Top 10 Best Tennis Racket Stringing Machines in 2022

A tennis racket stringing machine is one of those toys that many go back and forth on whether they should make the investment or not. While it is a great long-term investment, there are some initial upfront costs that are rather large. But that’s no reason not to get one. It just means you need to invest in the right one. 

But knowing which tennis racket stringing machines are worth the buck or not can be difficult. That’s why we comprised a list of the top 10 best tennis racket stringing machines on the market. But first, we need to talk about the different kinds and what makes a good tennis racket stringing machine.

Without further due, let’s hit it! (Pun intended)

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What Brands Make Tennis Racket Stringing Machines?

The first step to understanding what the best tennis racket stringing machines are is to understand what brands make them. The top brands are going to make the best quality tennis stringing machines. Let’s look at some of the most popular ones.


Gamma sports makes a number of the top stringing machines frequently used by the best. GAMMA was inspired in 1974 when Dr. Harry Ferrari when he lost a match because of what he thought was inferior strings. This set the nuclear engineer off to go ahead and design tennis strings and become a leader in the industry for strings and tennis grips. 

All the way back in 1977, the United States Stringing Association named GAMMA string the number 1 string. From there, they were the number one string for the next 23 years. Now with them creating patented technology, including their tennis stringers, the Gamma 6900 ELS stringer is often rated as one of the best stringing machines on the market. 

With a range of products with tennis racket stringing machines that offer all the different types of stringing machines, GAMMA becomes a great choice. They have all the different types of stringing machines out there and offer a variety of prices. 


TOURNA is another company that offers world-class tennis racket stringing machines that are used by tennis fanatics alike. They also make a number of other tennis products like grips, strings, and more. TOURNA is an American company and started with just the grips in 1972. Kevin Niksich now currently owns TOURNA. 

One of their more famous machines is the TOURNA Drop-Weight. Fans love it for its ease of use. More importantly, one of the best parts of TOURNA is the price. They offer some of the most competitive prices for amazing quality machines, which is a major traction point for their products. 

With not as many options when it comes to stringing machines as some of the other brands their claim to fame is the focus that they put into their methods and products. Why try to fix what isn’t broken?


For a proclaimed America’s number one stringing machine, you may not have recognized the name. On the other hand, if you know your stringing then you probably are familiar because of their quality products. Klipper only makes one machine, but that one machine, the Klippermate, was reviewed by TENNIS Magazine and really is a fan favorite. 

Something that has made them so popular in America but it is their lifetime guarantee that keeps customers from referring to others. They also sell other tennis-related products like string, grips, and more. They have over 50 years of experience, so they know exactly how the tennis game has evolved and what products need to evolve with them. 


Now, this is a name all tennis fans have heard of. Thanks to Maria Sharapova among other huge brand ambassadors Prince really has been around the game for quite some time. Even though they are not as popular as they once may have been, they still produce fantastic products, including tennis stringing machines. 

Prince Sports is actually a full sporting goods company that is based out of Atlanta, Georgia making it an American-made company. With its primary focus on tennis, you can expect to get tennis shoes, rackets, apparel, strings, grips, and more. Specifically for this case, tennis racket stringing machines. 

They were founded in 1970 by Robert McClure in Princetown, New Jersey (hence the name Prince), with its first product being a tennis ball machine. Later came the rackets, followed by other products. After some time, the company was bought out, and its products were sold around the world. 


Like Prince, we know Wilson was a popular brand back when it started and is now one of the leading brands today. With top tennis giants such as Federer and Serena endorsing Wilson for such a long time, it is no surprise they make a great tennis racket stringing machine. 

With nearly the most expensive stringing machine on the market, it is a huge investment to go with a Wilson tennis racket stringing machine. But it’s worth the price if you have the money for it. With the technology that they put into their rackets and products, their stringing machines are nothing less than great as well. 

They were started by Thomas E. Wilson in 1913, making it one of the oldest companies in the game. This is what gives Wilson such a dominant edge in tennis with their products. 

Other companies

While you will see there are some other companies in our list, you will also notice that our list will comprise mainly of GAMMA stringing machines. The reason being is that their diverse product range offers simply some of the best products on the market. They also give the most variety when it comes to options and hence the number of GAMMA stringing machines on our list. 

