Luxilon Big Banger Tennis String Review

Are you having difficulty finding tennis strings that provide extra topspin and more bite on the ball? If so, then take a look at the Luxilon Big Banger Tennis String.

The Luxilon Big Banger Tennis String is among the most used strings by tennis professionals. It has proved to help win major tournaments and is also ideal for day-to-day training. Gustavo Kuerten, a well-known tennis pro, has been spotted several times using this string, and its performance is impressive. 

To emphasize its effectiveness, statistics show that about 71% of ATP top 100 players and 52% of WTA players use this product. The Luxilon Big Banger Tennis String is designed for the best, and pro players like Roger Federer and Serena Williams agree with that.  

Despite all of that, tennis players have their unique playing styles. Unfortunately, this means that what works for someone else might not work for you. Reading this overview of the Luxilon Big Banger Tennis String should help you decide if the string suits your playing style. 

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Luxilon Big Banger Tennis String 

Luxilon is the proud manufacturer of this compelling product. The company started in 1987, and it launched the Big Banger Original in 1991. It then launched the Big Banger ALU Power in 1994. 

Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power Rough 16L Tennis String Set

Luxilon has five major string lines — LCP, Big Banger, 4G, Element, and Gut. All these categories are options for pro tennis champions. Players love them because they rarely move once strung, they are durable, and each contributes unique playing characteristics. 

The Luxilon Big Banger Tennis String is a firm polyester string that gives its users perfect control over the ball. It is very durable, as well.  

Durability is what differentiates this product from the others in the market. Many reviews categorize it among the top 3 strings that last for a long time. 

According to customer reviews, the Luxilon Big Banger Tennis String is the best option when considering durability, spin, and control. In addition, there is a rough version of this product that is more durable and withstands heavy ball swings. 

The textured surface of the string is what gives you perfect control over the ball. This then allows you to generate better spin. 

Reviews also show that this string performs averagely when you consider power, touch, and comfort. 

The Luxilon Big Banger Tennis String sacrifices power for control and spin. Therefore, if you are looking for a product to generate more power during gameplay, this might not be the best option.  

Who Is It For? 

The Luxilon Big Banger Tennis String accommodates players at all levels and with different playing styles and abilities. The product is versatile as it is used by David Ferrer and Nicolas Almagro, two players with different playing styles.  

Its durability aspect makes it perfect for big hitters. Players known for their string-breaking abilities should consider switching to this string. The result is that they get to enjoy playing more without needing to replace their racket string. 

The Luxilon Big Banger Tennis String is also a good option for players with long and fast strikes. These players produce enough power but need more ball control. This is the perfect solution. 

As long as you can generate power on the ball, the game becomes easier when using this string. It works like this — you produce power, the string gives you ball spin, allowing you to control the depth of your shots. 

Pro tennis players nowadays prefer strings that have perfect touch and feel. However, if you like comfort, then this string is not the best choice for you. The Luxilon Big Banger Tennis String has a rough surface design that sacrifices comfort for control and extra topspin. 

It is also not ideal for those with shoulder and arm injuries. Such players need a string that is arm-friendly, but unfortunately, this is not one of them.


  • Polyester tennis string 
  • Textured surface
  • Fluorocarbon resin and aluminum fiber 
  • Tension maintenance 
  • Color variety 

The Luxilon Big Banger Tennis String is a polyester string product. Polyester strings are known for producing extra racket head spin. 

The string has a textured surface that makes it rough. This helps produce added spin on the ball with every swing. In addition, this textured surface is what makes it uncomfortable, especially when playing for extended periods. However, once you’re used to the grip, everything is smooth. 

Luxilon used fluorocarbon resin and aluminum fiber to make the string. These two components make the string stiffer. There are also no spaces between the aluminum fibers, and this makes it durable. 

Players get better tension control with this string, and you can adjust the tension the way that you want. The string rarely moves once strung, and this helps you play the game uninterrupted. 

There are different lines of Luxilon Big Banger tennis strings that come in various colors. When you choose, make sure you pick one that matches your racket. Having a decent racket improves your confidence during the game, and confidence impacts the final result. 


  • Durable 
  • Excellent ball control
  • Generates good ball spin


  • Sacrifices power for control
  • Not as comfortable as other strings

Final Thoughts

Most players have no problems generating power during their tennis matches, but most experience challenges when it comes to ball control. That is why it is common to find players over-hitting the ball and sending it out of the court. 

Luxilon designed the Big Banger Tennis String to fix this problem. The string works wonders, as evidenced by how frequently pro players like Serena Williams win matches. 

This product works better if you have some experience with tennis, as you need to understand your capabilities and gameplay. If you are an amateur or want to get a string for your kids, I would not recommend that you get the Luxilon Big Banger Tennis string. 

Despite it being durable, it might not produce the power you need during practice. Your kids might also find it uncomfortable. Try using this string and watch how it can help you advance in your tennis career. 

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