Slinger Bag Grand Slam Tennis Ball Machine Review

Over the last decade, the demand for good tennis ball machines has significantly increased. This doesn’t come as a surprise considering the excellent benefits they provide to tennis players eager to improve their techniques, skills, and speed. A tennis player can enjoy a great workout with the assistance of a decent tennis ball machine. 

A tennis ball machine is a very convenient way to get a phenomenal workout on your time, in your preferred location, and without being dependent on others. Therefore it is an excellent addition for serious tennis players, tennis clubs, and schools. 

With such an impressive selection of tennis ball machines to choose from these days, we can’t help but wonder whether the Slinger Bag Grand Slam tennis ball machine has what it takes to be considered the champion in the grand slam of tennis ball machines. 

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Slinger Bag Grand Slam Tennis Ball Machine

Slinger Bag has managed to launch a tennis ball machine that is amazingly affordable and offers incredible features that make it a worthy competitor. It is an outstanding option for those who would like to work on their game while keeping their budget in mind since the tennis ball machine is a fraction of the price compared to some machines with similar features. 

Another unusual step taken by Slinger Bag was the additional launch of the Slinger Grand Slam Pack. This is a wonderful option for tennis players who want to purchase the Slinger Bag Grand Slam tennis ball machine but want the extras that aren’t included at the original price. The pack offers added tools that are made with the same care, great design, and high quality as the tennis ball machine itself. 

The Slinger Grand Slam Pack consists of the following: 

  • A camera holder 
  • One telescopic ball tube 
  • Slinger oscillators 
  • A remote control 
  • The Slinger T One Launcher 

Although these features aren’t necessary to use the Slinger Bag Grand Slam tennis ball machine, they make the experience more enjoyable and offer incredible convenience and comfort. In addition, most fans of the tennis ball machine really appreciate the fact that they can purchase the machine with the option of getting the add-ons separately. Again, this is a feature that isn’t common with tennis ball machines. 

The Slinger Bag has the added benefit of storage space which is also not a common find in tennis ball machines. It is a welcome feature since tennis players can store more in the machine and carry less onto the court. This is very helpful for coaches who train younger tennis players as they can keep any extra things in the Slinger Bag and only carry their racket onto the court. 

There is also a USB port in the Slinger Bag, making it possible for tennis players to charge phones, watches, or any preferred electronics while doing their workout. Tennis players who have busy schedules will especially enjoy this feature as there just isn’t any time to run out of power.

Who Is This Product For? 

First and foremost, the Slinger Bag Grand Slam tennis ball machine is perfect for tennis players who want to improve their skills without spending an astronomical amount. The machine offers every basic drill and tool necessary to enjoy an excellent workout. It also can buy the standard machine or add on the Grand Slam Pack with extra features. So players who want the added benefit of having a remote control can purchase the pack that includes several fantastic tools, including a remote control. 

Since the Slinger Bag lacks programmable drills, it is ideal for tennis players who are happy to practice set drills without customizable options. The available drills on the machine are outstanding and perfect for junior players, beginners, and intermediate. An unfortunate feature of the Slinger Bag, however, is the ball speed. 

With a max speed of only 40 mph, tennis players who want to practice high-speed ball returns will find the machine lacking. Therefore, it is a good choice for tennis players who don’t feel the need to enjoy gameplay faster than 40 mph. This makes it an excellent choice for tennis school for junior tennis players since young tennis players usually don’t require high-speed ball drills. 

On the other hand, the machine lacks programmable routines and high ball speeds, making it a less than ideal option for professional tennis players. They will most likely benefit more from a tennis ball machine that allows for customizable drills and ball speeds that are faster. 

The Slinger Bag’s weight of only 33 pounds makes it ideal for tennis players who are on the go. The bag can easily be placed in a large car and transported to any court surface. In addition, the bag’s tough and durable construction makes it an ideal companion for any tennis player looking for a tennis ball machine that can be moved frequently from place to place. This makes it an excellent option for coaches who train beginners or young tennis players since the bag is easily and quickly transported. 

The Slinger Bag Grand Slam tennis ball machine has sufficient storage space, so tennis players can safely store their valuables while enjoying a few drills. Therefore, the Slinger Bag is great for any tennis players who are always trying to find a suitable place to store their belongings while on the court. 

In addition, if you are always running out of battery power on your phone, the Slinger Bag has the solution: a USB port. This means that tennis players never have to run low just because they have spent the last few hours practicing their returns on the court. 


  • Ball feed speeds of 10 to 40 mph 
  • Ball feed interval speeds of 2 to 7 seconds 
  • 144 ball capacity 
  • manual elevation of 10 to 40 degrees 
  • Battery life of 5 hours 
  • Weight of 33 mph 
  • Size: 33 x 20 x 18 inches 
  • Durable and sturdy construction 

The Slinger Bag Grand Slam tennis ball machine is second to none when it comes to affordable tennis ball machines. The quality of the machine makes it exceptional value for money and a tennis ball machine worth considering.

