Spinshot Plus Tennis Ball Machine Review

When it comes to training and repeating drills to improve tennis skills, there are very few pieces of equipment as valuable to a tennis player as a tennis ball machine. By using a good-quality tennis ball machine, a tennis player can enjoy hours of practice without the need for a partner while enforcing great techniques and improving speed, skill, and abilities. 

Some tennis ball machines have the advantage of being transportable, making them an excellent investment for tennis clubs and serious players alike. However, using a simple tennis ball machine that doesn’t have a couple of modes to choose from becomes dull after some time and doesn’t challenge the player anymore. 

Furthermore, playing in the same setting day after day can be a buzzkill that no player wants. Therefore, finding a tennis ball machine that can keep the game fresh and exciting with several modes and adjustment features is a fantastic win. Players who enjoy practicing on different types of court surfaces always hope to find a tennis ball machine that is easily transportable, and luck is on their side with this superb tennis ball machine. 

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Spinshot Plus Tennis Ball Machine

Spinshot Plus is a very well-known brand amongst tennis players for producing tennis ball machines that are exceptional in quality. Although they are seen as expensive pieces of equipment, fans of Spinshot Plus know that they will get a great quality product. 

Spinshot Plus Tennis Ball Machine (Best Model for an Intermediate Player)

The machines offer incredible versatility, so a tennis player of any skill level can enjoy this superb product. In addition, serious players love the fact that the machine comes with several remarkable features that perfectly capture the real game feel. This means that the machine never gets boring, and it keeps players on their toes while pushing them to their best.  

Unfortunately, the machine is high-end regarding price, but the excellent programming options and durability make up for that. In fact, the device has been so well-made that it is nearly indestructible. Players have found that even after months of daily use, the machine appears to be brand new. It is the kind of machine that will never make you worry that it is going to fall apart after an unfortunate run-in. 

The Spinshot Plus tennis ball machine also offers average battery life, convenient storing, and extensive programming. Although increased battery power would have been preferred, situations where a player wants to play but the battery is dead can easily be avoided with good planning. 

Convenient storing is a great benefit, especially for players who live in constantly changing or extreme weather areas. It takes little to no time for a player to wheel the Spinshot Plus off the court and place it somewhere safe. In addition, players who love the flexibility that training on multiple court surfaces brings will not be disappointed by how easy it is to get this machine from one court to the next. 

Finally, the extensive programming features are wonderful since the machine gives tennis players the option of programming their drills and improving their skills. 

Who Is This Product For? 

One of the great features of this tennis ball machine is the versatility that it provides. That makes it a suitable choice for any tennis player regardless of their skill level. Beginners can enjoy the machine in its simple settings, while advanced players will love the added features that make the experience feel like an actual tennis match is happening. 

Even professional players can significantly benefit from this machine because of the fact that the programs can be altered and personalized. This means that the player can set the device to focus only on the shots that they feel they need to work on. Therefore, this terrific machine is suitable for tennis players of all levels eager to improve their skills. 

Since the programs are so easily customizable, the machine offers outstanding value and function to coaches who hope to boost their players’ abilities and skills. It is also a good investment for tennis clubs since players can enjoy the machine between matches, especially considering that it will be suitable for all the club players. 

However, the Spinshot Plus is priced quite a bit more than most other tennis ball machines, so it is best suited for players who don’t mind paying a bit more for a high-quality machine. 

The machine can be programmed manually or with the use of an Android or Apple watch. Therefore, players who enjoy combining their phones with their tennis workouts will enjoy this feature immensely. 

Although the machine is quite large in size, it is very lightweight and has a square shape that is easy to fit into a storage space or even the trunk of a car. Thus, tennis players who are on the road frequently and who still want to practice their drills can take the Spinshot Plus with them and never miss a day of practice. 

The fact that the Spinshot Plus is extremely durable makes it perfectly suitable for any player who has an aggressive backhand since they know the machine can take any ball that comes its way. Players never have to worry that the device might break if they run into it or return a hardball.


  • Solid construction 
  • A large variety of control options 
  • Several oscillation modes
  •  120-ball capacity
  • Exceptional drill programmability
  • Easily transportable 
  • Convenient storing 

Tennis players looking for a tennis ball machine that can take punches will adore this machine because it is made of solid metal, making it durable, reliable, and stable. Players who live close to the ocean will find that this machine can take the wind, sand, and rain. It won’t rust or break as a result. That being said, storing your Spinshot Plus indoors when not in use is advised. 

