Babolat VS Touch Tennis String Review

The importance of tennis strings can never be downplayed. These are as important as the rackets themselves since they affect your gameplay, ball control, and spin. It is, therefore, necessary to find the string that’s the most ideal based on how you play. 

Before finding the string that works best for you, based on your play style, racket, and maybe an injury you might have, many players have to experiment with various strings. This takes time and can also be money-consuming and affect your play before finding the right one. 

Are you an enthusiastic tennis player and have not had the chance to think or research string setups in-depth? This review is for you. We look at how the Babolat string can redefine your play at the tennis court and give you an upper hand over your opponents. Read along to find out more on the Babolat VS Touch tennis string.

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Babolat VS Touch Tennis String

If you are considering choosing tennis equipment, it comes down to personal preferences, the feel, and the amount of investment you are willing to make. At the most basic level, one of the key things you need to get right is picking the right strings and the application of the perfect tension. Strings that are particularly designed for your game style can significantly boost your performance and ensure you are comfortable on the court.

Babolat VS Touch (16-1.30mm) Natural Gut String (Black, 16)

Babolat VS Touch is an original string and still ranks among the best. Its first production was in 1875. Since then, Babolat VS Touch has made a tremendous journey with the addition of the Thermogut technologies and BT7 layering that made it extra durable and capable of withstanding unfavorable weather conditions.

It is the most powerful, yet softest, string having the best tension maintenance. Though used by more than 30% of Grand Slam event players as hybrids’ parts, it is still ideal for players with different abilities, more so for players who suffer from any injury issue. 

The Babolat VS Touch Tennis String is an archetypal natural gut string used by most WTA and ATP Tour pros. It is a premium grade and has an unequaled combination of comfort, feel, and power. In addition, playability is maintained exceptionally well at more significant tensions.

Babolat VS Touch Tennis is designed for professional play and offers excellent power and an extended sweet spot to beginners having compact strokes. It is also an ideal option for you if you suffer from tendonitis and are looking for a softer response. For the hybrids, this is the best stiff polys compliment.

What Does Hybrid Setup Mean?

A hybrid setup can be described as using two unlike strings in the cross strings and mains of tennis rackets. It can be as easy as utilizing two unlike gauges of a particular string but is most often accomplished with two different string materials like the combination of polyester with natural gut.

The demand and popularity of hybrids imply that most string manufacturers are now selling pre-packaged sets. Instead of having to get two complete sets of different strings and having them cut in half, manufacturers put half-sets in a single package.

Thermogut Technology Finishes boosts the humidity resistance and durability as per Babolat. Available with this natural gut is BT7 technology, a layering structure created to improve durability. While offering a somewhat firmer feel, it still maintains its status as the playability and comfort gold standard.

A lot of power is provided by the premium grade, iconic Babolat VS Touch natural gut. It is incredibly comfortable with the strings holding tension amazingly well and are pretty forgiving on your arm. With a thickness or string gauge of 16, the tennis string offers a considerable spin potential. The strings are naturally very flexible, thereby offering great control and good spin with every shot.

The 1.30mm Babolat VS Touch natural gut tennis string set has a 12m length, sufficient to restring a racket completely. Moreover, the legendary Babolat string makes sure that it has an unrivaled performance. 

The design of VS Touch was to meet the expectation of both competitive players and club players who will be impressed by the extraordinary comfort and power the string delivers and its outstanding ability to hold tension. Babolat VS Touch is created out of first-grade cow Serosa.

Why Is Natural Gut So Special In Tennis Strings?

What makes the natural gut perfect for tennis is its molecular constitution. Inside the serosa, the molecular makeup of collagen is capable of withstanding the contraction and stretching of the intestine.

Without getting so much into the scientific details, the collagen from a cow serosa is composed of a triple helix molecular structure. Picture a braided rope created from three cord strands; the design is something similar to that.

This braided composition offers elasticity while also providing a cushioning effect. The outcome is that the natural gut tennis string provides not only power due to the elasticity when subjected to tension in strung racquets but also is relatively easy on your arm in comparison to some other harsher modern strings such as Kevlar or polyester.

Suppose you ever had the chance of playing a natural gut racket strung at more than 55 pounds and later played with a polyester or nylon at similar tensions. In that case, you will instantly realize that the polyester or nylon plays with a less forgiving and stiffer string bed compared to the natural gut. 

For this reason, it is the most arm-friendly string you will come across and is commonly used by higher-ranking players or players suffering from tennis elbow.


The string used in the tennis racquet and tension in the string can significantly change the racket’s playability. Therefore, it is an essential part of the racket, and attention should be paid to it. 

The type of string you use affects all power, comfort, spin, durability, and control. The same amount of effort that goes into choosing tennis racquets should be put into the string. Why should you spend more than $150 on a brand-new frame only for you to cut back on strings? Try the Babolat Vs Touch Tennis string and watch it redefine what it means to play tennis. 

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