Top 5 Best YONEX Tennis Rackets in 2022

In today’s tennis industry, there are literally hundreds of manufacturers of tennis equipment. Yonex is one of these manufacturers, and they have recently experienced a surge of popularity to become the 4th most used tennis racket brand amongst the world’s top 100 players. 

There’s a good reason for this – their products are pretty fantastic, and while Yonex is trying to establish themselves at the recreational level, they have not been highly successful for that group of players yet. 

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a Yonex racket, you’ve come to the right place – we’re going to review some of the best Yonex rackets on the market right now. Read on for more. 

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Best Yonex Tennis Racket Reviews

1. Yonex VCORE Pro 97 Tennis Racket

To start off our list, we’ll be taking a look at the VCORE Pro 97 910 from Yonex, which is a modernized iteration from the brand that comes with new technologies to increase your comfort on each strike, as well as a space-inspired appearance. This updated racket allows the most aggressive players to crush the ball with power and precision. 

Yonex VCORE Pro 97 (310G) Tennis Racquet (4_1/4)

The VCORE Pro 97 features Vibration Dampening Mesh technology in its handle, providing improved comfort and a more dependable feel without sacrificing its crisp nature that many players have come to know and love. This racket captures the essence of the VCORE Pro 97 line’s control and is certainly the most maneuverable of this series.

While the plow-through is somewhat lacking, we were overall pleased with this model’s ability to swing quickly through the air. The higher launch angle and improved maneuverability allow you to generate more spin on your groundstrokes. Overall, this is a fantastic racket for intermediate players and advanced ball crushers, rewarding extra power and precision. 

Who is this racket for?

Like we mentioned above, this is definitely a racket for the intermediate and advanced players out there, given its features and capability. Its spin potential is something that really only experienced players are going to be able to take advantage of since most beginners don’t know how to add spin to their shots on purpose. 

It also suits players who like to be aggressive with their shots and rewards powerful play. If you are someone that enjoys making precise and powerful hits, you’re going to love the Yonex VCORE Pro 97 310. If you aren’t, we suggest that you consider some of the more beginner-friendly rackets on this list!


  • 97″ head size
  • 11.5 ounce strung weight
  • 318 swing weight
  • HM graphite, Black Micro Core, NAMD composition
  • Low power level
  • Fast swing speed
  • Available in green

The Yonex VCORE Pro 97 310 is a fantastic blend of spin, power, and control, and you’ll feel right at home with your groundstrokes. At the baseline, finding the perfect timing right from the first strike comes easy, and so does finding consistency. For its light frame, this is a very maneuverable racket, and it boasts a nice launch angle that will be music to the ears of advanced and professional players. 

We like that the racket allows you to put enough mass behind the ball to redirect pace well and hit your shots with the precision and speed needed to take control of the point. Because of the smaller frame size, we wouldn’t exactly say that the Pro 97 has a large sweet spot, but it is definitely larger than its predecessors, offering a crisp response from the stringbed. 

One of the downsides that this racket suffers from is that it tends to make its wielder feel disconnected from the ball on slices, and it can be easy to get lost in the sweet spot. With that being said, the racket is still very easy to swing, and generating head speed with it is as well. Subsequently, this makes it easy to access the racket’s swing potential, as well as finding angles. 

It would be nice if there were some more free power available to you, but the Pro 97 makes up for it with the topspin it provides. The thinner beam and head-light balance make the racket super easy to maneuver up at the net. However, this does mean that it is slightly more torsionally unstable with hits that are off-center. It would have been nice to have more weight in the racket head, though the slightly larger launch angle is still great. 

The VCORE Pro 97’s balance leans toward the grip, and the thin beam provides a crisp and responsive feel that you’ll definitely feel these features at the net. Getting this racket into position is a piece of cake, and it is hefty enough for you to be able to place the ball on your touch volleys. When it comes to serves, the 310g weight on this racket gives some extra power to your aggressive serves. 