Types of Racket Stringing Machines

Understanding our different companies is important. Brand recognition actually can be important when it comes to choosing your final product. But now it is important to know what your needs are and what types of tennis racket stringing machines are there. There are many different types like portable verse stationary. These types also affect things like budget. 

So let’s get into what types there are and what differences are so you can make the best possible decision. 

Drop-Weight Tennis Stringing Machines

A drop-weight tennis stringing machine is a manual way of stringing by using a weighted bar. These are less expensive machines and a bit old-fashioned but some people really like the way they produce the final result when it comes to stringing the racket. In other words, you use physics to get your tension. It is the torque that is resulted from the force and distance. 

Because you are doing everything manually by pulling then you can guarantee they are the most accurate even though electronics are right up there with it. Another positive to these machines is they are pretty maintenance-free as the other options can become maintenance and expensive. 

The convenience factor goes down as manual labor may slow you down or be hard to do. Some may argue that they become less accurate because of the manual labor but this really depends on the tennis stringer. In other words, the stringing machine does not assist you like an electronic or a crank machine would. 

Keep in mind that this is a much slower way of stringing a racket, but if you take your time, the results are worth it. 

Crank Tennis Stringing Machines

Even though the above drop-weight machines are said to be accurate, the crank tension tennis stringing machines help keep the tension and are very accurate. It is still manual, but there is assistance with the crank keeping the string steady in place. These are also called the lockout machines, and it is an interchangeable term. 

The speed at which you can achieve the right tension with the crank tennis stringing machine is a lot faster than the drop weight stringing tennis machine. The drank locks the correct tension in place for you and makes the overall job easy. You are likely to lose more tension with the pull in the previous option. 

Crank stringing machines are still very popular today and as they were before the electronic machine came out. Crank tennis stringing racket machines come in a variety of price ranges.

Electronic Tennis Stringing Machines

Electronic tennis stringing machines are very accurate and make everything a lot simpler. Electronic is not as manual as the previous two options and gets the right tension by inputting the desired number into the computer tech. Today most people use this type of stringing machine because it speeds up the pace of stringing by a lot. Especially for clubs and businesses, this is a great thing.

There are technically two different types of electronic tennis stringing machines. 

  1. Constant pull –  Constant pull as its name suggests pulls the string constantly until the desired tension is reached. This helps the tension hold and keeps it consistent without the possibility of losing it as the drop weight might. Technically speaking the constant pull is said to be more accurate. 
  1. Lockout – Lockout functions more similarly to the crank machine in the sense that it pulls and locks the string into place. After that tension is not continually pulled which does leave the possibility for it to drop. 

These machines have come a long way and have a number of great technology features that include things like LED touch screens, clamps, string measures, electronic brakes, among so many other things that make the process go faster and smoother. 

Portable Tennis Stringing Machines

Now we can get into a specific type of tennis stringing machine. The above three are types, but they can be broken down into different categories as portable or non-portable. Portable tennis stringing machines, as you guessed, are portable. These are smaller tennis strings and can be particularly handy for players who are constantly traveling for tennis tournaments. 

It’s also a great option for a tennis stringing who wants to take their work home with them. While many may assume that portable machines are likely to be manual, it’s actually possible to have electronic as well. 

Non-Portable Tennis Stringing Machines

Usually, the non-portable tennis string machines are a bit more expensive. While portable may also have accurate results, the non-portable are going to be the most accurate and offer the most extras. These machines are heavy-duty and used at a lot of clubs as well as professional events.

You can get any of the above-mentioned types of tennis racket stringing machines as non-portable. The quality of these machines is top-notch.  

Qualities That Make a Good Stringing Machine

Alright, we understand who makes them and how they are made but now what about telling the difference between the good ones and the bad ones? Okay, let’s talk about some of the qualities that make a good stringing machine and how we can spot them out. 

Quality Materials 

Quality materials are one of the first things on the list when it comes to figuring out what characteristics one should look for when they talk about what to look for in a good tennis racket stringing machine. Because they are an investment, you want the machine to be able to last a long time. Cheap material and parts will break down and require the replacement of those specific parts or the machine as a whole. 

