Top 10 Best Tennis Bags in 2022

When we think about tennis, we talk a lot about the rackets we choose and the shoes we wear. We even talk about the grips and our outfits, but not often are we talking about who’s carrying our rackets. 

There are definitely better racket bags on the market than others that provide different functions. For instance, some racket bags function as a backpack whereas others will be bigger than your suitcase. You might want both depending on the type of player you are and what your uses are for them. 

This list offers the top 10 racket bags on the market for 2022 and what makes each one a little different, along with all the features that come with them. 

Here is what you need to know. 

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Knowing What You Need

So how do we really know what we need as tennis players? We can start by trying to understand what type of player we are and really how many rackets we have. 

A tour-level player is going to have a few different bags. They may have their larger tennis bag that carries 9-12 rackets and more and a few bags for some other things to bring on the court. 

A backpack may be good for the club player that just has two rackets. It’s a convenient way to carry your rackets, and they typically have some space for shoes and a few other things. 

Different bags are going to offer different things. Some will have qualities that are better protection against heat etc. This is geared towards not only the tour players but the players who also live in hot and humid climates like Florida. 

So what are the types of bags that are available to players from tennis manufacturers, and how do we know what to choose?

Let’s talk about it. 

Types Of Bags And Their Benefits

There are essentially four groupings of rackets that manufacturers make tailored to three different styles of player.

We can think of these as power players, traditional players, modern players, and tweener players. Each of them gear towards slightly different rackets that offer slightly different things.

And even within these groupings, we can dive further into customization. 

1 Racket Coverings

Less common today are 1 racket coverings. When purchased a few years ago, our rackets would come with thickly padded nylon or plastic coverings to protect the racket from getting scratches and etching. This is when someone would just have one racket to play with. 

This isn’t as popular today because now rackets come in see-through plastic bags, and usually, an order will come with more than one racket because players need a replacement when they break their strings. 

If you do just have one racket and nothing else to carry, this is a great cheap option.

Youth Bags

Racket bags and backpacks are much too big for youth rackets. That’s why small-fit youth bags were made. If a child actually goes for a bag that’s too big for them, it can be bad for their back and way them down. 

They usually are just smaller versions of what is offered to adults that way, kids can take advantage of the pockets and the styles they love. 


Backpacks have made a huge comeback these days. Because quite frankly, while 12-racket bags serve their purpose, they aren’t always necessary. Backpacks have done a great job of offering a stylish, comfortable, and practical way to transport 2-3 rackets to practices. 

Most of the time, players won’t need more than 2-3 rackets for practice and their shoes plus some water, so a backpack with all these compartments makes for a great tennis bag. 

This option is suitable for high-level players and players who just have a few rackets to bring around. 

3 Pack

If you are not a backpack kind of person and want to have the traditional tennis back option, the 3-pack is the lightest and smallest option you can do. This is a wider version of the 1-pack to fit 2-3 rackets comfortably.

Some players like to use this in combination with a backpack because they prefer their rackets to be in this kind of packaging rather than the backpack. They may use the backpack for spare outfits or shoes and the tennis bag to cover their rackets. 

6 Pack

One size up from the 3-pack is the 6-pack. These bags are more commonly seen around club players who have a few rackets. This bag can fit 3-4 rackets comfortably with shoes, clothing, grips, etc. 

This is a great option for those that want a bag that stores everything but is not too bulky to carry around. Most manufacturers will make this standard size bag available for purchase. 

9 Pack

The 9-pack racket bag is the second-largest bag offered on the market. You will see many high-level players with these bags, and they usually offer 2-3 zip compartments that allow rackets to rest on either side with a middle compartment to fit your shoes and anything else you need. 

They often come with tiny compartments to store little things like dampeners and grips, and your towels. Sometimes, they will have a cool section, so your drinks don’t overheat while laying out in the sun. 

12 Pack

The largest option out there for traditional rackets is going to be the the12-pack racket bags. These racket bags are large and will offer multiple zip compartments with smaller sections inside. We often see these bags out on the pro tour because they allow players to really fill their bags and travel with everything they need. 

When players have these bags, they may have a smaller bag like a backpack bag and/or a tote bag. 

