Lobster Elite 1 Tennis Ball Machine Review

Serious tennis players know that you don’t become successful on the court without putting in the work. It takes persistence, dedication, and, most of all, hours upon hours of practice. That is why a tennis ball machine is such a handy tool for players of all skill levels. 

One of the most significant features that a good tennis ball machine offers is convenience. Tennis players can boost their gameplay and improve their skills at times that fit their schedule. They get to focus on their weaknesses and improve their strengths without needing a player to practice against. In addition, they can do it in the location of their choosing. It is clear that owning a tennis ball machine can provide lots of flexibility in one’s training routine.

So, what do good tennis ball machines offer? Great drills, good transportability, solid battery life, and incredible durability. The question is whether the Lobster Elite 1 tennis ball machine has what it takes to be considered the winner in the game of tennis drills. 

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Lobster Elite 1 Tennis Ball Machine 

Lobster Sports has created an impressive line of tennis equipment and merchandise and enjoys a large following of tennis fans. This is not surprising considering that they produce high-quality equipment at affordable prices. 

The company has released three versions of the Elite model. Although the Lobster Elite 2 and 3 are the new and improved models, the Elite 1 is not an unworthy competitor by any means. Lobster Elite fans have been pleasantly surprised by the machine’s features, capabilities, and price point. 

Any player that hopes to find a machine offering a phenomenal baseline workout will enjoy the Lobster Elite 1 very much. The machine’s random oscillation mode gives players the opportunity to practice their backhands and forehands. The machine sets off 150 balls from side to side, forcing the tennis player to remain actively focused and ready to bounce. 

The user gets to choose the ball’s speed and interval time. Confident, advanced players can choose ball speed intervals with as little as 2 seconds while hitting balls that move at 80 mph. On the other hand, a beginner can enjoy a 12-second gap between balls with balls approaching as slowly as 10 mph. 

All of this is more than enough to get a tennis player’s blood pumping and their feet moving. With regular use of the Lobster Elite 1, tennis players will see a significant improvement in their skills, technique, and response time. 

Another great advantage of the Lobster Elite 1 is that it won’t break the bank. In fact, this tennis ball machine’s affordability provides outstanding value for the customer’s money. After all, this is what Lobster Sports is all about and why they have remained a champion in tennis retail. 

The machine’s ball capacity of 150 is quite admirable, especially when compared to other high-end machines that come in well below that. In addition, the Lobster Elite 1 can feed balls at much higher speeds than most other tennis ball machines. 

Unfortunately, the Lobster Elite 1 doesn’t include a remote control. If a player wants to use one, they need to purchase it separately. However, considering the low price of the Lobster Elite 1, that isn’t an unfair request.

When it comes to the size and shape of the unit, the Lobster Elite 1 has a slightly bulkier build than several other tennis ball machines, weighing in at 42 lb. However, it is still relatively lightweight, and it makes up for its size with an ergonomic design. As a result, tennis players get to enjoy the comfort of practicing with a reliable machine and then strolling off with a long-handled unit that makes it unnecessary to bend or stretch in any way. 

Who is This Product for? 

The Lobster Elite 1 offers remarkable practice and skill improvement for players of all levels. Although the machine lacks some of the more admirable features that high-end machines might provide, it does a decent job at giving a tennis player good practice sessions. 

Therefore, the machine is suitable for any tennis player eager to improve their skills and build on their gameplay, without any extra features. The focus of the Lobster Elite 1 is practice. No-fuss players will love the simple approach and comfort of the machine. 

Since the machine retails at a lower price range, it is perfect for tennis players who want the advantage of a tennis ball machine without the high cost. In addition, the affordability of the machine makes it an excellent purchase for coaches or tennis schools since tennis players get the benefit without the risk of damaging an exceptionally expensive machine.

Although the machine has a bulky build, it is equipped with wheels. It is ideal for players who plan to use it outside and store it indoors. The machine has been designed with comfort in mind and features a surprisingly long handle that makes moving the Lobster Elite 1 from one spot to another a breeze. 

The final consideration is how user-friendly the Lobster Elite 1 is. It is very straightforward to use, making it an all-level tennis ball machine. Beginners will love the challenge and versatility that the tennis ball machine provides. The Lobster Elite 1 offers six different drills within its wide range of settings. As beginners improve, they can experiment with adjusting the ball speed and intervals for a more challenging training experience.


  • Suitable for all experience levels
  • 150 ball capacity 
  • Ball feed interval speed: 2 to 12 seconds 
  • Random oscillation mode 
  • Six programmed drill options 
  • Ball speeds of between 10 mph and 80 mph 
  • Control panel on the machine with optional purchase of a remote control 
  • Weight: 42 pounds 
  • Rechargeable battery that lasts between 4 and 8 hours

Although the Lobster Elite 1 lacks features such as customizable programming or phone compatibility, it is a very reliable tennis ball machine that gives tennis players of all levels an excellent opportunity to improve their skills. Players who prefer not to use a control panel have the option of using a remote control that has been specifically designed for the Lobster Elite 1. However, it is important to keep in mind when considering this specific model that the remote control is sold separately.