When you think about the duress of pulling and locking the string into a certain tension, it will require some strength in the materials. Something that can warp over time, like weak plastic, may not be a good fit. 

The only other thing we must prioritize is the racket! The materials used to make the tennis racket stringing machine must be of good quality because if they don’t function as they should, it leaves the possibility of cracking the frame or warping it. That is especially true when we talk about electronic stringing because if it pulls too tight, we can guarantee the racket will receive damage. 

Quality materials, in this case, are referring to electronic computing, which is included in the quality of the machine of the whole. 

Options for Help

Speaking of technology, a good machine may not have tons of frills, but with technology making everything easier these days, a good machine really should give you some options to make the process go faster and smoother. Whether it is digital or it is manual, having something to hold the string in place at the right tension or having an LED screen to help you compute the extension makes for a better machine.

That is, of course, if the materials are quality and it functions as they should. That’s why some pros still opt for having it done manually because it guarantees the result as long as you have the skills to do the right tension.

There are manual options for help, like string measures that help you measure out the exact string needed to string the racket. A clamp is another great example of a manual tool that helps. It can get tiresome to hold the string in place, and a clamp helps the tension remain secure. These are the things that are benefits that help when thinking about purchasing a machine. 


 How much maintenance do you need to do to keep the machine working? This includes a  warranty. If the company offers a good warranty there is a good chance they believe in the product they are selling. Hence the Klippermate has a lifetime warranty. However, a good warranty doesn’t mean maintenance-free.

If you are constantly having to replace parts or it is breaking down, then this adds a level of inconvenience and possible stringing for your racket. This is a sign of poor quality if it is not holding up well even if it is covered.

Worse, if it is not covered and an expensive machine, you can find yourself paying for the costs of the machine over and over again. Which eventually outweighs the benefit of getting the machine in the first place. At that point, you might as well get them strung at the club. 

Ease of Use

Is the machine too complicated to use, or is it self-explanatory? The machine should be relatively easy to use even if there is a learning curve at first. Yes, technology has made things easier, but there may be some steps you need to follow to ensure you are using the machine correctly. 

Drop weight is something that has a bit of a learning curve and should be taken seriously in the event that you break your racket or string your rackets a lot. The easier-to-use machine doesn’t necessarily mean it is a better machine, but it helps with the direction of which one is right for you. 

Maintenance on Tennis Stringing Machines

Speaking of maintenance, let’s quickly go over the maintenance on tennis racket stringing machines and what they should and should not look like for you. There is some maintenance required in order to keep the machines great, like cleaning, and then there are the signs that make for a bad machine. 

Here are the dos and don’ts of the maintenance required for different machines. 


Expect to clean your machine regardless of what type it is or whether it is portable or not. Cleaning your machine properly is really important to keep it functioning correctly. When dirty, grime, tennis ball fuzz, among other things, gets into the machine’s nooks and crannies, it can cause parts to rust, break down, and other problems. This can cause the parts to break or even the technology to malfunction. Clean it with the right cleaning materials that will be recommended in most user manuals. 


Store it properly. You don’t want to keep the machine in extreme weather temperatures that are too hot or too cold at the risk of ruining some of the materials. The same effect of dirt that ruins the machine can happen if the materials were to rust, get wet, melt, or do anything else that certain elements could cause.

Keep the machine in neutral paces indoors to keep it in as best condition as possible. And when you travel for the portable ones, you want to protect them, not allowing them to be banged up. This could again set off and break some of the parts, which would result in stringing errors or more expenses. 


Fine-tune your parts. If you don’t know how to do this yourself, you can also see if the manufacturer can help you do this. Without fail, things will adjust on their own, and fine-tuning them will ensure that the stringing machine is functioning as it should. This just helps monitor the situation and use the machine correctly. 


Put up with constant breakdowns. If the machine is constantly breaking, then this is a bad sign off the bat. Even the cheapest machines should last some time, and if they don’t, there is a good chance that it is not stringing your rackets at a quality tension or rate. Consider buying a different machine or asking for a replacement if brand new. 


Force anything. If there is something not working and you don’t know how to fix it or run maintenance yourself, you shouldn’t force it. Just likely, you wouldn’t force a lot of things, this can result in breaking pieces or, worse, the racket. This is especially true when you are trying to find the right tension on the racket and working with manual pulling. It is best to refer to the manual or seek help from someone who knows how to fix the problem. 

