Weierfu Junior Tennis Racket Review

Helping your kid become a professional tennis player doesn’t come easy. However, there are some things you need to include in his or her training starter pack to achieve the best. One of them consists of a reliable racket.

Tennis is one of the ideal sports for kids. It offers plenty of benefits to both children and adults, training for a professional career or even playing for leisure. One benefit includes hand-eye condonation, which enhances their skills.

It is essential to choose the right racket for your child. The Weierfu junior tennis racket is one of the preferable tennis rackets to opt for. You get to expect great performances that enhance your child’s general performance on the game.

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Weierfu Junior Tennis Racket Overview

The Weierfu junior tennis racket is an incredible racket from the Weierfu Sports Goods. The company mainly specializes in beginner tennis equipment since the early 90s. One primary reason why their rackets have been winning is adhering to the spirit of higher, stronger, and faster products.

Weierfu Junior tennis racket is a professional grade product made to improve every kid’s interest in this sport. It features a simple design that is easy to control and handle when playing the game. It has a length that exceeds not 21 inches and a rubberized handle to enhance comfort.

The lightweight design is another added advantage to mention for this racket. It is made of high-quality aluminum weighing not more than 190 grams, which is around 0.42lb. This is light enough to get your child playing for extended periods. Aluminum construction promises a lot when it comes to durability and stability.

You would love to know the manufacturer uses a rectangular section technology, which is very rigid and stiff. In turn, the technology significantly increases the bat stability making it a premium racket of choice. Powerful swinging is another incredible feature of this product. This gives room for improvement and exploration of other tennis skills.

Weierfu Junior tennis racket is designed in such a way to keep your kid engaged. The racket features 3 different sizes from 17 to 19 inches depending on which fits your child best. These 3 sizes constitute a white base color complimented with either pink or yellow highlights.

The manufacturer gives a complete guarantee to its customers to ensure substantial satisfaction. That is why the product comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee, which is not shared with most brands out there.

One more important thing to note about this racket is that it comes in 2 packs. Therefore if you have more than one child, to which are interested in tennis, the 2 pack package will do good. However, if you do not need any extra racket and want to save on cost, you can buy the 1 pack racket, including a storage bag.

Top Features of Weierfu Junior Tennis Racket

This product comes with several features that make it stand out against the varieties in the market. Let’s have a look at what you expect from this fantastic product.


One of its recommendable features is the ease of use and control. The product is designed with every child in mind. With its sized bat and length, any kid out there training can handle best this racket. It is most suitable for starters or beginners, helping them develop their tennis skills more effectively.


Another incredible feature considered by the manufacturer is the size. Well, it has a minimum length of 17 inches, which makes control easier. The head size is 65 inches and is threaded with strong and stiff resistance strings. Grip size is the parameter of the entire handle cross-section; therefore, it is designed to fit any child’s grip.


This is another essential feature to consider before you shop for a kid racket. Unlike the likes of its kind, this one gives your child high chances to control the ball effectively. With the 14×16 threaded resistance strings, your child masters the ball contact skill more easily and effectively.


A reliable kid’s tennis needs to incorporate high-quality material. It is made of aluminum, one of the lightest materials compared to graphite and boron. This aspect makes it lightweight hence the kid can easily play with no wrist strains.


Weierfu Junior tennis racket features a medium balance between the head and the handle. This boosts the balance between power and the freedom of movement. Therefore the weight is distributed evenly at the middle of the racket improving the players’ speed, power, and swinging skill.

Potential Drawbacks

This racket is made for toddlers and constitutes various great features that make it an excellent choice for your child. However, there are a few drawbacks that come with it. One of which is the racket is only suitable for kids 4 years of age and below. This means that it cannot be a suitable choice if your child exceeds this age limit. Another potential con is that the racket lacks color options. It may seem petty, though, but kids are very picky.


Cost is one thing to take into consideration before you choose the right product for your kid. With all the great features mentioned above, the Weierfu Junior tennis racket costs $19.99, which is quite affordable compared to the market varieties.


Weierfu is highly known for its quality products. It specializes in beginners or starter rackets, which makes the brand highly rated in Amazon and Walmart. Therefore, it is an excellent option to go for if your kid is starting and need to see if he/she get to enjoy the game. All ages can enjoy tennis; however, kids need to choose the best racket that mitigates injury risk and improves performance. The Weierfu Junior tennis racket can be the right choice.

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