Solinco Tour Bite Tennis String Review

Solinco has risen to rank among the most famous brands in the field of tennis strings. Their brand leader is a square-shaped spin tool, the Solinco Tour Bite. 

The majority of the players on the WTA and ATP tours use Solinco Tour Bite. The string is control-oriented and spin-friendly, ensuring it accomplishes what it is designed to do, giving you those extra rotations and a bite on the ball. Below is a Solinco Tour Bite Tennis String review to highlight what is in store when you buy it. 

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How Does The Solinco Tour Bite Tennis String Play?

This tennis string is a solid poly for a player looking for spin and control. If it is challenging for you to generate a pace of your own, or you experience some form of wrist/elbow issue, the string might not be such a great pick. However, for advanced players who like swinging hard while maintaining control, the Solinco Tour Bite Tennis String is a bargain. 

Solinco Tour Bite (16-1.30mm) Tennis String (Silver)

The controlled and firm strings are unique and work practically. It proved reliable in the HEAD pro stock and the Clash Tour tests. The reduced Clash stiffness and the stability of the Tour Bite Tennis string is a superb combo that ensures you feel the connection on each shot.

The Solinco tennis string also has above-average durability for molded poly strings with a string-breaker. It continued to play okay beyond the 8-hour mark. Despite the tight 18 X 20 pattern, the ball acquires some significant spin due to the string shape.

The tennis string’s durability also ranks above the average poly string. Stiffer strings usually last longer, and this tennis string is sufficiently crisp to continue being playable in rackets for about 12 hours. However, this depends on how strong your hit is, the amount of spin you put on the ball, and the openness of your racket’s string pattern.

How the Solinco String Affects Tennis Play Performance


As per our test result, we discovered that Tour Bite has greater power and a more elevated angle compared to the typically used polyester strings, which are thicker. Moreover, the robust trajectory of the string keeps the ball deep, which helps when the court circumstance does not allow a complete cut. However, note that easy depth does not guarantee perfect plays.


With its sharp teeth and ultra-thin gauge, it comes as no surprise that the most remarkable attribute for this playtest was its spin. The excellent spin potential of the Tour Bite string is required to pull the ball down from its elevated trajectory.


The Solinco tennis string, in the final analysis, got through the feel test. It offered efficient pocketing without getting mushy, and at the same time providing a connected and firm feel without the dead or too brassy feel. In a nutshell, the Tour Bite is enough for hitting. Though some slight variations in the feeling may be realized during different stroke speeds, the impact response of the Tour Bite is satisfying.

Playability Duration

The backbone of monofilaments that are polyester-based is tension loss. Tour Bite is not exempted. Following two weeks of playtesting, control suffered, and the general playability depreciated. Putting this in context, note that most professional players fight tension loss by changing rackets a couple of times throughout a match. Also notable is that players did not snap the co-poly, which is impressive, considering its gauge is thin.

With Tour Bite, you will play longer at a higher level compared to other available polyester strings in the market. It offers better tension maintenance, thus allowing longer plays during matches. 


Because Tour Bite is primarily synthesized from rigid polyesters, it is not meant to be comfortable and soft. It would help if you, therefore, were mindful of the string tension.

Tour Bite is not only the ideal string for you if you are looking to get more spin and control. It also packs a punch if you lean more towards the ball.

Which Type Of Player Is Suited To This Tennis String?

If you are looking for your first poly, you will realize that Tour Bite is among the easiest polys to adjust since it provides a power level that is closer to the synthetic gut than most thicker poly gauges. In addition, players with the desire to open up the reply of tight string beds will also appreciate the attributes of this string.

Solinco Tour Bite Tennis String is an excellent option for players looking to benefit from the massive spin levels and control associated with thin co-poly. It is also for you if you have previously played with poly strings but do not usually break them, and you would want to increase power, ball pocketing, and a better grip on the ball. 

Finally, it is an ideal choice to add depth, effortless power, and spin to a racket with reduced power and a compacted string pattern.


Solinco Tour Bite is a sturdy co-polyester created with the advanced player in mind who requires ultimate durability, spin, and control. It boasts a square profile that has sharp edges making the equipment perfect for vigorous topspin players with the urge of ripping the felt off the ball. 

With this, we understand the increasing following of the Solinco Tour Bite string at the collegiate level. Professional tennis players understand why the spin cannot be downplayed. As with most poly-based strings, the onus of power is placed squarely on the player with Tour Bite. This aspect gives players the ability to swing bigger and execute more vicious shots, keeping them ahead of the game and in control. 

On the element of comfort, we had mixed feelings, which is probably because of the firm feel of the Tour Bite. As with many co-polys and polys, the magic of Tour Bite, coupled with the correct technique and stroke speed combination, offers players the ideal control and spin combination. Try this string today and watch as your gameplay improves. 

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