Wilson Tour Slam Tennis Racket Review

If you are a beginner or just opting for tennis as a recreation game, then you might consider a perfect gear for yourself. One of the things you need is high quality and durable racket. What if I tell you Wilson Tour Slam Tennis Racket Review has all the features you be looking for in a perfect racket?

The racket comes fitted with a massive sweet spot, very light, and it is suitable for beginners and helps improve your skills just in case you will take tennis more severe as you adapt to the game. It suits the best starters and intermediate level players.

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Wilson Tour Slam Tennis Racket Overview

When the manufacturer launched this racket, many individuals hesitated because they didn’t know what to expect from it. However, as they gave it a chance, they were surprised by the racket’s excellent quality. Well, I started with the quality because it is one prominent feature that is overlooked before purchasing any equipment.

Regardless of your skills in this game, this racket is all rounded and serves you well. It features a synthetic design that is lightweight and sturdy compared to its predecessors. This means that you expect not to strain your wrist when playing. You as well get to play for an extended period due to its comfort being.

The Wilson Tour Slam is fitted with shock pads that mainly reduce the vibration significantly every time you strike the ball. That is not their only function, and they give you full control and power to dig great your skills.

It has aluminum construction whose frame features volcanic technology. This is another specification that adds to the overall power and performance. The technology also gives the player who is the beginner, in our case, extreme support when swinging. Thinking of the combination of stop shock pads and power string technology leaves nothing but perfect results.

The Wilson Tour Slam Tennis Racket comes pre-strung, and it is just 27.5 inches long. The essential part of any racket is its head combustion. For this racket, the head is a large sweet one whose size is 122 square inches.

It is essential to know that the racket is made purposely for beginner adults. We’re emphasizing this because you may feel that it might be useful for a junior kid; however, its weight, 10.3 ounces, might be too much for a child.

From the customers’ reviews, they are quite impressed with the feel and the comfort they derive from this racket. Due to incorporating the V-Matrix technology, the racket provides you with solid hits when serving or striking the tennis ball.

This tour slam version is highly durable and can endure most of the accidental scrapes and bumps that a player is likely to encounter when playing. Who doesn’t love a product that can serve them for extended periods? Therefore, it is an excellent racket, to begin with, to train, improve backhand quality, or explore your potential in this game.

Top Features of Wilson Tour Slam Tennis Racket

As much as other features contribute to this racket’s perfection, some significant features make it the best choice than rackets from other brands. Here are some of the features worth mentioning.

Volcanic Frame Technology

As a beginner, this feature comes in handy for you. It gives you extreme power and stability to handle the ball with ease. With the stop shock pads that minimize the vibrations, you don’t need to put intense energy when striking that ball.

Open String Pattern

You may think that this is a standard feature, but the string pattern used matters a lot for this racket 16×19 inches of open string pattern. Furthermore, a pre-strung racket is lesser expensive as compared to a premium racket.

Headlight Equalization

Are your skills weak when it comes to supporting substantial edges? Then this feature will come in handy for you. Since the equalization uses the stop stun sleeves, it gives you more solace. Because it is lightweight, it adds vitality and provides extreme support when striking.

Large sweet spot

The sole purpose of this feature is to enhance the power delivered by the racket when making hits. The spot gives you enough power because you don’t even need to use more energy when playing the game.

Reduced vibrations

This goes hand in hand with the product weight. Stop shock reduce not only the vibration but also adds more comfort and fewer strains.

Potential Drawbacks

We wouldn’t say it is all perfect, and it has a few traits that draw it back. One of the significant disadvantages is its big handle. The grip appears to be so meaningful to some people. Well, those with more giant hands may find it convenient, but people with small hands tend to strain hence can’t play for extended periods.

It might be viewed as a lighter racket, but some people may find it too overwhelming, which hinders their marginal skill realization.


The Wilson Tour Slam Tennis Racket offers extensive versatility for its cost. It is a full package of the right product with such unique features and promising deeds. Beginner rackets may be for infrequent play, recreation, or cost lesser.


Wilson Tour Slam Tennis Racket is an excellent product for those looking for a combination of power and control. The best thing about this racket is that you’ll not need to purchase another racket once you up to your skills. This is because it can push you through the intermediate level till you become a professional player. It might be perceived as a recreational racket, but it might also help you realize your potential and love for tennis.

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