In addition, the frame has been powder-coated, so the machine is remarkably resistant to scratches and hits. This is an attractive feature for clubs and schools since the machine will still keep its appeal even after years of use. In fact, tennis shops can proudly display the Spinshot Plus tennis ball machine. The boxy design will make it an eye-catching part of any display area. 

Although the metal frame might make it heavier than other tennis ball machines, it is much more lightweight than you would imagine. The shape and size make it pretty simple to move around, especially since it has side wheels. These wheels have been well-made and allow tennis players to move the machine around without losing any sweat. 

This is a great benefit since it makes it possible to bring the machine indoors or outdoors with little effort. It is even possible to move the machine to the car or bus to join you on the road. Therefore it is excellent for players who enjoy a bit of variety when they play. Nothing stops a tennis player from trying a different court surface any day of the week when they have their hands on the Spinshot Plus. 

Controlling the Spinshot Plus is straightforward because of the well-designed control panels. Players can read the information on the screen easily because of the OLED screen on the panel. The setup is easy to understand, and the panels are easily located. Players can use the control panels manually to select or adjust programs, and this process is quick and easy. 

After being turned on, the machine will revert to its default settings set to a centreline position. This makes it easier for the player to find the proper position on the court without adjusting anything. 

An incredibly convenient feature is controlling the machine with the use of your phone. In addition to this, Apple watches offer increased connectivity. Therefore, anyone who owns an Android or Apple watch will be able to adjust programs without having to use the control panel. 

In addition, the machine allows you to choose your settings before your practice session starts, so you don’t have to have your Android or Apple watch on you to operate the equipment. In fact, a player can decide on the entire workout plan before even stepping onto the court. That way, when the Spinshot Plus gets turned on, the player doesn’t need to waste a minute to get things ready. 

The Spinshot Plus offers an incredibly accurate real play experience that makes it possible for advanced players to improve their skills. This is because the machine comes with five oscillation modes. This is what truly sets the machine apart from the competition. 

When selecting the ideal oscillation modes, a player can choose between a two-lined horizontal and vertical mode, a simple horizontal and vertical mode, a two-line random selection oscillation mode, and a single line random vertical and horizontal oscillation mode. 

Having such a fantastic range of oscillation modes isn’t common in tennis ball machines making this one of the best available today while giving players an unbelievable range of practice options. It also offers a great range of ball speed options ranging from 18 to 68 mph. In addition, the machine has 18 backspin and topspin possibilities. 

Tennis players can select ball feed interval times between two and ten seconds. This is also a great feature since it will give beginners a bit more time to find their feet between balls and force advanced players to bring their A-game. 

Players can choose the game’s speed based on their level and adjust as they improve their skills. Players who require drills for additional practice can use the 12 preprogrammed drills that are available on the machine. Each of them provides the player with six balls to practice their returns. 

These drills feature options that are suitable for beginners and continue to advanced players. However, players also have the option of adjusting or reprogramming the drills so that they are personalized to the player’s needs. This is a great function that leaves other machines in the dust on the tennis court. 

The Spinshot Plus has a capacity to hold and shoot up to 120 balls which is pretty impressive. Although there are other tennis ball machines that offer greater capacity than 120 balls, most players feel that this is sufficient to build on their skills. 

Players will enjoy a complete workout with great options to truly maximize their training sessions. However, the fact that the battery might run out between sessions can be frustrating to players who are ready to give it their all. Although the battery power isn’t weak, it isn’t what you would expect from a high-quality machine like the Shotspin plus. 

Therefore sports clubs might want to consider keeping it close to the charging station if it is used for more extended periods since the machine requires recharging every two to three hours, depending on which drill has been selected. 

The machine has a square shape that makes it very convenient for storing. In addition, a medium-sized sheet will be able to cover it with ease if you plan to keep it outside. However, the shape of the machine makes it easy enough to store in a garage or storage room, especially considering how easy it is to remove it again once the player is ready to train again.


  • The shape and size of this machine are ideal for easy storage and transport. 
  • It is lightweight and durable. 
  • The Spinshot plus is suitable for all level players. 
  • The solid and sturdy nature of the machine means it won’t get damaged easily. 
  • It has several phenomenal drills to choose from and adjustable programming. 


  • The battery life isn’t great. 
  • It is more expensive than most of its competitor machines. 

Final Thoughts 

Anyone who hopes to find a tennis ball machine that is tough and reliable will love this machine. Although it comes at a high price, the excellent quality and decent features make up for it. This machine will never disappoint when it comes to variety or durability. So players of all levels can step up their game with the help of this superb tennis ball machine.

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