Yonex VCORE Pro 100 Review

Are you ready to have some fun playing with the Yonex VCORE Pro 100? This racket is stiff, which means big power but don’t worry, your elbow won’t fall off because Yonex has done a great job at incorporating the dampening technology to prevent shock. Most comparable to the Wilson Clash, this racket is better for those who have good precision. 

Likely due to its isometric head frame and lack of flexibility requires this kind of aim. If you need a superstar endorsement for this racket, then look no further than Germany’s Angelique Kerber. 

Here are the specs and dimensions of the Yonex VCORE Pro 100. 

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Here are our specs for the Yonex VCORE 100 Pro. 

Head Size: 100 square Inches

Length: 27 inches

Unstrung Weight: 10.6 oz

Strung Weight: 11.1 oz

Balance: 7 points headlight 

Swingweight:  323 

String Pattern: 16 Mains/19 Crosses

General Background

This is one of the lightest rackets when it comes to the top of the frame meaning the power will come from your drive and strength rather than the racket itself. If you love to snap your wrist to make the ball move, then this racket will be a good one for you. 

Yonex has become popular because of its isometric head shape, which has been said to provide a larger sweet spot. So even though you may be moving the racket head a lot faster with this one, you’ll be sure to hit the center of the racket for a good clean hit almost every time. 

That’s why this racket is great for players of all levels. It’s controllable, lets you swing freely, and is easy to maneuver. 


Thanks to their lock grommet technology, you won’t have to worry about any vibrations shocking your joints. This helps with anti-shock and the ability to lock the ball in a little longer on the strings to have maximum energy put out for the ball. In general, this is a lower power-producing racket which means taking full swings from the back is no problem at all. 

You probably won’t notice this, though, because the racket is so easy to move around, producing your own power is no issue. Also, to help produce some effort behind the ball is the relatively stiff frame. Stiffer than most of its buddies on the market, Yonex also incorporates dampening mesh inside the frame to limit the vibration upon contact.

Despite being the balance providing virtually nothing at the top, the racket is surprisingly stable. It also has a swing weight of 323, which is considered good for a 7-point headlight racket. Some players may prefer to have a little more mass behind the ball, but this was a great balance between feel and actual weight distribution for most. 

Net Game

The transition from the backcourt to the front is very easy. Because of the control, you get from the dampening technology and the locker booster grommets, you can easily stick volleys and use your groundstrokes to transition you to the net. Some rackets are great from a good position but lack to find touch on the run. Not this racket, lunging volleys are no issue due to the great size of the sweet spot on the racket. 

The quick and stick volleys are also no issue because of the ability to move the head into place without issue. If there were to be any complaints, it might be the fact that the racket is so light up top you may feel unstable if you don’t have a secure grip. 


Like the groundstrokes, the VCORE really excels when it comes to taking control of the acceleration. This allows for many choices when it comes to your first serve. Big flat serves are possible, but so are kicks and slice. This is 100 percent due to the headlight structure. 

If you can produce your own kick, then this is a big plus for this racket but may be a downside for other people. This is because the racket doesn’t really offer you much more than what you are producing yourself. So if your weakness is putting more miles per hour on the second serve, then this is where it will start to show. 

Final Thoughts

This racket is a great all-court racket for multiple levels. The only issue may be with beginners who really need a lot of extra help. The racket has relatively good access to easy power due to its stiffness, and you don’t need to worry about the wear and tear on your body. 

Those who love to serve and volley or make their way to the net will especially love this racket. The dampening power makes stick volleys and touch volleys very easy. The ability to control your serve and the options for how you serve it can make the transition very smooth. Having said that, if you are just a baseliner looking for extra help and oomf, this racket may not be your best option. 

This is a racket that excels in many categories rather than just focus on one element, such as power, baselining, or control. Ultimately, this is a great racket for those who like to rely on quick hands and responding rather than being the first to make a move. 

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