Court Totes

The stylish version of the backpack is here. These bags are large totes that can carry a few rackets and a water or two on the court with you. Sharapova notably started this trend by pairing it with her medium-sized tennis bag and used it for change of clothes and towels on the court. 

Not all racket manufacturers make these bags, so you may want to look for Nike, Adidas, and other brands that are offering this particular style. 

Travel and Duffel

For the serious traveler, you can get a matching travel bag that will fit all your clothes, gym accessories, and whatever other needs you have when traveling. Some coaches use these bags to transport tennis equipment for their kids and students. 

Duffle bags have become the popular version of tote bags for men. Yonex has made this increasingly popular as a way to carry a smaller bag on the court to fill with your shoes and apparel and whatever accessories you may have. 


No matter what kind of bag you are getting, different components make a bag work for you are not. Does it keep your bag cool? Does it offer enough storage? These are the kinds of questions that you will need to ask when choosing your bag.

However, there are some commonalities among racket bag manufacturers that tend to offer more or less some similar features that one should look out for and consider when choosing their racket bag. 

Mesh Pockets:

Having a space for the little things in a tennis bag, backpack, duffle bag, or other type is so important. Think of all the little things that slip around in our bags that we struggle to find. The dampeners are just the first thing that comes to mind when we think of needing mesh pockets.

How many times do we throw out keys in a bag and never find them in the black hole? This is another great option for a mesh pocket on the inside of the bag that can make it easier to locate the little things in your life. 

Cooling Technology

Thermotech has become increasingly popular among tennis bags in the last decade. This is because players often compete in warm climates and use their bags as refrigerators for their food and drinks. 

If they don’t have this option, players end up needing a cooler on the court, which can be an inconvenient option. This is why most of the larger bags will offer a section that is meant to keep your drinks and your food cool for an extended amount of time so that you don’t have to worry about that cooler. 

Note that often these are in the middle of the bags or on one side, and most players will use this for other purposes, and that’s ok. 

Shoe Compartments

Having a designated space for your shoes is such a bonus. Sometimes a bag will go out of its way to have its own compartment just for the shoes. This can be hand because if we have clay on our shoes or have tennis ball fuzz, we often don’t want to combine them with the rest of our stuff like food and clothes or else that will still get ruined. 

Sometimes we don’t get lucky enough to have a separate space for our shoes, but there is another storage space in general. A great trick for tennis players is to use a small plastic grocery bag to wrap their shoes in before putting it in with the rest of your stuff for some separation. 

Quick Drying Materials

This may not be what someone thinks of at first, but actually, our tennis bags are exposed to a lot of moisture, whether it’s our shoes, sweaty clothes, or the environment itself. Bags need the ability to refrain from getting damp because the humidity will have the ability to ruin our rackets and damage anything on the inside as well. 

You will see that Nike does this really well because of their mimicking clothes when it comes to tote bags and duffle bags. Often in an effort to avoid moisture on the inside, tennis bags of all kinds will have multiple layers for the weather to fight through. 

Padding Everywhere

There should be padding everywhere in a tennis bag. This is to primarily protect the rackets if the bag is to fall or whenever it comes into contact with the ground. This protects everything on the inside from contact, weather, and other factors that could cause damage to your belongings. 

Padding in the shoulders is also incredibly important. Tennis bags, no matter how big or small, can be awkward and weigh you down. This can be felt in the shoulders and back and can actually lead to a lot of discomforts if the bag isn’t padded properly. 

Most racket manufacturers and bag manufacturers place this as a priority for their bags. 

Brands To Know

It’s safe to say the tennis racket manufacturers have been in the game a long time and know what they are doing when it comes to providing some of the best gear on the market for you. Having said that, Nike, Adidas, Under Armor, and other brands have really started to offer tennis players quite a few more options that are worth considering to broaden your options. 

Some brands will offer all the above-mentioned types of bags, while other bags will just have a few to choose from. 

Options for good brands include Yonex, Wilson, Head, Babolat, Nike, Adidas, and more. 


Yonex makes a few different racket bags for different amounts of rackets. They do 3-12 racket bags and offer some different options as well. They also offer backpacks, duffle bags, and what they refer to as team bags. These are essentially bags that are a little bit bigger than duffle bags to store more stuff in. 

