Luxilon 4G Tennis String Review

From the organization whose classic strings have become major favorites in pro tours comes the ultra-playable co-polyester known as Luxilon 4G. With the out-of-this-world control and spin associated with the Luxilon strings, we were more than thrilled to test this tennis string and come up with a review of it.

As expected, the tests demonstrated how this tennis string offers impressive ball control in the pitch. The levels of comfort were also remarkable, something uncommon, more so for co-polys. 

If you are a tennis player, you are often searching for the ideal balance in your rackets. And as you might already be aware, your string is arguably the most crucial aspect of this.

Usually, when looking at the string set-up, we might be forced to go for one quality at the expense of another. That, however, does not stop us from searching for the ultimate string. 

Our search led us to the Luxilon 4G Tennis String. But does the string match the other famed line-up from Luxilon? Find out more in the following Review.

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About Luxilon 4G Tennis String

Luxilon is popular around the world thanks to its Alu Power strings and Big Banger Original. They have the tendency of setting the bar as far as strings are concerned. The 4G tennis string is no different and has met the expectations of many professional players. 

Luxilon 4G Tennis String, Gold, 16L Gauge/1.25mm

One main challenge we encounter with strings and rackets is the ability to balance the performance with feel and comfort. If your desire is gaining extra topspin and control from a string, then you will, in general, need to go for a rigid string without much compromise to the feel and comfort.

Previous strings have had an extremely great spin and control but have sacrificed comfort and power. This sacrifice implies that the players will need to find the correct blend to match their game. Changing your string set-up can significantly affect how the racket plays; therefore, looking at your strings and string tension might be worthwhile.

Instead of being among the strings chasing after spin and control over everything else, Luxilon 4G Tennis String offers an incredible blend of feel and comfort while still emphasizing control. In addition, the design of the tennis string was tailored to maintain its tension longer, meaning you can enjoy playing more tennis without a performance drop.

When it comes to tension loss, Luxilon 4G was mainly designed to hold tension longer. This possibly explains why you get continuously reasonable control and spin. With the standout high playability level, it appears as Luxilon has risen above the competition.

Why Should I Use The Luxilon 4G Tennis String?

The 4G Soft theme was controllable power. In as much as it has a more powerful feel than Luxilon’s Alu, the string was still very much control-oriented. As a result, the power level can be rated as low-medium. With it, players can take complete cuts at the ball, having the confidence that the control of the string is enough to prevent them from flying. 

Players who are less technically sound will probably wish for some extra power from the string. However, control is an excellent attribute since you could aggressively play midcourt balls and move forward. Also, picking up targets and precisely playing them was easy, further elevating the confidence level inspired by the string.

Spin production is at a level expected of a smooth round poly. Though it cannot offer similar levels of explosive spin offered by other strings, Luxilon 4G is sufficiently slick to enable solid snap-back levels. Adding more spin when required and increasing your margins is easy until you find a ball to flatten out and be vigorous with.


The feel of Luxilon 4G is exceptional due to its polyester make. During contact, the string bed provides amazing ball-pocketing and a clean, solid feel. In addition, it displayed no harshness on shots outside the sweet spot. The feeling is particularly excellent on volleys.

The feel of the string is very connected, making it possible for you to drive through the ball, trusting its direction confidently. In addition, the high feel level made the execution of touch shots simple. Unfortunately, the majority of the polyesters have a wooden feel, making it a challenge to use touch. 

With Luxilon 4G, the flex and response of the string made it possible to perform backcourt drop shots and easy touch volleys. In addition, the string bed had a high degree of comfort and sufficient flex to enable it to solidly absorb impacts.


Durability has been one of the greatest attributes of Luxilon 4G and continues to do so. Following approximately 5 hours, the strings’ notching was slightly more than a third way through, and the wear is favorable compared to other polyesters in the market. The somewhat reduced friction surface facilitates the free movement of the strings, adding to the durability.

The string also presented excellent playability. Though notched, the string was still able to play with a constant response without the unexpected “trampoline effect” drop-off typical of many polyester types. The tension maintenance is above average for polyesters. A foreseen drop was registered following the first session that leveled up and lost a small tension amount with every session.


Polyester strings have earned tremendous respect thanks to their control, durability, and spin production. They are a hidden treasure if you are a heavy-hitting baseliner. Nonetheless, two drawbacks revealed themselves when testing the strings. One is that most, more so the monofilament type, tend to be tough and rigid on the arm. The second is that the tension maintenance of polyesters is poor.

Though technically not made using polyester, the distributor of the string points out that Luxilon strings have many similar characteristics as polyesters. The Luxilon 4G Tennis String has been tailored to reduce the issue of tension maintenance. The gold-colored strings have been spotted in rackets of professionals like Kei Nishikori, Grigor Dmitrov, and Serena Williams. The majority of these pros can afford to use freshly strung rackets, thereby making tension-loss less of an issue.

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