Top 5 Best Tennis Bags For Men in 2022

Having a good men’s tennis bag for travel purposes, whether it’s for a weekend tournament or a long-haul overseas, is important. There are many options on the market, so it can be tough to know exactly what is going to meet your standards. 

Sometimes it is easy to just go with the bag that matches your racket, but it also doesn’t hurt to look at other companies as there are some quality buys outside of our traditional racket manufacturers. 

This is the list of the top 5 tennis bags for men right now! 

First, let’s talk about what you need to know. 

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Knowing What You Need

The first thing you need to do before choosing a tennis bag is figuring out exactly what you need the bag to do. This could be as simple as carrying your rackets, or it could be having a compartment that is good for storing food and water. There are a lot of different options out there, so understanding this is vital. 

Different style bags will offer different things. For instance, backpacks are great for quick carries, and duffle bags offer a medium-sized option that isn’t quite as big as carrying your tennis bag around. 

But you might need just the biggest bag out there because you have 12 rackets and extra that need to fit inside. You may even need two bags. That’s why it’s worth taking these things out. 

Let’s talk about some of these specific qualities that can solve some of your problems. 


What are the qualities that matter to you? It is sure to be different from another person, so there are so many different options on the market to choose from. Having said that, the standard tennis bag is going to offer some similar qualities among them all, like storage compartments for separation. 

Sometimes the only difference between a few bags will be the color and maybe some of the design styles. That’s ok because that’s where preferences kick in. 

Here are the common features of tennis bags. 

Mesh Pockets

Mesh pockets allow you to properly store the little things. These would be the things you need to be able to see easily, like small dampeners and car keys. You also may store your phone in this category as well. 

Depending on the style of the bag, it could be on the inside of a compartment or on the outside of a backpack. 

Cooling Technology

This is great for those who want to store food, snacks, and beverages in their bag. There is nothing worse than needing a solid drink of water and then realizing it is incredibly warm. This technology will help you avoid dragging an extra cooler on the court. 

These are mostly placed inside large tennis bags and are less common in things like duffle bags and backpacks. 

Shoe Compartments

We see this more and more often in our tennis bags. Having a shoe compartment is great because most people change their shoes before and after playing tennis on the court. It also keeps the dirty shoes away from your other things inside. 

Quick Drying Materials

Playing in more humid climates will often lead to soggy and wet clothes. But we have to remember that the bag is subject to this as well. If the bag has quick-drying materials, you won’t have to worry about getting the insides all wet and damaging your materials. 

Padding Everywhere

Having support in the shoulders and the back is important to keep players from getting injuries. That’s why extra padding and comfort are crucial, and a good bag will offer this quality. It is usually only with drawstring backpacks that we lack padding. 

The Top 5 Best Men’s Tennis Bags 2022

With all that, you may have a better sense of what you need and want now. Take those qualities from above and see our list of top 5 men’s tennis bags to find your favorite new near. 

These will meet your quality and practical standards. 

Check out our top 5 tennis bags below! 

1. Babolat Pure Drive Blue 6-Pack Bag

This Babolat Pure Drive 6 racquet tennis bag offers a more modern and fashionable aesthetic by highlighting a blue-based color scheme. It’s a competition bag that will go perfectly with the Pure Drive racquets.

This Babolat Pure Drive tennis bag offers 2 compartments, including an isothermal compartment that will keep your drinks cool and protect your equipment from changes in outside temperatures. Just below that, you’ll find a shoe pocket that will keep them separate from your things.

On one side, a semi-rigid zipped pocket can accommodate your personal items to keep them within easy reach. On the other side, there is a large zipped side pocket where you can store a ball tube, for example.

We love its different compartments. They give you options where you can put your tennis accessories and other items such as food, shoes, clothes, and other necessities. 

The breakdown

  • There are two compartments, one for racquets, the other for accessories
  • It can accommodate up to 6 racquets in its two compartments, and one of the two has isothermal properties to protect your equipment from extreme temperatures. 
  • High heat tends to deform the sieve, an effect canceled out by the isothermal qualities of the bag
  • It can be carried by the handle as well as on the shoulder

2. Yonex Pro 12-Racket 

Another great option for a bag that needs to store a lot of different things beyond your racket is the Yonex 12-Racket Pro bag in blue. These bags from Yonex feel high-quality from the start because of their durable materials and their padding to protect the rackets from inside.  