These bags come with different compartment sizing depending on what type of bag you get, where some offer shoe compartments that are separate from the rest of the bag. They also are lined with heavy-duty materials and extra padding around the shoulder straps for comfort. 


Wilson has hit the style scene lately by offering all their bags in a midnight sky black to offer a styling look to go along with their practicality. They also have multiple different packaging options from 1-racket to 12, as well as backpacks and team bags. 

Wilson introduced Thermoguard that is typically a liner in one of their compartments. This function will help keep your drinks cool along with any fruit or other things you may want to store in there.

Another feature that Wilson does a great job is making durable bags with enough compartments to separate your shoes, small things, and your rackets. 


Head will offer options most similar to Wilson and Yonex. One thing that Head does great compared to some of the other brands is they have a wide range of options from tote-shoulder bags to full tennis racket bags. 

Head also incorporates some fun designs that specifically match the racket you have or different designs that have nothing to do with the racket. Head offers the greatest selection of bags where each type has different compartments and functions like shoe spaces, cooling gear, storage spaces, and more. 

Notable is their backpacks that have extra padding and compartments for dirty shoes or gear towards the bottom. 


Surprisingly Nike has one type of tennis racket bag. But they are less known for their tennis bags and more for their backpacks, duffles, and totes. When people opt for Nike options, it is usually an addition to what they have for a tennis racket bag. They also look for Nike because of their style and their quality. 

Nike’s bestsellers are their duffel bags and backpacks. These, in particular, come in a multitude of sizes and styles that best fit the needs of the player. The tennis backpack should be noted as different than normal backpacks because of how they carry the rackets. 


Adidas is most similar to Nike, but they make tennis backs that you may see schools with Adidas tennis sponsorships from. The tennis bag they offer is a 12-racket tennis bag for tour players and college players. It features big compartments with another spot for shoes or other things on the outside.  

Their backpacks and their duffel bags are also similar to Nikes in terms of features. Where Adidas offers something, a little different is their backpacks which are drawstring backpacks with no support or padding. This is easy to just put a few small things inside and a maximum of two rackets. 

All the above brands can find a certain model and bag for you that meets your needs. Sometimes combining two of the bags are your best option than trying to make one bag be a one-size-fits-all kind of thing.

So with that, check out the top 10 best bags for your rackets and your belongings below. 

The Top 10 Best Tennis Racket Bags 2022

With so many options and so many things to consider, it can be challenging picking out which style works best for you, let alone the different options within a certain category. 

Once you buy a bag, sometimes people will like it is too big or doesn’t have enough space. This is why we will go over our top choices for tennis racket bags, then decide which combos work best together and why. 

Now, most people like to match their rackets to the racket bag they have, but honestly, it doesn’t matter!

Check out our top 10 tennis bags below! 

1. Roger Federer DNA 12-Pack Bag Black

If we were going to take advice from anyone, it would be Roger Federer, now wouldn’t it? Well, his special RF DNA 12-Pack bag comes in a sleek new look with it being all black. 

It offers so much space with the largest possible size for rackets out there. This way, you will be able to store as much as you can and use it as a travel bag if you need to store some things, you won’t have any issues at all. 

Both of the large compartments are lined with the Wilson technology Thermoguard. Thermoguard will do a great job of protecting your rackets from any of the elements, and that is specific to heat and humidity. 

This racket is super durable and comes with side outer zip pockets on each side for any of the little things you may want to store. The racket bag itself comes in on the more expensive side, but you have to remember the size and quality you are getting. 

The Breakdown:

  • Comes with two large Thermoguard lines compartments that can hold up to six rackets each. 
  • Both sides of the bag have large zip compartments to store things like your phone, wallet, etc. 
  • Has padded adjustable straps and backing to make it comfortable to put on and wear while transporting them back anywhere.
  • Bonus: Roger Federer’s screened signature in a sliver that blends in with the black matte look. 

2. Babolat Pure Line Blue 12-Pack Bag

Babolat has been in the game forever with its fans loving its rackets but also loving its bags. The Babolat Pure Line Blue 12-pack Bag will give you just as much if not more life than your rackets. It’s simple and beautiful with lots of storage and can hold 12 rackets with room for other things in between. 

