Top 5 Best Tennis Backpacks in 2022

Backpacks are making their way back in, and they are a convenient way to carry a few rackets without having to lug your big tennis bag around. They can be great for players who just need something to carry a few or great for a player that needs an extra bag to go along with their larger bags. 

All the great tennis racket manufacturers will offer some sort of backpack along with other options. You can also look at companies like Nike and Under Armor, who will be on our list. 

This list is the top 5 tennis backpacks currently listed on the market but first, let’s talk about some of the factors to consider when choosing one. 

Here is what you need to know. 

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Knowing What You Need

The first step in deciding what kind of backpack you are going to look at will be determining what you need exactly. For instance, some backpacks really can only hold one racket comfortably, while others may be able to hold two, possibly even three, if you really need to squeeze them in. 

It’s also important to note that a youth bag will be entirely different from an adult backpack. It may be tempting to buy your little one something to have them squeeze into eventually, but this can actually injure them short or long term if it weighs them down because they are not strong enough to stand straight with it on. 

Backpacks are also going to have a few different features from one another. This may be the backpack putting a priority on cool spaces for your food, snacks, and waters. This may not be important to someone who is going to bring a cooler anyways, or it may be important to someone because they don’t want to lug extra things. 

Other backpacks may offer places for dirty clothes and shoes and will emphasize their ventilation system. This won’t matter for anyone that won’t be packing that kind of stuff in their bag but could be key to maintaining your backpack for those who are. 

So what are the specific qualities of these backpacks that we should keep an eye out for?

Let’s talk about it. 


Different brands are naturally going to produce different quality backpacks. Having said that, all the backpacks on our list of top 5 backpacks are supreme quality from trusted brands. How you pick will be a total preference. 

The differences between these backpacks will be what they offer. They will be things like several compartments, cooling technology, materials used, style, color, etc. Some backpacks may just make more sense for others than someone else. 

Here are the common features of tennis backpacks. 

Mesh Pockets

Mesh pockets are a must when we look for good backpacks because it takes care of the little things like grips, dampeners, our car keys, and phone. Little mesh pockets to divide the bigger compartments are a great solution to this issue. 

How many times do we throw out keys in a bag and never find them in the black hole? Sometimes they are on the inside, but they can also be placed on the side of your backpack to offer room for your waters or can of balls. 

Cooling Technology

Thermotech has been incorporated in many tennis bags lately because players want to keep their drinks and food cool inside their bags even when the conditions are hot and humid. This is where cooling technology comes in handy. 

Bringing an extra cooler on the court can be a lot to lug around, especially for the little ones. This is a convenient way to keep your things with you. It may be a little less common in tennis backpacks, but certain high-quality backpacks will offer it.  

Sometimes players who don’t need to bring food will use these sections for other things, and that’s ok. Just because it is meant for food doesn’t mean it can’t have other uses. 

Shoe Compartments

Dirty shoes can really rain on anyone’s parade. They are usually filled with clay or ball fuzz and get either of those unwanted things everywhere. That’s why tennis backpacks have made room shoe compartments or dirty clothes spaces with ventilation in order to let them breathe and not remain wet and gross. 

If we don’t use this space for our shoes, it’s just an added bonus space. Another great way to keep your bag clean is to wrap your shoes or clothes in a grocery bag first before putting them in. This will give you a lot less to clean later on, and that way, you can use that compartment for other things down the road if you need to. 

Quick Drying Materials

Having quick-drying materials is important because our bag can get damp from the weather conditions outside. This is unbelievably true when we live in hot climates like Florida, which has humid weather and rains a lot. This is why it’s important to have quick-drying materials in our backpacks just like our clothes would. We don’t want our stuff to get ruined on the outside, so we need good stuff on the outside. 

Nike does a great job of this. Not only are some of the bags quick-drying, but they are also great at keeping adverse weather out, Our wet shoes and clothes can also make our bag damp or our waters, so this is why good quality materials in this category are essential. 

Padding Everywhere

There is nothing worse than feeling the racket frame come right through the back of your backpack and dig into your own back. This is uncomfortable and particularly painful after a while, so padding, specifically with backpacks, is incredibly important. 

The padding should not only be a line on the back to protect exposure from stiff things in your backpack, but the shoulders and the straps really should have a good padding system as well. This is because if your straps are too thin and the bag weighs you down, it will cause stress on your shoulders and feel uncomfortable. 

