Yonex Pro 12 Racket Tennis Bag Review

One of the essential things to include in the starter pack of a junior tennis player is a reliable tennis bag. A tennis bag doesn’t impact your child’s play, but it can improve their experience by being a dedicated storage unit and carrier. Think of it this way. The bag protects their clothes, gear, and other accessories. In addition, it determines what they carry and how much they can take. 

Since there are various tennis bags on the market, as a parent, you are probably looking for a stylish, durable, and cost-effective bag for your child. Typically, you are looking for a bag that takes care of their specific needs to help them grow professionally. 

Today, your search might end, as the Yonex Pro 12 Racket Tennis Bag is a worthy investment. This bag suits the best senior competitive tennis players and also comes in handy for junior players. Let’s take a look!

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About Yonex Pro 12 Racket Tennis Bag

You might have seen someone with this bag or heard about it before. The Yonex Pro 12 is made for top-notch packaging. Its stylish nature keeps your child’s racket and other personal belongings safely and easily accessible when needed. 

Big Pockets and Climate Protection

Unlike most bags, this one features three large pockets. These compartments make it spacious enough to accommodate around 12 rackets at once. Interestingly, one of the three compartments is fitted with a climate protective lining that protects their valuable equipment from extreme temperatures.  

Your child should protect their rackets from harsh temperatures (hot and cold) because there is a higher chance that the strings might get brittle, hence breaking easily. For a tennis player, every piece of equipment is essential. 

The middle compartment features a duffel-like entry that your child can use to store rackets, drinks, clothing, and other gear. Moreover, a small pocket is used to hold small but essential things for easy allocation in one of the outer compartments. There are also side zipped pockets that give the user enough storage for extra accessories. 

There is a shoe-specific compartment that can be used to carry an extra pair of shoes to the court. This separates dirty socks and shoes from other items in the bag, hence keeping them fresh and clean.  

Top-Notch Quality

Among the many things you need to check before buying a tennis bag for your child is its quality. The Yonex Pro 12 racket bag is made of highly durable material (polyester/PU), making it a premium choice. In addition, it’s guaranteed to serve your child for years if it is well maintained. 

The backpack shoulder straps have been re-engineered to make carrying this bag easier. They support dual side carrying, that is, with the racket heads facing up or down. The straps are heavy-duty and padded, and your child can adjust them effortlessly to fit their preference. Moreover, since it can accommodate several items at once, the straps make it easier to carry around if your child has to move with it often. 

The shape of the bag matters a lot, too. The Yonex Pro 12 features a unique port-shaped style. Padded straps alone aren’t enough for the easy portability of such a big bag. The port shape reduces the weight and the burden on your child’s shoulders, making it easier to carry despite the load.  

You might be concerned with the complexity of cleaning this bag. It is more often perceived that bags with multiple pockets might be harder to hand wash, especially on the inside. However, that shouldn’t worry you because the Yonex Pro 12 racket bag is one of the easiest bags to clean.  

Key Features of the Yonex Pro 12 Racket Tennis Bag

  • Three large racket compartments, one with climate protection technology 
  • 12-racket capacity 
  • Larger exterior pockets 
  • Heavy-duty and durable
  • Adjustable padded straps 
  • Shoe pocket
  • Grab handle 
  • Front zipper type 
  • Water bottle pocket
  • Small inner pocket in one compartment 
  • Available in blue, black, and silver colors

Who Is This Product For?

This racket bag is excellent for professional tennis players due to its design, feel, and make. It’s well suited for engaged young players like those playing in tournaments who need to carry several items. 

Although it may feel too big for some people, this bag allows your child to upgrade from a smaller bag if they need room for more equipment. It is also ideal for players who need to carry around several rackets, food, drinks, and training aids. 

If your child has items that are susceptible to extreme temperatures, you may want to consider this racket bag. Again, the single compartment with thermal lining comes in handy. 

Why Choose the Yonex Pro 12 Racket Tennis Bag?

There are many reasons why you should choose this racket tennis bag. First, it is made for professionals. Secondly, the likes of Carolina Garcia and Victoria Azarenka know the importance of a reliable racket bag and have been spotted with bags of the Yonex collection. 

The stylish nature, ease of use, and durability assure you of safety and convenience. Whatever your child’s needs are, the Yonex Pro 12 Racket Tennis Bag has them taken care of. 


  • Spacious enough to accommodate 12 rackets 
  • High quality 
  • Well-padded and heavy-duty shoulder straps
  • Safer to use in harsh temperatures
  • Easy to adjust straps to cater to all sizes 
  • Easy to clean


  • Expensive but worth the price
  • Requires more storage space due to its larger size
  • Weak zipper 

Bottom Line 

The Yonex Pro 12 Racket Tennis Bag is an all-around bag that caters to all your child’s tennis needs. Its unique design makes packing easier and convenient. It best suits any young player who spends a lot of time on the go and needs to carry multiple rackets. However, tennis coaches can also find this bag very suitable for their day-to-day activities.

This bag is an excellent investment for young tennis players. Therefore, you can consider getting it for your child if they want to pursue tennis playing as a career. Hopefully, this bag brings an end to your search. 

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