Isothermal is the name of the technology they use to ensure that the inside and outside are weather adverse. This assists in keeping the cold and heat out of the bag and messing with the tension of the racket. This is incredibly important to players, so it’s a great feature to have. 

The side pocket is large and also meant to hold your smaller accessories. While there is just one of these, on the side, there is additional storage breakdown and compartments to further organize your belongings. 

The bag itself is cheaper than some of the other ones on the market, making it appealing for how durable it is.

The Breakdown:

  • Choose from three color options, blue, white, and black. 
  • They give you a removable shoe sack that is included with the bag to separate them if they are dirty or collect tennis ball fuzz and you don’t want it touching other things. 
  • Padded removable straps to offer support for your shoulders, along with two handles that make it easy to pick up on the go. 
  • This bag can technically hold up to 15 rackets. 5 in each compartment, but it is classified as a 12-pack with room for other things. 

3. Wilson Super Tour Pro Staff Backpack

Wilson might just take the cake when it comes to offering its players supreme quality options. This backpack is the Wilson Super Tour Pro Staff Backpack. The main compartment for the rackets (specific for racket handling) will hold two rackets, making it a great option for those who just need to carry what they need to the court. 

The backpack matches the initial racket bag we mentioned, making it a great combo, but this bag specifically has a few features and options that users really love. Consider the small pocket on the side that is lined with Thermoguard, so it is perfect for your drinks. 

The other side of the back has pocked that perfectly fits any of the accessories that you need to keep separated, so they don’t get lost at the bottom of your bag. 

This extra padded backpack in the straps and the back will cost you around $80 which for some can be a steep price to pay for a backpack. Having said that for tennis backpacks it’s not too bad and offers a lot of bang for your buck. 

The Breakdown:

  • Matching look to go with the RF tennis back in the first spot mentioned. 
  • Extra padding in the straps and in the back to offer comfortableness and support in case the back gets heavy. 
  • Thermoguard section to help keep your snacks and drinks cool in the side pocket. 
  • Several different multi-function compartments aid in storing things properly where you need to. 

4. Nike Court Advantage Tennis Duffle Bag

Does Maria Sharapova ring a bell to anyone? The Queen of court style brought the Nike Court Advantage Tennis Duffle Bag to life, and honestly, both men and women love them. They are so practical and functional, offering an in-between size between the backpacks and the oversized tennis bags. 

Black seems to be a theme as this modern-looking sleek black duffle bag offers a classic look that will match any of the other bags you have.

It’s super durable with well-woven fabric making it great for travel and carrying a few rackets. You can also fit shoes in there and any other accessories as they are lined with small pockets and different compartments to keep your things separate. 

If you have dirty clothes or shoes, don’t worry because the ventilated pocket will serve you well. It also has a compartment to separate and hold two rackets from the rest of your things to protect them. 

The Breakdown:

  • For an on-sale price, this is a steal at around $70, being able to store all your things in a comfortable and convenient bag. 
  • Pairs great with other bags as extra storage or just a stylish way to carry less going to your practices. 
  • This bag, in particular, has handles for carrying verse wrapping over your shoulder. This could be seen as a blessing for some and an inconvenience for others. 
  • Lighter option than heavier tennis bags and easy to pick up on the go. 

5. Adidas Tour Tennis Bag 12-Pack

Adidas is no stranger to the sports world, but they aren’t the first brand that comes to mind when thinking about a tennis bag. The Adidas Tour Tennis Bag 12-pack is a legitimate 12-pack tennis bag with a sporty black, red, and white tone with its classic stripes.  If you prefer just black and white, you can get that color combination too. 

This bag has two large insulated storage spaces for rackets to protect them from extreme weather conditions. 

The top portion of the back can be zipped open and be stored for dirty clothes or dirty shoes. This is a great medium-sized option that offers great amounts of storage space without any excess bag to way you down. 

The portion that can hold your dirty clothes and shoes is called Freshpak and is a ventilated system so that it doesn’t only hold your gross things, but also ventilates them to keep the bag from getting gross itself. 

The shoulders have UltraRide padded shoulders with a back panel to offer comfort and support like no other. The side pockets also allow room for the smaller things and have mesh pocket dividers on the inside to stay organized. 