Top 10 Best Tennis Racket Stringing Machines

We won’t keep you waiting any longer. Now finally, we can talk about the top 10 best tennis racket stringing machines because we know what makes them qualify for this list. With the list being dominated by GAMMA, we also include some of the other brands that serve a variety of needs from different types of machines. 

1. GAMMA Progression 200

You may be surprised with this being the first one on our list, but we thought a fantastic entry-level stringer would be a great starting point. The GAMMA Progression tennis racketing stringing machine is a drop-weight tension stringing machine which relies on manual pulling to get the right tension. 

Gamma Progression 200 Stringing Machine: 360 Degree Rotation Tabletop Racquet Stringer Machines with Accessories/Racket String Tools - Strings Racquetball, Squash, Tennis or Badminton Rackets

Its mounting part has 360-degree rotation, which means you can spin the racket around easily to make up time for the manual labor when stringing the racket. It also allows for tension up to 80-90 pounds despite not needing that much. 

Its two-point point system and aluminum bar make for a strong yet very light stringing machine that can easily be portable if need be. 


  • Portable system with sturdy materials that are both lightweight and easily transported. 
  • With a 360 turntable style, the racket becomes easy to configure and move around while stringing. 
  • Holding 80-90 pounds of tension allows for a good grip on the string.
  • The more affordable entry point to stringing while also providing quality. 


  • Not an electronic stringing making it more manual labor than others. 

2. GAMMA Progresssion II ELS

On the complete opposite of the spectrum, we have a true beauty design here with a more expensive yet beautiful machine by GAMMA. The Progression II ELS is an electric tennis racket stringing machine delivering top-notch results. 

Gamma Progression II Els Tennis Stringing Machine, Diamond/Black

Out of the two types of electronic tennis racket stringing machines, you can choose from, this one is a constant pull which makes tension accuracy a lot easier. It also has a complete digital user panel that allows for stringers to have complete control while also being pretty easy to use.

It is a six-point, quick point system that comes with a number of helpful tools like swivel clamps to make the stringing process a lot quicker and easy. This helps turn around rackets in no time. 


  • The digital control screen allows for plus and minus tension weights with constant pull all the time. It also allows for nine different memory settings which speed the process up even faster.
  • Easy to use even for beginners after going through the manual. 
  • 360-degree turntable with locking brakes to allow the racket to move when you want it to and stay in place when you don’t. 
  • A 6-point mounting system holds the racket stead in place and allows for safe stringing. 


  • A really expensive piece of equipment. 

3. Klippermate

An absolute fan favorite. We couldn’t wait long at all to put this one on the list because it is said to be America’s best-selling stringing machine. Don’t let the price scare you off. While some may think it is too good to be true, the Klippermate is a low-price cost-effective way to string your rackets at a quality price. 

Klippermate Tennis Racquet Stringing Machine

This product is anything but cheap because they offer a lifetime warranty on their product and a full money-back guarantee within 30 days if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase.  TENNIS Maganize called it the absolute perfect machine for beginners to learn on as well.

And let’s not forget that this machine is portable, which makes those who need rackets done frequently on the road that absolute perfect choice. This dorp weight system offers a two-point mounting system that still provides stability. 


  • Portable and great quality make it one of the most competitive stringing machines on the market today.
  • Its affordability makes it a fantastic entry point for beginners who haven’t strung before. 
  • Assisted gripping to make stringing the racket easy with little-to-no strength required. 


  • Not an electronic that does require manual labor and a bit more focus. 

4. Tourna Drop-Weight 150-CS

Don’t be surprised to see as many drop weights on our list. We love the old-fashioned weight to control the tension, and they yield some of the best results. This one, in particular, is a great option because it’s both affordable and reliable in the way that it strings. 

Tourna Drop Weight Tennis Stringing Machine -150-CS

This stringing machine takes pride in its quality materials that boost an amazing 360-degree turntable that is said to be made of “ultra-smooth track base” and a brake that makes sure that the racket stops when you need it to. 

With a six-point mounting system like some of the others, you can guarantee the racket will be locked into place. It also has adjustable V-Mounts, which make it easy to string at the angles you need to. 