This includes the protective lining to also keep your rackets and snacks/drinks from overheating in extreme temperatures or having the strings change due to cold temperatures. 

Compartments are endless here as there is a separate section for shoes to keep any dirty clay or ball fuzz separated from the rest. It also has a long section divided that is separate from your rackets that you can use for the little things or store more clothes, grips, medication, or anything you need. 

The Breakdown:

  • Simplistic style with tons of storage space and options for keeping things separated within each other. 
  • Padded adjustable, removable straps to ensure maximum comfort when putting on and taking off. This helps with sore shoulders and backs and prevents injuries. 
  • Not a terrible price for tons of storage, great protection, and a simplistic look. 

3. Wilson Advantage Tennis Bag

Looking for a space-saving tennis bag to carry only one to two rackets? The Wilson brand offers this light and easy-to-carry bag to recreational players who don’t want to splurge a significant amount. 

It’s easy to carry, thanks to its adjustable shoulder strap. It has a zippered main compartment, perfect for carrying up to three racquets, and a side pocket to store your essentials like your headphones or phone.

This Wilson Advantage bag will be perfect for carrying adult-sized rackets. It has two storage spaces, and the main one can contain up to 3 racquets. The side storage can be used to store accessories, such as your overgrips. You can also store your tubes of balls, your bottles, and all your belongings in the bag. 

On the design side, it is characterized by a super look and will be your ally for your training as well as your tennis matches. It sports a neutral and traditional black and white color scheme, which will go with all outfits. 

You have an adjustable strap to put it on the shoulder or a simple handle to carry it by hand for easy transport. One thing we discovered about the bag is, while it can fit up to three squash racquets, it may not fully fit three adult tennis racquets. 

The breakdown

  • Its main compartment can hold up to three adult tennis racquets
  • There’s also extra ample storage in the front for your tennis or your personal effects. 
  • The large Wilson logo in front gives it an aesthetic improvement 
  • There are two ways to carry the bag: the central handle and the over-the-shoulder carry strap

4. Nike Court Advantage Tennis Duffle Bag

While we are here talking about great quality Nike options, let’s get into the Nike Court Advantage Tennis Duffle Bag. This medium-sized bag offers practicality and function like no other. It is a perfect addition to any of your other bags. 

Black is a good go-to, but they also offer a variety of other collections like blue, purple, red, etc.

This durable woven bag will be able to store not only a few rackets for you but also your other must-haves like your shoes, extra clothes, balls, water, and more. With all that stuff in the bag, you may think it will get jumbled, but there are dividers in there to make sure this doesn’t happen. 

It also has an awesome ventilated pocked that keeps dirty shoes and clothes completely separate from the rest of your things. This is an awesome feature considering it is a duffle bag. 

The Breakdown:

  • Looking great with this bag adds style points because of its sleek nature.
  • The handles on the bag are easy to pick up and go. 
  • This bag is a winner in medium-sized options. 

5. Babolat Pure Backpack

This tennis bag is reserved for amateur players who only have to carry one racquet at a time. Its main advantage is that it can be carried very comfortably like a backpack thanks to its padded shoulder straps. 

It has a discreet racquet compartment with a high pocket for the handle. Also, it is equipped with several additional pockets to store your shoes, balls, and accessories. On the aesthetic side, too, the Babolat Pure Backpack bag stands out with its modern and sporty design. 

High-quality and inexpensive, this tennis bag wins almost all the votes of tennis players who have purchased it. It has several compartments, front pockets, and side pockets, which would be perfect for your accessories. Easy to carry, thanks to its padded handle, this tennis bag also has the advantage of matching your outfits, thanks to the many colors available.

The Breakdown:

  • This Babolat bag has a compartment to store two rackets, your water bottle, and all the equipment you need on and off the tennis courts. 
  • Two side zipped pockets will allow you to store all your accessories and items you want to keep close at hand.
  • The bag can be carried by hand with its central handle or across the shoulder, thanks to its shoulder strap.

Get It Today!

Finding a good bag to meet your style, size, and storage needs can be difficult. But with these top 5 bags for men, one of these or a few these are sure to meet your needs. Take it from the greats like Roger Federer. 

While some of them may be expensive it’s worth going the extra mile for them because they certainly will for you when it comes to travel and longevity. 

Now that you have found your perfect match, have a good game!

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