Although the machine lacks added features such as programmable drills, it provides tennis players with enough versatility and challenges to make a workout outstanding. Beginners, intermediate, and junior players will find the drills more than sufficient for their training needs. 

The only actual downside of the bag is that it doesn’t offer as high-speed balls as some of its competitor machines. This is why the Slinger Bag Grand Slam tennis ball machine might not be an ideal choice for pro tennis players. However, for tennis players who don’t require ball speeds that exceed 40 mph, it truly is a convenient, reliable, and durable option that is terrific value for money. 

The Slinger Bag offers a ball capacity of up to 144 balls which is surprisingly more than some high-end tennis ball machines. In addition, it has the option of manual elevation of between 10 and 40 degrees for players who want to practice angled balls. 

Although some high-end machines offer a more significant elevation and do so electronically, most fans of the Slinger Bag don’t mind having to adjust manually since it is a pretty quick and effortless procedure. In addition, most junior, beginners, and intermediate players find that a 40-degree angle is sufficient to practice. 

The ball feed interval speeds can be set between two and seven seconds. Although most tennis ball machines have ball interval speeds of more than ten seconds, a ball feed interval of seven seconds is enough for focused beginners or even junior tennis players. Although the bag doesn’t offer as impressive ball feed and interval speeds as other tennis ball machines, the speeds are still standard with what players are expected to handle in an actual match. 

Surprisingly the initial Slinger Bag lacked an oscillation mode. Fortunately, their Kickstarter backers requested the addition of this feature, and so, an additional platform of rotation, the Slingshot T-One Launcher, can be purchased in the bundled package. The Slingshot T-One is an excellent option for those who are eager to practice oscillation mode drills, and it has the added benefit of having great battery life. 

In addition, the Grand Slam Pack includes a remote control that is very straightforward with a simple on and off function. The Slinger Bag Grand Slam tennis ball machine is proof that a tennis ball machine doesn’t have to be overly complex to give a tennis player a solid workout. 

Although the machine lacks programmable drills, the available drills are top-notch and perfectly suitable for intermediate tennis players and beginner or junior levels. However, as mentioned above, pro players will most likely get more from tennis ball machines that give players the option of creating customized workouts. 

The Slinger Bag has an impressive battery life of up to five hours. This is more than some high-end tennis ball machines offer. Because of the machine’s simplicity, the battery life is standard regardless of the chosen drills or speeds. This is wonderful since many other tennis ball machines have unpredictable battery life when selecting certain drills and speeds. 

In addition, the battery’s charging time is only four hours, so it is easy to plan workouts based on the short charging time. The battery includes overcharging protection so that the battery can last well. In fact, every element of the Slinger Bag Grand Slam tennis ball machine has been remarkably well-designed, and it results in outstanding durability. 

The Slinger Bag has been constructed with durable textiles and plastic. It has the same look and feels like a large suitcase that runs on slightly oversized wheels. It is a great design especially compared to other bulky tennis ball machines. This means the tennis ball machine is easy to maneuver between training sessions and to be moved to different locations. 

However, the Slinger Bag has a significant height of 33 inches, so it can be tricky to fit it in some smaller cars. Fortunately, the weight of only 33 pounds makes up for the possibly problematic height. The machine is so lightweight that junior players will even be able to move it to the court. 

This is a superb benefit since moving the tennis ball machine indoors for storing is always recommended. Tennis players won’t have to drag their heels at the thought of moving their Slinger Bag to the proper storage spot. The oversized wheels make the transition from outdoors to indoors effortless and smooth. 

Another incredible feature of the Slinger Bag is the storage space it provides. The storage in the bag is perfect for storing your towels or water bottle. Again, this is remarkably convenient and yet, hardly ever found on tennis ball machines. So tennis players who dislike taking a backpack onto the court but need to because they need to store their valuables will love this feature. 

The Slinger Bag also makes phone charging possible because of a USB port. These added features make the Slinger Bag a fantastic tennis ball machine that makes the lives of tennis players a lot easier. 


  • Phenomenal value for money 
  • Very lightweight 
  • Impressive battery life 
  • 144 ball capacity 
  • Storage space
  • USB port 


  • No programmable drills 
  • Lacks in high ball speed 


Tennis is one of the most popular sports played today. People of all ages and financial classes enjoy the game. The Slinger Bag is a tremendous tennis ball machine that allows those on a budget to enjoy the benefits of having an outstanding tennis ball machine that will boost their skills in remarkable ways. 

The Slinger Bag Grand Slam tennis ball machine will be a fantastic tool for any junior, beginner, or intermediate player. They will love the versatility, challenges, and durability that the bag provides. In addition, the Slinger Bag has lots of added features that set it apart from other tennis ball machines and make it a true grand slammer.

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