  • This machine comes with a bunch of tools to make the job easier like a ruler, pliers, awl, and many more that not all other stringers include in their list.
  • Comes with a variety of swivel clamps and locks to assist with making the job more reliable in getting the tension you need. 
  • Relatively affordable for a great machine. Somewhat of a middle-class option.
  • 6-Point mounting system with adjustable V-mounts.


  • Not an electronic stringing making it more manual labor than others.
  • A two-year warranty is relevantly short in length of time compared to some of the other options. 

5. Tourna 300-CS Crank Machine

Okay, we have finally entered a crank machine on our list. We know we said it ranks higher in providing tension than the drop weights, so why have we waited so long. The truth is these are all great options, but the Tourna 300-CS Crank Machine brings something new to the table. A high-end piece of equipment. 

Tourna 300-CS Crank Stringing Machine

Reliability and durability is the name of the game when it comes to this machine. And considering it is a crank pull, it’s also easy to use. It offers a six-point mount and one knob to adjust the drank to choose your desired tension. 

Consistent with the other machines, we would expect nothing less than a turntable that offers 360-degree spinning and to boot a brake that helps with controlling the process. Because it is also self-leveling, the job can be done relatively quickly, considering it is not electronic. 


  • Offers five-tooth double-action clamps to make the racket stay as steady as possible while stringing and hold everything into place. 
  • Fatigue naturally comes with manual stringing but not with this machine because the quick-lock cams speed the process up.
  • Adjustable stand to bring the racket to your level of height when stringing. 


  • Not an electronic stringing making it more manual labor then others. 
  • Not as easy to bring around without damaging the materials. 

6. GAMMA Progression ST II Machine Tabletop Version

We hope you aren’t getting sick of GAMMA yet because we aren’t done with bringing their products onto the list. This time we are talking about the GAMMA Progression ST II Machine Tabletop edition, which brings a new way of stringing to your home. 

Gamma Progression ST II Machine: 360 Degree Rotation Tabletop Racquet Stringer Machines with Stringing Accessories/Racket String Tools - Strings Racquetball, Squash, Tennis or Badminton Rackets

It’s another drop weight machine, but it is easy to use, and despite being small in nature, you won’t believe that it can hold 9 pounds to 90 pounds in tension. It’s a beast, to say the very least. What’s different about this small guy compared to others of its size it actually has a six-point mounting system in comparison to the two.

Thanks to that, the stringing game has never been more reliable with this machine. What’s crazier? It’s a versatile stringer, meaning you can not only string your tennis rackets but others in the racket family alike. Hello Badminton. This becomes the best multi-use stringer out there. 


  • We said it before and we will say it again. This is a multi-use stringing machine that allows for different rackets to be strung across different sports. 
  • It offers a tabletop feel but is a six-point mounting system which makes life a lot more reliable and easier in terms of the stringing world.
  • The tool tray that is included offers easy soring for all the tools that you need to get the stringing job done right. 


  • Not an electronic stringing making it more manual labor than others. 

7. MIStringer Personal Tennis Stringing Machine

This may be the most different one we offer on the list because it is a new and innovative way to string your racket. The MiStringer is the most compact and lightweight design on the market, coming in at just 6 pounds. This is one of the biggest attractions for home stringers. 

It technically fits right into your racket, which is why it looks very different than anything we have seen before. BUt the MiStringer also claims to be one of the most if not the most reliable stringing machines that are portable and available today. It uses a constant pull system with clamps that offer an accurate tension. 

It also is pretty sturdy considering its small size in nature. 


  • The lightest portable system on the market today.
  • It offers accurate tensions through patented technology and a consistent pull-clamp base to give you the results you want.
  • Claims to be an easy process stringing in no more than 30 minutes per racket. 
  • Gives you the control you need. 


  • Relatively new technology without enough reviews.
  • Works well with smaller rackets in general. 
  • Constantly need to tighten the bolts to get the results you want. 

8. Prince NEOS 1000

Atlas, we have brought a new name to the game here, and it is one we are very familiar with in the tennis world. Prince doesn’t have many items on the market when it comes to stringers, but the one they do have on the market does a fantastic job and makes the top 10 best tennis racket stringing machine list. 

