power helps players hit their targets while serving and making returns, and you’ll also be able to hit without fear of overhitting. 

Who Is This Racket For?

The Head Graphene Touch Prestige Mid plus is definitely a racket for more advanced players, and it’s going to take quite a bit of skill from you to be able to use it effectively. It will make you bring your own power to the game, but it does deliver fantastic precision and rewards players who play the entire court. 

If you are a beginner tennis player, we suggest that you look at other rackets since many of Head’s rackets are made for advanced and professional players. The price point of this racket also puts it out of the reach of most beginners or anyone working on a budget. With that being said, if you are an advanced player who has some cash burning a hole in your pocket, the Head Graphene Touch Prestige Mid plus should be on your radar.


  • 93” head size
  • 11.8-ounce string weight
  • 326 swingweight
  • Graphene Touch construction
  • Low-medium power level
  • Available in black
  • 48-57 pounds of string tension

While the Head Graphene Touch Prestige MP has quite a low power level, it is still quite maneuverable from the baseline. This racket was definitely a step in the right direction for Head, and it definitely has a better feel compared to some of the previous iterations. It didn’t feel as hollow and disconnected as the two previous iterations, and your touch shots will feel on target, allowing you to feel dialed in. 

The low tension on the Touch Prestige helps get you a higher trajectory and some depth back into your hitting. The racket does not drive through the ball as well as your backhand topspin, especially in comparison to the newer Mid version. When you make errors with this racket, they will generally happen in the form of short balls going into the net, and while depth might be an issue, hitting drop shots might be easy. 

The tight string pattern on the Graphene Touch Prestige MP launches the ball off of the bed, though at a slightly lower angle. You will still be able to achieve a tight rotation on the ball with the Prestige, and your backhand slice will certainly feel much better when playing with this racket. However, it might not be quite as easy to arc the ball high over the net. 

The Graphene Touch Prestige MP offers the control and touch that many intermediate and advanced players crave when ending points at the net. You’ll feel confident from the baseline with this tennis racket, and this confidence will only improve as you get closer to the net. The great thing about this racket is that it makes you feel connected to your shots and allows you to have fun watching your volleys hit the targets like you want them to. 

At the net, getting depth is easier when compared to hitting from the baseline. The tight stringbed favors adding some slice to your volleys, which gets them bouncing low and helps you finish off the point. The great thing about the Graphene Touch Prestige MP is that it is stable and solid at the net. You’ll be very comfortable punching volleys deep into the court, and there’s a surprising amount of mass behind the shots, considering how lightweight the racket is. 

When serving with the Head Graphene Touch Prestige MP, you’ll find a more control-oriented response, and you’ll find yourself using this precision as a weapon. Even though you had to generate a lot of your own pace on your serves, this racket performs wonderfully in other areas. We enjoy the directional control that the racket provides, and flat serves with it are very precise. You don’t have to make many adjustments when you are trying to make accurate serves, and this racket is no exception. 

The Graphene Touch Prestige MP hits the nail on the head when it comes to weight. It is light enough for you to get around on any ball during your returns while still having enough weight to add some throttle to the ball when you are in the strike zone. We love the range of options that MP affords us when it comes to returns. You’ll feel like you can swing away and be very aggressive without worrying about overhitting your shots. Because you don’t have to put much of your own power behind your returns, you’ll be able to focus on directing the ball to your targets. 


  • Improved feel
  • Decent control
  • Optimal weight
  • Easy to get depth
  • Low power level


  • Takes time to get used to low trajectory

The Bottom Line

The Graphene Touch Prestige MP is control-oriented in nature, and it will bring you power while still delivering precision and all-court play. If you’re an advanced player looking to upgrade your racket, this is certainly one to consider.

4. Head Graphene 360+ Extreme MP Tennis Racket

Next up on our list is the Head Graphene 360+ Extreme MP, which stays true to its heritage by providing massive spin and extreme power behind your shots. We found that this iteration offers a slightly better feel and improved maneuverability than the previous iteration, and you’ll be able to play aggressively from the back of the court while also getting good touch on drop and slice shots. 

HEAD Graphene 360+ Extreme MP Tennis Racquet, 27 Inch Head Light Balance Adult Racket - 4 1/4 Grip

With the Graphene 360+, moving to the net feels quite natural, and you’ll be impressed with how stable the racket feels overall. Cranking up the spin and power on serves is remarkably easy, though returns do tend to yield mixed results. It’s a great racket for anyone who wants to be in control of the ball and of the court. 