Most racket manufacturers and bag manufacturers place this as a priority for their bags. 

Brands To Know

There are a few brands out there that you should be familiar with because they offer quality tennis gear, and that includes your soon-to-be new backpack. It’s not to say that you can’t go with unknown brands, but these brands are specific to backpacks made for tennis rackets which are going to be different than your traditional backpack. 

Different brands will offer different things, as mentioned before. Options for good brands include Yonex, Wilson, Head, Babolat, Nike, Adidas, and more. 


Yonex has a few different options on the market when it comes to backpacks. Some have differences just in color alone, while others have different performance functions and options to choose from. 

Yonex offers top quality and prides itself on comfort. Their extra padding options in some of their bags hold top priority and is why their bags rate high. 


Wilson has a lot to offer when it comes to tennis back[acks. You can look at Roger Federer’s line alone or explore some of their other options. Most of their back[acks look similar to their racket bags, so you can match easily without issue,  

Wilson introduced Thermoguard that is typically a liner in one of their compartments. They have it in some of their backpacks and will help you keep your drinks, snacks, and food nice and cool in hotter climates. 

These bags are incredibly durable and can last you some time. They are some of the most popular on the market. 


Head also has a few different options on the market, with some matching their bags and some not. They have some great features that make them a little more on the unique side. It depends on which one you go with, but there are a variety of styles alone, so depending on what you want it to look like will determine what functions you get. 

One of the greatest features of some of their backpacks is the ventilated systems placed at the bottom of the backpacks. This is great for gross gear like dirty clothes or shoes. 


Not everyone wants to go with their rocker brand for their backpack, and that’s OK because Nike has long been in the game of supplying great backpacks for the tennis court. 

Dry-fit is their claim to fame with a lot of the gear, and that’s why their bags will always be weather-protected. This is important for keeping things on the inside nice and protected. 


Along with Nike, Adidas has also been in the game for tennis backpacks for quite some time. You can go with one of their two options. They have traditional tennis backpacks that offer many great qualities. 

Or you can go for their drawstring back[ack, which offers the ultimate lightweight and tiny weight to bring some rackets to the court without needing a whole lot of other things. 

The Top 5 Best Tennis Racket Backpacks 2022

beWith all that, you can feel like you don’t know where to start when it comes to choosing your tennis backpack. Understandable so consider this top 5 list of tennis backpacks from all the above-mentioned brands. These are fan favorites, so you are sure to lead in the right direction. 

Check out our top 5 tennis backpack picks below! 

1. Yonex Team Backpack

Yonex has burst onto the scene recently thanks to the lies of Naomi Osaka, and their gear is a total win for everyone. When it comes to backpacks, their Yonex Team Backpack Black is a great option. 

You can count on it to comfortably hold two rackets comfortably because its main compartment is lined with great padding to ensure comfort. It’s lightweight despite all the padding, making it easy to bring on and off the court without feeling weighed down. 

You will find a zip compartment that has ventilation for all your dirty shoes and gear in the front. This is perfect because it keeps it separate from the rackets but doesn’t take up too much space in the front area of the backpack. 

It also comes with great elastics pockets on either side because we know that the little things are the ones that get lost and usually the things we need the most. Hello, keys, cellphone, etc.

The Breakdown:

  • Affordable price for good quality materials and great storage space. 
  • A more basic option for those who don’t need anything fancy. 
  • Sleek black style but comes in a variety of colors. Black just tends to go with everyone. 
  • Different size compartments for different types of things needing to be stored, such as shoes in the front or small things in the side. 

2. Head Tour Team Backpack Black

If you are looking for a more original style and a backpack that just doesn’t look like the rest of them, then consider this Head Tour Team Backpack Black. It comes at one of the most affordable prices out there but doesn’t skip out on any of the features you may need. 

The main compartment has some extra padding as well and is large enough to hold two of your rackets. This way, you won’t have to worry about the frame digging into your back. They also have a pocket at the bottom to store your shoes and dirty clothing. 

It will be easy to care for your can of balls and water on either side of the backpack because they have two elastic mesh pockets for each of them. This is not only convenient but practical, so you can leave more space on the inside for other items. 

The front zip pocket is smaller, and for your smaller accessories, so you don’t lose them or mix them in with everything else. 

