Head Hawk Rough Tennis String Review

Do you want to take your tennis experience to the next step and become a professional? Then you will have to make certain adjustments to your tennis playing gear. One of these improvements is getting your racket a better string. 

The quality of your string directly affects your play. A high-quality tennis string optimizes your swing by transferring your arm power directly into hitting the ball without exhausting you or wasting that kinetic energy. These qualities ensure you stay on top of your game and make it hard for your opponents to beat you. This is where the Head Hawk Rough Tennis String comes in. 

This string guarantees you better winning odds and allows you more control over the ball while giving it the right amount of spin with every hit. 

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Head Hawk Rough Tennis String 

Head USA Inc., founded in 1956, dedicates itself to providing quality and practical sportswear, equipment, and footwear. 

HEAD Hawk Rough Tennis Racket String 40' Set - 17 Gauge Monofilament Racquet String

The company manufactures a range of products for various sports such as tennis, snowboarding, skiing, and swimming. Therefore, you can trust that they have a footing in the sports industry and produce quality products through research and development. 

They are responsible for this versatile Head Hawk tennis string with a perfect balance of control and power. It is also highly durable and has a high spin potential. 

This tennis string is an improvement from the original Hawk string as it gives players better control over the ball and extra comfort.  

The string has a rough surface to get more bits on the ball and increase the spin put on the ball. It also has a large crystalline inner core that rounds out the string’s ability to get more control over the ball. 

Head USA Inc. used rough co-poly to make the versatile strings as this was one of the recommendations from an experienced pro player. The improvement allows the string to withstand extra pressure during intense games. 

Who Is This for? 

This Head Hawk product is meant to accommodate everyone. It is also the solution for advanced or professional players who want to improve on all aspects of their game. The immediate effect of using the strings is top-level performance on the field, mainly attributed to the premium monofilament string. 

This feature allows players to make unparalleled spins on the ball. Most professional players know how to use the rough texture to their advantage and control movement and the ball’s direction. 

This string also works well for tennis players with unique gameplay. For instance, it is ideal for players who string their polys at lower tension. Most of the players who do this prefer control to power. 


  • Rough string surface 
  • Crystal core technology 
  • Crystalline inner core  
  • Monofilament string 
  • Special molecular structure 
  • Colour variety

One of Head Hawk’s unique string features is its rough surface. This aspect gives it more bit, and the result is an increase in the ball’s spin. This then gives you more power to control where the ball lands.  

Head USA Inc. uses Crystal core technology when making this effective string. This technology gives players the ability to control the string’s balance. 

Professional players make these adjustments when changing their game tactics to get more power and control over the ball. 

The crystalline inner core is also energy efficient for explosive power transfer. When a player swings the racket to hit the ball, the strings take up all the kinetic energy from the arm and transfer it to the ball for the maximum force during the hit. This gives a player a better grip on the ball, reduces energy loss, and enhances ball control for an upper hand during plays, especially intense sessions. 

This product is a monofilament string. A monofilament string generates unparalleled ball spins because of its design. Controlling and making adjustments to it improves your gameplay and makes it difficult for opponents to beat you. 

Players who use Head Hawk rough tennis strings also love them because of their comfort. The string has a unique molecular structure that increases dampening. Apart from that, the design gives the spin a comforting feel, thus enhancing the player’s endurance during the match. 

Head USA Inc. designed the string to be versatile. This means that it is compatible with most tennis rackets, and you do not have to buy the whole set. You can buy the strings and use them to replace the ones you currently have. 

The string comes in different colors. At first, there were only white and grey options, but they are now introducing new colors, with black being the latest addition. 

Although this string has a handful of benefits, it also features a few drawbacks. One is that players need to make more effort to control the ball’s spin. It’s also not the best option for amateurs. You need to have tennis experience to get the required results. You need to know how to control the ball’s trajectory and make the string adjustments for optimal performance.

However, the Head Hawk rough string is a successful improvement on the original work. The main focus was improving control and comfort, and Head USA Inc. achieved that.


  • More control over the ball’s spin and direction
  • Excellent touch
  • Solid feel 
  • Good tension maintenance 


  • Ideal for control and not power. 
  • Not suitable for amateurs

Final Thoughts 

The Head Hawk rough tennis string is the perfect solution if you want your powerful racket to get more control. This helps you ease into any game. The string’s powerful grip on the ball turns the game to your advantage, making it easy to win. 

These strings are affordable, and considering the results, they are worth it. Get Head hawk rough tennis strings today and see how your game improves. Reviews show that these strings have been a significant factor in helping players rise through the ranks. 

Many pro players use this product, and the results are outstanding. Try it today and watch as your gameplay takes on an entirely new level of professionalism.

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