The Breakdown:

  • A well-made bag that comes at an affordable price and lots of features. 
  • Classic Adidas sports look to match any style of other bags or backpacks you may have. 
  • Tons of storage space with separate pockets/dividers to easily keep your rackets and gear separated from each other. This includes small accessories in the side pockets. 
  • They have lined technology to keep your rackets from being exposed to adverse weather conditions. 

6. Vessel Baseline Tennis Bag

As a premium company for golf players, Vessel joined the tennis industry a few years ago. According to our experience, the Baseline Tennis Racquet Bag is just an ideal choice if you are a club player who carries several (2-4) racquets to your practice. 

Two spacious pockets will allow you to carry up to 6 racquets at the same time. One of the coolest design details is that there is a standalone compartment for tennis strings. It is designed to protect these from different weather conditions including extreme temperatures and high humidity. External side pockets are perfect for storing accessories such as your mobile phone, wallet, car keys. For organizing, these exterior pockets include well-designed compartments. In addition to that, it comes with a highly breathable compartment in which you can put away your pair of shoes.

The padded shoulder straps provide unrivaled comfort. What you should keep in mind is that the shoulder straps are 100% detachable if you want to carry your backpack by the top handle. This is the finest premium tennis bag available. What makes it stand apart from its competitors is the fact that it will last you for years with proper maintenance as well as that it is incredibly spacious holding up to 6 racquets at a time.

The Breakdown:

  • Comes with two large compartments for enhanced capacity
  • Made of high-quality materials for extra durability
  • Great breathability, specialized shoe compartment
  • Features external pockets for putting away your accessories

The Breakdown:

  • Made from heavy-duty materials that are weather-resistant to ensure full protection of your rackets and more. 
  • Contains smaller pockets with mesh to store the accessories you want to keep track of, whether it be your phone, keys, dampeners, or more, they will be safely stored.  
  • Supportive shoulder straps with pads to provide maximum comfort when traveling and carrying the bag. 

7. Nike Advantage Tennis Backpack

If you like the tote but prefer a backpack, then the Nike Advantage Tennis Backpack is for you. Made from premium products, this backpack is sure to never break down. It offers another storage space for 1-2 rackets, your tennis shoes, a can of tennis balls, and your water. 

This is a great option in addition to a tennis bag because it’s lightweight with comfortable padded straps and multiple different storage spaces. They have mesh pockets with zips to ensure that you don’t lose the little things, as well as side pockets for the can of balls and water.

You’ll notice that at the front of the backpack, there are ventilation holes. This is so if you store your sneakers of sweaty clothes that don’t make the backpack damp and wet while you store them there. 

Padded backing ensures that you won’t be feeling your rackets on your back no matter how many items you stuff in the backpack itself. This is because the entire product is made from the highest quality products. 

The Breakdown:

  • Priced at around $100 may seem like a really steep buy, but for the durability of this backpack, you will be using it for a long time, and well worth the investment. 
  • Contains multiple different storage options that fit perfectly with what you need to store. Designed with practicality in mind. 
  • Stylish alternative to the tote bag and easier to transport than some of the duffle bags offered for tennis players. 
  • Comes in grey, blue, black, and other limited edition colors at certain points of the year. 

8. Head Gravity r-PET 6-Racket Sport Bag

The Head Gravity r-PET 6-racket sports bag scream fun all the way around. This wild pattern of blues and greens has such a great design that even those not playing with Head or the gravity are gravitating towards this bag.

It’s not just awesome because of how it looks, but it’s awesome because it offers a tennis bag function with a different style, such as a duffle bag or something of the sort. 

The main compartment in the middle can hold up to six rackets. It’s actually big enough that it can hold all the rest of your gear as well. Don’t stress about everything getting tossed around in there because there are velcro flaps that can be moved around to your liking depending on what you need. 

Adjustable is the name of the game, which is also why the straps on the shoulders are important. It shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all, and this bag does a great job of offering options. 

The front of the bag also has a skinnier compartment that can fit dirty shoes or clothes and runs the entire length of the bag. 