When swinging fast and aiming wide, you’ll be rewarded with plenty of precision, power, and slice on the ball. The VCORE Pro 97’s maneuverability allows you to serve second balls with power and spin, and it plays well into more aggressive serving styles. It’s not sluggish and comes up through contact effortlessly, which is something that many intermediate and advanced players appreciate. 

The VCORE Pro 97 provides a nice pop on your serves, and it makes serving flatter shots a walk in the park. We did find that the racket feels somewhat underpowered when hitting second serves with spin, and it would have been nice to have some more predictability with these shots, though this isn’t really a huge problem. When talking about returns, we would have liked some more weight in the head to get the ball coming through the court some more. 

This is a stable racket when blocking back first serves, but it doesn’t really come through the court enough. If the racket had just a touch more weight behind the ball, it would have been fantastic with returns. It’s certainly light enough for you to hit sharp angles and add lots of spin to your returns, and controlling direction and depth is also relatively easy. 


  • Maneuverable
  • Easy spin access
  • Good control
  • Lots of precision
  • Easy power


  • Slightly unstable

The Bottom Line

This racket is the most maneuverable in the line of Yonex’s VCORE Pro 97 racket while still retaining the same excellent control and feel. If you’re an intermediate to advanced player, consider this one. 

2. Yonex EZONE 98 Tennis Racket

Next is the Yonex EZONE 98, which is a past iteration of the EZONE line. It is endorsed by ATP player Nick Kyrgios and is one of the most user-friendly player’s rackets on the market right now, thanks to its generous access to power, ease of maneuverability, great feel, and large sweet spot. 

YONEX EZONE 98 Deep Blue Tennis Racquet in 4 5/8

One of the most noticeable features of this iteration of the EZONE line is its updated feel. Power is plentiful, and while you might feel like you are missing out on some control if you are a big hitter, slightly tweaking your string setup will allow this racket to mesh perfectly with your aggressive games. The easy maneuverability makes this racket adaptable to all different styles of playing. 

What’s more, the larger sweet spots aid in the depth and consistency of your shots, which is invaluable to more beginner players. All in all, last year’s edition of the EZONE 98 is a fantastic option for players of all skill levels, though intermediate and advanced players who are looking to capitalize on racket speed, feel, and power might appreciate the EZONE 98 the most. 

Who is this racket for?

The Yonex EZONE 98 is one of the most versatile rackets on the market and wouldn’t feel out of place in the hands of beginner, intermediate or advanced players. It is very user-friendly and has something to offer players of every skill level, though we do think that it would be best used in the hands of a player who has some significant experience in the game of tennis. 

With that being said, if you are a beginner player who isn’t working on a tight budget, this could be a good option for launching yourself into the deep end and getting a feel for what the pros are working with. The EZONE 98 comes with a pretty hefty price tag, though, so take that into consideration. 


  • 98″ head size
  • 11.3 ounce strung weight
  • 317 swing weight
  • M40X / HM Graphite composition
  • Low-medium power level
  • Medium-fast swing speed
  • Available in blue

With the Yonex EZONE 98, power is readily available from the baseline, and the updated feel provides some optimal comfort which is always welcome – and the best part is that it does this without sacrificing the player’s feeling of connection to the ball. The racket feels great and is super fun to hit with from the baseline, and it’s also slightly heavier than the previous racket on this list, giving it some nice heft behind your shots. 

When you are in a defensive position, you will be able to make full use of the power that this racket provides, and many players have stated that it helps them maintain pace and depth on their shots. You might find yourself hitting your slices with lots of pace, which can be a blessing and a curse – on the one hand, you’ll be getting some great driving slices, while on the other, you won’t have much room to make mistakes. 

One of the great things about the EZONE 98 is that it offers quite a soft touch, making it very comfortable to play with. Yonex definitely took some time to improve the comfort levels with this iteration, and it also exceeded our expectations in terms of its maneuverability. The head-light balances make it super easy to accelerate through the ball with lighting speeds. While the racket does have some good spin potential, it’s not as impressive when compared to other rackets that share its 16 x 9 string pattern. 