All things considered, the Head Graphene 360+ Extreme MP feels true to Head’s Extreme series, and it caters well to players who want heavy power and spin, as well as a stable and maneuverable package. 

Who Is This Racket For?

The Graphene 360+ Extreme MP tennis racket is certainly meant for the more advanced players of the world. Its features are better suited to players who know how to control the ball and make it do exactly what they want, which is something that not many beginners are capable of. The improved spin potential would also be wasted on anyone who doesn’t know how to hit spin shots. 

This updated iteration of the Head Extreme line offers the power and spin that most advanced players will be able to take advantage of, and its price point definitely puts it out of reach of players who are just starting out and don’t have the budget to purchase expensive tennis equipment. However, if you’re an intermediate to advanced player, you should definitely consider the Graphene 360+ Extreme MP racket. 


  • 100” head size
  • 11.2-ounce string weight
  • 325 swingweight
  • Graphene 360+ construction
  • Low-medium power level
  • Available in yellow & grey colors
  • 52-62 pounds of string tension

If you are familiar with Head’s Graphene Extreme line, you’ll find comfort in knowing that, like its predecessors, the Graphene 360+ Extreme MP comes packed with spin and power. You’ll find easy depth and power on your groundstrokes, and you will be able to be aggressive and step in without putting too much of your own effort into the maneuver. Many players enjoy using this racket to utilize angled, shorter groundstrokes to pull their opponent off the court, as well as hit offensive short balls or passing shots. 

When on the defensive, the Extreme MP does a wonderful job of helping you stay in a position that is more neutral and offensive. Even when you’re reaching, you’ll be able to hit the ball back into the deep part of the court with spin and power. You might finding yourself holding back at times, especially when it comes to your approach shots because you can easily overhit if you add too much spin. With its moderate swingweight, the Graphene 360+ Extreme offers nice follow-through and is definitely one of the most powerful rackets on this list.

That power can sometimes be challenging to control because it can be difficult to measure the depth of your shots when you’re playing under pressure, so you should always be cautious about overhitting. This racket definitely has a firmer feel when compared to its previous iteration, so if you prefer to hit your groundstrokes in the upper hoop, things can feel a bit jarring. There is a lot of power in this racket for you to tap into – so much so that you might actually have to hold yourself back at times if you already hit with natural power. 

This iteration of the Graphene 360+ Extreme is easier to swing than its predecessor, providing a whippier and more maneuverable feel, which means that you are able to get more head speed. With your groundstrokes, you can get more pace and depth without having to alter your strokes, and keeping yourself in an offensive position is just generally easier with this MP. The one drawback that you might find is that you’ll have to think carefully about adding topspin to your shots when you swing out, or you might find your shots launching long more often than not. 

While this is certainly a very agile racket, it can feel a little clunky at times, and the head can almost feel disproportionately large in comparison to the rest of the body. While this might work well for some players’ playing styles, you might hit the ball long a lot, and your shots could feel somewhat erratic off of the stringbed. With its maneuverability, stability, and lack of slouch on touch shots, this Extreme MP is able to excel when you’re at the net. 

It offers some great stability and an excellent feel, and you’ll feel very connected to your volleys. There is definitely enough weight in this racket to make an aggressive volley, and the touch feels good, as well. You’ll be able to throw off the pace of your opponent and block shots back with relative ease. You’ll hardly ever feel like the racket is twisting in your hands, even when you are reaching for a passing shot or volleying back a hard groundstroke. It’s great for doubles games, as well.

What’s more, serving with the Graphene 360+ Extreme MP is very solid, and you’ll have lots of access to its spin potential. Getting your opponent off the court is satisfying with kick serves, and you’ll be able to tap into some decent power when you’re looking to make a more aggressive serve. 


  • Great power
  • Spin potential
  • Improved feel
  • Good stability
  • Maneuverable


  • Can be difficult to control

The Bottom Line

The updated Head Graphene Extreme 360+ MP offers the power and spin that its line has been known for, but it also improves on its maneuverability and feel, offering a professional feeling that all advanced tennis players will appreciate. 