The Breakdown:

  • This bag is priced a little more expensive but this hasn’t derailed a lot of people because of the great option to have a duffle bag that serves as a tennis bag. 
  • Takes the prize in design for something that is a little more loud and fun. 
  • Ability to adjust your compartments how you like without needing to keep your shoes and dirty clothes together. 
  • Side compartments with mesh zips allow you to store your little things without losing them or allowing them to get jumbled up. 

9. Wilson Clash Duffle Bag

A great option for men and women when it comes to duffle bags is the Wilson Clash Duffle Bag. This bas has a wonderful amount of features that tie in with the Wilson quality perfectly. 

Ideal for the weekend tournament, this bag has the space to carry four rackets and all your other gear like shoes, clothes, water, and more. The main compartment is for your rackets and has separate compartments that you can organize how you like to fit your stuff. 

Once you have dirty shoes or gear, there is a separate compartment that you can fit your stuff into with no issue. The external zip pocket on the side is meant for your smaller items like grips, dampeners, etc. 

The duffle bag itself looks sleek with a grey and black look with tiny hits of the clash racket. If you want to pair this bag with the original bag for a longer trip, you can easily fit quite a lot and not need to lug a massive suitcase with you. 

The straps can be adjusted so you can carry it by hand, or you can throw it over your shoulder to carry it that way. 

The Breakdown:

  • Smaller than a tennis bag in size but functions just like a tennis bag with a duffle bag look. 
  • Priced right in the middle makes this a completely affordable option for the great quality that Wilson delivers. 
  • The straps have a padded shoulder section to provide comfort when carrying.  
  • Options for customized inside storage with different compartments allowing you to separate what you need from each other. 

10. Babolat Pure Aero Backpack

Babolat’s Pure Aero Backpack is one of the top tennis backpacks on the market and an all-around outstanding bag. While it isn’t a backpack that you will invest in if you are carrying more than two racquets, it is a great choice for people who don’t use more than two during their practice. 

Apart from the spacious main compartment it also comes with a standalone pouch in which you can put away your dirty clothes or shoes. The main detail is that this pocket is highly ventilated which minimizes internal moisture. Furthermore, it comes with several accessory compartments. These are essential if you want to put away your wallet, car key, and mobile phone in the same bag that you are carrying your racquets in. 

Listening to music or podcasts before your match is simple thanks to a headphone hole on the top of the bag. Moving on, Babolat did a fantastic job ensuring enhanced comfort for this tennis backpack. Firstly, there is a front carrying handle that is padded with EVA foam. Secondly, it features adjustable shoulder straps if you don’t feel like hand-carrying your backpack. Lastly, it is available in a few colors (Black/Yellow our favorite) and is one of the most attractive tennis backpacks on the market.

The Breakdown:

  • Ideal if you are carrying one or two racquets
  • Comes with a standalone ventilated compartment for dirty clothes and shoes
  • Headphone hole for listening to music
  • Features several accessory compartments
  • Carry handle and adjustable shoulder straps
  • Available in a few colors


Now that you have some basic information and you have a list of some of the best brands on the market, you should feel better about choosing a bag, right? Well, we understand as tennis players, we are meticulous, and we want to plan accordingly.

This section will help answer the basic FAQs that may not have been as clear in the first part of the article. And with this section, we can get into the details of what matters and what doesn’t

Are more expensive bags better quality?

The general rule of thumb is you pay what you get for. However, as we know, expensive doesn’t always mean better. When it comes to quality and what we buy, the main brands that we have talked about like Wilson, Head, Yonex, Nike, Adidas, and more typically have the best quality.

This is because they have for a long time provided bags for tennis players knowing that they will be bringing to tournaments possibly by air, or even just on and off the court every day. 

For the bags that are carrying more than six rackets and are offering up to 12 rackets in storage space, you are going to be looking at a more expensive range. This range is normally more than $100 and works its way to the high $100’s. 

Now some of these bags are on sale because of the recent pandemic, and that doesn’t mean that these bags are any less in quality. In fact, these bags are probably great quality and a steal at the same time.

In situations where you may find smaller bags like Nike backpacks, and they are still expensive, like $100, you will be paying for great quality. That doesn’t mean that there are no options on the market at a more affordable price for great results. 

Does one brand take the cake for best bags? 