When it comes to volleys, the EZONE 98 offers a great feel and touch around the net, proving that it truly is a comfortable, crisp, point-and-shoot racket. You’ll have lots of fun putting away volleys. Lining up the stringbed on this racket is pretty easy, allowing you to punch your volleys to your targets with both pace and precision, and when it comes to drop volleys, there’s plenty of feel there, too, since the EZONE 98 is stable enough for you to relax your grip and get as much feel as possible. 

The racket holds up nicely against big hits, and as we mentioned earlier, is easy to get into position, making it both easy and enjoyable to play aggressively. More advanced players might find themselves hitting lots of swinging volleys and moving quickly when approaching the net, thanks to the good stability and touch of the EZONE 98. Serving with this racket is also a breeze since it offers so much maneuverability. You’ll be able to get it over the ball easily on slice and kick serves, and there are pretty much no downsides to speak of when it comes to serving. 

Generating speed with the EZONE 98 comes easily and naturally, and it’s no wonder why most Yonex players have big serves. There’s a lot of speed potential in the head, and the Poly Tour Pro string allows you to ramp up those big serves and leave your opponent speechless. Kick serves are also good, and you’ll have no problem getting above your opponent’s shoulder – a phrase that we know will be music to many advanced players’ ears. What’s more, cracking big returns with the EZONE 98 feels great, though we would have liked to see a little more control in this regard. 

Since the racket is so quick with its swings, you might find yourself coming through early at times and missing your target, sometimes quite significantly. With that being said, the racket is pretty stable when you’re against big servers.


  • Great power
  • Excellent feel
  • Large sweet spot
  • Good spin potential
  • Lightweight


  • Not much control

The Bottom Line

This Yonex racket remains user-friendly, with an update in feel that calls back to its predecessor. The EZONE 98 is definitely a racket that should be on the radar on aggressive, fast-paced players. 

3. Yonex EZONE 100 Tennis Racket

The EZONE 100 has been a fan favorite since the franchise began more than ten years ago. Boasting some super user-friendly specifications, this tennis racket receives some small but impressive changes in this iteration – after all, dynamite comes in small packages, and that phrase couldn’t be more true for the EZONE 100

YONEX EZONE 100 Deep Blue Tennis Racquet in 4 1/2

While the specifications are pretty much exactly the same on this racket, Yonex did take the time to include a few new technologies to the frame, including Vibration Dampening Mesh to the handle for a cleaner feel and M40X material to the throat. What’s more, the Liner Tech Grommet and String System are designed to reduce string friction and provide a feel that is more forgiving, 

The EZONE 100 definitely leans toward the plush feel of the DR model from Yonex, which is certainly not a bad thing. This easy-to-use racket excels in all areas of the court, and we were very pleased with its combination of control and power, excellent maneuverability, and easy depth. Overall, advanced players of all styles should definitely consider this racket. 

Who is this racket for?

The Yonex EZONE 100 is another racket from the brand that would be best used in the hands of an intermediate to advanced player. Like we mentioned at the beginning of this review, Yonex is known for creating pro-quality products, so it should come as no surprise that many of their rackets are suited for players with a lot of experience. 

Of course, it’s not just the features that make this an advanced racket – the EZONE 100 comes with a pretty steep price tag that puts it out of reach of many beginner players or players who are working on a budget. However, if you have the means and are an experienced player, this is definitely a racket to consider.


  • 100″ head size
  • 11.2 ounce strung weight
  • 322 swing weight
  • M40X / HM Graphite composition
  • Low-medium power level
  • Medium-fast swing speed
  • Available in blue

In terms of specifications, Yonex didn’t change much about the EZONE 100, and this iteration features the same controllable power that many players have come to know and love from the brand. Getting depth with this racket is super easy, and it’s got lots of spin potential, allowing you to hit deep groundstrokes that drop inside the baseline. Overall, this model complements aggressive baseline playing styles quite well. 