Arguably the most attractive feature about the Lobster Elite 1 is the affordability of the machine. It offers tennis players exceptional value for their money. They get a reliable and well-designed machine at a fraction of the price of several other tennis ball machines. Lobster Sports has done a spectacular job of launching a tennis ball machine that is suitable for most budgets. 

The machine gives players proper workouts with elevation features, spins, and multiple paces. It has a commendable ball capacity of 150, which is more significant than some high-end tennis ball machines. It is worth noting that the battery power is also impressive. It comes with a rechargeable battery that can last between four to eight hours, depending on the settings you have chosen. This is pretty great, especially when you consider that some high-end tennis ball machines’ batteries only offer two hours. 

The Lobster Elite 1 has six distinct drill settings that have been professionally designed to give tennis players the real experience and feel of playing against opponents of a slightly more advanced skill. The machine can be set to focus on specific practices, such as slicer or power baseliners. This versatility makes the Lobster Elite 1 a great addition to any coach or tennis club. 

Another fantastic feature of the Lobster Elite 1 is the fact that tennis players can select a ball speed that they are comfortable with. Beginners, or players who prefer a slower start, can choose ball speeds of as little as 10 mph. On the other hand, advanced players can enjoy ball speeds of up to 80 mph. This is an excellent range of speed and will keep any level of player on their toes. In addition, tennis players can adjust their speeds as they improve their tennis skills, which will build their confidence and their enjoyment of the sport. 

The Lobster Elite 1 offers a premium feed frequency of between 2 and 12 seconds. Yet again, this is an excellent feature of all players, from beginner to pro. On top of this, the Lobster Elite 1 gives players superb elevation options that can significantly boost their gameplay. 

Although the machine doesn’t have as extensive a range of oscillation modes as some high-end machines, it has enough good options to keep the practice sessions exciting and challenging. A strong benefit is the fact that deep groundstrokes will never be problematic with the Lobster Elite 1 because the ball is fed with arbitrary oscillation. Thus, players who hope to improve their groundstrokes can get outstanding practice from the side-to-side oscillation modes. It is exceptional that such an affordable tennis ball machine can provide players with such valuable training features. 

The Lobster Elite 1’s height can be adjusted to offer even more varied training, specifically regarding overheads. Tennis players of all levels get a solid workout when the machine is set to the random horizontal and vertical oscillation mode. The random oscillation mode will prepare the player for shots of all kinds and improve their response to unpredictable shots. 

The Lobster Elite 1 tennis ball machine has been criticized for not having any customizable drills or training programs, but the machine already offers enough variety and planned exercises for beginners and intermediate players to feel a significant boost in their abilities. 

At the end of a great practice session, a tennis player can simply grab the long ergonomically-designed handle of the Lobster Elite 1 tennis ball machine and enjoy how easily the machine is wheeled off the tennis court. The unit might not be as small as some of its competitors, but it can still be stored without difficulty. It is advised that tennis players keep their Lobster Elite 1 indoors when they are not using it. 

With dimensions of 20 x 14 x 21 inches, the machine is compact enough to be stored in most storage spaces. It is also very lightweight at only 42 pounds. This makes it possible for tennis players to transport their Lobster Elite 1 in their vehicle because lifting the machine isn’t impossible. 

Although the Lobster Elite 1 doesn’t come with any assembly instructions, its design is intuitive and easy to figure out.

In fact, there is no manual or user guide included when you buy the Lobster Elite 1. Fortunately, the machine is very user-friendly and straightforward. In addition, there are several YouTube videos available that explain how to set the tennis ball machine up quickly and easily. Players will be able to have the machine set up in no time and jump right into their first practice session.


  • Can be conveniently transported because of the machine’s sizeable wheels 
  • Easy maneuvering of the machine is possible due to the long handle 
  • Impressive battery life 
  • Adjustable height for improved training 
  • Great value for your money 


  • Does not include a remote control 
  • No customizable options 


The Lobster Elite 1 is a top-notch tennis ball machine at an affordable price. In fact, it is surprising that it can keep up with the high-end tennis ball machines considering the low price. Although some special features may be lacking, the machine gives tennis players fantastic value for their money,  as well as great practice sessions that will boost their skills and get them fit. 

The Lobster Elite 1 tennis ball machine has a distinctive ergonomic design that puts no added stress on a tired tennis player’s post-workout body. The machine can conveniently be transported, and it has enough pizzazz to keep the game alive and fresh.

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