This is a tough question to answer. While all the above brands mentioned do a great job, it is good to note that Wilson and Nike have long offered some of the best quality products on the market when it comes to bags. 

Take this with a grain of salt because there have been times where certain users have reported that their Wilson bag didn’t come as close to holding up to their Head bag, or their Adidas proved to hold out longer than Nike.

It is, in fact, situational, but for the average results, Wilson and Nike have been front runners in quality. Having said that, the margin isn’t much as the other brands have provided just about the same quality, if not in some cases more than Wilson in Nike.

We are speaking strictly in terms of average overall picture. 

Do I need to go with the same brand that sold me the rackets?

While it is not taboo to go with a different brand of bag than to choose a bag that goes with their rackets. It is very common that when a player chooses to order rackets from a certain manufacturer Wilson, Head, Yonex, they tend to not only get the bag that is the same brand, but they usually get the bag that matches the rackets in general. 

This is because brands offer player packages depending on your age group, division, skills level etc. Now, this can be pretty different when you are considering Nike or Adidas because obviously these brands don’t make rackets. These types of bags are typically your add-ons with the exception of the Adidas tennis bag they make.

Sometimes if a person doesn’t like the type of racket bag that goes with their own rackets, they will opt for the best bag that that specific company makes. This could be something like choosing the Gravity option but having the Speed rackets or vice versa.

Don’t get me wrong, there is something totally appealing about having everything match. It must be a tennis player thing. 

Is it better to order directly from a brand or a third-party seller?

This depends on the above-mentioned about getting a deal with a specific company or not. It never hurts to order directly from a consumer, but it’s actually very common for tennis players to go through third-party websites. The most common places to order from are:

  • Amazon
  • Tennis Warehouse
  • Tennis Express

These are the major retailers in the United States that are your one-stop-shop for everything. Each of them may offer a member-exclusive pricing deal where you can sign up for certain promotions and sales when shopping exclusively with them. 

When we are ordering exclusive from the seller like Yonex, Wilson, Head, we have the opportunity to easily send back things we don’t like. It’s not to say the others don’t but working directly with the product manufacturer sometimes is easier.

We will breakdown what player package options are in a following section. 

What are some good combinations of bags?

Here is one of the more important questions to ask yourself when it comes to choosing your bag. We know the functions and what they have to offer, but we may not know what makes the most sense when it comes to pairing them or for what event we should use them. 

So here are the most common combinations you can use to successfully plan and pack for any kind of trip you are taking:

Long Haul

For trips that require plane rides and long stays like the pros do, you will need some good bags that can not only carry their weight but also hold up over time. You’ll need to pack your clothes, your gear and protect all your rackets.

This is why take a team bag on wheels (the extra-large duffles) and using that as your shipping bag is perfect. You can combine this with a normal tennis bag, 6-12 rackets, and even an extra tote bag or a duffle bag if you want something to carry to practice but not to matches.

Now all three are not necessary but using a combination of the two or the three is your best setup for the longest trips.

The Weekenders

Some players really prefer to have their heavy-duty bags with them for all tournaments. You can bring just your tennis bag and comfortably fit everything in if you want to bring it.

You can also pair it with a tote bag or duffle bag to bring your extra clothes and shoes. However, some of the duffle bags and totes, as we have noticed, are enough on their own to bring four rackets and still have room for all the extra stuff. 

The combination of these two can be really great. 

The Practice

We don’t need a lot for practice, where the backpack comes in, or just the duffle/tote bag. Bringing a big bag is somewhat unnecessary, which is why you may not ever need a big bag or may have one but can leave it behind for the most part. 

What are some extra accessories I can consider?

Sometimes we can love the outside of a bag but not the inside. That doesn’t mean that we can’t upgrade it ourselves. That’s, of course, if we don’t mind spending a little bit of extra money. 

You can add certain accessories to either free up space in some areas or simply make things more convenient if it’s missing something you like from another bag. For instance, you can provide your own dirty clothes and shoe ventilation area by getting an extra sack bag with its only ventilation system. This way, you can store your shoes in a part of the bag you want without having to worry about it ruining anything else. 

If you don’t love the way the little pockets are or feel like you need more organization for your little things, you can add your own compartments with mesh bags for sale and put them in. 