The EZONE 100 rackets have always been easy to pick up and use, thanks to their good all-around playability. If you are familiar with the line, this version will be quite easy to adjust to. The same controllable power is there, with the only major difference being the update to the feel. Even though it has a pretty high stiffness rating, this racket has a plusher, softer response that many players will appreciate, especially if you have a lot of experience with a Yonex racket. 

The access to spin and power with the EZONE 100 is fantastic for its weight class, and it also has a slightly more stable feel with off-center shots than some of the previous iterations of this racket. The generous sweet spot on this racket, in combination with its quick feel, is fantastic at the net and allows the racket to produce some great depth. This racket also allows you to feel completely confident in your volleys and when you’re punching the ball away since it provides you with enough feel to execute some great pickup volleys, especially those that are aimed at your feet. 

For a racket that weighs just over 11 ounces, it feels super stable at the net while also being maneuverable enough for you to snap your wrist easily for those overhead shots. It allows you to feel well connected to your shots thanks to its responsive feedback, and the EZONE 100 can also help you be more successful when executing drop volleys. When it comes to serves, many players agree that making more aggressive serves is easier with a heavier racket, but you’ll be surprised at how effective your serves can be with a racket as light as the EZONE 100.

The racket’s balance of 4 points head light and low swingweight really helps maximize how much stability you can derive from a racket this light. What’s more, the open string pattern works well in helping you add some spin to your slice serves, and there is also enough pop to get some short returns. There could have been even more pop, but the combination of spin, power, and control makes the EZONE 100 a more than formidable racket on serve. 

It’s easy to get the Yonex EZONE 100 into position, but we found that the racket’s stability is a little bit lacking. Sure, it is definitely whippy enough that you can take a big cut at a serve without being late on the ball, and the spin that you can generate does help keep the ball in play. However, you might find yourself getting pushed around against larger serves. The racket works well for returns, but once the ball spin and pace becomes excessive, you’ll be reminded of just how light this racket is. 

Overall, the EZONE 100 does a good job of being stable while still allowing you to get it around your body and into position when you want to hit those returns. You’ll feel in control of the returns and won’t feel like you’re spraying shots. 


  • Good power
  • Decent stability
  • Improved feel
  • Spin friendly
  • Large sweet spot


  • Very light

The Bottom Line

The Yonex EZONE 100 is a fantastic option for any player that likes their rackets to be light and powerful. 

4. Yonex VCORE 100 Tennis Racket

The sixth-generation VCORE 100 is all about spin, and it has even been endorsed by three-time Slam champion Angelique Kerber. With this update, Yonex pulled out all the stops, adding multiple cutting-edge spin technologies and a detailed red cosmetic that makes it stand out amongst the crowd. Its new ForceFlex technology makes use of a flexible graphite material in the lower head and upper shaft to help the frame snap back more effectively. 

Yonex VCORE 100 6th Gen Performance Tennis Racquet, Tango Red (4 1/4" Grip Size)

This gives it an optimal feel that advanced players will love. Other features added to this iteration include String Sync, which makes use of a redesigned grommet system to increase spin potential, and there’s also Vibration Dampening Mesh at the handle to boost overall comfort. This updated VCORE model is quick to swing and boasts some impressively easy spin and power. 

There’s definitely a change in its feel, and we also found a slight lack of control on various shots. 

Who is this racket for?

Overall the Yonex VCORE 100 comes packed with the spin potential and power needed to make it a weapon of mass destruction on the court and is a great option for a wide range of players. However, because of its high spin potential, it would best be used in the hands of more intermediate players who know how to tap into this potential. 

Beginners generally don’t know how to add spin to their shots, and if you can, then you’re not a beginner! Once again, Yonex didn’t play around with the price tag, and you’re unfortunately going to need a pretty sum of pocket change to get your hands on the VCORE 100. 


