MIStringer Personal Tennis Stringing Machine Review

If you’re someone who likes to travel a lot but still gets their tennis game in, then maybe having a streaming machine handy could be a benefit for you. There are many portable options available out there, but none of them are quite as portable as the stringing machine we will be taking an in-depth look at below.

The MIStringer Personal Tennis Stringing Machine is a uniquely designed option that an avid tennis player who wants to restring their rackets probably has looked at, at least once. For those wondering if this is the right one for them, this review will help with your decision-making process.

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MIStringer Personal Tennis Stringing Machine

Having a machine that will allow you to self-string can give a lot of benefits to the player. On top of the fact, you won’t have to wait for a place to open that stings your rackets; you can also play around with different string tensions. This product is crafted with a unique design that includes a patented tension puller that helps with a more consistent and accurate stringing performance.

This unique design is crafted with high-quality materials, but you also get quite a few extras. Starting with the portable carry bag that you can house the stringer in as well as all of the tools it comes with for even more portability. Along with this bag, you get a base that is designed with a six-point mounting system, the EZ-Pull tensioner integrated into the main base, two clamps, string weaving tool, C- clamp, 2 Allen wrenches, a pack of extra strings, and the instruction manual.

Who is this product for? 

There are a lot of different styles of players that could reap a lot of benefits from investing in this portable tennis racket stringer. Of course, of these, the one that probably would get the best use of it is the tennis player that travels quite regularly. For those players that tend to go abroad for long periods of time, being able to string your trusty racket whenever you need it could be quite the benefit. Also, the unit is compact enough that it can act as a personal item or even be placed easily into a checked bag.

Maybe you’re a player who doesn’t travel quite a lot but lives in a smaller space. The easy and compact design can actually work really well for those living in small apartments. Because you can break it down and store it in its carrying case, it won’t take up any extra room yet will be accessible whenever you need it.

The last player that we think would get a lot from investing in this portable tennis racket stringing machine is someone who is touring on a semi-pro status. If this player always wants to use a racquet at its highest performance level, then stringing their own rackets will help them with this. This is why a portable stringing machine like the one we’re looking at could be a good investment for them.


  • Patented base integrated tension puller
  • Lightweight construction
  • Bonus set of strings included in the purchase
  • 2 lock clamps
  • High-quality table faster
  • 2 Allen wrenches and a carrying bag included 
  • Dimensions: 15.7”x 10.82”x 2.55”
  • Weight: 5.9 pounds

There is a lot to love about this tennis racket stringing machine. The first, of course, is the easily assembled and disassembled unique build of the machine. Crafted so that it could be easily taken apart, this unit is compact in nature and yet still simple and effective when it comes to using. On top of this, this may be one of the most portable tennis racquet stringing machines on the market. Thanks to the breakdown design, it could be easily transported from place to place.

Along with this, the unit is crafted in lightweight materials, which enhances the transportability even further. Of course, there is more to this tennis racket stringing machine than just its portability. Crafted with high-quality clamps, the unit offers a reliable stability that will permit the player to ensure they get the best tension possible as they restring their racket. This may be the last major advantage of this machine. Because of its design, it offers a consistent and accurate tension.

That being said, there are still a few issues that could cause them to rethink choosing this as their tennis racket stringing machine option. The first is that if you’re used to weaving your strings, then the cross string process could be very challenging to learn at first. On top of that, some have found that the top layer of paint near the clamps tends to flake off, leaving a mess behind. None of these issues are universal, but they are definitely things that could be factored in the final decision-making process.


  • The machine is crafted with a unique and one of a kind design for easier transport
  • Crafted with lightweight and durable material that allows it better portability
  • Unit comes with reliable and well-designed clamps for better stability
  • Designed with a consistent and accurate tension


  • For those used to weaving their strings utilizing the crosses may be challenging
  • Some have found that the top layer of paint tends to chip off, leaving dust behind.


For those players that are super serious about their game but need a compact tennis racket stringing machine, the MIStringer Personal Stringing Machine could be a good choice. It is crafted with a unique design that is reliable and offers a high level of performance when it comes to creating that perfect tension for your racquet.

It is true that not every player will require a stringing machine of their own, but if you fall into any of the categories discussed above, it could be the right decision to add this into your tennis gear. Not only will you get a reliable stringing machine but one that can be taken with you or stored easily out of the way.

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