The Breakdown:

  • Different style look with a flat backpack at the top. 
  • Affordable option considering they have several different compartments of different sizes and functions for all of your belongings. 
  • Offers an adequate amount of padding to ensure that your back does not become sore when carrying it around. 

3. Wilson Super Tour Pro Staff Black Backpack

One of the best backpacks on the market right now is made from Wilson. This backpack is the Wilson Super Tour Pro Staff Backpack in all black. The main compartment for the rackets (specific for racket handling) will hold two rackets comfortably. This is particularly a fan favorite because of the quality of the main compartment. 

The backpack is meant to match the racket bag, which makes it a great addition and something you can just carry around for fun when you are home verse when you are traveling. One of its best features is the Thermoguard side pockets to keep your drink cool. This is one of the more rare qualities that doesn’t always make it into a tennis backpack. 

The backpack also offers great pockets for any of the little guys, so you can keep your accessories separate from the rest of your bag and not spend hours digging for them. 

It’s not too expensive, considering there are more expensive items on the market. It also offers seriously padded shoulders to protect you from feeling soreness in your arms later.  

For what it is, it’s a great option at an affordable price. 

The Breakdown:

  • Matching all-black look to go with the RF tennis back in the first spot mentioned. 
  • Extra padding is a win to ensure comfortability and avoid any pain or soreness in the shoulders or back later. 
  • Includes a Thermoguard section to keep your drinks or snacks nice and cool.
  • Several different multi-function compartments aid in storing things properly where you need to. 

4. Babolat Club Line Tennis Backpack

Resembling the Babolat Club Line Cart Bags Racket Holder X6, which is considered one of the most advanced backpacks on the market, it is a sturdy and reliable product that tennis players wanting a single-racquet backpack can use. In our opinion, the Babolat Club Line Tennis Backpack is just the perfect choice if you don’t want to deal with huge shoulder bags and you are just going out for a light practice. 

One of the coolest points of this product is that it is simple to carry and offers a fantastic capacity considering its size. So you can choose to put two racquets without a spread or a single one that is fully arranged along with a few essentials such as your wallet, a water bottle, and a couple of tennis balls. The low-profile design ensures fantastic portability without sacrificing elegant aesthetics. It is set at 18 inches in height, 12 inches in width, and 7 inches in diameter, featuring a single front carry handle as well as a pair of shoulder adjustable straps. Available in a few colors, you can choose whether you want a Yellow, Black, or White tennis backpack.

The Breakdown:

  • It is available in a few colors, including Yellow, Black, and White
  • Set at 18 inches in height, 12 inches in width, and 7 inches in diameter
  • Perfect for a single racquet with a spread or two without 
  • Coming with a sturdy and low-profile design

5. Adidas Barricade IV Tennis Backpack

You may be surprised that we are listing a product coming from a non-tennis brand. Still, Adidas did amazingly with their series of Barricade IV as this tennis bag isn’t only incredibly sturdy (made of polyester) but also offers a capacity for up to 6 tennis racquets.

The Adidas design team included a selection of features that they know would suit a broad range of activities. This results in a versatile and reliable choice if you want to have a variety of tennis racquets on you all the time, carrying it in a tennis racquet-shaped backpack. 

The large, crooked extras pocket is ideal if you want to store your water bottles as well as put a variety of other essentials such as your mobile phone, wallet, and car keys. The large compartment, as well as the smaller accessory pockets all, come with the freshpak technology. These are well ventilated, and you will not have to worry about humidity and mold issues. Furthermore, it offers a few carry options, including the top carry handle, a single-shoulder strap, and a dual-shoulder strap that is padded with EVA foam for added comfort. Overall, a reliable and sturdy tennis backpack accompanied by a lifetime warranty on all built-in defects.

The Breakdown:

  • Comes with a variety of extra pockets and a large main compartment
  • Made of premium polyester, limited lifetime warranty
  • You can carry up to 6 tennis racquets
  • Offers a couple of carrying options, including a front handle, single-shoulder, and dual-shoulder strap (padded)

Pack It Away

With that list and the information, you are sure to pick something up that works for you and your rackets. It’s a great alternative to some of the bigger bags out there. Since each and every one offers something different, it’s best to go with someone that fits not only your personality but crosses off most of your checklist. 

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