  • 100″ head size
  • 11.3 ounce strung weight
  • 324 swing weight
  • HM Graphite / 2G-Namd composition
  • Low-medium power level
  • Medium-fast swing speed
  • Available in red

Transitioning to playing with the Yonex VCORE 100 is an easy process, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to load your groundstrokes with enough depth, power, and spin to be aggressive right from the baseline. Yonex’s original VCORE model, which was called the VCORE 100 S, is quite similar to this updated model. With the new model, you’ll feel comfortable from the very first ball strike, and just like its predecessor, the VCORE 100 offers easy spin and power with lots of depth. 

When you are reaching for the ball on the defensive, you’ll be able to hit deep into the court, which can help you produce a neutral ball and keep yourself in the point. In the same breath, you’ll really have to make sure that you add spin to your approach shots when necessary since it’s pretty easy to overhit with the VCORE 100 at times. However, the spin does allow you to pull your opponents off of the baseline and court to produce attackable shots if you know how to do so. 

Pushing off the baseline with this racket is particularly satisfying since it makes it easier for you to get back into a neutral position on the point. This update feels a lot more dampened than its predecessor, which is always a nice touch. What’s more, with the VCORE 100, the ball tends to shoot off of the stringbed with some good spin and pace without much effort on your part, meaning if you’ve got the power, you can hit some really aggressive shots. 

Because this is such a fast-swinging racket, it is pretty easy to take big swings and get the ball moving with good pace through the court. Its access to topspin is super useful when you want to achieve depth, though because of the slightly muted feel that comes with this update, we found that it could have used a little more feedback so that you could feel connected to your shots. With that being said, the VCORE 100 is very light in hand, which makes it simple to slap winning shots when the timing is right, and you have the window to do so. 

However, it does make it a bit more difficult for players to find their way through points where they are forced onto the defensive. We would have preferred it if there was a bit more weight so that it would feel like you were taking a more solid swing at the ball, also to get better stability and plow through. We can’t complain when it comes to the VCORE 100’s performance on the net, though. It feels nimble, responsive at contact, and is stable enough to keep you feeling confident and comfortable in all parts of the court. 

When it comes to serving, Yonex’s VCORE 100 is simply effortless from the get-go. It swings easily overhead, is able to whip up a good pace, and makes tapping into its spin potential a walk in the park. You’ll be able to hit your serves in effective areas with lots of spin, which can be very challenging for your opponent to counter and thus very valuable to you. The ease of generating head speed really allows you to go after your first serve and score some free points. 

The power of this racket is definitely a boost to its serving capabilities, and while it is fun to tap into this power, you might find yourself having to make sure that you snap your wrist to ensure that the ball drops. If you miss your serves with this racket, it will likely be long past the service line. 


  • Fantastic spin
  • Easy power
  • Very maneuverable
  • Good power potential
  • Nice to look at


  • Could use some more control

The Bottom Line

If you were a fan of the VCORE 100 S, you’ll find that the updated version has a more muted feel than its predecessors but is still familiar in its power and spin levels. Intermediate to advanced players should keep an eye on this one. 

5. Yonex EZONE 100+ Tennis Racket

To end off this list, we have the Yonex EZONE 100+, which is a racket that embodies everything that players crave from extended rackets. At 27 and a half inches long, this racket provides tons of momentum and mass, though its swingweight does tend to feel a little sluggish and hefty at times. 

YONEX EZONE 100 Plus - Deep Blue Tennis Racquet (4 1/2

However, when things go just right on the court, you’ll be able to experience the full magic that the EZONE 100+ can provide. Whether you are volleying to finish off points or returning big serves, stability is one of this racket’s standout features. It also boasts an improved feel compared to previous versions, with a forgiving feel and plushness at contact. 

All in all, the Yonex EZONE 100+ is a fantastic choice for players that want to add a little power and fun into their games when they step onto the court. 