The clamp that is provided on the machine allows for easier stringing and stability. It also comes with a glide bar that offers better movement and accessibility to the racket. In other words, things flow a lot better, making it a comfortable experience for the stringer.

The adjustable base means you won’t be bending over at all to string the racket, which also offers a more comfortable process.  Because of the clamps, you can count on the racket staying in place as you string. 


  • A great quality machine with easy-to-use features makes it a perfect choice for anyone. 
  • Also allows for stringing different types of rackets for different sports making it a multi-use option.
  • Reliable and durable materials mean it will last quite some time. 


  • Despite its quality is it one of the most expensive stringing machines on the market. 

9. Tourna Cube Precision

We have saved this one towards the end of our list because we know you may be tempted to just scrolling after seeing the price. Now while this may be out of your budget, it is still worth a ready because it provides one of the best stringing experiences out there. It’s electronic and has everything you need.

Built from high-quality steel, this baby is meant to last a lifetime, and it is a strong material to get the job done with absolute precision. We would expect nothing less for a machine of this price. Let’s start with the fact that you don’t need to adjust the clamps because it automatically does that work for you.

While you are stringing, feel free to use one of the USB ports that allows you to charge your phone or smart devices while getting the job done. This is great because you never know where you are going to need to string. 

  • One of the highest tech options on the marketing offering unparallel tools. 
  • Auto start string gripper means that you don’t have to worry about ever adjusting the clamps yourself.
  • The digital screen makes using the settings nice and easy for the stringer. 
  • Offering eight different memory settings so that the job can practically do itself. 


  • Easily the most expensive one on the market. 

10. Wilson Baiardo

So we didn’t come down in price, but here we needed to put another top-notch stringing machine from none other than Wilson. One of the absolute best friends in the tennis industry. They use their B.E.S.T technology to string rackets near perfect and are patented so no other company can use their secrets. 

Wilson Baiardo Tennis Racquet Stringing Machine

The string bed gets put perfectly in the biomechanical position that will yield the best results. This nearly takes all the work ut of the stringers hand and relies on a machine to produce. Because of this, stringers don’t get the usual wear and tear that they may feel after stringing rackets. 

It offers 30 whopping personalized stringer settings, which is one of the most offered on the market. Let’s keep going. Those 13 settings can be multiplied by six different people because it allows for six different stringers to be memorized. This makes it the perfect club stringer. 


  • One of the best quality stringers on the market made from great technology and materials.
  • Takes the work off the stringers back and nearly does everything for you.
  • Different settings allow for different people to use this machine making it a great fit for clubs that have a lot of tennis rackets to string. 


  • Expensive for an individual that can’t capitalize on all of the settings. 

Reasons to Buy a Tennis Racket Stringing Machine

Are you sold yet? We are. While it is tempting to want to buy the most expensive one or, in some cases, for some people, the cheapest one, it is first important to understand why it makes sense to buy a tennis racket stringing machine. This goes for both clubs and individuals. From the list below, we can understand the benefits and drawbacks to certain situations that can help make out decisions easier. 

Long-Term Investment

Let’s first talk about the long-term investment that you get as an individual than as a club. They are two different scenarios. As an individual, if you are repaying your club $20 to $40 to string your racket depending on the type of strings you use and whether you provide them or not, it can add up rather quickly. If you are an avid tennis player and find yourself dropping off your rackets even a few times a month from the time you started playing, you can guarantee that the cost would way overrun what you would pay for some of these strings.

In fact, if you got the Klippermate and you strung your racket even 5-6 times, you would already overrun the costs. That’s why it is important to consider as an individual if this is going to be an investment that actually saves you money in the long run. 

Now in terms of a club, it makes absolute sense to buy a tennis racket stringing machine because not only will it save you money, but it will also make you money. For a club, it makes sense to invest in a nice one that has all the gizmos and features of preauthorized settings because it can turn around rackets in no time. Say you pay $4000 for the stringing machine. If you charge $40 per racket and string 100 rackets, you have likely already made the cost back in less than a year’s time. Then you’re just making money after that. 

Travel Needs

Are you a competitive player or have a group of players that are competitive and traveling for tournaments? Sometimes we don’t like the way our rackets are being strung on the road, and that is very common for mature players. Having said that, sometimes our rackets can not be done as fast as we want them to be, which is why bringing a stringing machine on the road may be worth it to you. 