5. Head Graphene 360 Radical S Tennis Racket

To end this list, we have the head Graphene 360 Radical S racket, which is one of the lighter rackets in the Radical series, but it certainly packs an impressive punch. This addition to the Graphene line sees the inclusion of Graphene material to the head at targeted points and also to the shaft for improved power and torsional stability. What’s more, the Dynamic String Pattern was specially made to provide the control of a tight pattern while still offering the forgiveness and spin of an open pattern. 

HEAD Graphene 360 Radical S Tennis Racquet (4/1/2004)

The lighter weight of the Radical S is something to enjoy. From both the net and the baseline, this racket is impressive in its power, agility, and spin potential. What’s more, it boasts a lower stiffness rating in comparison to the other rackets in the Radical line, and it also features more comfort and feel. 

The Radical S isn’t without its flaws, however, and its lower stringweight has some limitations when you are hitting with more aggressive players. We also noticed some instability, particularly on volleys and returns. All in all, the Radical S is one of Head’s gems.

Who Is This Racket For?

We thought we should include at least one Head racket that was suitable for beginners, and the Radical S is just that. Beginner to intermediate players will appreciate this racket’s agility and power in both singles and doubles play, and it’s also quite an affordable option, making it a great starting racket overall. 

Of course, that’s not to say that the Graphene 360 Radical S can’t be used by more advanced players. On the contrary, the spin potential is a great bonus to any player capable of taking advantage of it. Still, this is primarily a racket for the newbies. 


  • 102” head size
  • 10.4-ounce string weight
  • 305 swingweight
  • Graphene 360 construction
  • Low-medium power level
  • 60 flex
  • 16 x 19 string pattern

We were quite surprised by the high-performance feel from the baseline with the Head Graphene 360 Radical S. If you are a more experienced tennis player, you might find yourself swinging slightly quicker to compensate for how light the racket is, but it is effective when you want to change direction and keep the ball spinning and deep in the court. The Radical S is agile, light, and fantastically easy to use, and tapping into the spin when you need it has never been easier. 

This can translate to enjoyable rallies and deep groundstrokes from the baseline if you know what you’re doing. If you are used to using rackets heavier than this one, there is going to be a short adjustment period where you might make contact slightly further in front than usual. For the most part, the Radical S holds up, but you can expect to feel a little instability at times. 

This is also quite a fun racket to use when you are trading groundstrokes. It feels very quick and maneuverable, allowing you to get creative with your shots, thanks to how easy it is to mix them up and generally position the racket. With the Radical S, impacts feel crisp, offering a more direct response. Subsequently, this allows you to line the stringbed up with your targets and get the ball exactly where you want it.

The racket’s overall response makes it a great fit for when you are directly on top of the baseline, taking the ball early and redirecting it using your opponent’s pace. When the time comes for you to generate your own pace, fast swings will work the best since the Radical S is not heavy enough to push the ball deep. Still, the head size makes this a very forgiving racket with a generous sweet spot.

The Radical S comes with quite a fast feel, with enough hitting power to end points at the net. Getting this racket into position is rarely going to be an issue because it is so easy to maneuver. Contact feels precise and crisp, and advanced payers will enjoy aggressively punching volleys or adding some more swing to their shot to compensate for the lighter weight of this racket. The only real issue that this racket suffers from reveals itself when you have to bleed some pace off of heavier shots. 

If you don’t have good hands, you may find yourself touching volleys often when you drop the ball too short into the net, but the Radical S doesn’t have the weight behind it to do this. With that being said, it is more than capable when you are blocking the ball, which is generally how beginners play anyway. 

With the Radical S, you will consistently be able to pull off serves that have the same shape and speed to them, especially if you are used to using heavier rackets. Over the head, the Radical S swings quite quickly, and you can feel free to be relaxed with your motion. 


  • Generous sweet spot
  • Spin potential
  • Maneuverable
  • Good stability
  • Powerful


  • May be too light for more professional players

Wrapping Up

There it is, folks – our list of some of the best tennis rackets from Head on the market right now. Head is a giant in the tennis equipment industry, and there is good reason for this. Their products are some of the best available, and they’ve been endorsed by plenty of professional players. If you are on the hunt for a new tennis racket, we highly recommend checking out some of the products mentioned throughout this article – we know you won’t be disappointed. 

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