Who is this racket for?

The EZONE 100+ is a racket that would be best used in the hands of an advanced tennis player. It boasts some pretty powerful features that you’re going to need a lot of experience to take advantage of, and, once again, it is pretty expensive, so if you’re on a beginner’s budget, it might be out of your reach. 

It is also an unusually long racket rather than the typical length you might be used to. This can be off-putting for beginners and can also make it more difficult for you to get the hang of the game if you are just starting out. 


  • 100″ head size
  • 11.1 ounce strung weight
  • 335 swing weight
  • M40X / HM Graphite composition
  • Low-medium power level
  • Medium-fast swing speed
  • Available in blue

The specifications of the EZONE 100+ promise spin, power, and plow through from the baseline, and it certainly does deliver on these promises. This racket swings very easily, and the ball really sinks into the stringbed, allowing you to generate deep hits that are loaded with spin and pace. The contact is not at all jarring, and while it does have more of a muted feel, it is still very effective. 

The EZONE 100+ definitely doesn’t feel as stiff as its specs would have you believe, and it also swings fast enough that it is never really too sluggish when getting it around the ball. However, once you get yourself into a point situation, you might find that the EZONE 100+ is a bit too powerful at times, which could cause you to overhit and slap the ball a bit. What’s more, even with its 56-pound poly, the racket is very good at making you spray balls in point situations, especially when you take big swings at small targets. 

Thanks to the added length on this racket, once you get used to using it, you’ll find that there’s a pretty immediate bump in power. That’s the positive to the added length, but there is a downside in that the racket is a little less whippy and maneuverable. When you are really trying to put your shots away, you will likely have to add a lot of spin on the ball because of how easy it is to overhit. It is also a little more difficult when you only have time to flick your wrist.

On the other hand, the great thing about the EZONE 100+ is that it really absorbs the ball and shoots it back out with plenty of plow through and power. With its higher swingweight, though, it does feel a little laggy, but you can counteract this by aiming more toward the middle of the court and giving yourself some space to work with. Despite these challenges, it’s hard to ignore the immense power that this racket provides. 

The EZONE 100+ is a very stable volleying machine, though it is not always as maneuverable as many players would prefer. It does, however, have a fantastic feel, and you’ll always feel very connected to the ball while enjoying the solid response on your volleys. You’ll be able to soften your hands to throw in shooter volleys or punch the ball deep, and the added length works well for reaching volleys. 

With that being said, the higher swingweight and added length can make it a little challenging for you to hit clean volleys. But, when you do make clean contact – which will happen with 9 out of 10 shots – you’ll be able to take full advantage of the punch you can add to the ball, thanks to the additional pop of the EZONE 100+.

In the serving department, with its higher swingweight and increased length, you’ll be able to add more pop onto your serves. The EZONE 100+ has the ability to plow through the strike zone and give you lots of power with your serves, though the increase in swingweight can make it a little difficult to add spin to your shots if that’s what you prefer to do. Not only does this racket allow you to hit with more speed, but it also provides you with some great accuracy. 

With its increase in swingweight, Yonex’s EZONE 100+ provides you with some dependable stability on your returns, though it can also pose some issues with maneuverability when it comes to volleys. Shooter strokes, however, can help you get the racket around on time. Mass and power also come easily with big swings, though it’s pretty easy to overdo it. 


  • Great power
  • Excellent stability
  • Improved feel
  • Extended length
  • Forgiving


  • Can be difficult to maneuver

The Bottom Line

This extra-length racket from Yonex packs a hefty punch when it comes to power but can be a difficult beast to maneuver, especially when you’re at the net. With that being said, it has some impressive feel and stability that advanced players will love. 

Wrapping Up

That concludes our list of some of the best Yonex tennis rackets on the market. If you are an intermediate or advanced player and are on the hunt for a new racket, we highly recommend checking out some of these options for Yonex!

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