Some people will prefer to have stringing machines that aren’t portable, but with the cost of the portable ones not being so high, it is worth looking into having a backup stringer or something in addition to a high-end one. Some players don’t even go with the high-end expensive ones as they are content with the portable ones.  

Less Risk to Your Rackets

No matter what stage you are at tennis, there is always a risk to giving your rackets over to someone. Most tennis clubs and stringers will be able to provide quality service, but there is no replacement for taking care of your own rackets. As we realized, if you don’t know how to string, there is a possibility for warping and breaking the frames, which is why if you do hand over your rackets, you want to make sure it is to someone who is experienced. 

Tennis Racket Stringing Machines FAQs

Are you still with us? Great, this is the ultimate guide to everything you need to know about tennis racket stringing machines which is why we have left this section for you to ask and provide answers to the most frequently asked questions. 

Tennis racket stringing machines are complex by nature, and there is quite a lot of information out there. Here we will get to the point and simplify the answers to the best of our ability so you can feel comfortable and ready to make a decision on what machine makes the most sense for you or your club. 

Are there stringing machines, not on this list that make sense to buy?

Of course. There are tons of tennis stringing machines that are out there that have minor details that make one different from another. Having said that, we looked at them and rounded up the top 10 because if you go on that journey yourself of trying to find the best one, it can be overwhelming with all the options out there.

As we mentioned, GAMMA alone has a huge variety of products, and going through those differences can be really difficult for a tennis stringer without experience to understand. While there are definitely more out there for those who know what they need, the ones on this list provide everything you need. 

After all, the job is to get the racket done as close to the right tension as possible, and by close, we mean making it accurate, whether you are doing them manually or electronically, the results should speak for themselves on the court where it matters. 

How do I know the specific type of racket tennis stringing machine that I need?

Well, there are a few different sections in this guide that you can go back to in reference. However, in summary, first, we need to talk about your needs as a tennis player. Are you a club trying to fill a lot of orders? Or are you an individual that is trying to string their own rackets at home or on the road? 

This is going to off the bat let you know whether you need a portable device or something that can stay at home. If you are someone who likes to guarantee things manually, then you are going to go with a drop weight or a crank, but if you are someone who wants to use technology to help you get the job done, then electronic is going to be the way to go.

From here, you can look at the individual characteristics of the final category you find yourself in. Some machines are going to offer minor details that may appeal to you over another one. For instance, is it important to you that you can charge your phone? If so, then you will want to go with the expensive Tourna Cube model. It’s about understanding your budget and needs. 

What do I do if my machine has started showing signs of wear and tear or broken down?

Well, first, you will want to look at the manufacturer’s label and warranty. If they have a lifetime guarantee, then you don’t need to worry about this, and you can easily get it replaced or changed out for different parts. If you have something that has a limited warranty and the expiration has gone by then, you are looking at repairing the thing at some cost.

That’s why it is important to consider the price and the warranty when making the purchase because you want something that is going to last you and is reliable without needing to continually funnel money into it. 

Regardless of the warranty if you feel that it is breaking down too often too early then likely you are not getting your rackets strung the right way and you should call back the manufacturer or where you bought it from and explain that it is not doing the job it said it would. This can cause damage to your rackets and is pointless to use. 


We made it! You made it! We hope you enjoyed that thorough breakdown of the absolute top 10 best racketing stringing machines on the market and the reason that they made the list. It is important to know why you are buying a product and what makes that product worth it or not, especially when it comes to stringing because, more often than not, it is an investment and important to take care of your racket. 

When it comes to deciding what is going to be right for you, then you need to think in terms of your budget while also knowing that you are going to e able to make that money back and save more in the long term. Now you need to figure out whether you are stringing casually for yourself or it will be used more as a business because this will determine the type of stringer you get. 

If you are traveling and plan on bringing it with you, then you know that portable is your only option. Don’t worry because there are so many great portable stringers on the market, and to boot, you don’t have to stick with just stringing your tennis rackets as a few of these offer the ability to string for other racket sports too!

Whatever you decide, enjoy your purchase and happy stringing! 

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