There are also bags out there for food and drink storage that will fit nicely in your bag. Sometimes the compartments for food and drink aren’t big enough or in your own opinion don’t keep it as cool as you like. So adding your own little lunch bag in the mix can be a great way to free up space or just make a great addition. 

What are some signs you need a new bag?

There are many signs that one can look out for that would indicate that it is time for a new tennis bag. Often when you first get a new tennis bag, you can feel the support of the structure and the padding in the straps. Once you feel like the bag is starting to get flimsy or hurt when you carry it, it’s good to start considering looking at new bags. The support system is arguably some of the most important things when it comes to a bag.

Any fraying or hotels is also a sign that the wear and tear are becoming too much. If your bag has these things then the layers of the bag can not do their job protecting the rackets from within from any of the elements like cold weather, humid weather, rain, etc. 

When the zippers start having a hard time is also an indicator that the bag may be getting old. That might be because it is starting to rust out or has gotten other elements stuck in it like build-up debris. 

Why should we change out our bags?

Keeping your rackets in good shape has a direct correlation to the quality of your bag. If your bag lacks some of the qualities that we mentioned, like padding and keeping the rackets safe from extreme weather, then we will struggle to have rackets that last for a long time. 

When a bag shows the signs of the above mentioned, we should really consider changing out a new bag. It’s possible that if you have holes in the bag that humidity and wetness can seep through the back and get onto the rackets and the handles. 

We can also note that if it’s losing its padding, every time we go to the place the bag down, the rackets may be getting banged because there is no good shock absorption. 

Padding also has to do with back and shoulder support. If you don’t have that proper support, it can start to hurt your back incredibly, leading to on or off-the-court types of injuries. 

Or may it’s just not doing a great job keeping your food cool, and eating spoiled food before a practice or match is definitely never a good idea. These are just a few reasons why you should change out your bag. 

What is the duration of a good bag?

The typical duration of a tennis bag will completely depend on how much you travel. The more times you bring a bag on a trip that requires you to fly, and you check it, the more beat up it will get. However, those types of bags are built with that in mind and should stay pretty durable.

Bags typically tend to have a lifespan similar to your rackets or a little more. So if you are a tour player changing rackets out after two years, you are likely doing the same with your bag.

Now, this is entirely different with tote bags and backpacks. These bags actually tend to last quite a long time because they aren’t getting the same brunt that a tennis bag would get when traveling. These bags can be great options because of their durability.

To preserve your actual tennis bags, using extra bags like tote bags and duffle bags with backpacks are great options that can keep the lifespan of a tennis bag a lot longer. 

What are the players packages?

Player’s packages are deals that you can get directly with a company such as Wilson, Head, Yonex, Prince, and virtually any sort of racket manufacturer on the market. 

These players packages are geared towards the tennis players that are the best in their age divisions or category that they are competing in. For instance, a player who is the best in New England in the girls 12 and under would have the opportunity to have a players package. 

These packages typically include a few different options that the player can choose from for a discounted price. They may be able to choose 2 rackets, 4, or 6 racket deals. This would come with the bag, possibly shirts, hats, logo stencils, and more.

This is technically a partner contract, so usually, they will ask that you logo the string they give you so that people can better recognize what company you are playing with. 

How do I get that deal?

It’s possible to get even better deals than that. It doesn’t matter what age you are or what division you are playing in. As long as you call the companies representatives and explain to them what you are interested in.

Sometimes they may offer you something different like promotions or other things if you aren’t qualified for a players package or sponsorship opportunity. 

By visiting their website you will find the right contact information. 


Choosing your tennis bag doesn’t have to be such a crazy process when you take the information you learned above and consider our top 10 tennis bags. When you know what you want it is a lot easier to look for something that will meet you need specifically. 

Having said that choosing a tennis bag should be done with care because it’s not only an investment to buy a tennis bag but your rackets were an inbestment too. That means protecting them adequately with a good bag has a direct impact. 

Now that doesn’t mean you need the biggest and most expensive. Sometimes choosing smaller options are the ones that make the most sense. But consider what you have, where you are going, and what combination makes the most sense for you.

Once you do that you will be on the road ready to go and kick some butt! 

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